2010-05-19: Hotter



Date: May 19, 2010


Another one of Jaden Cain's eccentric sexual harassment lawsuits interviews.


Cain Tower

It's a hard knock life for any Tom, Dick, or Mary in this working age. With the economy jumping up and down the hoo-ha every day, most businesses don't have enough money coming in to keep as many people working there as they once did. As such, Sierra has been given the ol' heave ho from the Queen's Gazette newspaper. While she's applied to numerous other bigger brand name newspapers, she's not holding out too much hope of getting work at any of them. At least not right away. As such, she's out looking for other work as well. It is that which brings her to Evolution Software. Certainly such a huge corporation constantly needs people…right? So, with her best attire one, she heads on up to the head office of the company and approaches the receptionist upon exiting the elevator. "Good day, mademoiselle. I am here to apply for the position of…receptionist?" She says, hoping someone is in need of a receptionist, or something similar. If it is something similar? Well, she hopes the receptionist will think she just made an honest mistake and will thus correct her.


The elevator opens up and here comes some random blonde chick. She's carrying her box of stuff and is sobbing uncontrollably. She looks like she's been upset for awhile, but the waterworks are something that the people in the lobby are getting used to. Mostly because the receptionist doesn't do anything but look down over her glasses at the fleeing blonde and she shakes her head. She pops her gum and then turns back to look at the woman that's stepped to the desk. "How you knew Jaden Cain was firing his latest toy today, I'll never know." She leans back in her seat and motions towards the elevators. "69th Floor. His office is… well, you can't miss it. Good luck." She pops her gum once more and has moved back on to taking phone calls.

Sierra shoots a glance at the crying woman with the box. She smiles at the receptions, giggling softly. "Well, mademoiselle, call it what you will. I would, personally, like to call it intuition. Merci beaucoup, you have been very helpful. Thank you." She smirks to herself as she heads to the elevator. Is she sorry that the blonde girl lost her job today? No, she can't honestly say she is. Not when it means a possible job opportunity for herself. She presses the button for the 69th floor and up she goes, whistling to the elevator music absentmindedly. Once there, she walks casually down the hall, making sure she doesn't miss said office. Finally arriving at office, on who's door the name of Jaden Cain is posted, she knocks on the door, awaiting to be ushered in.

The knocking isn't even heard by the man that's on the other side. He's way too busy trying to open up the door so that he can get his yelling on. "SOMEBODY GET ME ANOTHER —" Pause. Blinkage. Another blinkage. This is all because there's a hot babe right in his face. "You. I know you. You look very, very familiar. I think I forgot your name." Jaden is playing the role of NEEDY CEO as well as he possibly can, even as he steps back and pulls the door open wide. "… You can type, right?"

Sierra is about to knock yet again when the door is opened by none other than the man who belongs to the office. "Ah, bonjour monsieur." She says, giving him her brightest, happiest smile. She tilts her head slightly. "Oui, monsieur. Yes, you look very familiar to me as well. But you own this company, you should be familiar to me." She says kindly. "Yes, I can type. Quite well in fact. I came here to apply for the position of your secretary. Your receptionist. I believe you're in need of one, at present?" She says sweetly. Out of her purse she pulls a resume and holds it out for Jaden's retrieval and review. On it, it has her name, Sierra LeBlanc, as well as everything else one might expect on a resume. "I hope it is to your satisfaction, Monsieur Cain?"

Jaden snatches the paper but doesn't really seem to be too worried about what's on it. "Sierra. Hot name for a hottie." He's already heading off towards his big ol' desk, so that he can get back to doing important things… like playing Playstation on the huge flat screen that takes up the bulk of one of the far walls. "I don't like reading stuff like that." Which is why the resume gets balled up and shot into the trash, just as Jaden kicks his feet up onto the desk. "You wanna' work for me? Make me want you to work for me." He unpauses his game and gets back to blasting fools. "Go."

Sierra giggles lightly. "Well, thank you, monsieur. That is kind of you to say." Does she really mean it, or is she just saying that to get the job? Who knows. She smiles as she watches him go and start playing his game. "Well, worked for a newspaper, writing a column, and so, I am completely proficient at typing and taking dictation." She tilts her head. "I can multitask. I…wow, you are really good at this game!" She clears her throat. "I am not overbearing, I like to keep my working atmosphere professional but easy going when easy going is called for. Which, in my humble opinion, can often be more times than not. I realize that having a bit of fun in the work place is important, so that you don't get too stressed."

"Are you kidding? I'm freakin' AWESOME at this game."

Jaden is totally focused on the Playstation game right now, but his ears are still tuned to what's coming out of Sierra's mouth. Because, well, he's digging the accent. He can't help himself. He loves accents. Dammit. "Let's talk wardrobe. Knowing what you know about me…" Because everyone knows about Jaden Cain. "…what exactly do you think would be proper attire for working here, under me, at EvoSoft?" This is one of the weirdest interviews.

"I mean…of course you're awesome at this game! You haven't even been hit once since you started up again! I would never be able to be that good at it." Sierra speaks softly. "Wardrobe? Oui monsieur, that is of course important to discuss." She pauses to think for a moment. "Of course, essentially, as you are the boss, you are the one who sets the standards, non? But, I was thinking skirts and sleeveless blouses perhaps."

Jaden's getting a bit too into the game right now, because he's blasting away at whatever fools are trying to take him out. It doesn't even matter the storyline of the game because Jaden's just too dang awesome. "Hotter. Go hotter." is his suggestion. Tis true, he could really just make hot suggestions, since he is the boss, but he's always trying to make sure he can't get sued for craziness. So he's not taking any of those dang chances.

"Hotter?" Sierra says, thoughtfully. "Well…non, non…that would not be proper 'hot' attire for work. That would probably be more of a clubbing type outfit. Hmmm. Well, I do not want to go too short of a skirt. But, there is always…well, how do tight pants suit your fancy, Monsieur Cain?" She asks casually. "And perhaps…hmm…what to wear as a top…"

Jaden switches to one hand gamer mode for a second to do the so-so motion with his free hand. "I'm willin' to bet you've got epic legs. If I were you, I'd want to show them off." Grinning, Jaden takes a second to look over and toss a wink in her direction, before his focus has once again returned to the game and he's blasting away at the enemies just as quickly as they come around corners and try to take him out. "I want you to think of EvoSoft as more than just a company you work for. You're going to be more than a receptionist. You're going to be what everybody sees before they see me. I need to you look volcanic." He grins. "Can you do volcanic?"

Sierra chuckles softly. Typical guy, she thinks to herself. If he weren't a CEO who was also playing video games, he could be a guy she'd meet at a club. As she watches the video game absently, she says, "Volcanic? Mount St. Helen's volcanic or Mount Vesuvius volcanic? Or Hawaii volcanic? There's quite a difference between the three."


Jaden's game freezes and he whirls his head around to look at Sierra. He actually stares at her for a few short moments, but it's not a bad look. It's more of a look that just says she's finally managed to get his full attention. At least for a little while. Which is always an accomplishment, when one is talking about Jaden Cain. "There is? Really?" He actually puts down the controller and leans back in the chair. "Enlighten me. But use clothes."

Sierra smiles softly as holds up three fingers. Wiggling the first one she says, "First, I shall start of with the most 'explosive' in terms of this view of clothing and style. Mount Vesuvius volcanic. It is all out, completely explosive. It reveals the most of everything. Or, one could say, it involves the least amount of clothing. Extremely short skirt; a tight, extra small, baby-tank top, preferably no bra or a push up bra to show the twins off the most; and usually extenuated by high heels." She puts that first finger down and wiggles the second finger. "Then, there is Mount St. Helen's volcanic. It's a longer skirt, but still showing off quite a bit; a sleeveless, low-cut baby-t or tank top or something similar; and once again, as will be in all three scenarios, high heel shoes." Putting that finger down she wiggles the last of the three fingers. "Lastly, Hawaii volcanic. It's still hot, but the skirt is even longer, the shirt is a little less tight but still accentuate everything, and it leaves a person satisfied with what they're seeing, but still wanting to see if there's more that's going to show."

It literally takes two seconds for Jaden to answer, "Vesuvius." And then he's once again focused on the game of all games… that he's completely owning at. It's almost as if he's not even listening to the other two volcanoes that are being explained, but he kind of is. He has to pretend to be doing such a thing, anyway. But soon as those are out of the way, he's speaking again. "You come in here dressed like Vesuvius and I'll hire you on the spot." Well. That's pretty… awesome.

Sierra raises and eyebrow and shakes her head. "Vesuvius it is, then, mon grande patron." She smiles happily before frowning and pouting. "So, until I come dressed like that, you won't hired me? Well, you are the boss. I suppose I'll have to come in like that." With a little nod, she says, "I look forward to working for you, Monsieur Cain."

"You'll get a hiring bonus if you're here before me tomorrow morning. With my favorite coffee." Jaden is still game-playing and chatting in that way that only multiple minded fools can actually do such things. He's insane. "Protip? I live upstairs. So you might have to get up pretty early." Wink.

Sierra chuckles softly. "Well, Monsieur Cain, that won't be a problem. Getting up early is my speciality." She says happily. "Though, I do not suppose you'll be giving me a tip on what your favourite coffee is, will you? Or will I have to figure that out on my own?"

Jaden headshots the last of his foes and ends the game, tossing the controller onto his desk as he swings his feet down and smiles over at Sierra. Damn. He really is good. The best. "You got it." Sure, it's a sneaky way to get Sierra to become familiar with anything and everything about Jaden Cain, but that's also the best way to get training out of the way… not to mention a free coffee!

Sierra smiles happily. "Well, Monsieur Cain, I look forward to seeing bright and early tomorrow morning." She may have to go around the office, asking questions, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. She's been working as a journalist for years, this should be a snap. "Until tomorrow, Monsieur, it was a pleasure meeting with you."

"It'll be a pleasure meeting you again for the first time tomorrow." Yes, it's pretty obvious that he can't wait until she shows up tomorrow, early as crap, with a coffee and explosive attire wrapped all over that hot body of hers. Man, Jaden Cain really did inherit his mother's love for… spreading love.

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