2010-05-07: Hot Dog Bet (The Amazon)



Date: May 7, 2010


Jamie meets two ex-APers, Saul gets nervous, Cody and Jo have a bet, and everything is allllllright.

"Hot Dog Bet"


Coincidentally, another group who's recently been in New York is also in Manaus on vacation. It's a bright sunny day and Jamie isn't quite used to the temperatures here, so of course she's migrated to the hotel's large pool. Jamie's been showing off her acrobatic skill by doing big dives for the last little while, but now she sits on the side of the pool catching her breath.

Saul sits at the edge of the pool watching Jamie's acrobatics. He's an ever-present guardian, even if she doesn't really need the supervision, it's not like she's going to get hurt doing what she's doing. He lays back in the lounger and glances at everyone present at the pool; it's suspicious in a way. He's skeptical about the people around, but that's just how he rolls.
Jo is in the water for once, swimming laps. Yup, she's that kind of swimmer. Nothing like enjoying the cool water on a hot day.

Cody has been in town! Dressed in a pair of cargo shorts, a white tank top, some white cotton socks, and … four sombreros (?) she walks back to the resort, the pebbles on the road crunching underneath her feet as she walks. The hats are, for the most part, layered on her head, there's one in her hand that she's swinging back and forth.

Entering the gate, she walks to the edge of the pool and removes her sunglasses. It's been far too long since she's had the sunglasses tanline on her face and she missed it. "Hey Jo, did you get any souvenirs yet? We're not going to be here forever…"

Jamie looks back up to Saul and grins, "I think I'll go again. A double backflip maybe this time, ya think?" Looking at Saul and not at the water, she goes to jump back in, ending up right in Jo's path. She reacts quickly, scrambling back a little to avoid collision, saying quickly, "Sorry!"

Jo narrowly misses colliding into Jamie and she issues the kid a small smile. Very small. "It's fine, I should stop anyways." Swimming to the edge, she pulls herself out. "Souvenirs, really? Aren't we like trekking through the jungle? Are you lugging all of that stuff with you?"

Saul nods. "Double backflip. Definitely." His tone lacks the warmth of most fathers, but then Saul is a special kind of parent. He manages a very very very small smile.

"Yep, what better way to keep the heat off your head than with an authentic sombrero?" With that, she plops the one in her hand on top of Jo's head. "Nah, I was thinking about mailing them back, they're for other people." Whoah, Cody's got friends? Why not, she's bloody personable. But then, she spies the kid in the pool. She freezes for a moment and look around the pool area nervously, old habit die hard.

The two women may be complete strangers to Jamie, but that's never stopped her before. She looks back up to them rather than swimming on immediately for the diving board. "You're going out into the jungle?" And to Cody she asks, "Thought sombreros were Mexican?"

The marine cringes underneath the giant hat. "Not exactly inconspicuous is it?" She smirks as she glances at the kid too before shrugging, "I think she's fine?" She doesn't know what Cody's been up to taking care of the evolved children, of course, that's just not how Jo rolls. The last time she was around a child it was pretty disastrous. Skeptically, she arches an eyebrow at Jamie, "Yes… we're trekking through the jungle."

Cody's still glancing nervously around before her eyes land on Saul, then back to the kid, then up to Jo. A strained smile forms on Cody's face and she nods. "Well these aren't exactly the Mexican variety of sombrero… I don't … exactly." She gets a little frustrated. Sure it took her a long time to find a shop that sold these things, but.. "I'm just filling the requests, okay!"

Jamie grins and says, "Yeah, I'm fine. Trust me, me and water get along great." Which may be a hint to where they might recognize Jamie, and probably intentional the way she gives a quick glance to Saul as if expecting to get yelled at. Testing her limits. At the talk of going into the jungle, though, she brightens again, "Cool! Closest I've come so far is the adventure circuit they have here. And it's really cool, but not the same as exploring."

Saul is none-too-thrilled about the women now talking to Jamie. He stands up from his spot on the lounge chair as glances from one to the other. "Jamie," his jaw tightens while he examines the two women and moves forward. "Jamie just likes to swim," he growls while the rest of his body stiffens.

Jo's eyes narrow at Saul; he's nothing like her father had been to her, and she'd had a military childhood. Odd. "You should wear the sombrero through the jungle trek. If you do… I will …" she glances around the area "… I will purposely do a belly flop from the tall diving board. C'mon. You know you wanna~"

Never one to back down from a challenge, Cody nods once, determination being teh set of her expression. "You're so on. First one to take the sombrero off has to… uhm…" She looks around and then points a Jo, "eat a giant spider!" Unbeknownst to Jo, Cody had already planned on trying out that little delicacy, so the bet costs her nothing if she loses. She's still determined to win.

With a quick glance between Saul and Jamie, Cody gives a rather uneasy smile and nods. "YEah… kids and their swimming. Can't get enough." It is that video that Cody recognizes the girl from. The paranoia? Residual from spending months watching her back and the backs of all the people she'd been hiding.

Jamie nods quickly in agreement with Saul, as if that's what she meant all along, "Yep! And diving. That's extra fun, since you mix acrobatics *and* swimming." She wrinkles her nose at Cody's words, "Ew! Bet that'd taste awful."

"Ha! Go for something harder — I'd eat bugs any day! And it's just a spider!" and she would. "First one to take it off has to eat the first hot dog!!" Jo nods emphatically. Her demeanour changes some in response to Cody's reaction to Saul and Jamie. Eyebrows furrowing she looks down at the child and then back to Saul, "Is everything really okay?"

"Everything is fine," Saul answers gruffly before walking towards the gate area to leave the pool. "Come Jamie, enough swimming for the day." As usual, his protector role is taking over; he can't afford to have Jamie recognized. And Brazil of ALL places!

"Oh! You are so on," Cody says quite seriously, though there's a glint of amusement in her eyes. Hot Dog was her game, her invention. She's not going to have it usurped by her friend. Being the reigning champion, there's a title to protect as well. When Saul leads the kid away, the blonde of the two former agents raises her hand to give them both a finger wave. Then she turns to Jo, "Okay.. when are we starting this? Now? Because I just have to warn you, I already took a shower and you're full of pool water. SO I might actually win in the next hour or so." Cody knows, Jo likes to keep clean.

Jamie frowns as Saul says that, "Aw, but I never got to do the double backflip…" Still, she's obedient. Not that she seems in any way afraid of Saul, at least no more than any other 12-year-old of the ones able to dish out punishments. Instead, her demeanor is one of respect. She nods quickly to Jo, "Yep, things are fine. Bye." She waves to both, and then follows after Saul.

"We start after I shower," Jo says matter-of-factly. "And then I'm wearing this hat for the rest of this trip. Seriously, Cody, you are going down." She's serious now, this is downright serious business. "Alright, I'm gonna go hit the shower, when I'm back? The challenge begins!" She jogs off towards her room.

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