Hot Dog



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Jo is a dragon.

"Hot Dog"


Once upon a time in a magical faraway land lived Rapunzcody, who lived in the highest room in the tallest tower of the castle. And this castle was guarded by a fearsome dragon named Jo who hated everything because a long time ago gnomes ate her floorboards. That's why she lived in a castle, because castles are made of rock and stone and gnomes don't eat stones.

But Jo the Dragon had such a hatred for everything that she captured Cody and held her prisoner in the castle tower. From which gnomes were banned. But then one day a knight arrived named SIR LADY ERIN who was the most awesome ever, and she slew the Jo-Dragon with LOGIC and Jo went on to become a moviestar.

Cody was all "Erin, climb up my hair!" And Erin said "Ew, that's gross, what's wrong with the stairs!?" And Cody said "I ate them so I could make my hair grow!"

Erin took the elevator to the top floor, wisked Cody off her feet, and tripped over her hair and they both fell out the tower window and landed on a wedding cruise ship which took them to Bermuda, where they were abducted by aliens who understood them and they lived happily ever after 30,000,000,000 light years from earth.

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