2010-08-13: Hot Grounds



Date: August 13, 2010


She ain't pretty, she just looks that way.

"Hot Grounds"

Common Grounds

Lizzie has seriously underestimated the time it takes to get from the condo to the coffee shop. She'd called Aiden over an hour ago and asked to meet him there fifteen minutes ago. She blames the train, the bus, the traffic, the amount of people on the sidewalk… Everything is going against her.

Passing by a magazine stand, she does a quick double take at some of the headlines there. Hallis and Stuart, Hallis and Jaden, Hallis and George… A quick dart of the eyes to scope her surroundings proves that no one on the sidewalk recognizes her as the woman on the covers. What has Sierra been doing? Picking up one of the magazines, she flips through it until she finds the article she's looking for. Then her lightly tanned face goes completely pale and she practically throws the magazine down again. "Kill… I'm totally going to kill her." Right now, there's no time.

"He's going to kill me~" she sings to herself as she weaves through the slower pedestrians at a pace fit for a mugger that's just stolen a purse. Her breath quickens a little as she spies a familiar landmark about two blocks down. Only five or six more to go and she'll be there! She can't wipe the smile off her face, excitement is written all over her features.

Aiden has been at the appointed destination for the past twenty minutes, leaning against a wall and doing his best to look charming in his rather simple outfit that consists of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blue plaid shirt that's left unbuttoned. It's a simple look, for sure, but he likes to think he can pull it off. The messy hair yet meticulously groomed hair, the simple clothes. It's so much easier than dressing up in a suit or worrying about a tie. He occasionally casts a glance toward his watch, before scanning the area once more.

"Where on earth is that beautiful girl? If she weren't so beautiful, I might get mad…" This is mumbled to himself as he scans the crowds, his eyebrows raised as he searches for that familiar face.

It was Cyndi Lauper said it best: Girls just wanna have fun. And that's all that Hallis (well, Sierra in Hallis' body) has been doing. You can't blame her for that, can you? No! Of course not! Sure, you can probably blame her for other things, but that is a whole other level of blame that she hasn't been ready to deal with yet! Pulling up in front of the coffee shop, Common Grounds, a town car stops, and out comes Hallis, well groomed and in a fancy looking sundress. On her feet? The very same scuffed Jimmy Choos that Lizzie saw her wearing in People Magazine not but yesterday.

Hallis knocks on the front window and says, "Do a couple block round a few times while I get myself something to drink. Like…totally turtle like. Don't rush me." Walking straight into the coffee place, she brushes past anyone who might try to talk to her, and jumps the line completely and starts her order. "Yeah, I'll have a non-fat, non-dairy, soy latte with no whip cream and a dollop of green tea."

Lizzie's just on the corner a couple of blocks down when the town car pulls up to her and slows down. She blinks and looks a little wary, she'd sped to a more leisurely pace when she'd gotten tired but now there's an unfamiliar car that seems to be following her. "Go away!" she yells, the driver is unable to hear her though, so he keeps driving beside her. Her walk turns into a run, the driver speeds up enough to keep up with her.

"Oh god… what if it's a kidnapper…" she whines to herself. Then reprieve. An alley. Ducking into it, she runs the length and hides behind a dumpster. Her eyes close as she realizes exactly how late she is, "He's going to never talk to me again…"

The car circles the block a few times and pauses at the other end of the alley. How Lizzie's going to get out of this one is anyone's guess.

Aiden's face brightens as he spots the familiar face of Hallis. Well…he thinks that the woman is his beautiful Lizzie, who he met at the bar the other night and charmed the socks off of. She probably just didn't spot him, he IS kind of hidden in a little nook of the coffee shop. He stands, straightening his shirts and making sure his hair is nice in the reflection of the window.

Then, with a charming smile on his face, he steps up right behind Hallis, gently placing his hand upon her lower back and casting a small, disarming smile to the irritated patrons who she jumped in front of. "My my, Miss Lizzie, ain't you lookin' exquisite t'day." He says this in his soothing southern voice, a pleasant change from the harsh New York accent most people carry around here. "In fact, you're lookin' so beautiful that I am quite willin' to forgive you for bein' fifteen minutes late to a date you asked me on." A flash of the smile along with those blue eyes of his should make her like putty in his hands.

There's also the fact that where his hand is upon Hallis' back, it feels…nice. Just plain nice. Yay for evolved abilities helping with the ladies!

Hallis furrows her brow. Was that man talking to her? She pays the barista and looks to Aiden. She's especially confused when he puts his hand on her back. "Ummm…excuse me? Do I know you? And…my name isn't Lizzie. I don't know WHERE you heard that. I mean like…like…no. That's not my name. I'm Hallis. Van Cortlandt. You know…I play a weregoldfish?" Like everyone should know her weregoldfish character! Right? "But ummm…would you umm…like…mind taking your hand off my back?" It may feel good, it might not. But the point is, who is this strange man? And why did he call her Lizzie? What's going on?!

Taking a chance, Lizzie bolts from her hiding place and to the opposite end of the alley. She runs at full tilt until she gets to the coffee shop, but the car isn't going to be lost. Quickly, she bounds through the door and leans against it, her eyes wide and full of horror. It's not because of the car, it's because of what she's seeing.

Her jaw drops and the horrified look turns to something a little more heartbroken and then self conscious. A hand moves up into her hair to straighten the unruly locks and then to brush off her form fitting t-shirt and ratty jeans. Fashionably ratty though, not gross like that homeless person at that meeting.

Her jaw sets with determination and then she balls both of her hands up in fists and storms over to the pair at the counter. "Excuse me… that's my date you're chatting up."

Aiden blinks a few times, apparently a bit shocked. He pulls his hand away from the woman's back, looking at his hand for a moment, before turning to peer at Hallis with a frown. "M-my apologies, Miss Van Cortlandt. I must have mistaken you for someone else." He frowns, taking a step back from the woman. Okay…either he's crazy, this woman is Lizzie's twin, or she's crazy and or amnesiac or something.

For a long moment, he just stares. Then, he seems to catch himself, looking down at the ground with a humble look on his face. "It's just that you look identical to this young lady I was supposed to meet here fifteen minutes ago. You wouldn't happen to have a twin sister, would you Miss Van Cortlandt?"

Then, Lizzie walks up, and Aiden just kind-of…breaks, for a moment. He stares, looking between the two women with raised eyebrows and a shocked look on his face. There's two of them. Two. The man in him immediately makes mental connections that he certainly isn't going to give voice to; instead, he settles back to stare, and wait for an explanation. Though he does scoot a little closer to Lizzie.

Hallis crosses her arms as Aiden backs slightly away. "Apology accepted." She says with a firm nod. Oh, but then the 'Other Her' had to arrive and make things more difficult, didn't she? "Oh. It's you. I hope you haven't stolen my town car. I need it to get me around places." She says simply. "And it wasn't me chatting him up. It was him chatting me up! It seems he mistook me for you. Though why he'd like you is just like…totally like…well, you know."

Tyson likes sleeping and unfortunately that hasn't been on the agenda for a while, hence the bags under his eyes and somewhat shaky hands- so you can imagine how odd it was for sleep deprived Tyson to see double of the girl he remembered saving so long ago. "There's gotta be an explanation for this one…" and he pondered it more with each step. Certain in the fact that both were truly present and not figments of a deteriorating brain.

Lizzie's eyes narrow at Hallis as she listens to the woman berate her. "I made you… You'd be nothing if it wasn't for all of the stuff you stole from me." She growls in a low tone, perhaps only low enough for a few people around them to hear. Her little fists are still balled up, her petite body is quivering from being tightly wound. Instead of causing a scene, she breaks eye contact and looks down at the ground.

Inching just a little closer to Aiden, a small smirk appears on her face and serenity overtakes her. Then those bright little features tilt back up to look at Hallis as she's given the prettiest and most cordial expression the two of them could ever muster. The doppelganger would know this very well as the face they both use when they're being quite fake and extremely passive-aggressive. "I didn't steal your car, Sierra, darling. I sent it away, told them I was going to be walking. So… Ta-ta~"

With a little wave, she widens the smile and then turns her back on her double to focus on Aiden. "Sorry I'm late, there was a car following me, you see. I had to get rid of it." Her eyes drift from Aiden's face as she tilts her head a little more to see Tyson just behind him. There's a faint glimmer of recognition in her features before the smile falters a little. "Oh! Aiden! Turn around…" she says, gripping the man by the arm to point out the other young man. "This is the man that saved my life."

Aiden can't help but raise his eyebrows at the sudden attitude. He reaches out with one hand, instinctively placing a hand on Lizzie's back, before frowning at Hallis. "Ma'am, I can not condone your attitude. It was a simple mistake. There's absolutely no need for you to say such things." He frowns, not so sure he likes the girl who looks like Lizzie, but doesn't act like her. Hallis sure is pretty, but she doesn't act pretty.

Then, Aiden offers a raised brow as Lizzie speaks, turning and wrapping his arm around her waist. His. "Miss Lizzie, is she giving you trouble? Stole from you?" He turns to frown at Hallis, his nose wrinkling a bit. "If you want, I can help you get what's been stolen, back." That sounds a little bit ominous, the way he says it.

His attention is distracted by Lizzie, though, and the man then turns, peering over at Tyson. He offers a small smile and a wave. "Well, he must be a good person t'meet, then. I'll have t'thank him for saving the life of such a beautiful lady such as yourself."

Hallis bows her head slightly to Aiden. "I'll apologize to you." She says, putting on her own sweet smile. "And I do sorely apologize. I really do. I didn't mean to be so mean. Me and Lizzie have just…had our problems, sir. I do so hope you'll forgive me that." She glares at Lizzie. "Mon dieu, vous avez un certain nerf!" Yes, there is some French spoken. "I did not steal a thing. She is mistaken. She just believes I stole from her!" As her drink is placed on the counter, she grabs it and says. "I am a good, honest woman! Now, if you'll all forgive me. I don't have to stand here and take this! I'm leaving!" And with that, she makes the appropriate storm off, and leaves the coffee shop.

Tyson approaches with a finger raised ready to ask what the heck was going on, but then the woman named 'Hallis' leaves in a huff. At the same time he's hearing how he saved Miss. Lizzie's life… "I'm sorry. Why do you two look alike? Are you twins? Because I'm pretty sure I saved her life and now I don't know who owes me a reward…"

Hallis' storming is ignored by Lizzie, at least from the double's angle. Tyson and Adien are in a perfect position to see the tiny blonde's features stiffen as the syllables pour from Hallis' mouth. Just as the other woman gets to the door, Lizzie spins around and yells. "Look! It's Hallis Van Cortlandt!! I bet Stuart Templeton Davenport is with her!!"

Now, Hallis might not be a big star, but Stuart is a movie heart throb. So it's with a smooth smile of satisfaction that Lizzie watches Hallis being mobbed by a throng of frantic Stuart fans. Folding her arms across her chest, she seems pretty pleased with her results. To Aiden, she looks up with a rather wicked little grin and murmurs, "This is the part that I like the best…"

When Tyson comes up on them to watch the spectacle too, she smiles. "That was me that you pulled out of the car. So I'm the one that owes you…. I don't have much to pay you with though." How much is her life worth anyway?

Aiden watches with a slightly baffled look on his face as Hallis storms out, frowning a bit. "If you'll pardon my language, Miss Lizzie, but what a bitch." He shakes his head, watching as the fans mob the girl. Well, at least divine retribution is real. He grins softly, waving a hand toward Hallis's back, before turning another warm smile back toward Lizzie. If she likes that part, she'll like the next part that should hopefully happen.

An arm wrapped around Lizzie's waist as he turns, smiling to Tyson. "Confusin', isn't it?" He extends a hand, though something suggests that he's still watching Hallis out of the corner of his eye. "I'm Aiden Calcasieu. I'd like t'thank you for helpin' out this lovely young lady. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be standin' here with her right now." He smiles…then, he turns to peer at Hallis once more, apparently distracted by her. For some reason, there's an incredibly amused look on his face…

Probably because right now, he's staring at the nerves in Hallis's body, and doing mean things to them with his mind.

"I'm not sure I'm 100% on this." Tyson was scratching his head with his free hand while shaking Aiden's offered hand, "The name's Ty Harris, I suppose it's nice to meet you, Aiden." Still gripping the boy's hand, Tyson focuses on Lizzie… "And you? Why did you tell me your name was Hallis? Or were you the one stealing her car?"

"I— No.." Lizzie answers, looking a little fuddled and confused. She looks over at the door and points, then back up to Aiden. "No!" She's indignant about this fact. "I hired her to be me for a month because of some… things." A quick glance is given toward the door and she frowns a little before looking back up to Tyson. "Lizzie, Lizette, is my middle name. Hallis Lizette Van Cortlandt… but she's living my life, so I can't." She closes her eyes and shakes her head, waving a hand. "It's a long story."

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out with a very long sigh, Lizzie's shoulders slump defeatedly. When she finally breaks eye contact with Tyson, she switches to look up at Aiden with a small smile. "It sounds completely unbelievable, but I swear it's true."

Aiden tilts his head toward Tyson, his brows arching, before turning to peer down at Lizzie. "If y'hired her, why can't y'just fire her? Or d'you not want to go back to that?" He gestures toward the mobbing girls, while smoothly attempting to pull Lizzie a bit closer. "Don't worry, Miss Lizzie. I believe you. There's other things in this life that are unbelievable, but happen anyhow." He attempts to take her hand, then, and kiss the back of it like the charmer he is.

Tyson nods slowly, digesting the information, "Oh." Aiden had some good points and after releasing the hand, he shrugs at Lizzie, "No clue why you'd want to do that… isn't your life perfect like the rest of us? And you called her Sierra?"

Aiden's kiss on her hand brings a wistful smile to Lizzie's lips, she looks up at him with a dreamy sort of expression. "I— was— " then all the air escapes her in a sigh. The young blonde can't help but just stare at the curly haired young man for a moment or two before snapping out of whatever stupor she's in. Shaking her head, she blinks rapidly and takes a large breath, all the while unable to take her eyes off him. "Wow…" she breathes.

It takes another moment or two of staring at Aiden before Tyson brings her back and she nods. "Yeah, Sierra. She's a reporter, was a reporter… And no, my life wasn't perfect. I got beat up in the middle of the street by a psychopath. I was going to lose my job. Sierra was the best thing I could think of while I got away."

Aiden smiles back down to Lizzie, gently squeezing her hand once before releasing it. He really does love being able to make girls go into stupors. Neurokinesis is such a fun ability to have, especially when it helps earn a lovely lady such as Lizzie. He smiles, brushing a strand of hair away from her face while she's busy being breathless and stupefied.

Then, he frowns, growing a bit more serious as she mentions getting beat up in the middle of the street. "Miss Lizzie, you stick with me. I won't let nobody beat you up in the middle of the street. I won't let anyone hurt you." He gently squeezes the girl around the waist, nodding sagely.

The name of the reporter/doppleganger sounded familiar, as did the profession- but he couldn't connect the dots since the Sierra he met looked nothing like this girl in front of her. "Best of luck on that front, then. At least you've apparently got friends looking out for your best interest." Tyson was desperately not trying to pay Aiden and his mannerisms any attention.

The young blonde is firmly caught in whatever web the southerner is weaving. "Yeah, okay…" she breathes in response to his invitation, "that'd be really nice." This time when Tyson speaks, Lizzie doesn't even attempt to break her eyes from Aiden's. She just nods dumbly, her eyes glazing a little as her head tilts a bit to the side.

From an observer's standpoint, the pair of them might look a little too movie sweet to be realistic. Lizzie completely awestruck, perhaps even fawning over Aiden. Aiden looking down on her the way he is. Like they could be in a teen romance. "Can we…?" she utters up to him and raises a hand to point toward the door.

It's always so pleasant to see his plans working out. It really does look like something out of Hollywood. That's okay. He likes it that way. He smiles warmly down at the girl, tapping his index finger on her chin gently. "Of course, Miss Lizzie." He offers a kind smile toward Tyson. "I hate to run off like this, but I think I owe this lovely lady a wonderful evenin' out, to make up for the fact that I mistook that horrible woman as her." He offers a small grin and a wave to Tyson, before gently leading Lizzie out of the coffee shop.

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