2007-06-02: How Much Truth Is Too Much Truth?


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Summary: Peter receives another visitor and discovers what happened to his nephew. Is there such a thing as too much truth?

Date It Happened: June 02, 2007

How Much Truth Is Too Much Truth?

Peter Petrelli's room at Beth Israel

It's evening hours when there's another phone call. Though Elena had planned to call around, the hospital already did most of this on their own. Notifying people on a contact list is often done when a major change occures in a coma patient. Within moments of the short phonecall, which informs Mrs. Petrelli that her brother-in-law isn't just awake, but stable enough to be moved, that he is, indeed, moved. To another room with less annoying monitors and not as much constant supervision by machines. He'd been given newspapers to catch up on the week, and his first visitors, who arrived just in time to get shooed out by the doctors. The doctor needed to question their patient, something they couldn't do when he was in a coma.

After a series of questions, some scathing and including a history of possible drugs abuse, the doctor leaves, once again opening him up to recieve visitors. It'd been an attempt to find the cause of his particular illness, though there'd been efforts to cover up what happened to him already. All the gifts left in his old room have been moved to this one, and instead of going over the newspapers again to see what he missed, he's placed a specific teddy bear left behind into his lap, and he's looking it over.

A few other presents he's looked over, cards he's read, have been placed aside at the moment.


She's at home with Monty and Simon when she gets the phone call from the doctor. Monty's still a little too sore and out of it to come visit his uncle, and Simon, for once, feels responsible for taking care of his little brother. Thus, left at home with a sitter, the kids remain behind while Heidi heads toward Beth Israel - once again.

She's been here a lot lately.

Just about a half hour after she got the call, she's at the hospital. Directed to a different room, Heidi makes a quick stop at the gift shop to get a white rose; she's already put flowers in the room on a couple occasions, so surely Peter won't fault her if she doesn't bring him a dozen. Upon arriving at the designated room, she knocks on the door and smiles. "Hey, Piglet. You're awake."


"Hey," Peter says, sitting up and putting the bear aside. He still has an IV sticking out of his arm, and the robes of the hospital that make getting out of bed rather embarassing. Excuse him if he doesn't stand up to hug, but he does gesture her inside. "Come on in. Is Nathan with you?" He says, glancing behind her, before looking at the rose. He looks a lot better.

The hair that's had a chance to grow out for the last few months actually hangs a bit into his forehead now. No where near as long as before, but definitely curling under now. There's something to brush away now. Or comb back. For now it just hangs, curling in sweat that's dried.

He's got a healthy flush to his skin at this point, only slightly warm to the touch when he pulls her in for a hug should she get close enough and within arms reach. "Nathan stopped by briefly, but the doctors kicked him out. Had to ask me a bunch of questions. Trying to figure out what happened to me. Keep it from happening again." Pre-emptive treatment is often the best idea, and it's the second time this has happened in a year according to his medical record.


Ew, IVs. Heidi does smile a bit. It's a little ironic that he's still here when she knows he can easily heal from a million gunshot wounds in his back. He looks fine, it's just that it doesn't seem to Heidi like he should still be in here. Of course, using his abilities is apparently what put him in a hospital bed in the first place.

As she approaches the bed, she holds out the rose, the smile growing. "No, Nathan's on his way home to relieve the cook. She's looking after Simon and Monty 'til he gets there." Yeah, she should probably tell Peter about that, but… in a bit. First a hug. After gently patting his back, she pulls back, the back of her hand brushing his forehead, just to see. "Still warm," Heidi observes, pulling a chair toward the bed. Before she sits down, though, she heads to the door and closes it. "I heard Cass is okay. How are you feeling?"


The rose is accepted, and he holds it carefully for a time, not putting it aside even as he pulls her in for that hug. Or after. Peter nods, though looks surprised that Nathan would take such responsibility. "That's good. Hopefully they'll let me out of here tomorrow morning, but since— they don't know what caused it they're worried." And he can't completely blame them. If he didn't know what caused it, he'd want the doctors to be worried too. But both of them know why it happened, and the best ways to avoid it can't be found in the hospital.

"Yeah— I heard Cass is okay, too. I'm probably going to see if the nurses can let me walk over and see her before they make me sleep again. Or I'll just stop in before I go home. Thanks for the rose. I saw that you already brought me a bunch," he adds, looking towards the flowers whose cards he'd already read, still holding on to the newest one.

"I'm awake. And feeling better. Just need a little rest and I'll be as good as new." Rest, when he's been sleeping for a week. "Well— more like I just need to avoid… overexerting myself."


The idea that someone could overexert themselved into a coma by using too many supernatural powers is still new to Heidi, and admittedly, looking at Peter is a lot like looking at a storybook, or a movie. Sure, she knows this is her brother-in-law, but it's still weird to think that this is real. After all, it's only been a month since she learned about all this stuff. She would have gone on being oblivious if the situation wasn't so crazy.

"Well, last time this happened, I was worried, too." She was also worried this time. Still is. "You did a good thing, though, Peter. Reaching out, she lays her hand over his. "Would have had to kill you if you died doing it, but you saved her life."

Proudly, Heidi regards her billion roses that she brought. Okay, it's more like a dozen or maybe two dozen, but they brighten up the room. The smile vanishes before she looks back to Peter, and there's a pause before she tells him the news. "Monty broke his arm."


"I'm probably one of the few people you can actually make that threat to, you know," Peter says, twisting his hand so that he can clasp onto hers. "I don't tend to stay dead," he explains, if she didn't understand what he meant. Of course he hasn't stayed dead YET. Doesn't mean it won't happen one day. "I know. It was worth it, if it kept her alive…" The coma also kept him alive, if Elena's theories were correct. Something he doesn't have confirmation on, but he didn't blow up, and he didn't lose control. His body shut down to protect him, and everyone around him.

It's her announcement that makes him blink, loosening his grasp on the rose, and tightening his grasp on her hand instead. "What— when did that happen? How? Nathan told me about the party, with the hair band outfit and your lion suit, but he never mentioned— is he okay?" Is worried uncle trying to get out of bed? Yes he is.


Heidi's eyes close, and she laughs a little. "You're all show-offs, you know that?" She doesn't even want to imagine what it's like to die, only to wake up from it. She likely had some close encounter herself - not that she really remembers - but she does recall the pain. Still, she hates the idea of Peter hurting himself. She doesn't like to see anyone hurt, especially her own family.

"…Lion suit," she mutters. Dammit, Nathan! That was supposed to stay buried after the party! She'll get him back.

Ah, but at this point, Heidi has to stand up, putting her hands on Peter's shoulders to keep him from getting out of bed. "He's safe at home and being very, very spoiled. You don't have to worry about him, trust me." Once she's sure Peter's not going to jump out the window and fly off, she sits again, and this is the real reason she closed the door. "I stopped in Brooklyn to get him a suit. He… went running in the water after that, and there was this woman playing with the fire hoses. She just… Turned them to water, or that's what it looked like. Monty sank into the cement. Saw the whole thing. Something underground exploded, threw him back… He just landed wrong." She pauses, looks at Peter's hand, gives it a squeeze. "Nathan and I… we're going to tell the kids. Monty's already been talking to Simon, and I just… don't want to lie to them."


"Just saying," Peter says, shrugging a little, though he can't really argue. Of all of them, he has the most potential to show off, being capable of everything that everyone else can do. Still… "Apparently his costume was far more embarassing," he assures, thinking back to the mere thought that his brother had big 80s hair and dressed as a hair band. Possibly even in tights. He needs to see it to believe it. Lion is a lot more sophisticated.

But the problem right now is Monty and Simon as well. "Wish people didn't keep finding out by accident," he says, shaking his head a bit. Seems like fate isn't wanting to let them wait on this. "I don't want to lie to them either. They should be told. Just hope they understand that they can't talk about it." He hopes they're mature enough. Dealt with their dad's political career. They should be able to understand when they can't talk about things.

"Do you think the person playing with the hoses is dangerous?"


"Nathan did look pretty silly," Heidi admits. Oh, if only she could have enjoyed it more! No one will ever see him dress like that again… That's something that she was sure he left behind in his long-vanished youth, but she was wrong! Apparently he still had it in him, either in spite of or because of all the things that have been happening lately. She even danced with him at some point before the police broke things up.

Heidi has to agree with the whole finding out by accident thing. "That's about what I said," she mutters. "I mean, if Nathan had just told me… We're… not going to tell the kids about him, I don't think. It depends on how the conversation goes. I'd rather they know the truth and the importance of, you know, staying quiet, rather than — if we were to deny everything, they could talk anyway, and like I told Nate, if the wrong people hear…" Heidi doesn't want to finish that, so she doesn't.

"I think they'll be fine." Hopefully. "I don't know if she was being intentionally harmful, but… I don't know what she was doing with the water, either. And she didn't stick around."


"I didn't know he had it in him," Peter admits, a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. He'd been pretty young when his brother was enjoying the 80s, so he had no idea exactly how wild his brother could be. There's just a lot he never even knew about the person he worshipped growing up. Though he's echoing her thoughts, he's no where near inside her head.

"I know. It'd be easier to be told than to find out by accident." Still… there's a lot that they'll be keeping from the boys if they don't tell them that their family happens to have the same thing going on with them. In a way— "That'd still be lying. But I do understand… if they start bragging about things— it'd be easier to hide it if they thought only strangers could do those things."

It seems, though, that their uncle would rather they just get told the truth. And trust that they're mature enough to handle it. "Turning stuff into water? I've never heard of it, but… hopefully she didn't mean to, and that she'll control it better before anyone else gets hurt."


"Pete, Nathan didn't even want to tell them anything at all. He wanted to cover it up. I mean, Monty was very badly hurt, and he could have hallucinated the whole thing, technically. I admit… I considered the same thing." Not one of her best moments, certainly, but the thought didn't last long. What is he going to think down the line when he finds out the truth, after thinking he's been crazy for years? "This is a compromise. And like I said, if it comes out in the conversation, then… we'll go from there." She might even steer them toward it.

"It's… something we have to really worry about. I mean, they're going to think it's the coolest thing in the world if they know their dad can— Even if they don't mean to say anything, there's always a chance."

For a moment, she buries her face in her hands. "I know how Nathan felt now. I just want to trust my boys, but they're so young for something like this. I mean, if Monty hadn't seen what he did, we wouldn't be telling either of them until Monty was at least ten years old. He was maybe three or four feet away from this woman, though. He saw the whole thing."


"It's your decision, you know the kids better than I do," Peter admits, knowing that he'd have had a difficult time keeping a secret like that when he'd been growing up. Though their family had all kinds of illegal secrets that he couldn't share, so he had some training in hiding things from everyone else. Their father's dealings with Linderman, for example. He'd known about it when he was just a child, and it's something he'd not been allowed to speak about either, because it would put his father in legal danger. This… is a bit different. It's not something to be ashamed of.

"If you want me to be there when you have the talk, I will, but whatever you decide to tell them is up to you and Nathan," he says with a nod, offering her a smile before he leans over to put the rose into the nearest vace.

Speaking of things they may not know… "Do they know about Claire yet?"


Whatever happens, the kids are at least going to know something as soon as Nathan and Heidi get on the same page. They still have to figure out what the hell they're going to tell their children just to /start./ "So far, they haven't said anything. Monty seems to know this is important, and Simon kind of does, too. We'll see."

She's about to mention that the kids did meet Claire, and that Heidi told them about her, but that's when a nurse enters the room with a bunch of things that look fairly dangerous in nature. Like more pokey things. Giving Peter's hand another squeeze, she stands, nods, and says, "I'll talk to you later, okay? You take care."


Oh great. More pokey things. "Yeah, I'll see you later," Peter says, trusting that Heidi will do the right thing, and hopefully Nathan will as well. He believes that she'll do what's best for them. The hand squeeze gets returned, before he sits up to look towards the needles. There's a lot of possibilities for what this means, and should it be too suspicious, he'll no-consent. Blood tests right now would not be a good idea, and luckily a patient who's awake needs to agree to that sort of thing.

"Hopefully I'll be home and can call you from there tomorrow. Be safe." And with this family, that's a good type of farewell to use.

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