2007-06-01: How To Prove Yourself In One Easy Step


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Summary: …well maybe not just one.

Date It Happened: 1st of June, 2007

How To Prove Yourself In One Easy Step

Nadia's Dorm Room

Voicemail: Dammit Leo, turn your phone on, grow a pair and call me back! Yeah, daddy's pissed, but he'll get over it. You'll get that car back and I'm going to help you. No ifs, ands or buts. CALL ME BACK.

It's been a few days since the familial blow-up. Fortunately for many involved, Nadia has been busy finishing up finals, studying, and packing to move out of her dorm and back to mom's for the summer. Joy of joys. This is where she's found tonight. In her dorm, packing up some non-vital odds and ends.

Leo has a dilemma. What is manlier? Obeying Carmine's wishes despite doing what he wants, or, doing what he wants? One has a higher risk factor, to be sure, when it comes to his personal health, which is maybe why Leo is heading to go see Nadia at her dorm, where Carmine just would not likely be. He's about as nicely dressed as Leo can get without being formal - as in, his jeans aren't stained with car oil and his shirt isn't eye-bleedingly bright - and he's… holding a ceramic dish of some kind. It's covered in tin foil. He knocks on the door half a second before he attempts to open it.

Music is blaring from a small portable stereo in the dorm. Andrea Boccelli perhaps. Something soothing on frayed nerves. Or at least that's the current idea. As the music's a bit loud, Nadia doesn't hear the knocking at the door. Leo will find it unlocked, Nadia's back is currently to the door as she sorts through text books. Those to keep, those to sell back to the bookstore.

He lets himself in, not waiting very long at all to do so. A self-conscious glance over his shoulder, and Leo shuts the door behind him. Said self-consciousness has really nothing to do with Nadia - he's always a little twitchy when in a collegey zone. It's definitely where he's certain he doesn't fit in. Leo watches her for a couple more moments, before stepping forward and tapping her on the shoulder with his free hand, going for the most straight forward way of getting her attention.

Nadia tosses a book onto her bed, grumbling to herself in an incomprehensible manner. The tap on the shoulder elicits a shriek of surprise as she whirls around. "Leo!? You started the bejeezus out of me!" Those words are followed by another shriek as she launches herself at the young man, aiming for a fierce hug and smothering his face with kisses… promptly followed by a series of light swats with her hand, "Don't you ever wait this long to contact me again! I left you voice mail /days/ ago!"

The amazing appearing boyfriend! Leo gives her a slightly crooked smile, and lifts the ceramic dish away from them both when she hugs, kisses and attacks him, his other arm going up to fend off that last one, ducking. "I know, I know! I was— I brought you lasagne." DEVIATION. He steps back, bringing the tray between them and peeling back a corner of tinfoil for her to see. "Ma made some extra for you and I figured I'd bring it round."

Nadia stops with the minor assault, only to renew with a few more swats! "So you need an excuse now to see me? Whassa matta you?" She's not really mad, well a little annoyed, "I'll have to call your ma and thank her," she says, reaching for the dish with a grin. "That's really sweet of her. She makes it better than my mother, that's for sure. Jeez, would you sit down already? So why did you wait so long to come see me?" Other than you know, her father taking a swing at him.

"C'mon, Nadia, what do you think?" Leo says, handing her the dish. He does, however, go to sit down, taking a spot on the edge of her bed. Mostly so that she'll stop hitting him. "You go tell your dad we're seeing each other and you figure it'll turn out great? If you wanted to tell i'm, you coulda given me a heads up to do it myself." Yeah, that's the conclusion he came to, and is 100% certain it's the correct one. They've been /so careful/ after all.

Nadia takes the dish, only to set it down on the bedside table. Rolling her eyes, she puts her hands on her hips as she regards Leo. "He'll get over it. He's already cooled off from our fight. So. We just gotta get the car back for Tommy, and I'm sure the'll put you back in dad's good graces." And Tommy's. But that's second as far as she's concerned. She tosses her hands up in the air in a 'whatever' gesture before moving to deposit herself on Leo's lap. "Well. He knows now, and if he's gonna be old fashioned about it, we'll just have to talk to him properly." By 'we', she obviously means Leo. Poor Leo.

Oof. Leo frowns a little as Nadia sits in his lap, but it only takes him a second before he settles his arms around her waist comfortably, chin on her shoulder. "Listen, Nadi, I really… really don't think your dad's gonna okay this," he admits. "And— " WOAH WOAH WAIT. WAITAMINUTE. His back straightens and Leo just blinks at Nadia. "Wait, what? /We/ just gotta get the car back?" Maybe he thought she was joking in this voicemail.

"So that's it then? It's over? You're gonna go chasin' other tail and I'm gonna see whoever dad approves? Stop being such a pussy. Grow a pair and talk to him!" Nadia says, giving Leo a stern look. Even a finger point in the chest. There must be something about Leo that she believes in, otherwise, she wouldn't be pushing him or arguing so hard. "Yeah. 'We'. You got wax in your ears? I wanna help you track it down and get it back." Nope. She wasn't joking.

"No, I still want— I'm not gonna go chasin' any tail, Nadia!" Leo says, voice rising at it is wont to do, naturally. He's half-tempted to push her back off his lap so he can gesticulate properly, but that might not help his case. Instead, he lets out a vocal, frustrated sigh, forehead resting against her shoulder for a moment. "You can't help me track this car down," he points out, once he lifts his head again. "It's gonna be dangerous, you don't wanna mess with these guys."

Nadia's brows knit as she gives Leo The Look <tm>. "Fine. Then when that car is back, we go talk to dad. Then he'll see you aren't useless." Only Carmine used worse language than that. She rest her arms around Leo's neck and shoulders, "Stop it. It's sweet that you wanna look after me like this, but I wanna help you. I'm not some china doll okay? I'm sure there's something I can do to contribute." Whether it's tight pants, revealing tops and distracting poses! There has to be /something/.

He rolls his eyes at 'useless', because Leo knows pretty much /exactly/ what Carmine thinks of him, but he can at least dream that maybe that /is/ the worst Carmine said about him. Maybe there's a chance. He /knows/ he has to get that car back, for the whole Family and not just Carmine's approval, but everyone's. Hell, even Nadia's. "Listen, I don't got a plan right now, I still need to track these guys down," he finally says. "Carmine'll /kill/ me if anything happens to you because of me, you know that, right? I ain't even kidding. I wouldn't be so happy about it either, you know?" Worried boyfriend is worried.

Nadia is clearly Displeased at this rationale from Leo. "That's playing dirty y'know. Throwing that logic at me." She's no idiot. Her parents may have sheltered her some from the nastier aspects of being a mob family, but she's not exactly seeing things through rose glasses either. Nadia just has.. a lot of determination and stubbornness. Even when knowing she could get hurt or worse. "Just.. fine.. If you need help with anything.. tracking these assclowns down or something.. You got my help. Got that, mister?" She drops her head to rest upon Leo's shoulder. Not exactly wanting to let this topic lay down and die. Not yet. "So, who are these clowns you gotta track down?"

Well. Having an offer of help isn't as bad as Nadia simply throwing herself into this. Leo's arms tighten around her, kind of glad for the contact - he'd imagined and toyed with the idea of not getting such ever again, but now, there's really no choice. Nadia is this determined to keep this, so he can only match that. But onto this subject… it feels awkward to talk about with Nadia. But what's left to do? "These drug runners," he says. "Nothing heavy, mostly marijuana. They've been nothin' but trouble for everyone. Street racers, too, it's how I met up with 'em."

Nadia groans, "Awfully serious sounding for some Mary Jane. You're making it sounds like they're dealing harsher things, like blow or heroin." A kiss is planted on Leo's cheek as she settles in closer to him, loath to bother moving for now. "You gotta pay 'em money? Or dunno what you gotta do until you find these guys?"

"I don't totally know their story," Leo admits. "I just know a guy who says they're unreliable, so, I don't trust 'em." He tangles a hand with her's, thoughtfully. "Yeah, pretty much. I don't have the cash for that car, but, if it's what the Family wants t'do then maybe someone'll fork it up. But I'm tempted just take it back, or at least what's in it— " Heh, he didn't mention that bit, did he? The entire reason it's important. He shrugs. "You know, if it works out that way."

"Woah, wait? Oh jeez.. LEO!" With a huff, Nadia untangles herself and gets up from his lap. Yeah, the part about what was in the car got left out. She smacks the heel of her hand to her forehead, grimacing before looking back at her not so seekrit boyfriend. "What were you thinking? Racing Tommy's car with a load in it? Y'know what.. nevermind.. Maybe it's best I don't know anything else." Hand still pressed to her forehead, she paces a little before stopping. "Just.. get the car back. Okay? Prove to daddy and Tommy that you're not useless." She leans in to give Leo a kiss, "Look, I gotta finish cleaning out my room here. You wanna stick around and help?"

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