2007-06-01: Little Hostel of Horrors


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Summary: Corey is in a rush, and Kasey's a little lost.

Date It Happened: June 1st, 2007

Little Hostel of Horrors

Times Square, New York

It's a beautiful, crisp Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. A little cool yet for shorts and t-shirts, but plenty warm if you're in jeans and a hoodie or the like. As usual, there's nothing but hustle and bustle at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. It's too early in the day yet for the crowd out for the theatre to assemble, but there are hundreds of people around, simply meandering, taking in the billboards and buildings, and shopping. The crowds are, as always formidable, but there's something nice about the sea of human bodies… Something comforting about being able to drift along with the others and be a part of something whilst retaining a safe, impersonal distance. Presently, Corin, or Corey as he prefers, is standing on a corner under a large animated billboard flashing an advertisement for Nike. Of course, there are hundreds of billboards around… He can see one for a new action movie across the way, as well as a couple for Wicked and Phantom of the Opera and a newly popular clothing boutique. There's the McDonald's arches further down the street and a ritzy looking hotel.

So what's Corey doing here today? Well, right now, he's trying to press through the crowds, crossing the street, hoping to head towards the subway on his way home. He's one of the many who's been out shopping today. His mother's birthday is coming up really soon, and so he managed to remember just in the nick of time to go out and buy something for her, which has turned out to be a floral pin from one of the many boutiques around. It's a bit small, but his salary isn't so generous; thus, it can't be helped. The shortish blonde man manages to jockey his way further ahead in the crowd, but is stopped at the walk, where some confusion from the splitting and merging of paths occurs. Admittedly, he's getting a little annoyed with the crowd, and there might be a little pushing going on. Tourists. He usually tolerates them, but right now, all he wants to do is get home and sit down, maybe watch the evening news with a beer. Anything but be crushed in the middle of a squawking crush of tourists.

"Excuse me," he says, though the words are more irritated than apologetic. "/Excuse me/," he adds, managing to shove through a gap and then taking long, hasty strides. Once he gets around that corner, he's home free… The potential of which has him moving a bit faster than is probably wise on these streets, though, which makes the potential for running into an innocent passerby pretty high.

New to New York? Lost? Yep, this is Kasey Leverman who is all dressed up in a black and green hoodie, baggy jeans, docs on his feet and a black and green baseball cap worn backwards on his head, messenger bag resting on his hip and hands clutching a map for dear life. "Oh god…excuse…I…" He's jostled around quite a bit, swearing under his breath and those pale blue eyes of his flashing with irritation before he gets bumped into. Then he whirls around and snaps. "DUDE, seriously?! Where is the fire?!"

Hmm. He could pretend like he just didn't hear that, but Corey can imagine what his mother would think, and so, with a sigh that even causes his shoulders to rise and fall, he turns around, plasters a fake smile on his face and replies, "Sorry, didn't see you there." He's a little unsure of what to make of Kasey at first glance. Boy? Girl? Maybe looks a little out of place… Should he bother investing himself, or should he just trot along and enjoy that feet on the table, beer in hand bout of relaxation? Perhaps it's because it's close to his mother's birthday, and he feels like he should somehow do stuff that would make her happy, or maybe it's just a special day, but after a moment, the fake smile slides off his face, a vaguely curious look comes over his freckled features, and he raises an eyebrow. "You all right?" His eyes flick to the map. "Looking for something?" Corey doesn't have a New York accent - it's definitely strongly Massachusetts - but he's been living here for about five years, so he has a pretty good lay of the land.

Kasey just stares at Corin for a few moments, biting his bottom lip and lowering his eyes. He's got that California polished voice and while it's soft and reminescent of a Surfer, it's got enough uncertainly to further through off his gender. The jock just offers a wry smile, nose wrinkling sheepishly. "Uh, it's cool just, like…whatever." He was not expecting an apology and then the offer of help just has the young man(?) blinking as he lamely holds up his map. "Just tryna, like learn my way around, ya know?"

Corey moves closer to glance over the map. He's not sure if Kasey is looking for anything in particular. He's also not entirely sure whether she? he? brushed off the apology or accepted it, but it appears that it was the latter. The side of his mouth crooks a bit, as he loops the little plastic bag carrying the box with the gift over his wrist, and tucks his hands into his pockets. Corey's inclined to think Kasey is a boy, given that he's taller than him, but then… He has met enough girls in his life who are taller. Still, the look seems pretty male. "So uh, did you just move here, or are you sightseeing?" he asks, eyes following the lines crossing over to create a grid. "The city is pretty easy to navigate," he says after a moment. "Since it is a grid system. The only thing you've got to work out is the subway, but that's pretty easy, too. Right now, we're on Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Up that way is Eight Avenue, and the 40s are over there. Grand Central is up the other way," he says, pointing away from Eight Avenue. And if you keep going up here, you'll hit Central Park. Where are you staying?" Probably much too personal for a New Yorker, but then Corey was raised in a smaller town in New England, so that kind of thing seems more natural to him.

Kasey glances towards Corin from time to time when things are being explained, eyes scanning his map as he squints from time to time. "Hunh? Oh yeah. I just moved here." A shoulder lifts in a shrug. "I'm supposed to be hitting NYU in the fall…so I guess I'm a little early." He snorts and sighs, submitting these names to memory. "Easy? Does Easy mean somethin' else here or something? Easy is like…changing oil, or my brother's last girlfriend. That's easy, this is like…like…the Da Vinci Code on Crack." He heaves a sigh before blinking again. "Dude, what? OH. I was at a hotel, I still haven't figured out where the heck to stay after well I run out of money, I so have like this job lined up? Fixing cars and shi-stuff but no place to stay because I forgot to put my name on this list…" He takes a deep breath, cutting off his ramble. "Err, Um. Well yeah. Um." He offers a hand, having to let the map lower. "I'm Kasey."

"NYU?" Corey starts to ask, "It's good to get an early start. I came early, too, to figure it out, though I'd been to the city before a few times." Given that Northampton is about a three hour drive from the City… Well, it was almost as close as Boston and - to Corey - much more interesting. So he knew the basic layout when he first got here, but he hadn't arrived quite as early as Kasey. Now, that's really prepared. Somehow, Kasey doesn't necessarily look like the type; seems like he'd be more laid back, but who is Corey to judge? In any case, he's about to remark on NYU when Kasey remarks on things that are easy, which means instead he snorts with laughter, turning away, shoulder shaking faintly, hiding his hand behind his fist. He shakes his head, wiping an eye.

"The Da Vinci Code on Crack?" He's not even going to touch that part about the girlfriend. "Never heard that one before. Yeah, I guess it can be confusing, but I guess I was more put off by the crowds. I mean, I like crowds, but when you're in the thick of it, you just can't think at all. It's really easy to just get dragged along and get lost. At least, for me it was." He grins, running a hand through his messy hair. "You're good at mechanics?" he wonders. "Probably you'll be able to find something, then. I'm living down in Alphabet City right now. The rent's going up there, but we managed to get something reasonable. Probably you could look for some kinda group arrangement like that. It makes it easier to make ends meet, and there are always students and recent grads looking for somewhere to stay…" He pauses at the offered hand, smiles, and takes it. "Corey. Nice to meet you."

"Sorry, sometimes I have a problem where my mouth is moving and words come out, but they don't make sense." A pause. "Also called Rambling Idiot-Itus." Kasey flashes another grin and ducks his head sheepishly, eyes darting one way or another. He's always on guard. "Yeeeah. Um." Then he's just quiet and listening, scratching his head and shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "Yeah, I'm okay at mechanics." Then he frowns. "Do you know somebody I could talk to? About the livin' stuff?"

Corey shakes his head, brushing off the apology. No need to apologize, since it was pretty funny. Plus, he can't be too dumb, if he's going to NYU. "Don't worry about it," he adds, since it seems like it's something that probably should be verbalized, too. "You're pretty funny." He puts his hand back in his pocket, humming to himself as he thinks, ambivalently watching Kasey. Seems like he's a little nervous. Probably it's just his first time being in this kind of human traffic jam. That'd throw anyone off. Plus, there's all the stories about how New York is supposed to be so dangerous and yadda, yadda, yadda. Corey's never had any problems here, but he's pretty from the country, so he can remember the initial intimidation about how big everything was… He doesn't remark on the fact that the younger man looks uneasy. Usually, telling someone to relax makes them a lot more nervous. Instead, he nods after a moment.

"No idea. Right now, that is. But you know, if you have a cell phone, I could give you a ring if I hear anything. Ah, better yet, I'll give you mine. He reaches into his pocket, fumbling around for some paper, which happens to be the receipt for the gift. He rips off the part above the monetary data. "Uh, do you have a pen I could use?" he asks, grinning a little sheepishly. "I don't have it on all the time, but you can message me or give me a ring, and… I do reply." After a few days, which has often been complained of by his friends, but that's just his way. Anyway, it seems harmless to give the guy his number. It's not like he can be tracked down so easily with that or anything… At least, he's pretty sure he can't. "Probably, if you're worrying about money, you might think about checking into a hostel, instead. Um… I remember… I think there's one near the park, and maybe another…" He scratches his chin. "I thiiiink it's close to Grand Central, so maybe if you ask around, someone will know better?"

Kasey chuckles and shrugs helplessly. "Hey, one man's funny is another…person's awkward moment of uncertainty." Those intense eyes lower so he can rummage around in his backpack, idly shoving the map in there. "Errr…I'm still getting one of those, so yeah. Um." He offers the pen and then shoves his hands into his pockets. "Hostel? Wasn't that like a horror movie? Lots of blood and screaming and death?" Squint. "I mean, I'll…okay! That sounds great. I'll do that. Ask around." Head bobbing in the affirmative.

He takes the pen and jots down his name and number before handing both back to the young man. He certainly does have pretty intensely coloured eyes. "Mine's just one of those prepaid ones," he offers with a shrug. "I hear the dinosaurs found texting with it was pretty easy, though, so you know," he adds with a wink. He scratches his cheek as he considers whether he's seen that particular movie, but decides he hasn't. "Well, there was no guts nor doom the last time I stayed in one, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places." Er, maybe that joke sounds a bit weird. He clears his throat, running a hand through his hair again and grins uncertainly. "Um, but basically, as long as you keep your important stuff locked in the lockers, you should be cool. Anyway, yeah, you should be able to find something… They're like 25 to 40 bucks, so better than the hotels around here," he remarks, hazel eyes flicking to one of the snazzy soaring buildings to the left. He shakes his head. Man, this place is expensive, when he really thinks about it. He turns his attention back to Kasey. Seems like a pretty nice kid, really. "Hey, I hope you find something. Give me a ring if you don't, 'kay? I'll ask around."

Kasey takes the pen and paper back and flashes a bright smile, resisting the urge to bounce. The wink though, makes the young man(?) blush some and clear his throat. "Err, thanks man. I owe you big time. You ever get a car? I'll totally detail it for you. Like, for free." He looks around again and takes a step away, preparing to brave the crowds again, saluting with the paper. "I'll call if there are guts too, totally save you an intense moment of terror and everything." A wry smile, he's offering a finger waggle before raising his voice. "I'll be seeing you!" Then he's lost behind two big tourists and when they pass, he's no where to be seen. NYC. Ever busy.

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