2008-02-19: Housecall


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Summary: Bekah comes in to the rescue! Again.

Date It Happened: February 19th, 2008

Log Title Housecall

Company Medical Facilities

Benjamin splashes water on his face there in the adjoining bathroom of Meryl's room. He hasn't been sleeping much since he caused the accident. Hell, the man hasn't really left the room for very long either. He's been reading, keeping Meryl company and doing some of his work from here. Hopefully tonight is the night the good Doctor Morgan will arrive, make Meryl better and then.. well.. he's not sure what will happen next between him and his partner. He doesn't really care much, so long as Meryl is better.

The problem with having a traumatic brain injury is that it's traumatic. Injuries to the brain itself aren't particularly painful, because the brain doesn't actually feel any pain, but the surrounding damage sure does hurt. There's the cracked skull, the rather ugly laceration across one side of her head - that's currently bandaged, thankfully - and the stitches to deal with, too.

Because of her inability to sit still, she's been pretty heavily medicated, and yet she still manages to stay awake. Lying on her back and staring with half-lidded eyes at the ceiling, she imagines that there are really little people living inside the molocules of the walls, watching her, waiting for her to close her eyes so they can swoop in and steal her hospital bracelet. That's enough to keep anyone awake.

Maybe she's just addled.

She's having a harder time remembering things lately. While she recalls things passively, like she's remembering dreams, she can never remember in detail anything she did prior to falling asleep. Since she's been here, it's all been a blur - Ben will find her repeating things, only to recall that she thinks she might have said something like that earlier. Deja vu? It's all Ben's fault! ALL HIS FAULT. If only she could remember what he did to put her in here in the first place.

Bekah finally makes her way there. She has a cup of coffee in her hands as she pauses at the door to Meryl's room to knock. She already looks tired, with circles under her eyes, but well, the doctor waited long enough to find a good time to come heal this to realize there wasn't going to be a good time. She's still in scrub bottoms with a long sleeved t-shirt.

Benjamin pats his face dry. Just in time as there's knocking at the door. He walks out of the bathroom, casts a quick glance in Meryl's direction, then opens the door. "Dr. Morgan?," he asks, only recognizing the woman from the file. So the doctor's name comes out like a question, and perhaps he's trying to remind himself of who she is. It's all so fuzzy, and Meryl's not the only one with memory issues at the moment. "Come on inside. I'm glad you could come by."

Meryl doesn't look particularly good as she lays there. Slightly better than she was when they brought her in, but still pale, dazed. "Bekah here?" she asks, poking absently at the breathing tube running across her nose. Funny things, those. It doesn't seem like they'd be particularly effective, but this is how the little car from Body Wars gets inside your brain. Very precise maneuver. Very difficult.

At least she remembers everything clearly when she's awake. She tries to sit up again, but finds herself tethered to the bed… Which she vaguely recalls from before. Too tired to really protest, Meryl closes her eyes and sighs. "Thanks for comin', Chuckles," she mutters sincerely, albeit with a good helping of exhaustion.

Bekah steps into the room and nods. "Dr. Morgan, Bekah, yes. Chuckles? Not so much." She states dryly before she moves twoards Meryl's side to look her over, cutting right to the chase. "What happened? What extent are the injuries?"

Benjamin's own memory loss could be attributed to the fact that he looks like he lost a fight with a bus, but that's not why Bekah was called here. "I just go with it when she gives nicknames," he says absently as his own nickname is 'Bingo'. "She fell, hit her head. Her skull is cracked. Her chart is there at the foot of the bed if you need more technical information." He's just been too riddled with guilt and beating himself over this to pay attention to finer details.

Offering Bekah a smile, she shrugs as Benjamin explains the accident. Again - vaguely - she recalls his previous explanations, but not enough to really accurately recall what happened. "I dunno. Can't remember," she adds, which strongly suggests that there's some brain damage under that bandage, as well as a cracked skull. Other than that, she's pretty much unharmed… Except for the cuts that still remain on her one hand from when she hit that mirror. Those are okay, though.

Bekah takes another drink from her coffee as she moves to pick up the chart and flip through it. She grabs a chair from the edge pulling it over. "Right. Because we all crack our skulls every time we fall over." She says sarcastically. "Might as well get this over with." She adds. And she's not wasting time. She reaches out to put a hand on Meryl's cheek, closing her eyes to concentrate on healing. As a last thought, the coffee is put down right before she starts.

Benjamin lets Bekah does what she does as he starts packing up his things. One item he leaves out on the nightstand near Meryl's bed is a brightly wrapped box. Wrapped in Hanukkah paper. Obviously, it's for Meryl. Why else would it have wrapping paper for the appropriate circumstance? The books he was reading to Meryl, packed up, ready to go back to the people he borrowed them from.

Meryl doesn't feel much, because the medication she was getting already dulled the pain to a very tolerable level. Bekah touches her cheek, green eyes look downward at her hand, and finds - surprisingly enough - that the pain that she didn't think she was feeling in the first place is becoming much less than it was before. Her thoughts are becoming more logically strung together, which, really, isn't that logical. Some memories are becoming clearer, but there are likely some she'll just never recall in detail. While Bekah may be healing her mind, it's impossible to heal the psychological impact from striking her head so hard. That hurt. She does remember that pain, but the actual day, not so much.

As she heals, it becomes marginally harder to stay conscious, now that she's not arguing with conflicting signals from pain and sedation. One of those has been removed from the equation, while the other is still in her system. At least she'll rest well, finally.

Bekah is getting smarter about using her power. Maybe. Because at least she made the decision to sit down for this. Healing a brain injury and skull fracture? Not easy, especially when she's already tired from a shift at work. She finishes but when she takes her hand away she's pale as a ghost. "Well, that's done." Maybe someday she'll even open her eyes. Isn't this fun?

Benjamin rakes a hand through his hair, aggravating the frizzies. He waits patiently for Bekah to finish, and fetches her a glass of water. "Here," since he thinks he remembers her needing something to eat or drink. He can't really recall, but it makes sense to him. "I know we have you on call, but I want to do something extra for you. You've helped out so much. Mainly healing someone who means a lot to me."

At this point, Meryl can hardly keep her eyes open, but she still glances over at Bekah, a "thanks" muttered almost silently. One day, Meryl thinks to herself, she's going to have to do something really nice for Bekah. Something that doesn't involve, say, sky diving or bungee jumping, or snorkling in the La Brea tarpits looking for Zooplankton. Which are actually planktoon containing whole zoos on them - very interesting.

"Special?" she slurs as the drugs finally start to do their job and slowly drag her under. Special? He said special? Well, she's… Not really…

Benjamin is so weird. She might never understand him.

Her eyelids flutter, her eyes close. Meryl's still fighting to stay awake, but it's a battle she's quickly losing.

Bekah digs in the pocket of her parka for an energy bar. She pulls it out, and works to open the wrapper with shakey hands before she takes the water from Benjamin with a tired smile. "Thanks. But you don't need to. I still have my agreement with the company. I'm learning to better use my power," And about things like recovering faster from the downsides, "and I'm on call for healing in return." Even if she made that agreement in large part because she thought she'd just be kidnapped whenever they needed her otherwise. "I'm just going to sit here a bit. Sleep would be good for Meryl. She's got to burn all the painkillers out of her system."

"What do you like to do? I can get you a certificate for a restaurant, tickets for a Broadway show, sporting event. Let me know." Sure it's something material, but Benjamin wants to show his thanks to Bekah. "I don't care. I insist, and if you don't name it, you'll just find it delivered." His cellphone then beeps and he pulls it from his pocket. Checking the message, he nods his head to Bekah. "I agree. Even with the medication they had her on, her body must be worn out."

"Whoa, there, Casanova," Meryl says from her half-asleep state. It's another aspect of Benjamin that she misses - his shyness. His gentleness - the complete opposite of what Meryl is and has been for most of her life. At least she's not ignoring him anymore, but it still bothers her. It scares her. It's no better than what happened to her parents.

But now is not the time for this discussion. "Make sure they untie me," is the last thing she says before she starts snoring.

Bekah leans back in her chair, chewing at the energy bar between sips of water. "I like sleep. And time to sleep." Bekah states dryly. So, no, she's not going to tell him what she likes. "My cats like fish." She adds. "You could get them a can of tuna."

Benjamin thinks the restraints are for Meryl's own good. So he'll make sure they're removed when the doctors clear her to leave. As for what his partner is saying, he chalks it up to the drugs and her exhausted state. His cellphone is returned to his pocket. There are other on duty agents that can answer the call. "Sleep I can help you with, when there's time of course and cans of tuna, that's doable." Not what Ben had in mind for a thank you, but that's the woman's request. "Thank you for helping Meryl. Again."

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