2010-01-06: How Far He Has Fallen



Date: January 6, 2010


Dex tries giving Tiago a wake up call. Spoiler: It doesn't work.

"How Far He Has Fallen"

Downtown, NYC - Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant

The telekinetic sits inside of a booth of the bar/restaurant. She has been on the run for the past few weeks. But things have been relatively easy for her. So with a soft sigh, she finishes her beer as she waits for the man she's going to meet. Her hands go through her short blonde hair and she eyes the place. Ready for danger at any given moment, the young woman is dressed in a pair of knee high combat boots, a dark red tank top and a pair of black denim jeans.

Though the weapons are not seen, there are a few on her person if something were to happen. Not that she really needs them. But it never hurts, at least.. it never hurts her.

Tiago appears later - sporting dark shades even indoors and his new mohawk to throw people off from recognizing him. And it's just as well, too, because beneath those dark lenses, his eyes are a filmy, suspiciously hazy white, indicative of his not exactly sober state. As he stumbles inside, dragging along his feet on the floor, the man somehow manages to haul himself to the bar, pushing himself up onto a stool to slump over without care. "Mhnn…tequila." He orders in a low grunt, but then he rests his head down onto the table…like he's preparing to go to sleep.

And then.. is that.. it looks like.. oh yes. She knows that ass anywhere. "Well.. well.." smirking and shaking her head, Dex saunters up towards Tiago and slides into the stool next to him. "Now.." she says as she takes her hands and pulls Tiago up by his Mohawk and then takes his sunglasses off briefly to see his eyes and then shove the shades back on and put his head back down. Though she doesn't do it, all that gently.

"For someone on the run.. you are behaving like a idiotic asshole." She snorts and crosses her legs at her ankles. "Now.. Tiago." She leans in briefly to whisper in his ear. "What are you doing here?"

Now, Dex isn't exactly the image of a dainty maiden, and so it'll make Tiago's alarming limpness in her hands that much more startling. He is jerked about by her roughly and, like a rag doll, shows no signs of resistence and, indeed, no signs of acknowledgment period. Whether it is the byproduct of all the pills he indulged in or not, the result is the same - the man has simply lost his fight. When his head returns to the table, his tongue darts out to wet his lips, silently pondering what the most appropriate answer to that question would be.

"Waitin' ta die…" Well. He's honest, at least.

Holding a hand up to the bartender before he can give Tiago his drink, "You don't want to do that." With that the man puts the tequila away and looks at Dex and Tiago with raised eyebrows before shrugging and moving on to other customers. "So, what happened?" she finds that she doesn't like the way that Tiago is sitting, so with her telekinesis, she makes him sit with his back straight and hold his head up. Now, it would just look like Tiago is trying to straighten his posture by sitting right.

"Don't like seeing you like this Loverboy, where's Lena?" she asks with a look around the place. The two are hardly ever separated.

Tiago does not resist the straightening, but neither does he maintain it for very long. The moment her powers have slacked off, he returns to slouching in that self-same, melancholy way. However, the old nickname, the name of his exgirlfriend. At the very least, they incite a reaction. His lips curl downwards in an expression that is half pain, half anger. "Don't know. Don't fuckin' care. /God/, can't I go five fuckin' minutes without her fuckin' torturing me!" One powerful fist is slammed down on the counter.

The fit of rage however dies out quickly enough, soon to be replaced with the empty shell that the Brazilian has become. Now…now, he can answer the question. His tone unnatural emotionless, he proceeds. "They got us. Tortured us. We got out." Beat. "But it doesn't matter anyway - it's useless anyway, 'cause they won."

"How the fuck did they catch you?" Dex's eyes narrow and she growls as her fist tighten. "Isn't my little Titan Prometheus suppose to protect you? Isn't he your shepherd, and you his sheep?" Dex doesn't like the fact that the government got to two of the people she cares about in this world.

"I take it that you two are separated. Hence the non-soberness, which by the way is not attractive." The young woman places a hand on Tiago's back and rubs it softly. "It's fine.. really, we'll figure this out."

"They tricked me. Had my photo from when we killed those guys." Really, some things shouldn't be said out loud in public, but Tiago is apathetic to it. Besides, the bar-room chatter shelters them from being overheard. "I was tryin' ta run away again. With her - jus' move away. An' they caught us." The hand is felt, but it is distant - numbed in his current state. That's why he likes it so much, everything is numb. "Not separated. Over. And it's not fine - nothin's fine. Nothin'll ever be fine. No one is willin' ta do fucking shit 'bout the AP - only me, an' I don't have powers or nothin'. I've got nothin'. They're goin' ta get us all again. S'only a matter of time b'fore they catch me. It'll be over then."

"Alright.. normally. I'd let some grieve.. you know be a mess from a break up. But you," with that Tiago would feel himself being taken up by Dex's power. She levitates him a little, nothing noticeable and she stands and lays her hand on her chest. "Really don't get the luxury of that at this time." And with that and gritted teeth, Dex throws a punch into Tiago's stomach that sends him flying and before he can react, she opens the door and pushes him out before anyone can do anything about it.

"Get up, let's go." She says and she stands with her hands on her hips. She can't let him feel sorry about himself, maybe after this whole thing is over. He can.. but for right now. He has to survive, and he's just not doing a good enough job for Dex.

A punch here, a punch there - it's all the same. With the exception of a muffled grunt, Tiago is completely compliant. Due partly to the fact that he's so doped up on over the counter medication that he can barely register the hit. He's just dragged off, silently.

And here they are, on the roof of some building. Dex stands with her legs apart and hands on her hips. "Now, I know you are hurting and I can't even try to say I understand what you're going through." She's never been through a bad break up like this. "But what I can tell you is.. there is too much bullshit going on for you to have time to feel sorry about yourself. You have to shape up. Now."

She doesn't seem to be offering any resistance in this, her head cocked to the side. It took them some time to get to this particular roof, so maybe Tiago is more sober than he was before.

Perhaps he is more sober, but Dex still isn't going to like what escapes from his mouth. Now, standing in the bitter cold of the New York rooftop, the man is supporting his own weight, but he's looking over to the edge of the building with an expression that's not entirely thoughtful, but not entirely longing, either. Eventually, he swings his gaze back to Dex, and he reaches up, plucking his glasses off of his face so as to meet the woman with a grim stare.

"Why." It's a simple question. "Why. So I can sit back, 'till they get me again. So I can try ta fight for…for /what/?" He is completely dispassionate, dead in tone.

"Jesus, I didn't realize what a beaver you are." She shakes her head and folds her arms. "Well, if you think about it in the way that they are going to capture you again, then they will. Don't tell me, you don't know how to defend yourself?" She can't believe this lively young man has turned into a former shell of himself. "Now, so you don't care about anything." She shrugs her shoulders and lifts her hands, "You might as well be dead then, stop taking up space on this world."

Raising her hands, she lifts Tiago up and hangs him over the roof and then with a tilt of her head, he is turned upside down. "Ready? Say goodbye."

What Dex severly underestimates is the length to which Tiago has thought about the situatione. The length to which he has broken. As he is lifted up - manipulated yet again by another one of the women in his life - he feels his eyes shutting slowly. And as the blood rushes to his head, he merely opens his arms out, as if inviting the sandwalk to him. She has underestimated the fact that he had prepared himself for death, and has been prepared for death for the last couple of weeks.

This is not a method that is going to work on the man.

"Goodbye." And Tiago is dropped, his body heading into a nearby abandoned alleyway. She closes her eyes and looks away. Such a shame, she thinks and she walks over to the ledge to watch Tiago drop, at a pretty steady pace, though the roof they are on is pretty high so he has a few moments before he dies.

It's not suicide if she kills him. It's not suicide if he's not the one that drops him off the building. These are the thoughts that flash through Tiago's head as he, silently, feels the chilling wind whipping at his face. And for a moment, for one brief, flashing moment, he feels alive in a way he hasn't in weeks. "Sorry…" No sound actually leaves his lips, but they move to form the words.

The Brazilian would feel himself stopped in midair, a few feet from the ground actually. "What am I going to do with you?" Dex asks aloud as she levitates down from the roof to the floor of the alleyway and she closes her eyes as she sets Tiago down gently on the ground. She still hovers a few feet off of the ground as Tiago is regarded.

"You gonna be depressed forever?"

And just like that, it's over. Tiago ends up curling his lips into a smile, a bittersweet, humorless smile as he is denied his release and touched down onto the sidewalk. His eyes are still closed, though after a moment, he shakes his head once and opens them, dull green meeting her face. "I aint goin' ta live forever, so no." Well, that's one way to put it.

"Then," Dex levitates over to Tiago and lifts his chin as she bends down and her legs rise up to the air as she hovers there. "Let me help you." She offers softly and her eyes show something tender.. compassionate that not many people see. "I can help you. Teach you, to protect yourselves and the others. This doesn't have to be the end."

It would seem that Dex's outlook on life has changed in these last few months. Not all for blood and death, at least not all the time.

"I don't have anyone to protect," Tiago announces in monotone, and though he's staring directly at the woman, it's like he's looking right through her. "I've been used up. I'm useless now." For a brief moment, something shines in his eyes, the express, tortured solitude that has been haunting him all this time. Apparently, Tiago's outlook on life has changed too, and not for the better.

After a moment, he finally turns away from Dex, weary of the questioning. "I'm gunna go."

Hoisting herself up a few feet, she grabs a hold of the fire escape and swings up so that she can sit on it, legs dangling over the side. She tilts her head at Tiago and dips her head. "See ya." She says softly and watches Tiago prepare to leave. Though she could keep him against his will, she knows that will do no good. He doesn't want help, so then. He won't get it. Dex sighs and puts her chin her hands as she watches the young man.

And just like that, the man stumbles off, plucking his keys out of his pocket as he looks around for his black truck. He might as well tempt fate, now that he's got nothing to lose.

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