2008-05-09: Hot Streak


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Summary: Jose and Tamika are a couple of lying liars. Chase sees it coming from a mile away, then realizes that the peanut gallery isn't being honest either.

Date It Happened: May 9, 2008

Hot Streak

Lucky Joe's Diner, Lower East Side

Despite the late hour, Joe's is still hopping. So what else is new? On top of the multitude of background conversations, there's a battered but serviceable TV in the corner for the benefit of anyone who's here by themselves. After an ad for the 11 o'clock update on the latest spontaneous human combustion case, it switches back to some talk show or other: "He slept with my best friend!", the caption reads, the audience catcalls growing louder as they sense an extra twist coming up.

Sitting at the bar, is a rather plain-looking Chase Bixby. She's dressed in street clothes, though her bookbag can be seen leaning against the foot of her stool. A very large, frothy root beer float is infront of her and she twirls her straw slowly as she glances over at the TV in the corner. She leans forward and takes one very long sip as a woman speaks about her failed relationship and her cheating boyfriend.

The door swings open, revealing a teen, attired in a pair of cut off denim shorts with fishnet leggings, black booty-esque heels on her feet and a white tank top that looks like it's been used for an oil rag. Jezabel casts a glance around, though her dark sunglasses prevent this movement from being scene. Eventually, though, a smirk settles across her face and she sits herself near her school-mate, Chase. The teen says nothing, at this point, simply sits.

Sophie pushes open the door. She is pretty warmly dressed for such a muggy nearly summer might. She enters right after Jezebel, and it is quite the contrast, as she pauses to try to figure out where to sit.

Chase turns from the television as the bell above the door rings softly. She watches as Jezabel pauses and makes her way over to a stool next to her own. A small nod of her head is all the acknowledgement she gives before glancing back to the program, taking in a nice, long sip of her root beer.

Just as the door is about to shut behind Sophie, it stops again; Randall steps through, waving to Sophie and checking out the TV. "Oh, man, they renewed that one for another season? Rainbows and cathedrals and space stations, and so many people would still rather watch car crashes."

Jezabel offers a little finger waggle towards Sophie, before quirking a brow towards the tv. Oh, look, people cheating on people. "You go to Brighton, right?" she questions of the other girl, her voice holding a raspy note to it, which causes her to order some water. At Randall's comment, the sunglasses wearing team offers a lopsided, cynical little smile. "Car crashes can be fun, though," she points out, still smirking a little.

From the batter old box, the crowd begins to howl as a man walks onto the set. The announcer waves his hand at the audience, trying to silence them as he address the man, "So, Jose… Jose… have a seat… Why don't you tell us your side of the story?"

Sophie shakes her head, a touch sadly. She says, "Well, I guess that sort of thing isn't news, to most people." as she turns, giving a smile toward Randall. She tilts her head, waving her hand toward Jezabel.

"Brighton…" Chase looks back at the blond girl sitting beside her, "Yes, I go to Brighton." As she eyes Jezabel, she catches sight of Randall. Familiar, though it's hard to say if she remembers where she knows him from or not.

Randall was in a much worse mood back then. He doesn't remember her, either; his attention is drawn to Jezabel, instead. "I disagree, but that's the point, isn't it?" Wandering over to a nearby table, he settles down and waits for the waitress to make her next round.

"Yo, man. Yo! It's like this… I liked her, right? I mean, like really," the man named Jose begins to speak. "I'll admit it I was diggin' her so we hooked up a couple of times. And then things got serious." The woman interrupts, "Serious? You told me you loved me. That you wanted us to have a life together. And then you went and slept with my best friend!" Jose shakes his head vigoursly, "Man LaShanda! It ain't like that! It ain't like that at all! Tamika's just tellin' you that because she wants me and I told her no! I told her I don't play games like that. And she said she'd make me pay. And I was like, whatever… And man… LaShanda…" The woman is clearly not listening as she just shakes her head. The annoucer interrupts, "So what you're saying is that Tamika's trying to break the two of you up, Jose?" The man nods, "That's righ'."

Jezabel nods slightly. "Just makin' sure I wasn't imaginin' things," she gives. "I'm Jezabel," the younger teen offers, eyeing the tv, again, with a barely seen upraised brow. "I suppose the fun is more in driving the car that gets into the crash," she offers, in an all too serious tone as she takes a sip of her recently arrived water.

Sophie finds a nearby table to settle at. Probably so she can eat, and take off those gloves. She turns to the tv, picking up the menu as well.

Chase studies Jezabel for a long moment. "Drive a car destined to crash and it's only a matter of time before you wake up in a full body cast." She glances down at her drink, very somber for a long moment, though her attention is pulled back to the TV when the crowd begins to shout.

Declining to mention his actual near-crash about a year ago - that was literal, this is figurative - Randall glances over toward Chase, offering a faint grin. "Oh, but you two are— what, eighteen, maybe? You've still got your immortality at that age."

Jezabel smirks slightly. "Ehh, full body cast, no biggie," she gives with a laugh, of course, she doesn't actually mean her words, but she says them anyway. "Fifteen, thanks," she answers in response to Randall's age enquiry. Yah, she's a young 'un. Who'd have thunk it.

Sophie watches as the waitress approaches. She smiles and gives her order. She seems to be hungry, ordering breakfast, including eggs, sausage and waffles, and coffee. When the waitress reaches for the menu, Sophie instinctively jerks back, then drops the menu, so she can pick it up.

On the TV, a new woman is entering the seating area. "Welcome, Tamika. As I said before the break, I think it's about time that we break this wide open. Tamika, tell us… What happened between you and your best friends man?"

"Or there abouts," Chase replies to Randall. "Seventeen… But… close enough, right?" She watches as Sophie jerks shakes her head a little, returning her attention to the television as a new woman enters the picture.

Randall nods to Chase, then - catching sight of Sophie out of the corner of his eye - turns, motioning the waitress back a bit. "Sorry, she— she's sensitive about her hands. There was… a thing with a guy." False, but a lot easier to swallow than the real explanation.

"Well, it's like this, see. When LaShanda first hooked up with Jose, I was really happy for her, see? And then I saw him, see. He was out with this other girl. And so, like, I decided as her best friend, it was my job to set him straight. And that's when he tried to get with me. And I was like, no. But then… One night… We were all out partying. And I got drunk and … it was a mistake, LaShanda. I swear. I wasn't thinkin'." By this time, Jose is up on his feet, shaking his head and waving his arms. "That's a lie! It didn't happen like that. We never did nothin'! I never made a pass at her, Shanda, I swear. Yo, Baby, you believe me, don't ya?" Tamika bobs her head at him, "Boy, who she gonna believe? The girl who had her back since we were in dipas or some punk like you?" At this point, the announcer turns to the camera, "Well, Tamika, Jose. We're goning to help make it really easy on LaShanda. Because what you don't know, is that you are /both/ getting lie-detector tests. Right now." Jose and Tamika are shown being escorted off stage as the camera pans to the crowd which is going wild, "And we'll find out the results, after the break."

Chase takes another long sip of her soda and studies the pair as they leave the set before the it cuts to a commercial. "They're both lying," she says simply and shakes her head. "Why do people always feel the need to cover up what they've done with lies, anyway? They think it'll make things easier in the long run or what?"

Jezabel chuckles at Chase's comment. "Simple, s'cause no one wants to admit the truth. It's shameful, or not something they do, or they're living a double life," she points out with a laugh and shake of her head. "Not that hard to figure out," yah, know it all brat.

Sophie hmms, "People lie for all kinds of reasons." she says, wryly, "Including.. maybe especially to themselves."

"Just because it's not hard for someone like you to figure out," Chase responds to Jezabel with a roll of her eyes, "doesn't mean that everyone understand the same moral impairment that allows people to be dishonest with the people they love." She reaches for a spoon and begins dishing out what's left of the vanilla ice cream from the bottom of her glass. "All I'm saying is that eventually the truth'll come out. And when it does, it'll always make things worse than if you and just been honest to begin with."

Randall nods to Sophie. "Yeah, I was about to say— they not only don't want to admit the truth to anyone else, they don't want to think about it themselves, either." He's talking to Sophie, but he's looking at Chase, absently reaching for a paper napkin and rubbing his eyes with it. "You said they were both lying… like you know for sure, or you're just guessing because they're on there in the first place?"

Jezabel smirks. "Truth bites. Maybe those that lie have been lied to, an' it's all they know," she suggests with a slight shake of her head. "He asks a good question, though. Not like you can know if someone's lying, just by looking at em on TV…."

In the corner, a commercial for used cars cuts back to the 'He slept with my best friend' program where the host and LaShanda are waiting patiently for the results to come in. While the test is being done, the host asks LaShanda some questions. "So, what happens if it turns out Tamika was the one hitting on your boyfriend? Would you still be able call her your best friend? Or what if Jose really is the one who initiated their intimate night? Would you forgive him or kick him to the curb?" The woman responds quickly to the first question, "Well… Tamika and I go way back… I know. I know some people would probably say no, but truth is, a relationship like that… It runs deep. I think it might take a while before we're back to where we are now… But I'd never be able to stop being her friend. She's like a sister to me.

"People talk to TV's all the time," Chase shrugs for a minute, perhaps a little uncomfortable by the line of questioning, though she begins to nod as she walks LaShanda respond to the question about staying friends with Tamika. "Very true… I mean… Long-term relationships like that…" Her eyes dart over to where Randall is sitting and then over to the blonde next to her. After a second, a small smile crosses her lips, "Let's just call it a hunch, shall we? If I'm wrong, I'll buy her food," she nods at Sophie. "But if I'm right, if I'm right about /all/ of it, you buy me another float?"

Sophie glances toward Randall, with a smile, a grateful one from before. Then she nods to Chase. "I think I can manage a float."

By this time, members of the crowd are on their feet, chanting for an answer to the second question. "So?" The announcer asks, "What if it's Jose who's being dishonest?" LaShanda hesitates, eyeing the audience. "Well… Ain't no way you can build a happy future with a guy if you can't trust him, right? So, there's only one option." The announcer raises an eyebrow, "You'd walk away?" LaShanda nods, slowly at first and then with more affirmation. "Yeah, yeah! I'd push him to the curb. A girl friend, a best friend, I can forgive that… By my boyfriend? Ain't no forgiven something like that…" The annoucer shrugs, "Alright, then. How about we bring them back out and discover the truth, shall we?"

"Okay," Randall murmurs, "I thought I…" He sounds increasingly distracted now, even before the commercial break ends. "Things looked blue there for a second, is all." (A particularly alert observer might note a blue neon sign outside, intermittently reflecting into the diner when there isn't a passing car blocking it, but Randall's back is turned the wrong way to spot it directly.) "Anyway, I'll bet a dollar that one reads as lying and the other doesn't."

A smirk curls itself across her lips as Chase gives a nod to the man handling the bar and taps her empty glass lightly on the counter, "Fill her up, Petey!" Then she looks over as LaShanda states that she'd break it off with Jose. She sucks air through her teeth and then lets out a soft sigh. "That's a tough one… I think she'd like us to think she'd break it off. But she won't," she seems pretty confidant of two things: one, that Jose's lying and two, that LaShanda'll still take him back. She sniffs lightly at the offer of a dollar, "Ooooh, big spender!" There is a distinct hint of sarcasm, though it doesn't seem to have any malice behind it. Just good ol' fun.

And then the annoucer begins to read the results. "Jose, we'll start with you. We asked you if you've slept with Tamika since you and LaShanda got together. You answered no and the lie-detector test determined that was a lie…" He pauses for a dramatic effect as the crowd goes wild. LaShanda begins to yell at him but Jose does nothing other than put his head in his hands. Tamika looks a bit relieved. "Now, though you've admitted to being with Jose, Tamika, we asked you the same question. You answered yes and the test proved that to be true." LaShanda looks like she's about to cry now that she's calmed down and Tamika begins to comfort her as the host speaks over the noise of the audience. "Wait, wait, wait! We have more questions…"

While a bit uncertain after the first set of questions, the reassurance that they were tested on more questions puts a smile back on Chase's face. "One for one," she murmurs as she watches Pete make her float intently.

Jezabel chuckles. "You're gonna be buying her a float," she gives with a certain amount of, well, certainty in her voice. "Never bet against the one's who don't lie, they'll bite yeh right in the butt," the California girl gives with a faint nod of her head, smirking the whole while.

"To make sure all our bases were covered, asked some more questions. One of them, Jose, was whether or not you had ever hit on Tamika prior to the night in question. You answered no and the test determined that you…." he pauses and LaShanda, Jose, and Tamika all look at him expectantly, "Were telling the truth!" Jose jumps up, clapping his hands at his redemption. "See? See, Baby! I told you it wasn't like that… It wasn't like that at all!" The cameras zoom in on Tamika now, "And as for you, Tamika. We asked you whether or not you had ever hit on Jose prior to the night in question, to which you answered no… And the lie-detector test determined… That you were /lying/!" Even the annoucer sounds slightly shocked as he looks from the results to the trio, and back to the Jose and Tamika. "So… Care to tell us what really happened?"

Sophie blinks, 'I think I'm lost.' she chuckles.

Chase eyes Jezabel. "Thanks for the vote of confidence." She giggles like a little girl as the second set of results are announced and slowly inserts a brand new straw into her shiny new float. "Don't take it personally," she grins. "Even the best of us bet wrong occasionally."

Randall rolls his eyes. "I don't even wanna know any more," he grumbles, leaning back in his seat. "So how do the bets work out if he was only lying about part of it? Maybe we should just split the difference and call it good." He does finally get the waitress's attention, but keeps an eye on the teens as he settles on a roast beef sandwich and coffee black.

Jezabel hmms slightly. "I dunno, I think the lie detector over here should get the props and win," is given as she hitches her thumb in Chase's direction, calling her a lie detector only in that she got most of it right. "You should buy her a float, seriously."

Sipping on her second float, Chase seems far to pleased with herself to care about whether or not someone else is going to pay for her drink. "Let's just call this one a freebie, shall we? After all, I think I might have had the two of you at an unfair advantage… You don't really know me that well, after all. I've been on a hot streak with shows like this, lately. Maybe I've just been watching too many day time shows and half hour civil courts. Judge Judy and crap." She does give a big grin to Jezabel, "Props? From you? Now that does mean something…"

Sophie chuckles, "I think its worth a float, if you want one."

Randall fishes in his pocket, taking out an extra dollar bill and tossing it on the table. Hey, he's cheap, but he keeps his word (unlike Jose and Tamika) - if Chase doesn't accept it, then surely the waitress will be more than happy to. "Sounds like a pretty useful hot streak, if you can keep it going. Hi, I'm Randall, this is Sophie." Leaning over, he offers a handshake to each of the unfamiliar pair in turn.

Jezabel grins triumphantly as Chase wins. "I'm Jezabel," she offers, taking Randall's proferred hand to shake. She, of course, doesn't give Chase's name, she's doesn't really know what it is anyway, so…

Chase accepts his hand with a humble bob of her head. After a moment, she tilts her head thoughtfully. "Chase. So…" she glances around and, satisfied that the scant customers and the few staff left at this hour are preoccupied with other things, she leans in. "Do you mind if I ask you a question, Randall?"

Sophie nibbles her lower lip, her hands occupied with her coffee. She smiles at the two, saying, "Good evening."

Randall reaches for his coffee as it arrives, then sets it down until it has more of a chance to cool off. "No, I don't mind," he replies. "I don't guarantee that I'll answer it." Hey, who knows what the kid's got in mind.

"Well," Chase glances at Sophie, "Maybe I should be getting your permission… But what's the really reason for that… whole thing earlier… With the waitress, I mean?" She slids from her stool and into a chair which she sits in backwards, being sure to bring her prize float down to the lower table with her. "Maybe I'm losing my touch already, but…" she trails off, sipping away happily.

Jezabel grabs her glass of water, the beads of moisture dripping off the outside of the glass, leaving a nice ring on the counter she's seated at. Naturally, the teen is curious as to what Chase has to ask of Randall, thus, she listens.

Sophie blinks, "Me? I mean.. well.. my hands were all sweaty, from the gloves."

Chase gives a little nod and a shrug. "Maybe. Doubt that's all of it, but," she turns back to Randall and studies his eyes as she continues to probe. "That's not what you said though, is it? You said something about a guy or something."

Um. Randall? Randall is caught in the headlights here; he never expected anyone to dig further into the cover story, so he didn't plan it out any deeper. On the other hand, this only serves to play further into what he saw (and misinterpreted) earlier. "—look, if your hot streak is as hot as it looks… um, the three of us might want to talk more seriously." Four, actually, but he doesn't have clue one that Jezabel has an ability as well.

Sophie looks from Randall to Chase, eyes widening. She has reason to believe in what Randall can do, regardless of how he actually does it. She nods to him, trusting to his instincts.

Chase gives a whimsical shrug and pushes her empty glass away from the edge of the table. "Well, I have a nagging suspicion that even if I were to walk out of here right now, you would be able to figure a way of finding me." She tilts her head and glances over and gives each of the other people sitting with her a small nod as she checks the clock on the wall. "As entertaining as witty batter and games of lie-and-tell are, I must take my leave." She stands and stretches for a very long moment. "Ah, much better."

Jezabel chuckles, quietly, listening to the group of people. She's not going to share any details about herself is she's not asked, especially not with someone on a lie detecting hot streak. That same lie detector, though, gets a small wave. "Cya in school."

Randall smiles faintly as the others prepare to head out. "Same time next week, then? They left themselves a perfect opening for 'Tamika got knocked up'…" That, and the chatty kids don't especially difficult to pick out of a crowd.

"Ah yes… Go team!" Chase hesitates and breaks out of her sarcasm. "Seriously, though. See you around campus. And to the two of you," she leans over and scribbles her name, school, and cell phone number on a napkin, sliding it across the table to Randall. "I'll see you again. For another round of I'm trailer trash, but I made it to television!" She chuckles, flicks the hood of her jacket up and heads for the door. It may be summer and it may be warm, but at this hour, there is always a chill in the air.

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