2008-02-02: How come you call me cherry?


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Summary: Jamie meets a strange-talking reporter in the park, and her desire for fame wars with the knowledge she'll get in trouble talking about certain things.

Date It Happened: February 2nd, 2008

How come you call me cherry?

Central Park, NYC

It's a quiet early evening in the Park. People are starting to mill through on their way homes. At the edge of the Park, Sierra LeBlanc and some anonymous gentlewoman, she shakes the woman's hand and watches her leave. One more interview done in regards to these puddle-attacker, as she's taken to calling it, and makes her way back home for the day.

Jamie is dressed warmly, with a winter coat over her hoodie, and pink gloves on her hands. She can be found staring at an empty bench thoughtfully. She steps up, wiping off the back of it, making sure there's no ice on the back of the bench. Then, she kicks off her shoes, and climbs up. She stands on the back of the bench, arms out and walking along it as if it was a tightrope.

Sierra hears her cell go off and takes it out of her pocket, answering it. "Ah, oui? Oui. I have just finished the interview. Oui sir. I'll continue looking. Oui. Au revior." She closes the phone, catching sighting Jamie on the bench. "Cherie! Be careful there, will you not? That could be dangerous!" She calls out to her, walking closer.

Jamie blinks, looking up towards the voice. But, she just smiles at the comment and says, "Not this! I do this all the time." She bends back, doing a flip to hands and then back to feet, along the back of the bench. She slips slightly as she comes back up, misjudging the length of the bench and putting weight down only half on the edge. She catches her foot on the armrest of the chair, keeping herself from falling. "Harder to do in this coat," she admits. She hops back down to the ground then.

Sierra smiles softly at Jamie. "You do this all the time, do you? Well, you must have lots and lots of fun the, non?" She does seem to have a French accent apparent in her voice. As Jamie does the backflip and almost slips, catching herself though, she claps a little. "Very good! But oui, I would imagine it would be harder with a jacket on." She nods a little bit. She looks around for anyone who might be with the girl. "Are you all alone, cherie?"

Jamie smiles and bows at the applause, "Thanks!" Then she comments, as she sits on the ground to put her shoes back on, "You talk funny. How come you call me cherry? My name's Jamie." She nods to the last question, answering, "Uh-huh! Right now, anyway. Well, 'cept for you."

Sierra grins slightly. "Ah, I am talking with a French accent. Kind of like people in France. But I am from Canada, where some people speak French too!" She explains. "I am not quite saying 'cherry', like the thing you eat. Cherie means 'dear' or 'dearie' or 'honey' or if I say 'Mon Cherie' I am saying 'My dear!' Or something like that."

Jamie, once her shoes are tied, climbs back to her feet and says, "I ain't never heard of Canada *or* France. And I've been lotsa places. Must be really far away, huh?"

Sierra chuckles a little. "Non, not really. Well…France is. It's on the whole other side of the Atlantic ocean! But Canada, it is right next door to America. It is the country directly north of America."

Jamie blinks at that and says, "Oh." She shrugs a bit then and says, "That's cool then! Maybe I can visit someday. How come you're here in New York?" She sits back on the bench now.

Sierra walks slowly over to the bench and has a seat beside Jamie. "Canada is a very nice country. I think you should visit it someday." She smiles softly. "I am here in New York to write for a news paper. I am working on a very difficult article right now."

Jamie blinks at that and says, "Wow, really? Are you famous, like… um… Lois Lane?" It obviously takes her a moment to figure out a famous reporter. She's obviously not a newspaper-reader. After the last statement, she asks curiously, "What story?"

Sierra shakes her head. "Non, I am afraid I am not famous. But I hope to be, one day." She says softly. "What story? Oh, it is just about a series of burglaries. It seems that someone is stealing from a bunch of homes and the only major similarity is that there were puddles of water found in each place."

Jamie blinks at that, eyes widening a little. "Um… wow! You're writing a news story about that?" She looks around quickly and then back, "Um… why's it hard?"

Sierra nods a little. "Oui, I am indeed writing about that. Or trying to, anyway." She shrugs and sighs. "We have no information on who is doing it. Nobody saw anyone. Most people were not home. There is not much I can ask people in interviews. I am beginning to come to a dead end."

Jamie looks up to Sierra a moment, curious now. She pulls her feet up underneath her as she turns slightly to face the reporter. "How come ya wanna know who did it? Wouldn't that just get whoever it was mad at you?"

Sierra smiles, thinking the questions over for a moment. "Well, I want to know who did it, because then part of the mystery is solved as to who is doing it. I can't know if they'll get mad at me, though, because I do not know who they are."

Jamie looks to Sierra amoment and then nods, "They would be, I think." Then, realizing what she just said, she's quick to add, "Whoever it is probably don't wanna go to jail, and if you knew you'd put it in the paper and then the cops'd know too."

Sierra smiles a tiny bit. "Ah, but then, maybe you are right. Unless I did an anonymous interview with them. But I cannot find whoever it is unless I can get a name! It is very difficult, this one."

Jamie looks to Sierra a moment curiously and says, "What's anon… what you said, mean? Why won't the cops come anyway?" She looks very curious, though maybe a little confused too.

"Anonymous means unknown. So they wouldn't be tattled on." Sierra explains. "The cops only go after a person they wanna catch. They do wanna catch this person, but they don't know who they are, so they don't know where to look."

Jamie looks even more confused then, though. "Why would they tell you then, if nobody's gonna know who they are? Can't be famous that way, can ya?" Maybe noticing it's getting a little colder as it gets later, the girl reaches back to pull her hood up, but still looks to Sierra curiously.

Sierra shakes her head. "I'd just like to know who they are and why they would want to steal from people. It does non good to be stealing from people!" She shakes her head. "The police think it's a mother, since toys are being stolen as well. It's hard to tell."

Jamie bites her lip a moment, and then nods a little, "But why would they talk to you? Do ya pay them or somethin'?" Then to the last she asks, "How do they know there ain't a kid helping?"

Sierra shakes her head and grins. "My, you have lots of questions!" She chuckles. "I am sure, given the chance, we'd be able to work something out. But there is no chance of that happening, since we don't know who it is." She smiles. "Why would a child steal?"

Jamie shrugs to the last question and says, "I dunno, why not?" She bites her lip again and says, "I… *might* know somethin' 'bout that. How much you gonna pay?"

Sierra raises an eyebrow. "You might know something, eh, cherie? Well, this must be interesting. I never said I would pay, but I suppose it would depend on le information."

Jamie hesitates again, looking down at her hands. Then she says, "I know how they're gettin' in. I'll tell ya if ya promise to do that anon-ee-moose stuff and pay me. And somewhere warm."

Sierra bows her head slightly. "Well, I do think we can work something out, mon cherie." She pulls out a card from one of her pockets. "Here. This has my contact information. We shall arrange a time to meet somewhere nice and warm and you can tell me?"

Jamie takes the card and looks it over, nodding a bit again, "Oh. Ok." She pockets the card and says, "I gotta go. Gotta be back by ten or I'll be in big trouble!" She hops to her feet and then runs off.

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