2007-03-20: How About Them Knicks


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Summary: William, Phillip, and Riya have a random meeting at the diner.

Date It Happened: March 20, 2007

How About Them Knicks

Lucky Joe's Diner

It's about seven o'clock, and early evening is a busy time for a diner. William has a seat at one of the bar stools along the old fashioned counter with a menu in front of him, looking it over carefully. He reaches down to adjust the messenger's bag he has propped up against the stool as it starts to fall.

"Oh my gosh, I am /so/ hungry!" Riya comments into her bright green Razor as she dances into the small diner. "Talk to you later!" There's a click as the phone gets snapped shut, then in a smooth motion, it gets slid away… somewhere. You know these outfits, they have tiny hidey-holes everywhere. She makes her way up to the counter, leaning over it, standing rather close to William.

"Officer Katsambis! What happened to your ear?" The young lady working behind the counter teases, readying a cup of coffee and setting it in place before Phillip even gets to the stool. Still in uniform, the officer takes his seat with a light 'ummpf', shaking his head gently at the comment. Naturally, he sits where his cup was placed. That just so happens to be on the other side of William. The man's ear is visibly bandaged, the white fabric stained lightly with blood from underneath, but he doesn't acknowledge the observation with anything more than a sweet, thin smile. It's pathetic. Phillip /would/ be a regular somewhere at his age. The thought doesn't even occur to him as he goes about fixing his cup and pouring in a small amount of creamer.

William scoots slightly away from Riya as she invades what must be his personal bubble. The waitress's question to Phillip turns his attention that way, though. He raises his eyebrow for a moment at the blood on the bandage, but he doesn't move away from that. Instead he kicks his bag a bit closer with his foot and smiles to the waitress. "Alright, I think I'm ready. Can I get a ham and cheese omelet with a side of fruit and a cup of coffee?" He smiles to her, relaxed outwardly at least.

Staring curiously at William, Riya cocks her head to one side, dancing a bit closer- she's not meaning too, honest, as her heel flashes out to keep his messengar bag from falling. "I'm sorry." She says in her rich, low voice. "Am I intruding too much?" That's Riya for you, gentlemen, even as Phillip is tsked at. "Officer- were you injured in the line of fire?" She wonders aloud. Continue pure Riya.

With a cool indifference, Phillip turns to regard Riya, his eyes sliding down and up her face. After a moment while bringing the mug of coffee before him to his bottom lip, the man's eyebrows tweak up, "I'm sorry. What did you say? I didn't hear you." He can't help but smirk, his deep baritone rumbling into his drink. He's never going to get tired of that one. … "Yes." Blink. He shrugs a shoulder, his attention drawing towards William. Idly, he wonders if the two are together. He wasn't paying attention, but they are rather close.

William shifts subtly more away, which moves him closer to Phillip. "Well, there is a barstool." He points out to Riya. "You could use it?" He suggests with a tone that's more hopeful than annoyed. At least then she'd be out of his space. The second question makes him snort, something he tries to cover with a cough, and then attention to his coffee as it's poured.

Riya says dryly, "I can /say/ it, or I can dance it. Your choice officer." She says, broadly, before she does dance her way into a seat. "Hmmm. That any better, m'dear?" She drawls back at William, from where she's not-in-his-personal-space.

Phillip's brow knits together in brief confusion at Riya's statement. He allows for a flash of a warning in his expression, hinting at him being at least slightly offended. Predictable as he's become, a burger is set out in front of him with a generous side of french fries. "Thanks," he offers gruffly, clearing his throat.

William settles back onto the barstool giving Riya a relieved smile. "Much, thanks. I like to have a certain amount of me space." He does give her a confused look for the first statement though, but then his food comes out. "Perfect, thanks." He spears a piece of the fruit looking over to Phillip. "Eat here a lot?"

Riya smiles a bit, then shakes her head. "I'm not /that/ type of a danc- " She grrs as her cellphone rings, and she moves off to go receive the call. "Yeah, Riya here. What's up?" A pause. "What do you mean, emergency practice? You gotta be kidding me!"

"Enough, I guess," the cop answers, his head dipping down in a slightly more sheepishly manner as he stuffs a grouping of fries into his mouth. There's not an ounce of shame in his tone, however. He shifts his weight in his seat as Riya's conversation disturbs his meal, finding the woman all the more obnoxious. "Do I eat here a lot?" He asks the waitress as she passes by. She playfully swats in his direction with her order pad, laughing but not really answering.

William just shakes his head as she answers the phone. "Sometimes I wish those annoying things had never been invented." He comments softly before he grins at the waitress and gives the cop a smile. "I'll take that as a yes. Got to be a regular to be swatted by waitresses." He points out before he starts to cut into his omelet, eating quickly but neatly.

Riya says a bit furiously, "I just went out to dinner. No, I am not leaving to come back to practice. No I w- " There's a click as Riya slams her phone shut, then a jingling noise as she turns it off. "Sorry, gentlemen." She says calmly.

A dark bit of amusement shimmers in Phillip's expression as he acknowledges and agrees with William with the most subtle of side-long glances. Easily influenced in the way of the subconscious, the cop can't help but smile a small amount as well. "Mmhmm," he offers to Riya as he takes a large bite from his burger.

William looks over to Riya. "Work sucks sometimes?" He tries. It's definitely a question as he moves back to his fruit, munching away at it. Phillip gets a quick smile from him as he pauses to add a bit of creamer to his coffee.

Riya says dryly, "You think I'd enjoy it, since dancing is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes being a Rockette and owing so much alliegence to the Radio City Music Hall /sucks/."

Quietly, Phillip takes another deep bite into his burger. His cheek bulging out as he chews the mouth-full, he sets the sandwich down to apply a little more ketchup. He remains a quiet observer of whatever conversation Riya might be starting, his eyes flicking in the others' direction despite his lack of a response. He doesn't know them, so he's not really inclined to be outgoing.

William is friendlier now that the dancer isn't invading his bubble. "Oh, right. I'm sure that gets old eventually, huh?" He tries between bites of food. His tone is light, just making small talk with the strangers. He gives Phillip another smile as well, trying to keep from being the only other one in the talk with Riya.

Riya nods. "Indeed." She says dryly, re-taking her seat, chuckling. "I'll have a cheese and mushroom omelette, please, with a side of hashbrowns smothered in cheese, and a big glass of milk." She orders. Oh gods, yes, she's very hungry.

"It's hungry work too, apparently," Phillip comments, though he doesn't really mean anything by it. It's only meant as filler, him not particularly wanting to drift too far from the interaction. A thin smile crosses his already occupied mouth.

William bites back a laugh at Phillip's statement. "Dancing must be a good workout, so I bet it is." William says, still with that casual good humor. "Sounds like you like cheese, huh?"

Riya deadpans, "I'm full of cheesy goodness, I've often be told it by our dancing master."

Phillip knits his brow, unable to really grasp the woman's meaning yet again. He clears his throat some, gulping down a large amount of food - his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he turns to look to the two dryly. His meal becomes toe object of his attention quickly enough, though. "I think I've been told the same thing, on occassion," he mutters, dropping a fry into his waiting open mouth.

William considers that statement then just grins. "I think I was told the same thing yesterday by a student. Only in much more colorful language." He has his own cheesy omelet, or what's left of it. "Kids today say the darndest things." The last is definately a joke.

Riya giggles. "Kids say the darndest things? Adults say the wierdest." She jokes right back at William. "Oh, kids? Where do you teach at, or well, how do you meet kids daily…" Phillip is given a glance, and Riya sing-songs: "Everyone's just a little bit /cheesy/."

Phillip shifts his eyes to meet Riya's at her chiming tone. His mouth twitches but he refuses to admit knowing that some, continuing to eat. He half considers mentioning that he was told by a hooker and in likely /vastly/ more colorful dialect.

"I teach at John Philip Sousa Jr. High. It's a wonderful school in the Bronx." By William's tone, wonderful school might be stretching it just a bit. "The kids just need some discipline in their lives."

Riya says thoughtfully, "I don't think I went to my junior high school there. Then again, I didn't live in the Bronx." She admits, giving Phillip a charming grin when he turns to look at her.

"I know that school," Phillip nods, smiling knowingly, a softness in his expression. "Wouldn't have pegged you for a teacher, though." Just being honest. He tries to smile back to Riya, but the woman's confidence does obviously get to him just a little.

William gives Phillip a quick smile. "You're a police officer, right? I think all the cops know that school." He jokes before he asks curiously. "What would you have pegged me as?" Riya gets a quick nod. "Not living in the Bronx would explain that." He says in a tone that doesn't quite getting 'duh' land.

Riya says through a mouthful of hashbrowns; "A teacher. You got annoyed about a cellphone, like most teachers and proffessors these days." She explains simply.

"Military," Phillip scoffs, looking back to his food as he picks through it, "I don't know." "I guess it takes a certain kind of teacher, hmm?" With a pleasant-natured smirk, he finishes off his burger.

William looks over to Phillip for a moment before he smiles. "I guess it still shows, huh? I was military. This is my first year with the kids. There's this troops to teachers program I'm part of. We're supposed to teach the kids military values, I think. Or at least not run in fear when they show up in gang colors." William pauses for a sip of his coffee before he looks over to Riya. "I'd say there's nothing I hate more than a phone going off in class but kids in gang colors and the disrespect they can show beats it."

Riya remarks quietly, "We had gangs in my school. But we didn't have anyone military-like that could keep thme under control." A pause. "The Rockettes taught me a level of dedication kids need, now a days."

Phillip shrugs a shoulder, "I guess it does." "My school was… nice." The man clears his throat, wetting his lips. What? It's not his fault he went to the ideal High School. Ehem. "But it was nowhere near here, so." A small smile is offered.

William smiles over to Phillip. "Mine was, too, back in the day. In the complete middle of no where, though. A couple of guys tried to form a gang for awhile, but their colors were plaid. Not exactly threatening." William says this with a light tone, friendly and casual still. He finishes off his omelet and gives the waitress a smile. "So, I heard a rumor there might be pie."

Riya shakes her head. "Born and raied in New York City… so trust me, I wasn't luck ylike you two. Best thing I ever did was beating out thousands of girls to become a Rockette."

"And you're humble, too," Phillip offers to Riya, still smiling. "How about you, Phill. Pie?" The waitress asks. Phillip just waves a few fingers, shaking his head. Amused. "The closest things we had to gangs were the football and baseball teams."

William raises his eyebrows over to Riya. "Really. I'm sure that was a real trial." His tone of voice makes it sound though as if he thinks otherwise. Phillip gets a grin and a nod. "Sounds like we might have gone to similar high schools. Sports were king at mine." And the waitress gets a beaming smile as she brings him a piece of pie. "Thank you so much, could I bother you for some milk with this?" It's the perfect dessert after all.

Riya says simply, "I never claimed to be humble." William gets a long, long look. "Auditions are a lot harder than it looks. We have rigerous practice schedules, and the rare day off."

"She said confidently to the troop to teacher," Phillip mutters, averting his eyes so as not to directly involve himself in the debate to come. Instead, he finishes his coffee with a final large gulp before fishing for his wallet.

William has to bite his lip to keep from laughing at Phillip's mutter before he turns to raise his eyebrows over to Riya. "Is this a competition? Because I can tell you, I'd win. Hell Week training to be a SEAL is an easy win." He turns back to his pie, not waiting for his reaction when hey, there's sweets.

Riya says tartly, "Hey, I wasn't starting anything." A pause. "Look… we've got the Spring Re-awakening show in a few weeks, do you guys want to come? I'm giving away tickets."

Phillip continues to thumb through his cash as his bill is placed before him. His eyes, however, flick to stare down William at the mention of Hell Week. Surprised? A little. Impressed? No comment. The tall officer casually blinks, glancing slowly between the two people beside him. He doesn't answer Riya's question right away, not wanting to be rude but having no real urge to go… well… anywhere at all.

William looks up from his pie to give Phillip a quick smile before he looks over to Riya. He's polite, if not so friendly as with the waitress. "Dancing isn't really my thing, sorry. Now if you had tickets to the Knicks…" He takes the milk when it's brought, using sipping at it as a reason to linger more.

Riya shakes her head, sighing. "Figures. My last two tickets, and I can't get rid of 'em, even though our tickets come with backstage tours. Tch."

"I'm sure you'll find somebody," Phillip offers in a hardly optimistic tone, clearing his throat as he pays his bill, "Unfortunately, I'm more along the same line of thought of our friend here." With a thumb, he motions towards the SEAL, smirking. "Stay out of trouble, you two."

William nods his head. "I'm sure you'll find somebody." He echoes to Riya before he gives Phillip a smile. "You, too. It was nice to meet you." He actually takes his hand off his fork to wave before he's finishing his dessert.

Riya sighs. "Men." She says, a droll tease. "I'll see you two gentlemen later." The girl head soff, herself, having paid her bill with a credit card.

Phillip smiles back, nodding a goodbye. Calm-natured as he is when the situation doesn't call for otherwise, Riya likely makes it out before he does.

William stays to finish his pie. When that's done, and it doesn't take too much longer with the conversation finished, he leaves money for his bill and heads out of the diner whistling softly.

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