2007-08-13: DF: How To Pick Up An Angry Scotsman


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Summary: A couple of Saints find Lachlan Deatley waiting for them in Central Park thanks to Daphne's rats. Elena tells him about what happened to his fiancee. Cue a very unhappy Scotsman who may or may not do something rash.

Dark Future Date: August 13th, 2009

How To Pick Up An Angry Scotsman

Central Park, New York

Daphne and Rudyard were true to their words of help. Daphne sent pigeons, and Rudy sent insects scouring the city and the surrounding areas to look for Cass. Meanwhile, the Zookeeper has also dispensed an army of stray dogs and rats bearing a message. It's simple and short, the Saints want to pick Lachlan up. Central Park, at 11:00 pm at a certain date. Tonight. Daphne mentioned that the strays she found lingered there, so if anything, the dogs provided a 'look out' for Lachlan as well should he get the message. No indication as to how he could return it - all he has to do is show up.

Elena decided to take the Battle Shell, in case trouble brews. Armed and armored to the teeth, the truck is a formidable weapon in the Saints' arsenal. But considering how Lachlan and Abigail could be hunted as leverage now, Elena isn't about to take any chances.

Oh, and Eric's driving. Because Trina would rather put on a frilly dress and dance the can can before she gave Elena the keys to anything with more than two tires.

Elena's riding shotgun, armed, and her Ping ability activated, sweeping towards the park once they're in range, trying to find a male life sign. Central Park was dangerous at night - but that also meant barely anybody went there.

Yes. Eric's driving. Because Elena's driving record is a spectacular series of explosions, broken walls, smashed street signs, and much too much time in the garage for Trina. So he took the Battle Shell out, and promised Trina to keep it intact. That isn't to say he's adverse to taking out a street sign or two…

It just means when he runs into something, it'll be on purpose.

"I supose this is the place," He murmurs quietly towards her as he drives on up towards the park, armed lightly…only his two sets of paired pistols under the denim jacket he usually wears.

"Keep sharp," Elena murmurs, hooking up her bluetooth communicator in her ear. Turning sideways towards Eric, she gently fits his into his own, her fingertips light against the shell of his ear. "In case we have to get separated," she tells him. Not like they will be, if Eric can help it, but the young woman erred in the side of caution. This was important. They can't screw this up. If trouble occured, they would have to help Lachlan fight, and protect Abigail if she was with him. The fact that a baby could be present makes her extremely nervous, and jittery. But she tries not to show it. She gives her current partner a small smile. "In and out. Don't look back."

There is no baby. She is, fortunately, with her "godmother" while her father is basically beside himself with worry. Everything has turned upside-down in a week. Things he had hoped would never happen have happened. Lachlan stands with his back up against a tree on one of the old lawns of Central Park, working a piece of nicotine gum between his teeth roughly. He hasn't smoked in at least a year, but he still gets the urges during moments of high stress. Right now, he's got gum and a patch stuck to his arm. At least it's not killing the baby. Balthazar and Samael are with him, pacing nervously near his legs. They can tell something's up.

That touch at his ear brings s smirk to his lips as Eric eyes Elena out of the corners of his eyes. "I know, I know…" He retorts quickly enough. "This shouldn't be much of a problem, if it is and things do start to go bad I'll get the baby to safty then come back to the pair of you." He takes a deep breath as he crusies though the streets of the park. "…you find him yet?" He asks before he takes one hand off the wheel, reaching up to touch her hand lightly. "And it'll be alright," He murmurs in a calming voice, before he flicks his fingers against the com bead in his ear to activate it.

A single fingertip returns the touch, sliding up against his knuckle in a way that was so light, Eric could've imagined it if it were a different person. Elena closes her eyes, turning to face the front again and tries to home in on neurotransmitters in the area. A couple around the block. Four men, a little inebriated, walking down the further street. And……..her eyes snap open. Animals. Two animal signatures around one human one. It had to be him, right? "Turn left. He shouldn't be far," she says urgently, already undoing her seatbelt as they come closer to where Lachlan is. And when they spot him, she waits for Eric to slow down. Once the truck's stopped, she looks out the window towards Lachlan, giving a wave. She doesn't say anything yet, but she maneuvers around the back so she could open the heavy, armored door for him and his dogs.

"Hey Lach," Eric says by way of greeting as he hops back into the drivers seat. "I'm just here to drive and look pretty, I'll let Elena bring you up to speed." He says lightly as he slams the door and pops the truck back into gear. "Back home we go." And with that he gets down to the business of driving.

She'll let Eric drive. Elena takes up the back seat with Lachlan, closing the door and sealing it shut, before the armored, secured vehicle drives off. With Lachlan secured, she can relax - but not much. "Cass was taken," she tells Lachlan. "By President Petrelli personally, and his agents. We don't know why, not yet. Papa has a theory that they might've grabbed her because she's examined, studied, and trained plenty of Evolved through her clinic. We have intel from a reliable insider - as in, Papa essentially broke his head open for him like a watermelon to make sure he was legit - that said that he's been doing this for a while. Kidnapping scientists and geneticists at the top of their fields, Evolved or not. Cass dropped out of medical school, so she doesn't fit the profile….but what she's done for us is essentially what puts her apart from the rest of them so that has to be it."

She looks over at Lachlan. "We're waiting for more information as to when this can occur. We don't know where Cass is, but we're getting her out. If all goes well, all we have to do is pick her up."

It's probably not a good thing that Elena told him this. She should know what happens when the Scottish Wolverine is given a target for his vindictive anger. Bad things. Bad things. Things like death, murder, entrails strewn about, carpet that squishes with blood underfoot. Very bad things. Nima's been good about keeping Lachlan occupied with things that give the appearance of his helping to locate Cass, however now Elena has given him a target. His expression remains one of cold, stony determination that just brims with pent-up rage. "Righ'. Just pick 'er up." It doesn't sound like he's really paying much attention now. He has plotting to do.

"We're working on getting her back. And we'll probably succeed. Was wondering if you wanted to come with us." Elena extends the invitation, not like Lachlan would be denied - she had already saved a spot for him in the rig and she would like to see the both of them reunited. Cass and Lachlan together was one of the constants she had left since this entire mishegas started. "Do you have a place to stay or did you want to crash where we are now? Jack's been wondering where you were." Oh and if she only knew just what the hell Jack and Prime were really doing.
Eric does so, turning without and word and bringing the truck to a slow halt, he lets the engine idle as he pops the door to the cab, half in and half out as he waves a lazy hand towards Lachlan.

"Sure. S'fine." He sounds like he's fine, but Lachlan's pretty distant. Crashing with them means access to weapons. It also means less distractions from Nima. Really, the Scotsman should not be this rational right now.

Her eyes roam over Lachlan's profile. "I just want you to do me a favor," Elena begins. "And not do anything rash - at least, not until we get Cass back." And then Lachlan can burn down the White House for all she cares. Hell, she'll join him. "We have security measures in place, and it's kept us all safe for now. You're new, and nothing's going to change the fact that we trust you, but I want to know if you can promise me you'll adhere to them. Won't do us any good if they find us and take us out in one sitting."

"Yeah, sure. S'fine. Yer runnin' it." Doesn't mean Lachlan can't do a little something on his own. That's not rash, right? It's not going against his promise. It's very intelligent and well-thought-out and planned.

Sophisticated. She hopes so. Elena will trust him regardless. It's -Lachlan-. She's known him for quite some time. She hesitates, but she reaches out, and squeezes his shoulder gently. "Alright. We'll take you to our new dregs. You can pound a couple of targets in the shooting range to prep." And all sorts of other toys, she just has to remind him that the labs (which Gene took over the moment he stepped in Phoenix Rising) are off limits. The one-armed genius was always there anyway. She lets go of him after, and lets the ride commence in silence.

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