2008-03-26: How'd You Do It?


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Summary: Jamie tries to get out of Quinn how she did her show.

Date It Happened: March 26th, 2008

How'd You Do It?

Midtown West

It is a warmer than average spring day. Plenty of people walk up and down the street, past, and into the various businesses. Quinn, for her part, is exiting a pizza place, the traditional flat box in hand.

Jamie makes her way out of the arcade, grinning as she gets outside into the warmer air, and looks up at the sky a moment. She then starts to make her way along the sidewalk. She seemsd to be speeding up towards a run, but as she spots Quinn she pulls to a stop near her, "Hi!"

Quinn spins as she hears the voice, looking at first straight. Then, her eyes move down, and she says, smiling. "Oh, hello there." in recognition.

Jamie smiles up to Quinn and says, "How'd you get changed so fast at that show? That was amazing! Thanks for telling me to come, was lotsa fun."

Quinn's eyes sparkle. Hardly the first time for that question. She lifts a finger, shhh'ing. 'Magic, of course. Or a trade secret.'

Jamie grins and nods seriously. She looks around, then looks back to whisper to Quinn, "Can you do that with..um.. a power?" Then she adds, "It's ok, you can tell me, won't tell nobody."

Quinn blinks at that, voice getting quieter. Still thinking that, maybe, she's just thinkin about something from tv, or movies, she nods. "Power, I suppose." she has to laugh softly, "I could be called.. Chameleon woman, maybe."

Jamie smiles and says at a whisper, "I can turn into water." She steps back again with a smile and says, "The best that you can do that for a show like that."

Quinn repeats, "Turn into water?" she tilts her head, "Now that IS a good trick. I bet you would be a fantastic escape artist, then. Many things aren't waterproof."

Jamie nods quickly with a smile, "Yeah, nothing can hold me! Well, almost nothing anyway. It's fun." She rocks on the balls of her feet a little as she says, "Not supposed to tell nobody, but think I can trust you."

Quinn probably isn't really taking it seriously, yet. She knows what she can do, but has no idea.. yet, that other people can do things too. She nods. "Don't worry." she says, being sincere about this part, 'I wouldn't tell anyone.' she says, 'My show usually looks a little different, though.' she chuckles, "I had a few requests to deal with."

Jamie blinks at that and says, "Oh, really? Maybe I can go again sometime," she adds quickly with a smile. "What's different usually?"

Quinn hmms, "Well, you probably don't know most of the people I imitate. People from old movies, classic songs." she smiles, "Suits my singing style better. And my voice, well, I got to do that myse.. its different from the other part."

Jamie ohs, nodding a little again, "Yeah, bet I don't know them." Then she says, "I gotta go, or I won't be home on time."

Quinn nods, 'Take care of yourself, then, and be safe." smiling, still no idea how literal that conversation actually was.

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