2007-05-18: House Wins


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Royale Security

Summary: The dramatic conclusion. The house always wins.

Date It Happened: May 18th, 2007

House Wins

Outside the Casino Royale Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

Fade back in on…

Smoothly, Gwen snatches the keys from D.L. and even tosses him a casino chip she got tucked somewhere in that dress of hers. "Thanks, sweetheart." She is the epitome of class and money. Right? She slides into the front seat of the car and quickly turns the engine on, throwing it into gear. Now, it must be stated that Gwen is not much of a driver. If she can't get there by cab or by someone else driving, well, what's the point in going? Already in a running car, well, she decides this would be the perfect time to hightail it out of dodge. "I'd get in, darling," she drawls at D.L. before pushing down on the gas and the car suddenly jerks into squealing action backwards. Right for those guards. "This would probably be a bad time to tell ya'll that I never passed my driver's test, right?"

"I'll stall them." D.L. mutters back to Gwen as he moves out of the way… so that she can do the complete WRONG driving direction. He almost phasepalms, but realizes that he's going to really need to buy Jessica some time. With three of the guards having to deal with being Benz'd, D.L. heads for the duo that's closest to taking down Jessica. He's not really wasting any time with words and hoping his Valet Jacket will keep them from feeling he's a threat, so that he can swing off a couple of hits towards their heads. Hopefully, this will buy some time for Jessica. Or even get the attention of the final guard. Whom D.L.'s back is to. Not good.


Jessica is seriously regretting the addition of Gwen to the team by this point, but—

—at least some of the security guards go flying, almost literally. Two of them hit the ground, propelled by the stolen car's bumper. The third is yelling, "Stop the car and come out with your hands where we can see them!" while the other two clamber to their feet and lock their weapons on the driver.

D.L. buys some time, alright, but the guards lean out of the way of his distracting fists. As one guard tries to shove his gun at the man's chest in an effort to back him up and intimidate some sense into him, the other tries to go around to his back to grab his arms.

Jessica, keys in hand, unlocks the door to the truck and sneaks in through the passenger side to climb to the steering wheel. She fires up the engine, preparing to back up out of here since the Benz is in the way. Good going, Gwen.

The guard who emerged from the far door? He's approaching, slowly, smartly, skirting along the casino's outer wall. Ignore him.

Distract, Gwen can do. Sometimes she can fire a gun. But put her in charge of the escape route, and well, she's not exactly built for that. Throwing the car into forward gear, she pays no attention to the freezing or the guns. It's hard to shoot a moving target. Especially when /they/ are on feet and she's got wheels. Forward ho! (Pun not intended)

So Ho's moving Forward, but somebody else is keeping things on the D.L. Like guns. D.L's a fool, more or less. He can feel the gun get pressed up to his chest and works on phasing himself through it and the hands that are trying to grab his arms. He twists on his heels and spins towards the gunner! Unphasing has to happen, in order for him to try and slam his elbow into the back of this one security chump's skull! Too focused on taking this one down, he can't exactly pay attention to the others.

The guards fire at the getaway car - but only succeed in knicking the hood, and the Benz is actually getting away with Gwen at the wheel. Maybe they have more important things to worry about - like the man trying to take out the other guards, or the other chick in the suspicious truck, made suspicious mostly because she's not a construction worker.

The truck is pulling away rapidly, Jessica half-turned in her seat as she looks out behind her - thankfully, everyone who has half a brain has gotten the hell out of dodge by this point. Leaving D.L. to fend for himself? Looks like.

The security chump manages to put his head in the way of D.L.'s elbow - and promptly hits the ground. The others are a little preoccupied with wondering what the hell just happened, but one quickly makes another grab for the man's arm, while the other waits for his partner to be out of shooting range incase he has to put D.L. down long enough to restrain him.

That's when a resounding *crack* puts the chaos outside the casino to shame. A single shot. The source? The lone security guard, now only a few feet away from the scuffle. It's heading straight for Jessica and her truck, shattering the window, and he's readying another shot.

Fending for himself is something that D.L.'s been doing for years. Ever since he was a little child, he's been trying to be the man. A man. Then he met Niki and he found a reason to live. A reason to exist and try to be more than just a man. More than he ever was. His thoughts run through all of this as he manages to take down one of those security guards. His attention is drawn by the one shooting at Jessica and he can't think straight anymore. "Niki!" He's forgotten about who set this whole thing up. Hands push off the guard that's close to him and he breaks into a swift run. He goes into the air, diving at the lone source of gunfire and his readying to shoot at Jessica…

"Ahh!" Jessica, caught unawares for once, sits up straight and flat against the seat after the bullet flies past, showering her in glass. The truck goes out of control for a few seconds when her hands fly away from the wheel, but they're soon wrapped around it again, white-knuckled. The vehicle swivels heavily to the side as she turns in reverse-and then stops dead with a jolt strong enough to give a person whiplash. She didn't hit anything; there's nothing in her way. It's her foot on the pedal. And Jessica, sure as hell, didn't put it there.

While the first shot was a loud *crack*, the next is understated. It's muffled - by D.L., at close range.

"NO!" The woman in the truck all but falls out of it before the thing is slammed into park, things like logic being thrown out the broken window as she stumbles, and then runs, toward the dangerous fracas. Sirens sound in the distance, over the noise, the scuffles and the music that still drifts in from the casino above the shouts of those inside. Security has their weapons trained on her, ready to fire at the supposed criminal, but she doesn't seem to care. She's not thinking as straight as she should be for the sake of her own safety and Micah's. Right now, Niki only sees one thing, what Jessica was going to leave behind.

"STAND DOWN! The police are on their way!" One of them advances on her, grabs her around the shoulders.

"D.L.!" Niki shouts at the top of her lungs, so loud that her voice is raw and distorted. She struggles against the guard, trying to keep running and going nowhere.

D.L's in the air at this moment. There's not much he can do. Bullets are too fast and the moment he lands against the security guard, things are muffled. His body jerks backwards and his grip on the guard loosens. He falls backwards, stumbling with wobbly legs. His eyes are closed and blood is leaking from his chest. Too much blood. He turns in his scattered steps as he hears Niki… his Niki… his wife. He opens his mouth to talk to her, to mount some sort of response but nothing but blood comes out. One hand reaches up to grab his bleeding chest and he stumbles backwards again. His legs take him into the side of that tanker truck, where he tries to hold on. "Go." But the words don't come out. Only the mouthing of this word comes from D.L. He drops to his knees, pulling his bloody hand away and waving at Niki. Go.

"NO!" comes the insistent, desperate shout as Niki reaches out over the guard's arm, as if that would help her reach her husband. It's not crystal clear what she's saying no /to/; it could be to obeying what he's trying to tell her, it could be an abject denial to everything her eyes are taken in. All that blood. D.L. can't say a word, but she all but screams. "D.L.!" she shouts again, her legs buckling underneath her as she fights against the guard's arm, nearly falling to her knees as if all her strength is gone. Her voice turns to a broken cry. "No. No! I can't /leave/ you here!" Niki breaks free with one desperate shove and goes running toward the tanker.

But the guard is on her heels before she gets more than a couple of feet, grabs her arm, and pulls.

Niki pushes him away and he falls to the ground, but that means she has about four guns trained on her in a manner of seconds. One long look at D.L., conflicted, her pretty face a wreck of furrowed emotion, and she does as he says. She goes. There's hesitation, her mouth poised to say something, maybe last words if it comes to that, but she can't. She makes a run for it. Another day, she might turn herself in - again. Today? D.L. is right as he's frozen and bleeding; Niki has no choice. If she's taken away, it looks like Micah would be left alone.

Nothing to do at this point, D.L. just slumps. He leans back against the tanker's tire, unable to really move. Unable to do much of anything. It's taking all that he has to try and keep breathing. Nobody's trying to help him, as there are more important matters at the moment. He clenches his eyes shut tight, trying to fight through the pain. It's no use. Every passing moment draws a coughing up of blood and he gets weaker. His face loses color. He's fading, that much is obvious. His eyes fall on Niki as she follows his orders. His heaving chest slows to a stop. His eyes drift closed one last time. His hand falls from his side to smack limply against the ground. The fist that was clenched opens up to reveal the bloody wedding band that D.L. has never let out of his sight. It rolls from his palm, to the ground, just inches away from his fingertips.

Niki cries out in anguish, only this time, it's not because of D.L. It's because of the fact that one particularly intelligent security guard checked the back of the truck, and guess what he found? All the more reason to stop her. Shots are being fired, and they don't miss. Just as she reaches the truck, a bullet tears through her leg and very nearly takes out the front tire. Another grazes her arm and ricochets inside the open cab of the truck as she grabs onto the seat and pulls her way inside - which means she /falls in/. Breathing hard and raggedy through pain, hardly able to focus on the task at hand because of the hot tears rushing to her eyes, her hands shaking at the wheel and gearshift, she fights to hurry the truck back into action. It's moments like this that she could use Jessica.

Tiny bursts of flame erupt from the weapons being used in desperation and fight for control as the bullets are discharged: they fly as the truck tears away - and they're not just coming from the security. No, there was a handgun in the glove compartment of the truck, and Ms. Sanders hangs out of the shattered window to fire into the fray, the crisp white of her blouse blooming with red on her arm. Niki? Jessica?…

Bullets don't look like much, but they cause so much damage. D.L. is a prime example, it would seem… and so is the deadly object behind him. It's hardly anything, the little flecks of metal that tear into the side. There's no indication of when it hit. Of where it came from. It's too fast. The driver of the tanker didn't know what he was getting into when he pulled up at that inopportune time minutes ago. The situation is just right - or just so very, very wrong, for what happens next.

8:54PM. Three thousand gallons of fuel go up in flames.


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