2007-03-09: How Not To Punch


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Claudine takes in a bit of boxing lessons from Orion and confides about how she's adjusting to agent life.

How Not To Punch

Somewhere in Hartsdale, NY

What a crazy day. With kidnappings and dealing with an angry patient, and having her cookies insulted, Claudine justneeds to release some stress. So after she was released from duty, she beelined straight for the gym to get out some of that pentup nervous energy. She's currently dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a grey tank top, wrinkling her nose as she makes with the weak punches on a punching bag. She's trying todo what she witnessed in the gym earlier that day, but she's a terrakinetic, not a muscle mimic. Damnit! Either way, there's a lot on her mind, but the most pressing issue asides from the attack..which one of those girls she saw was the source of her nullified powers.

Granger hopes it was the hot one. Well, okay, no he doesn't. He's not aware someone nullified Claudine's power. He comes into the gym about twenty minutes after Salonga, the tall man in his own workout clothes; baggy sweatpants and a fairly tight black muscle shirt.

When he spots Claudine, Orion starts making his way over toward her. He waits for a few moments, trying to decide whether he should interrupt the clearly day-dreaming terrakinetic's stream of consciousness. Presumably that could be a problem.

She sighs a little as beads of sweat form on her brow. She was trying to get all this stress out when she looks over and beams brightly. One of the people she wanted to see! Huzzah! Claudine waves Orion on over as she takes a quick swig of water from her nalgene bottle on the floor. "Mr. Granger.." she says, still not sure whether she should be calling him by his first name or not. "Um..I was sort of wondering..can you teach me how to fight? Ya know..defend myself and possibly use a gun?" Well that's an odd question, isnt it?

"Please, when we're not around, y'know, people we need to act all official around, call me Orion."

Granger tilts his head to one side, moving closer as Claudine asks a very uncharacteristic question. He smiles a bit and nods, reaching out to stop the swinging punching bag.

"I could at that. The Company does offer a number of training courses to new recruits, but I imagine, given the circumstances, you could use some training before that… Why do you ask?"

"I was at a gym in Brooklyn earlier today..just looking for some self-defense, since well..New York City is dangerous. I know I cant rely on my abilities all the time, so it'd be good to have some back up ya know.." Claudine admits ruefully as she smiles brightly and just watches him swing at the punching bag, making her own mental notes.

"And besides..I think there's a person out there who can nullify our powers by just being around her. I've narrowed it down to two women..this Japanese girl who cant be older than me, and this huge brute of a blonde that is like a bodybuilder or something.."

The tall man isn't really swinging at the bag, not yet. He's just stilling its momentum a bit through a means that would be inadvisable for someone with Claudine's build. Orion mulls this over for a bit, nodding a little bit whilst he steadies the bag.

"Yeah. Powers are double-edged sword like that," he remarks, sounding somewhere between amused and wistful, "But I can certainly train you to hold your own; firearms skills are definitely an important measure, but we'll see where your hand-to-hand needs work first… Punch the bag."

Granger steps to the side, gesturing at the steadied punching bag.

"Thank you..I just well..if I'm going to be out there, or talking to patients like Eliana, I want to be prepared. It's not like I can make rocks burst from underneath the foundation without Bob getting pissed of at me.." Claudine admits ruefully with a soft little chuckle in the end.

Following that, she takes a deep breath and clenches her fist as she tries to hit the back. At least she hits it and doesnt miss, so that's a good thing right? And for her size, it was okay..just nothingout of the ordinary.

Granger muses over Claudine's strike for a few moments. He taps her on the shoulder with one hand, the other held up in striking position. It's the proper position for a fist, clenched tightly but not too tight (crumple zones are important in punches too).

"Make a fist like this. If you're going to go hand-to-hand with someone, you don't want to throw one punch and break your fingers on their chin, jaw, or… Whatever you hit."

Orion then steps up closer to the punching bag, taking a somewhat odd position. He doesn't stand directly facing the bag, he stands so that he's facing toward Claudine unless he twists his head to face the bag, but waits for Claudine to finish figuring out how to make a fist like his.

Claudine hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she watches him closely to see how he clenches his fist. She tries to imitate it, but it takes a couple of attempts, but soon she's got it.

"Okay..so like this then?" she asks curiously, while raising both hands. Her right fist is actually done correctly, but her left..well, it could use more than a bit of work. She then realizes this of course, and lets out a soft chuckle, pursing her lips before raising her fists again. This time..they're both in the correct position.

Granger nods a bit.

"Like that. That's a good punching position, now get yourself set like I am with regards to the bag. You don't want to face your opponent head-on, because you'll present too much of a target. Someone could tackle you easily, they could start punching you straight in the vital organs, or a dozen other things. You always want to go into a fight by presenting the smallest target possible."

Orion promptly twists his attention toward the punching bag and twists his whole body at the hips, swinging his rear fist around to slam into the punching bag with a substantial amount of force.

Mental notes are definitely taken, and as he says she shouldnt face someone directly, she shifts her position slightly. Claudine changes her stance, trying to imitate him, with her feet forming the shape of an L and she wrinkles her nose while trying to remain focused.

"Okay.." she says with a deep cleansing breath as she twists her hips like he did to get the feel for it. She extends her arm out and lets her knuckles touch the punching bag gently for a few times before going for a full punch.

In the end, it doesnt do much, and it barely makes the bag move. Yeah..that wasnt that good.

Again Granger nods encouragingly to Claudine's effort. He seems pleased enough by it, perhaps he doesn't expect much out of a beginner or perhaps he's a sexist pig that doesn't expect a woman to go around moving a big ass power punching bag.

The world may never know.

"That's a good start. Why don't you take a few dozen practice swings, start engraining those basics of punching into your brain? It'll give you a chance to try to get a feel for it and for me to make sure you've got the basics down."

Well that's a good idea. Practice always makes perfect afterall! Claudine isnt averse to spending a lot of time doing repetitive movements, cause well, she was doing the same thing when she tries to gain control over her powers.

And so there's one punch. Okay, it's still good. But the bag doesnt move much again. And a second. Same effect. And a third..OW!

Her fist was in the right position and she winces, wrinkling her nose as sound of her knuckles popping was definitely heard. "Gah!" she cries out before looking at her hand.

Granger grimaces and shrugs a little bit.

"I suppose it goes without saying that you'll still hurt your hand throwing a punch, but you're less likely to break your hand in one that way."

Orion rubs the back of his head for a moment before holding out both hands.

"Here, let me take a look."

Claudine holds out both hands and while her right seems okay, it's her left that looks kind of red. It doesnt appear to be broken, but it definitely stings as she wiggles her fingers a bit. "You know..I really hope I dont have to punch anyone anytime soon..I think I'd hurt myself more than I hurt them.." she says with a nervous chuckle in the end.

"Tell me when this hurts and how badly."

Orion offers a smile and takes hold of the reddened hand with both of his, carefully feeling over it. He gently probes the knuckles and between them as well with his thumbs, apparently seeking information on the stinging now. A few minutes later Orion releases Claudine's hand and shakes his head, "Nah, if you threw a haymaker you'd probably leave a pretty good mark on your opponent… It doesn't feel broken, but I think you may have done something weird to your knuckles. Let's wrap your hand and put some ice on it too, make sure it doesn't swell too bad."

As she watches him do his thing, her cheeks flush with a bright tinge of red, chewing on her bottom lip a little. He's not bad looking, he's been supernice to her, and he's older..what's a teenage girl to do?

Claudine continues to watch, wincing a little a little as he brushes his fingers over the middle and nods. "Some ice sounds good. I'm so glad I dont have to go into the field with you guys right now..I think I'd just get in the way. Though..I sort of found someone by accident and brought her in. She felt so bad..I kinda felt sorry for her.." she muses, thinking about Stefanie now..

"Things like that happen. I know I was pretty useless when I first started; you just need to learn what you're good at and what you're bad at, work at mastering what you like and work to at least know something about what you don't."

Granger gestures toward one of the exam tables built into niches in the side of the area. He starts making his way over there, rummaging around for tape, ice packs, and some sheets of cotton padding.

"Take a seat and talk. It'll keep your mind off of the pain."

"Well, she was so scared. I saw her reading Suresh's book so I thought I'd just have a friendly little debate. Didnt think I'd goad her into growing another plant from a mere leaf." And that's when she pauses, taking a quick glance around to see if anyone who could possibly be listening was around.

She then quiets her tone. "I..I would've let her go. She seemed harmless and she was really eager..kinda ditzy but still. But Anders was there, and well, I had to take her in after and she was processed and all. Is that bad? That I thought I would just let her live normally and perhaps give her a warning to not be so foolhardy by showing random strangers what she can do?"

"It's not unusual," replies Orion. He starts wrapping up Claudine's hand, trying to keep her talking and her eyes off of the wounded hand. "I've done it a time or two; you could have gotten her name and some general information about her, passed it along for the higher-ups to muse over and issue orders."

Claudine sighs with a bit of relief upon hearing that as she watches him wrap her hand once more. "What about me? I'm still convinced you were the one who shot at me. So please, just tell me the truth..it was you, wasnt it?" she says with a soft tone as well, she's already gotten over it. Besides, she likes him. He's been rather nice afterall.

"I never fired /AT/ you," Granger keeps wrapping, putting a few layers of cotton around the ice packs before wrapping them down with tape and cotton, "I was firing purposefully around you to test your power manifestation."

Aaaah. So much better now that the ice is numbing the pain. Claudine relaxes a little and lets out an amused giggle at the technicalities of it all.

"It's just semantics, Orion. But it's okay..if you hadnt done that then I wouldnt be here and I wouldnt be on my way to helping people.." she says, definitely believing that what she's doing is for the greater good.

It's then that she looks over towards the wall and realizes the time, letting out a slight eep. "I..I should get going and head back to campus. I have a review session tomorrow that I should seriously attend if I want to pass my midterms. This whole leading a double life as a student and secret agent is kinda hard.." giggling once more.

With that said, she'll hop up and give him a quick platonic kiss on the cheek. "G'night Orion..I'll harass you some more tomorrow for more lessons..maybe we'll go with guns..that shouldnt break my hand.." she says with a laugh before heading off..

"… Guns. Right…"

Claudine runs off, apparently not turning around to see the puzzled looking Granger. He scratches the back of his head, holding a roll of cotton wrap in one hand.

"… I wonder how long it's going to take for her to realize that I didn't finish wrapping her hand? Or for her to realize just how hard the recoil on a pistol is…"

Wonder how long it's going to take for Orion to decide whether or not he was imagining that Claudine just kissed him, platonically or not, on the cheek.

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