2011-03-11: Hotdogs, Fountains and Dreams oh my



Date: March 11, 2011


Seth and Kyle meet up again.. They are becoming fast friends, that seem to share a common ground. In more ways then just their Ironic shared last names.

"Hotdogs, Fountains and Dreams oh my"

Central Park

Central Park.. It's well past the lunch hour, the kids aren't out of school yet just a few random babysitters and their underaged charges here and there, playing on the playground. Visiting the fountains, the hot dog vendors and the like. One perticular individual is at a hotdog vendor ordering a footlong. Which of course is rather awkward in his small hands, and odd against his equally small body. Kyle pays the vendor, and carries his recycled disposable paperboard tray consisting of a hotdog and a soda over near a fountain. The edge is wide enough for sitting, and setting the tray on, safely. Which he does. A little tranquiliy in an otherwise, crazy, mad city. Full of people that barely see each other, much less a man like Kyle. It's a warm enough day, that the fountain is going, splashing water into the basin..

How odd, Seth has decided to take the day away from the college campus to visit the scenery of the New York park. He has been settled on the fountain near where Kyle settles his own presence for meal time. Though unlike the smaller man, Seth is engrossed in what looks to be a copy of Activating Evolution. To most this wouldn't really be any sign, though to the very few. This is a red flag that Seth might not just picked up the book randomly out of the science fiction section. By the look of the condition of the book, Seth has read this book countless time! When you meet people, even by chance, one never really expects to see someone in a city this size, more then once.

Though a few days have passed, since their last meeting, and havingmet several people since, Kyle seems to recognize the figure further down the fountain's ledge. Though, for the life of him, Kyle's not sure he remembers the guy's name, other then the uncanny coincidence that they share he same last name. He remembers the card and digs for his wallet, to look at the exact name. "Hey there Seth." tucking the card away, and the wallet back in his pocket. He's wearing his typical clothing, a black t-shirt, depicting a band of some sort 'today it's Metalica'. A jacket over that, jeans and sneakers. That look like they might fit an eight year old boy, or younger. At least they aren't overly juvenile. They don't blink, like kids shoes these days tend to do. "I was gonna call, soon as payday rolls around again, for that party." he takes a drink of his soda, as he watches the guy. A sligh breeze blows his hair about a bit. Sending a mist of water from the fountain, causing the little guy to "Eep" a bit. But he's not upset at getting a little wet, it was just cold.

This is a very vast city, so one never expects to see the same person twice. Unless of course fate brings you together for some higher purpose. It's not clear if this is the case, though Kyle and Seth meeting up again in such a time-frame is quite odd. It's only when Kyle greets him that Seth closes the book partly before looking over toward Kyle's voice. "Oh hey there." He then smiles as he seems to remember. "Oh right, you're the man I met at the local coffee shop! Yes, we do need to go out sometime." He then chuckles at the little man's 'eep' sound. "Yeah, not exactly the smartest thing to do these days. Sitting on a fountain like this…"

Seth is attired with his typical casual Friday outfit. A black t-shirt with a black zip-up hoodie, dark blue jeans, and what look to be slightly trendy looking Puma shoes. He's certainly not the latest fashion, though it looks nice enough. His hair however is quite messy as though he showered and then ran his hands through his hair before venturing out.

One can't argue with that comment, Kyle just nods and grins. "Yeah, really, but it's peaceful, not jostled around so much by the mobs on the sidewalks. Now, as long as I'm not sat on, that will make the day better." Apparently that's happened to him before. He takes a bite of the hotdog, that's loaded with a bunch of stuff.. chews and swallows.

Reaching for his napkin, because there is just no way to eat a loaded hotdog, without wearing it. No matter who you are. He glances at the book, "Not exactly light reading is it?" he grins. He's not worried, wether or not he really comprehends the title, or not. "Rather interesting subject, actually." Not that he's read it, but he knows what Evolution means, anyway. "Don't mean to be nosey, but I like reading.. and possibly learn something from it. Though I read other stuff too."

"That is quite true, there's a lot more space to move around the park typically." Seth says with a happy nod. "Oh, yeah. I'm sure being sat on is the last thing on your things to do today." He then looks down at his book removing his hands from the pages closing it before covering the cover with his hand after setting it on top of his own lap. "Yeah, not the lightest reading for sure." He then looks interested as Kyle says it's an interesting topic. "Really? You find it interested? I've come to find it to be quite compelling myself." He then shakes his head grinning a little as the man doesn't seem to question him too further. Though this pressure was enough, as a nearby abandoned soda can loudly implodes without much cause near both Kyle and Seth. Which somehow brings a panic struck look upon Seth's face as he watches it happen.

Shrugging a bit, "Well, wasn't there a man who said that we evolved from apes? Evolution, kind of an interesting topic." Kyle responds. Though he can see the man is uncomforable with the topic, so he doesn't press further. About to change the topic, when the soda can implodes, causing the little man to jump, almost into the fountain. He's a bit jumpy today, but one of the sections of town he passed through, to get here, there was some shots fired. He didn't see where, or whom they were fired at.. or who did it for that matter, but it was just enough to make him all jumpy. "Well that was strange.." he idely comments.. smirking a bit.. "Not even hot enough for that." he just shrugs it off as coincidence.. Remembering the subject Seth studied, "You ever have a dream, where you felt lighter then what you actually are, like you were so light that you were floating in the air?" he asks, randomly. "So vivid, that it almost seemed real, even after you wake up?"

With that same shocked face, Seth looks at Kyle seeming to be distracted for now. Seeing the man tipping toward the fountain he seems to concentrate at the back of Kyle for a moment before looking back after it's certainly the little man isn't falling into the cold water. "Yeah, that was strange… right?" He then looks back at the crushed can seeming to start breathing deeply before saying, "Yeah… must have been a fluke or some street preformer must have left it behind…" He then looks oddly at Kyle tilting his head before nodding slowly. "All the time! I have that dream constantly…" He looks shocked that Kyle knows this, though with Seth moving slightly closer to the smaller man, it's apparent that Seth doesn't want the whole park to hear. "Do you have those dreams too?"

"Yeah probably. Sorry I was so jumpy, passed too close to Avenue B on the way. Guns, not sure who or whom, but got me a bit jumpy. Prolly a drug bust that went further then they hoped, or something." he shrugs it off either way. At the dream topic, he nods. "Yeah, I get them a lot. And I don't even use drugs, and I wasn't drinking the night before." he lowers his voice, since the guy seems to want to keep it hushed. "It freaks me out sometimes. It's like I'm flying right over the city, I don't fall or anything.. I rarely remember dreams, but those I remember so vividly. I started writing them down, when I wake up from them. Date and all.. that I had them. Some people say, dreams like that have meanings. I'm almost wondering if they are trying to tell me something. Not wanting to talk to a shrink about it though, or one of them Psychics for that matter. But it just seems, odd to me. I wonder if the Public Library or the University Library have anything on it." In other words, he wans to find out, what, or something.. but it's enough of an annoyance possibly, to him, that he's decided to talk to Seth about it.

Seth slowly nods as he seems intent on listening to the rest of what Kyle has to say. "Yeah… drug bust." Seth says, absent-mindedly. Seth then looks extremely excited as Kyle claims he's had dreams too. "Well if you're having those dreams, it probably does mean something. I mean the sciences of Sociology and Psychology have done some light research in connecting dreams with the sub-conscious. So it wouldn't be that odd for there to be a connected meaning with what's going on in your life and the dreams." He then looks around before practically whispering so Kyle would be the only one to hear. "I could lend you this book… it explains some pretty interesting things. It's helped me in my… process." He holds the book out in his left hand offering it to the other man, though something odd is about it. It somehow looks like it's floating in Seth's hand! No, can't be… or could it?!

Looking at the book, then nods, "Ahh, thanks." yeah, Kyle sees it, but he works at Coney Island, seen a few 'magic' tricks, and such that could pass for real.. and some real that could be taken for fake but he's not comenting on it. "It might well come in handy. I'll eventually look for my own copy, so you can get yours back, in a reasonable amount of time." hen adds, "And granted, with part of my job, I've been rigged up and appear to fly, but in the dreams, there are no wires, or harness or anything like that. Might just like it so much, that I am reliving it, in other ways.. but I don't think so."

Seth watches Kyle's reaction, before it is apparent that Kyle is not taking the situation seriously. One of the only people he's partly exposed himself to and they don't even get phased. Seth then nods agreeing with Kyle. "Sure, take it and just call me when you find another copy or when you're done with it. No big deal…" Seth then agrees with Kyle as he attempts to explain his dreams. "Yes, well I never once had the experience of flight until my dreams. Though they all seem to end the same. It's almost as though I fall out of thin air onto my bed." Seth's expression looks earnest, as though he's hoping this might prompt the other man to say something.

Still thinking the situation is all in his own head, that their situation is, like their shared last name, ironic, a coincidence. He notices the look on the man's face and comments, quietly "According to the book I read, by Matt Roloff and other's works about the disease, being what we are. Though Achondroplasia is the most common form of the over two hundred forms of dwarfism, each individual is still different. It does mental things to our minds and phisical things to our bodies. Might just have fluid on my brain, or something, that will require a shunt eventually. When I hear stuff like that about others, it's realistic, where, with me, I look at things as just a symptom. I saw the book, but what's the point on freaking out about it, or really commenting about it. When it's clear, you want to keep it as hushed as possible. And I don't freak out easily.. over that stuff. Gunfire, yeah.. Not ready to die just yet. But, imploding cans, and floating books.." he continues quietly, shrugging it off.

Seth nods slowly as a grin grows upon his face. "Well at least now… now I know I'm not crazy and just imagining things. I have to thank you for that." He then looks around slowly at the rest of the park. "All these people… all of them go about their lives like nothing is happening. Thinking that nothing abnormal is possible. But for year, I've known the truth." He looks back at Kyle after scanning the area for any others listening. "I am actually capable of these weird happenings and until now. I've never had the guts to speak about it with anyone else. Though somehow… by your reaction alone. I'm thinking maybe you know a small bit of what I'm going through…"

A nod is given, "I've lived here all my life, I was an infant when I was brought to the City twenty-one years ago. There's definetly things that go down here. Things most would find, odd.. most would have individuals locked up for, in straight jackets." he looks to the man, "I am glad you were able to open up. I thought I was the only one that had that happen to. There are things I can't quite explain, but, I believe them to be real. I've seen so called 'Magic' acts, and illusions, even before I got the job at Coney Island. I've seen odd things happen, heard a certain TV interview.. That most of the 'rats' in the city took as a hoax. But I took it as it was intended to be. A lot of shit went down in this city over the last few years." He nods though, "But, even if it's not.. even if it is, in my mind, I want to keep those thoughts and feelings I have, with the things, others would find odd." Looking to the soda can once more. "A year or two ago, Even as quietly as we are discussing this, I don't think I would be talking about it, at all."

Seth looks enthralled as Kyle speaks. He practically hangs on the man's words. "Yes, it is extremely confusing. Though I've started to come into full understanding. I'm still unsure of exactly what the dynamics of this condition are… though that book helped me find the courage to find out." He points toward the book he's lent

Kyle. He seems quite taken by the sight of the book before lowering his face toward the bench. "I know your feelings. I wouldn't normally talk about this either, though the more I see I'm capable of, the more I don't expect I'm the only one." He looks up longingly as he look into Kyle's face. "Maybe I could help you. Maybe we can help each other?"

Kyle nods, "Maybe. Though I don't know what, 'if anything' I'm capable of.. but that doesn't matter.. I suppose. I'm a Little Person. I understand what it's like to be different, either way. In a world of 'normal' people. In a world that has few medical professionals that can handle my problem. A world, that my problem caused me to be put in the system, and no one to adopt me, because my needs would be too costly. The tax payers of this state, paid for my housing, food, clothing and the specialists. I'm definetly different, either way." He nods though, "And I will help you, and if I do have 'something', you can help me too."

Seth smiles as he looks upon Kyle. The look in his eyes is that of utter understanding. "I'm sorry you have to live in society so exposed. I know I am far from obvious when it comes to most discrimination. I can see you haven't had the same experiences." He then smiles and nods his head. "Even if you don't have an ability, you'll help me understand not to be completely ashamed… that's more than I ever thought possible."

A shrug is given. "It's not so bad now, as it was, in the past. The little people in the Wizard of Oz, for example, and even before that were treated worse. A lot worse. I'm thankful that I am here, now, instead of even fourty years ago. I can't feel sorry for myself, or lock myself away. To keep the predjudices away. That would be as bad as those who treated me bad. Treated the others bad. I'll just find ways, better ways to improve myself.. A better life, not fall into the clichet's. That we'd been labled as, since the first little person came into the world. They were the court jesters, the circus people, stuff like that. I know, right now, I sort of do that. But it's only temporary."

Seth nods with a grin upon his face. "Yes, well that's good to hear. I'm always glad to hear people are beginning to be treated better." He then nods as he listens politely before saying, "Well it's always good to try to improve yourself. Just don't lose sight of the important parts of life. We're all connected in some pretty odd ways. So surely there's something planned however small for each of us."

Kyle chuckles, "Exactly, I mean, we all bleed, we all breathe air. Other then a few minor details we're all, pretty much the same." he eats as they talk, though he talks more then he eats. Soon finished with his hotdog, and just relaxing now. "We'll figure everything out in time. And your right.." he agrees, "Everything happens, for a reason. I think we were meant to meet. I think we are more alike, then we may realize. We have those dreams, for a reason. We're supposed to be something, more then what we appear to be."

Seth nods quickly seeming to agree whole-heartedly. "Exactly!" He then nods seeming to be quite comfortable around Kyle now. Surely his most terrifying secret isn't hanging over his head so heavily. "Yeah, that's what I have been feeling for years. Though I've not had the gull to talk to anyone about it until now. Though it is maddening on some days. I can do a lot of things, though some aspects scare me more than others."

"I can see why. About scared the crap out of me with the can. But only before I figured out what was going on. I was already on edge though." Kyle sighs "You'd think, living in this city all my life, I'd be used to it." rolling his eyes. "Anyway.. I think I would agree with you there too. I mean, some abilities would be cool. Useful. Others, could potentially be harmful. Hateful.. But it's what you do with them, that counts the most."

Seth nods seeming to completely understand what Kyle has to say, "Oh, I know. It's one of my nervous habits. I usually don't put myself or other people 'under pressure' though typically the only objects that usually get crushed are your typical items…" He then chuckles as Kyle says he should be used to it. "I don't think those type of things are something to get used to it." He then nods at the philosophy of powers from Kyle. "I can totally agree. Though I'm sure if you're creative, every power has the potential for some type of good." He shrugs before looking down at his watch. "Well look at that, it's almost time for me to head over to the academic support center. I signed up to tutor some low-level social science courses…"

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