2008-01-21: Hostile Lifeform Encountered Captain


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Micah enlists Molly's help to try and find his mom. But a hostile presence is encountered.

Date It Happened:

January 21st, 2008

Hostile Lifeform Encountered Captain

Queens, NYC - Monica's House

With all that's been going on in Micah's life since the disappearance of his mom, it's no wonder that he didn't make it to school today. Not to worry though! Homework is done and already for tomorrow! But today, he's camped out in the kitchen. Laptop on the table. A small stack of books nearby. On the screen, the computer is searching for matches to an image he took from his cell phone a couple days ago.

There's been a lot going on for Molly as well, but nothing quite like one of her two dads going missing. Mostly just the usual school, paranoia and craziness that happens when you're a young girl with a special ability to find people. But, when she got the message from Micah that he needed to talk to her, she convinced Mohinder to drop her off for a play-date at the Dawsons. After having been deposited safely inside, now the actual talking can happen between two kids. "What's going on, Micah?"

Micah can't help but look happy as he shuts the door behind Molly. It's been a while since he's hung out with her. Mainly it's been him and Cam these days. "At least I know you got my email." he admits, offering a smile. "I need your help in finding someone." It's just a small favor. But he doesn't mention yet who he needs help finding.

The curious young lady glances up and down the hallway, taking in this new space that she has yet to see. Micah and Niki visited her when she was still living at Kirby Plaza, but she had yet to actually come to where Micah lived. "This is where you live?" she asks, even if it's an obvious question. "Are your parents home?" Or do they have the place to themselves. Then, of course, there's seriousness. It seems like everyone needs her these days for her ability. "I didn't bring my atlas," she frowns. She didn't know that's what she was coming for.

Micah nods, allowing Molly to check out as much, or as little, of the house as she wants. "My cousin Monica lives here. We live here with her." Slowly he shakes his head, the curls in his hair bouncing every so lightly. "Monica's at school. And well…my mom is who I need you to find. She's been missing for a week now." As she mentions the atlas, he forks a thumb towards the table. "I've got one here. Borrowed it from Monica's books. She didn't need it today anyhow." Or so he hopes.

"Oh." Finding Niki isn't really a problem. After all, Molly knows the woman very well. She won't even need a photograph in order to start searching. Even if she's not supposed to be finding people, the girl really has a problem with saying no to friends. "She's been missing? What happened?" And why didn't he call her sooner.

"I don't know." Micah replies, shrugging his shoulders. "I know she said she was going to a meeting, and that she'd be home before I had to go to bed." As he explains, he moves towards the kitchen. The laptop is still running it's search, results being minimized in windows at the bottom of the screen. "She never came home. Never called. And then this strange woman…" he points towards the screen, "…comes to tell me she's ok, but needs some time to herself. Which is /so/ not like my mom." Well, maybe there was more to it than that. But that's the gist of it.

Molly can't imagine Niki needing time alone without Micah. Though she doesn't know the woman all that well, she's seen how much she loves her son. It's been sort of a small jealousy she's kept from Mohinder and Matt. The want of a mom. But, that's neither here nor there. Following along behind Micah, thinking, and memorizing that other woman's face. Someone else to think about later. Frowning, she already made her decision in the hallway, but that doesn't mean she takes the atlas quickly. "Do you have a pen? Or a pin or something?" She asks quietly.

Micah just so happens to have a pen and notepad nearby. The notepad is full of random scribbles and various websites, some of which have been crossed out. "Right here." he says, picking up the pen and offering it to Molly. "Anything would help. Specific or general. I just need something to tell me she's still out there." He doesn't say alive, because the woman that came said she was fine. Not that he trusts her. Much.

"Your cousin won't mind if I mark up her atlas will she?" Molly looks between the book and Micah uncertainly. In the interests of finding Niki, however, the girl assumes that it will be okay to put a mark or two on the pages of Monica's atlas. Tucking her long blonde hair behind her ear, she slides into a seat, carefully opens the atlas to it's cover page and uncaps the pen. Letting the tip of it hover over the pages, she closes her eyes and thinks about Niki.

"I'll buy her a new one if she complains." Micah grins, falling silent as Molly does her thing. Nothing else is done, allowing her complete silence in hopes it will help.

A curious thing happens when Molly closes her eyes and starts to concentrate on Niki. The pages of the atlas don't start flipping one way or another. The pen doesn't move an centimeter. This is harder than it should be. Especially with someone that she's actually been in the presence of, seen, talked to, knows. All of the sudden, though, it's like her subconscious hits against a wall. She's only had that happen this way one other time and it's enough to make her gasp and drop her pen. Her eyes snap open and her face is contorted with fear. "It's the Nightmare Man."

Micah is right there, a step closer as his friend comes out of the state of concentration so suddenly. "The Nightmare Man?" he asks, darting his gaze between Molly and the atlas. No marks. No clue. "What do you mean? Did you see my mom? Is she ok?" He's concerned about Molly too, but instinct for his mom overrode it for the moment.

Rubbing her hands over her face, there's no Matt here to comfort here nor Mohinder. It's just Molly and Micah. "He's a bad man. He…he knows when I find him. He sees me." He haunts her dreams. Hence his name. "He's there. When I tried to find your mom, he was there." Whatever that may mean. She doesn't even really know who he is. Other than the fact that he's coming up a lot more than he used to.

Ok, so that's at least something to go on. And it gives Micah hope that since Molly was able to try and trace a trail to his mom, she's still….alive. He didn't really trust that Charlotte woman. But at least now there's some truth to what she said. "You think he knows where you are?" he asks, as the computer beeps with it's search finished. The results are in windows minimized for later review.

"I don't know. He just…I could feel him watching back." Molly shivers thinking about, thinking about the man, knowing that she found him again without meaning to, without wanting to. "When I looked for her." But the very fact that there was a trace to follow proves that Niki's at least alive. Even if she can't get an exact read on where she is without facing more of the Nightmare Man.

Unlike /some/ people…Micah isn't going to be one to push Molly to face someone she's afraid of. He wouldn't do that to a friend. Ever. He might put himself in harms way first. "Then don't risk it." Micah states, shaking his head. "Just knowing there was something to trace tells me enough. If I can just find one solid clue…" he trails off, glancing at the clock. "Mohinder's probably waiting on you. Thanks again for at least trying."

The girl frowns, though, because she couldn't find Kaito for Hiro and now she can't find Niki for Micah. What good is being able to find anyone in the world if she can't find the people she wants to find. Molly glances at the atlas and the pen again, but she's too afraid at the moment to try again. Maybe another time, now that she knows what to expect, she'll steel herself and try again, going deeper. But…not today. "I'll try again," she tells him, just so that he knows. "I'll tell you what I find." Standing up, she reaches over to give him a hug. "I'm sorry."

Micah shakes his head as she mentions trying again later. "I don't want you to get yourself hurt or in trouble." he says, almost insistently. If this Nightmare Man is responsible for what happened to his mom, whatever that may be, then there's no telling what he'd do to someone snooping around. "It's ok. Don't worry about it." he says, moving to walk her towards the door.

While Molly will nod at Micah and seem to agree, once again, she's made up her mind again. She'll find Niki for Micah. Just not right in front of him. "I'll see you soon?" It's a question but a statement, too. Heading out the door, she just knows Mohinder is already waiting for her. And he may just recognize the determination on her young face.

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