2007-03-08: How Many Agents Does It Take To Make One Woman Talk


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Eliana was brought in for some questioning. First they try it the easy way, but in the end..it takes the hard way to get some answers out. So to answer the question? Three.

How many agents does it take to make one woman talk?

Somewhere in Hartsdale, NY

Oh dears. Another one brought in, and this time she's dangerous too. So, while the patient is still unconscious, she waits as the various nurses pump her with the medicine to make sure she doesnt go all wonky with her powers, so that everyone can be safe and sound and so no one can get hurt, cause that's how they work around here, they're all one big dysfunctional family.

Once Eliana wakes up, one of the first things she'll see is Claudine with a mask to make sure she has a different supply of oxygen to the room, just in case the medicine didnt go into effect yet. She's dressed in a pair of jeans, a comfortable white blouse and her hair's tied up in a bun to make her look all nurse-like. A notepad and pen are in her arms as she checks in on Eliana, waiting for her to not be groggy…

The last thing that Eliana remembers is standing on top of a picture of New York going nuclear with a strange man and Mohinder Suresh. Even so, that memory is fuzzy, and when she opens her eyes to find herself in a sparse yet comfortable…hospital room? It just doesn't make sense. As much as it makes sense for her to freak out right now and for her heart to go nuts, the sedative in her bloodstream keeps her physically relaxed. "Whuh…" the pink-haired woman mutters. "Where am I?" It's said in a lazy voice, given the anesthetic and the sedative's effect on her muscle control.

"No need to worry about that..you're in a safe place and we're going to take care of you.." Claudine chirps brightly as she's smiling, but it's kind of hard to see due to the max that's on her face. "All you need to know, is that if you behave and answer all my questions fully and completely, you can go back to your life, and all this will be just like a dream.." having a high pitched tone in the end before she eases on down in a chair not too far from Eliana's bed. "Oh, and do have some water..it might wake you up.." she says, offering a glass of water that isnt tainted with anything. The last thing the girl needs is more drugs.

Eliana sits up as much as she can, but it's a slow process given her depleted strength. She takes the water, still feeling a bit bleary. "Hrrm. Doesn't sound… doesn't sound like a fair…" what's the word? "Exchange." Eliana sips her water, doing her best not to spill any and succeeding to some degree.

"Well..lots of things arent fair. Like, your associates for instance. I hear they're planning on doing really shady things, and instead of them being here, you are. So..if you dont mind..can you tell me about the people you associate with? Particularly anyone who knows a 'Hiro'?" Claudine asks as she takes the glass of water back, wrinkling her nose a little as she taps her pen absently on the notepad, and then she almost forgot. She grabs a tray of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies she made for the various agents and patients, "Oh, and would you like a cookie? I made them myself.."

Cookies? What? Eliana focuses her eyes on the cookies, then looks around her. IVs. Check. Woman with a…mask? Hrm. Eliana's mouth twinges, but the drugged expression is more grotesque then it might have been if Eliana weren't under the sedative's influence. "Make a deal," she manages to say. "Get me off this stuff, and we can nosh." And talk, but that's only implied.

Claudine lets out a slightly amused chuckle under her breath as she says, "I am making a deal. I'm giving you cookies, and you tell me what I want to know, then you'll be out and about making people high..or something like that. Besides, we just want to protect our own, Miss Pasternack, and from what I've heard, your friends are up to some pretty naughty behavior like planning on attacking our facilities.."

The majority of Eliana's strength goes into her grip on the glass of water then, and her eyes widen. The …whatever it was called. The Organization? The Corporation? The… Thing. Yeah. The Bad Thing. "I don't know anything about it," Eliana says as sharply as she can given her state. "And I don't want any of your cookies. They look /burnt./" So /there./

What a low blow! Claudine prides herself in her cookies and she pouts a little as she just takes it back, wrinkling her nose a little. "Please, Miss Pasternack, all I'm asking you to do is cooperate with me and answer my questions and you can move on with your life and we can move on with ours. You see, your friends who want to attack us, they think we're some sort of evil Empire, like in Star Wars..and I'm sure some of your friends think of themselves as Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia or perhaps even Han Solo of the Rebellion, but we're different. We keep order, we keep the peace. We make sure that the general populace doesnt know about people like us cause well..people would panic and we'd probably be sent off to work for government to fix all the problems that humanity has incurred upon itself over the past several hundred years. We dont want that. We want to protect our own. Destroy us, and there'll be no one to protect people like you and me. So really..we're not bad. We're here to ensure the status quo.." she says with a sage nod, hoping to get past the whole the Company OMGZ is teh EVUL!!111

After that little diatribe, she crosses her legs and leans back to get a tad bit more comfortable. "So..asides from this whole little wanting to destroy us,there's a matter of a series of paintings. I'm sure you've heard of them. There's all sorts of crazy things on it,and well, they're ours. Or rather..the bossman's. Now, if you had something stolen from you, you'd be pretty upset, right? So..if you could also tell us where those paintings are, that would just be awesome, and I can come in with some cake. It was someone's birthday, but I'm sure I could get you a piece.."

"It'd ruin my dinner," Eliana mutters. But the stealing things…Eliana's brain tries to send the appropriate hormones to her heart to speed them up, but the sedative gets in the way. "Where's my stuff?" she asks, and it's as much as a demand as she can muster. Damn her constitution.

"Okay..then no cake.." Claudine says as she continues to tap her pen on the notepad, pursing her lips for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose. "You know, Miss Pasternack, growing up…I was a really patient kid. I'm still quite patient and can deal with a lot of things, but you know what really gets on my nerves?" she asks. "And that's lying. You should be glad I'm here ya know. Of all the people who could be asking you questions, I'm the good cop. We have so many flavors of cops around here, it's like Baskin Robbins really. And ya know..you look like you're a good person, so you probably want to stick with me asking the questions. So..let's try that again.." she says with a saccharine sweetness that would probably make Anders puke.

"Your friends, associates, or whomever have done some very bad things. They've stolen what's the bossmans..ya Mendez paintings..which I know you have because one of your friends told us. Then, there's the whole wanting to attack us. If you could just please give me some names of those individuals, I'd much appreciate it. I mean, you are working with 'Hiro' and well..he's sort of a terrorist ya know. Homeland Security thinks he's nuts, and so you dont want to be helping them. Then you'd let the terrorists win. Do you really want the terrorists to win, Miss Pasternack?"

"Can you make a metaphor that doesn't involve food?" Eliana asks, peering at Claudine like she has three heads. It's hard to see Hiro as a terrorist. "And if I remember right, someone drove a van full of those paintings into a coffee shop. If you wanted them so badly, why didn't you take better care of them?" Eliana then tries a small smile. "I never played too well with others when I was a kid."

"I can see that.." Claudine says as she eases on up and starts to pace around the room, pursing her lips. Okay, so she's going to try another tactic. "Your friends..the ones who want to attack us..you're probably very close with them, right, Miss Pasternack? And you wouldnt want to see them hurt..because I know that if I see someone I care about get hurt, it hurts me too.."

If Claudine was looking for buttons to push, she found one. Eliana frowns and narrows her eyes for a moment. She then sighs and lays back against her pillows. "Me telling you about some painting isn't going to stop them from what they want to do," Eli mumbles, her eyes closing. And for the first time, Eliana wants them to carry out the plan.

"Yes, but you know we are aware of their attack. Your friends..these people working with Hiro, it's a suicide mission for them. We have homefield advantage, so to speak, and none of your friends know what anyone here is capable of. We are capable of a lot of different things, Miss Pasternack. I've always been averse to violence, but in the end it will be a massacre. Your friends can come, but they will most likely die, and I dont think you want that on your conscience." Claudine says matter of factly as she's now trying to appeal to the girl's relationship with those that would seek to destroy the Company. "Tell me who they are and I will do my best to make sure that they do not engage in this little kamikaze that Hiro and his friends are planning. I mean..what could we possibly have that your friends would be willing to risk their lives on some idiotic notion that we're evil." Yes, she doesnt know about Peter Petrelli…

"Prisoners," is Eliana's cold reply. "Prisoners who have people who care about them, and other people who don't like seeing their rights tossed aside." Kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment certainly apply, even if The Company sees itself as above the law. "If you let them go, and if you let /me/ go, they won't feel the need to come here and /get/ them." Us? Maybe.

"Miss Pasternack..I assure you that any people under our custody are well taken care of. I was one of those who you say was kidnapped, but you'll find that I came in of my own volition, just like many others. Some of our powers are dangerous, and we didnt have control over them. And that could be a bad thing in the case of someone with pyrokinesis for instance. Some wants to be here, and you and your friends cannot assume that everyone here was coerced. Some people have this thing called a conscience and they dont want to hurt people. I was one of those people.." Claudine says matter of factly, as that definitely got under her skin. "We care about the Evolved, Miss Pasternack..do you want people with dangerous powers to be out there, misusing their gifts or losing control? That would be chaos. The UN would probably have us all locked up and in their service as manual labor. Do you want that?"

"Of course not," Eliana says with a frown, but there is a defeated note in her voice. "But…well, if you don't want to kill them, then…then let out Peter Petrelli. That's who they want." Eliana sighs, swallowing. If they have Peter, maybe they won't still come for the others. "And they /aren't/ terrorists. They're just trying to save people. Just like… just like you said /you're/ trying to do." Eliana looks at Claudine again and narrows her eyes. "Is that necessary?" she asks in more annoyed voice, glancing to the IV again. "I think your medical staff have…given you a pretty good insurance policy."

Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments and jots down the name. That's something she'll definitely have to look up or at least ask the superiors about. "Your friends are doing this for one man? I thought you said they were all noble and are trying to release everyone?" she says scoffing a little at the seeming hypocrisy in that statement. "It sounds to me like Hiro and his friends are a bunch of spoiled brats, rebelling against the system just over one man." rolling her eyes a little at that. "Saving people is a matter of perspective. If we are keeping this man, there has to be good reasons for it. Maybe he's dangerously out of control with his powers..have you ever considered that? Either way.." and with that she pulls out her cellphone, giving a call to Orion, Anders, Identity and Angie. "Yeah..she's not cooperating..the kid gloves are off..you guys do your thing.." and with that she just waits, looking over towards Eliana once more..

"I never said they were per-…" but Eliana pauses when the phone comes out, and steels herself as best she can. "Is this my cake?" she asks with a audible snarkiness. Everyone has a different defense mechanism.

"No. No cake for you!" Claudine says with a little pout. With all her sooper seekrit agent-ness, she's still only seventeen, and well..she's getting frustrated and cant be this nice to someone who doesnt want to cooperate. "I still cant believe that your friends would back off if we released this one man..some heroes you are.." she says, sighing a little. Maybe she would've felt sympathy for them if they were wanting to release every single patient..

"I knew the cake was a lie," is Eliana's exhausted answer. She wriggles back into her pillows, then eyes the needle in her arm. It doesn't matter if Claudine is looking or not. Eliana lifts her other arm to try and pull out the needle, wincing in the process. OW. Stupid needles. Stupid drugs.

A knock comes from just outside of the door to Eliana's room. No one enters though… At least, not yet.

And she sees it. "Security!" she calls out, now that the patient is pulling out the needle. This cant be good at all, especially as she's hoping there's someone else closeby. "Look..right now, your friends are just a bunch of spoiled brats that are rebelling because we wont let their friend come out and play.." she says with a healthy bit of disdain. At the knock though, Claudine's relieved and opens it to see who it is…

The door swings open, the hinges well-oiled enough to keep the swinging silent. In the doorway stands Orion, a bandana of metal concealing the lower half of his face. The tall man's eyes sweep across the room, locking on Claudine for a moment or two before switching toward Eliana. He doesn't enter just yet, but he does speak.

"I would… Strongly suggest against that… Miss."

Eliana 's eyes widen as she stares at Claudine and Orion. Okaay then. The needle may be already out, but the drugs are still very much in Eliana's system. She doesn't say anything, but despite her fear, Eliana puts on a thin mask of defiance.

Claudine rolls her eyes a little as she says, "Could you please assist me in restraining Miss Pasternack so the IV can be placed in her arm once more?" waiting until Orion's ready to come in so he doesnt get all huggy and touchy feely. Not that she'd mind anyway..

Darth Granger steps into the room proper, closing the door behind him. He moves toward Claudine and Eliana, narrowing his eyes slightly at Eliana, glancing toward Claudine for a few moments before nodding. The tall man moves to Eliana's side and reaches out to firmly restrain the arm out of which the IV came; he offers Eli a withering look while he waits for Claudine to do something, what part of the IV re-insertion is up for debate.

Eliana can't do much in her still somewhat sedated state to fight off Orion, but she does cringe and frown. "Maybe," she says though gritted teeth, "Maybe if I wasn't being pumped full of…whatever that is… maybe I'd remember more." There's an idea.

"The drugs you're being given only nullifies your powers..they dont affect your ability to recall information.." Claudine says matter of factly as she takes the IV needle and just jabs it into Eliana's arm. Yeah, she kind of wants it to hurt, and she'll move it around until she finds a vein, only to let go in the end.

Once the IV is stuck in Eliana's arm once more, Claudine moves back and stands back, her arms crossed over her chest. "She wasnt being cooperative and she even insulted my cookies! You've had them, they're delicious!" she says with a slight pout before she starts to lean against the wall. "You guys do what you need to get the info she has..but..let's not do something permanent, kay?"

Once the IV is back in, Orion produces a roll of gauze and tape. The metal-faced man wraps up the IV on Eliana's arm before taping it down. It actually looks… Half-way decent. He might have had some first-aid experience or something… Or else he wrapped presents at Christmas time for a living before he worked for the Company.

Eliana screams when she's stuck so violently, and while Claudine digs around, she winces and breathes deeply. "Too bad," she grits out with a sneer, "you can't really tests the waters when you keep the tap turned off." But they want information from her about the others, not about her. Still, anything Eliana can do to distract this so far bumbling enemy from turning it's attention to those who plan on breaking in has to be good. Look rabid dog! A /stick!/

Angie can be heard before she's seen. Clunky boots aren't exactly conducive to being stealthy. She comes around the corner and into the hospital wing, not dressed in her usual goth gear. Instead, she's got on a corset and a long black skirt. Less goth, more Dark Mistress of the Damned. She also looks less than happy to be here. Cigarette drooping from her lips unlit, she stalks towards the room where they're holding Eliana, dropping her coat off on a chair on the way.

"We could really care less about your powers right now, Miss Pasternack. All we want to know is who is planning on attacking our facilities and where the paintings are. Just answer those two questions and you're free to go.." Claudine says matter of factly as she continues to lean against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest.

Orion studies Eliana and Claudine for a few moments. Finally he speaks, satisfied that the IV is not going anywhere, and takes a step or two backward just to prove the point.

"… I know… Mr. Nakamura… Has the paintings… I would simply… Like to know… Where he is keeping… Them…"

Eliana 's teeth are still bared. "And you already know that Hiro is leading that little assault. So if you find Hiro, you'll get all you want. But I don't have a damned clue where he is." For all the weight her words carry, Eliana's delivery isn't the best. But that's the sedative's fault.

Angie eyes Claudine as she steps close to the room, shoving the door open. She nods once, then steps up to Orion, "Hey Oreo." Taking the last several steps to Eliana's bedside. No silly mask for her. "Ms Pasternack, I presume? My name is Angela Alvarez. My colleagues requested my presence."

"She's not cooperating.." Claudine says while she continues to just lean back against the wall, waiting to see what the two will do. She has to stick around to make sure it's not too crazy though..

Orion has been, rather traditionally, the good cop. He's just a little surprised to find himself in the position of 'morally grey' cop. Granger nods a hello to Angie, though his smile is hidden by the metal over his nose and mouth.

"Why don't you… tell us more… about the assault… then?"

Eliana squints at Angie and Claudine before she reluctantly looks at Orion again. That metal mask of sorts is more than a little creepy. "I'll tell you I wasn't going to do it, so I didn't stick around to find the details." Eliana takes a deep breath, her shoulders relaxing. The sedative hadn't been 'unplugged' long enough for Eliana to regain her wits or her strength, but she had felt better knowing she was free from the biological restraint, if only for a few seconds. Now it's fading again. What were these two going to do if Eliana didn't tell them what they wanted to hear?

"I should probably clarify, I'm about as happy as you are to be here right now," Angie says around her cigarette, finally plucking it from her lips and sliding it behind one ear. She reaches down then and takes one of Eliana's hands in her own. "I'll make you a deal. If you tell us where the paintings are, I won't start shooting all your lovely fingers off with my pistol when your sedative wears off."

See! Offers of cookie and cake are far better than threats of fingers being blown off. With that, Claudine just waits to see if it'll cause Eliana to crack or not, but she has to interject something. "And dont forget about who is planning on attacking the facility. Asides from Hiro of course."

Angie grunts without looking over her shoulder, "Shut up, newbie."

Claudine pouts at that and shuts up. Harumph.

For the moment, Angie's behavior doesn't receive a response from Orion. Instead Granger contents himself with pointing his withering stare at Eliana while he waits to see whether Angie's tactics will work or not.

Eliana's eyes widen at the threat, and she tries to pull her hand away from Angie. She happens to be very attached to her fingers. "Suresh stayed," she manages to say before she swallows. If that sedative wasn't in her system, the air in the room would be quite a bit thicker. "He knows. He knows what they're planning. He knows who was there. He was in on it. Ask him." Anything to get them off of her and her fingers.

"But… but you're not going to take me off this sedative." Eliana knows that much now, and the only reason she can see for Angie not having a mask on is her knowledge that the sedative is keeping Eliana's heart rate low enough so that no gas is produced. "If you did, you wouldn't shoot me." She hopes, anyway.

"We'll have a conversation with Suresh after we finish up with you, sweety," Angie says and smiles, taking a step over to the IV and turning the valve to shut off the sedative drip. "Everyone out." Then, extending a hand to Orion, "Your sidearm, please?" She's exuding a sort of scary calm.

Her eyes widen a little as she chews on her bottom lip, nodding. She looks over to Orion and heads out, keeping the door open until he's out as well..she needs to talk to him afterall.

Granger exudes a sort of calm not unlike Angie's, though his is tinged with the fringes of moral grayness. He produces his sidearm and hands it over dutifully, though he clears his throat under the metal.

"If you have anything else of interest to add, Ms. Pasternack, now would be the time to do so. Before Ms. Alvarez is convinced that removing your fingers is the only method of accomplishing this. I'm afraid my surgical skills are… A little rusty."

To accent the point, a spike of metal about the size and shape of a needle bubbles out of the flesh between his thumb and index finger; Orion never looks away from Eliana, even as the metal 'needle' seems to corrode, turning a rusty orange color.

Such a sight sends a shiver up Eliana's spine, and even if the actual sensation is subdued. The sedative in her system isn't going to go away for a while. She may have been regarding Angie fearfully, but Orion is downright horrifying. "A girl name Sydney has the paintings," Eli says as quickly as she can. "She has a loft in the Eastern Centennial, but she's not like…" Me? Us? "She's not a threat."

"Good girl," Angie murmurs, handing Orion's weapon back to him. She steps to the IV and lets the sedative flow again before leaning in low and close to Eliana's face, "She may not be a threat, but she has our property, which we will be re-appropriating. Thanks to you."

That was just amazingly badass. Claudine's eyes widen, definitely impressed and she heads outside, mulling things over. Just wow..

The needle slowly retreats back into the flesh of Granger's hand while the other hand reappropriates his firearm. He slides the gun back into its holster, hidden somewhere under his overcoat. Once that's done, he starts rubbing his hands together, eyes narrowing slightly in a mixture of wince and focus.

"… Your help… Has been in… Valuable…"

He pauses half-way through a word, watching Eliana and Angie for the moment. He half-expects Angie to go for Eliana's jugular or something to drag information about the assault out of the other woman… Even if Suresh has probably already squealed.

Eliana gulps, but she does watch Angie turn the valve this time. Hello~ valve. How are you today? Her eyes quickly meet the agent's again, and she sinks back submissively into her pillows.

"Now. Tell us who was at the meeting you witnessed Suresh at. We want names, please, darling." Alvarez remains leaned in over Eliana. "Then it will be over. You'll be able to go home. Your friend Sydney won't be harmed. We just want our paintings back. So please, give us the names."

Eliana can't give up Jack. She just can't. "Hiro," she says slowly, her voice a low whisper. "Suresh. Peter's brother. And a cop. Maybe a detective. She talked about Sylar being in custody. Someone with…electricity. And another girl, but didn't get her name." Everyone else seems to be fair game.

Orion remains silent and in the background, though Eliana can see him wiping his 'needle' hand with a handkerchief of some sort. By the time he's done, the handkerchief looks a bit bloodier than it started, though that could just be rust from that 'needle' of his.

"Thank you," Angie says, patting Eliana's arm. "You have yourself a nice nap now, Miss." She smiles pleasantly, reaches up behind her ear, plucks the cigarette back out and puts it in between her lips, heading for the door.

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