2007-02-10: Hot Hot Hate


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Summary: Flirting, Fighting, Revelations, HATE

Date It Happened: February 10th, 2007

Hot Hot Hate or, alternatively: 'Hey Meathead.' 'Hey Bitchface.'

Primatech, Hartsdale, New York

Primatech - Hospital

Its actually pretty boring for those sequestered to the hospital, especially when you are used to NYC, but Hartsdale is a nice enough town, all in all. Today finds Anders wandering down the hallway and whistling a jaunty tune, no doubt headed onto the Gymnasium, if his sweatpants, towel and wifebeater (all in white) are any indication.

Angie isn't dressed for a work out. No, her hair is in its usual haphazard, Princess Leia in Cloud City, loops. She doesn't wear makeup. A heavy overcoat that could have come right out of Soviet Russia covers her petite frame, while underneath she has on what looks like a mix between a corset and a peasant blouse, with thick black canvass pants and chains. Chunky boots make sure she's heard quite the distance away. She plods down the hospital hall, sneering at most she encounters… and that would include Anders, "Resting up, Muscle for brains?"

"Better muscle than air," is Anders' smiling response to that, apparently unfazed by the sneering girl, "I was going to the gym, so, not resting, no. When did you get sent up here?"

"I'm up for a few hours to make a report in person on the Sanders woman," Angie states, "She's going to be a problem." Rolling her eyes at the mere thought of the woman, she adds, "We may need some of your muscle to bring that one in. Either that or lay a trail of manwhores and good booze all the way to the facility that she can follow."

"The Sanders woman?" it apparently takes Anders a moment or two to place the name, "Oh, yes, her. The files were confused on her, apparently she is using an alias, but the same last name?" The man frowns, shakes his head, "Muscle may not be the most useful skill I can offer in that specific case," he suggests, before breaking into a grin, "Of course I mean my manwhoring."

"Oh, is that what you are?" the woman replies, twisting her lips into a wry smirk. "So humble. And I thought you were the innocent virginal type. My mistake." She shrugs her shoulders then and tugs a cigarette out of her pocket, placing it between her lips, but not lighting it. "Just a heads up. If it does get messy, they're probably going to bring you in on it. I think right now they want to border on caution."

"I try to be humble, but it is difficult when you're this good," Anders laughs and nods, "I was expecting it, frankly, but thank you for the warning." He takes a step towards the gym, before turning back, "I hope it does become messy, I'm bored out of my skull here."

"You ran out of porn to occupy yourself with that quickly?… Poor baby," Angie coos, before taking a step beside him towards the gym, "C'mon tiger, I feel like getting sweaty. Want to spar? I've got some time to kill before the meeting."

"We have internet connections, there is always more porn," Anders grins, visibly brightening, "Getting sweaty with you is something I often consider, so yes, we should spar." Of course, as a good comedic straight man, he has to add, "Perhaps we can compare our weapons.. skill?"

"Just so long as you remember, darling, that its not the size that counts…" is the woman's response, glancing down with a perked eyebrow at Ander's 'attire' before moving towards the gym. The greatcoat she's wearing is peeled off and she says, "I think I have some stuff stored in the locker room. I'll meet you there." Angie disappears then into the lady's locker room for a brief spell.

Anders heads on into the gym, chuckling to himself.

Cut to: Gymnasium

Angie enters the gym in a pair of black yoga pants and a white tank top. Her braids have been piled into a proper bun behind her head (Princess-Leia-on-Hoth style). She glances about, then ducks to the side to take a drink from the fountain.

Angie sips a good long time from the fountain, before coming back up and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Dainty! She ambles along then to the mats Anders is setting up, making sure to note, "Hey Meathead. You gonna show me some of that Kung Fu you do so well?" Hands on her hips, she wrinkles her nose, "And is that smell you? Damn bubba."

"Its hardly my fault that someone used all my hot water allocation this morning," Anders says, looking over at Angie and snorting, "Stuck me with a cold shower." He kicks the last mat into place and stamps on an annoying curled corner, "Weapons?"

"If we must," Angie says with an exaggeratingly self-sacrificing sigh. She heads over and grabs what is essentially a policeman's nightstick off the weapon's rack, before stepping back towards the mats, "I do so love beating on people."

"We must," Ander replies, laughing softly before selecting a similar weapon, though rather more a baton than a nightstick, old school police kit, "Violence is fun." he adds. Then he heads back to the mats and takes up an appropriate stance, the club held high, "First to tap out?"

"Or scream like a little girl?" Angie offers, before moving her little frame towards the man and swinging downwards with her nightstick, aiming for his inner thigh. "Come on babe, cry for me."

The sparring match that follows is actually pretty impressive, two roughly matched combatants playing with each other and having fun. At least, until Anders loses his step (damn that mat corner) and goes down on one knee just in time to catch Angie's elbow with his face (but thankfully missing the closely following nightstick, might have been messy). Anders responds, using his only real
advantages, height and weight, by powering forward and taking Angie down to a pin on the mat, managing, in the process to take a couple of solid kicks to his ribs, no doubt. Long story short is that both parties end up sweaty, battered and sore,
the man lying on top of the woman, symbolism? Where?

"So, ah, ow." The faux goth rests her head back on the mat for a few seconds, trying to catch her breath. This she does before she recalls that he's on top of her and kind of heavy. "That was pretty fun, huh?" Angie smiles and trembles? No, that couldn't have been a tremble. She pushes up then and kisses Anders hard on the lips before shoving him off of her. "God you stink. Take a bath, will you?"

Anders returns the kiss, but still lifts his weight with the shove, rolling off to the side before bursting into laughter- "Agh," or not, stopping mid-laugh to clutch at his side, "If its not claws on the back, its feet in the ribs." He lies there for a moment or two, smiling, "A bath would help.."

"Yeah yeah, mind out of the gutter, Muscles," Angie fires back as she sits up, resting back on her hands. "Feeling better than before? You seemed kind of down." This is said real quiet-like. Weird. She doesn't want it getting out that she actually cares about anybody, clearly.

"Theres elsewhere for it to be than the gutter?" Anders asks, chuckling and rolling onto his front to push himself up, "That means you won't be joining me?" He looks over, an eyebrow rising at the quieter speech, "I'm less bored now, yes, thank you," he answers, once hes standing himself, before moving over to offer Angie a hand up and leaning in to kiss her hard, "You had a report to hand in."

Angie takes the hand and returns the kiss, though she's careful not to linger on each one. She's well aware of just who might be watching. "Yeah… I have to go take care of that. But, ah, if you wanted to catch lunch after? It's the least I can do after giving you that shiner." She makes like shes going to poke at his eyeball, but pulls away instead. "It looks like its going to be an ugly one, too." Grinning, she takes a few more steps.

Anders doesn't flinch so much as wince at the feinted poke, "Would need to be to match the face," he replies when Angie grins, "Lunch would be great. See you in a couple hours." Then its on to tidying up the mats and general busywork.

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