2007-03-04: Howdy Neighbourino


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Summary: Booty Call, Wrong Address, Oh God Not Anders.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

"Howdy Neighborino!"

Greenwich Village, NYC - The High Rise Apartments

This evening finds the apartment block with a new tenant, having shown up with his stuff and moved in overnight, set everything up and then headed off to work. Now, after a long day, Anders is simply chilling in his new living room, unpacking boxes and drinking beer, bachelors, eh?

One of the neighbors, the occupant of apartment number 108, enters from the street. Jane looks rather different than she did the night before when Anders saw her in the East Village. She's in what she'd call lawyer garb; a navy blue suit with skirt and plain two inch black pumps, white blouse, and hair pinned up professionally. A purse is over one shoulder, and she carries a small cooler in her left hand.

Angie strolls on up to the apartment building. She's really gone all out tonight. Her usual goth gear wouldn't suffice, no. Wearing a corset of black and dark purple, she's forgone her usual cargo pants and is wearing a black skirt. Her hair is worn loose and flowing past her shoulders. No clunky boots tonight. She's got on a pair of lace-up leather boots that come up to mid-thigh. So it is in this get up that she knocks on Benji's door, thinking about the hot hot troll loving she's going to be getting tonight and forgetting she's been here before.

Benjamin is standing in his kitchen. Just staring at his cabinets and debating on dinner. Fortunately his day wasn't as hectic as the weekend got and on into Monday. The knock at the door breaks him from his reverie and he shakes it off. "Just a moment," he calls out as he heads for the door. He doesn't check the peephole, so when he opens the door? He's stunned into silence. Angie, he's actually happy to see, but his eyes kinda get distracted by what she's wearing. Sorry, he doesn't mean to stare, just.. uhm..

Inside Ander's apartment, the man has a moment of realisation, too many times he's had to write out Benji's address and its so very similar and, oh god, Angie. The man, in wifebeater and sweatpants, (dressy..) leaps up from his seat, scattering a box full of CDs and going to his own front door at speed and opening the door. Then, he regains control of himself, and strolls over to the edge of the stairwell, peering over before slowly walking barefoot to Benji's floor.

"Benji." Angie blinks once. "Ha… I totally wasn't expecting to see you when the door opened. How are you?" She crosses her arms over her chest self-consciously, "You aren't living with, uh… Anders, are you? By some sort of weird coincidence? Bachelor buddies?"

Benjamin blinks and shakes his head. "Sorry, I wasn't staring at your.. assets.. Wow. Uh, it's been awhile. I was wondering how you were. I'm sorry I lost your book, I can replace it." Yes, don't mention his eyes kinda dropped to staring at exposed, nevermind. "Wh—What!? /He's/ in this building? Oh that's just.." He turns and starts to lightly bang his forehead against the doorframe.

"How is it the Americans say? "Howdy Neighbourino!" Is Anders, from the stairwell, with a grin and a wave at Benji. "I'm sorry, Angie, I must have written down the wrong apartment, I am upstairs," The man says, looking slightly sheepish, "I'd nearly forgotten Friend Benjamin was here."

Her ears pick up the voice as he calls down, and she starts walking toward her apartment again. Unless Benjamin also lives on the first floor, Jane gets there without encountering him or Angie and goes inside. "I hope he didn't see me. That's not something I want to be reminded of day after day."

Angie would facepalm, if she wasn't goth. "Right so, apparently you're like the unluckiest man ever, Benjamin." She reaches out and touches him on his shoulder in a gesture meant to be comforting, "I didn't know. I mean I recognized the address. I was just sort of distracted. And its okay, about the book. Did you manage to finish reading it before the fire?" A sidelong glance is given to Anders. "You know, he doesn't like you much."

Benjamin looks up from his forehead banging at Anders and groans. Not even the Flander-esque greeting makes him feel better. Then.. he just looks from Anders, then to Angie and her get-up. Wow. That's.. he never would have guessed. He looks past Angie and notices Jane going past, but as he doesn't know her, or have any reason to be concerned by her presence, he just doesn't pay her much mind. "Huh? What fire?" He blinks in confusion as he racks his brain, he's sure he would have remembered a fire. "I.. don't remember a fire.."

"I have no idea why, Angie..," Anders says, before giving her a look over and wolf whistling, "Niiice.." He gives the talk of the fire all the attention that it deserves, that is to say, none, and waves to Jane when Benjamin looks at her, "Hello there! How are your gigs going?"

"It wouldn't kill you to leave him be," Angie states tersely, giving Anders a look that clearly says his booty call is in danger of being canceled. Back to Benji, she says, "Oh… that's right. The fire was after you left. Ah well." She asks, "Are you really alright? Settling back into your life and all that?"

No such luck for the guitar playing lawyer in her hope of not being spotted by Anders before she reaches her apartment. Just before she passes Benjamin and Angie that voice is heard, and Jane's spirits just crumble. His question isn't answered verbally, the woman's demeanor in response speaks volumes, however. Eyes close in shame, her face reddening, and fingers move to dig for keys as her mouth opens. Frustration with herself is building, and the desire to scream starts. Continuing to move ahead, she fights it back. Showering the corridor with shattered glass would only make the bad worse.

Benjamin just.. ignores Anders. That's the best thing he can do right now. "Oh, okay, phew. You had me for a moment there." He does keep his eyes averted from what Angie's advertising. "Yeah actually, I am. Thanks for your help and all." It wasn't much, but Angie did help him adjust some! Jane is noticed again from the corner of his eye. He looks to his neighbor, then towards the new one. "I could put him out again," he says under his breath.

"Yes mistress," Anders says, apparently sincerely, taking a seat on one of the steps when he doesn't get an answer from Jane, "I honestly didn't know he lived in this building.." He smiles at Benji, but doesn't say a word, really, just waiting to take Angie upstairs and show off the apartment.

"You know, I think I forgot to give you my number," Angie says, perhaps more loudly than necessary so Anders overhears. She reaches into her cleavage and returns with a feather pen. Taking Benjamin's hand, she quickly scrawls out a local phone number. "Don't be a stranger." Smiling, she kisses him on the cheek before turning around to follow Anders. Jane is eyed, but not overly much. "You ready or what?" The pen placed back where it was taken from.

Anders does crack into a grimace when Angie gives benji her number, but its gone and replaced by a smile by the time she turns around. "I'm ready" he says, before he stands and turns to go upstairs.

Benjamin flashes a look at Anders that says he sincerely doubts that. Then oh GOD. He's going into mental overload here. First Elle accosts him, now Angie's.. oh jeez. He's too stunned to remind Angie that he's got her business card. *blink* What the.. Great. All he needs now is for his ex-wife to show up or something and overload, complete.

"Night Benjamin," Angie says, sauntering away from the man as she follows Anders. Then, lower so only Anders can hear, "Did you choose this apartment or did they assign it to you?"

"List of many," Is Anders' similarly quiet reply when they are midway upstairs, he leans in to Angie, as if to further explain, but instead kisses her fiercely and slips an arm around her waist, "I don't want to talk about it any more, I need that woman's touch I was talking about."

"That's not an ans-mmmm," is all Angie gets out before the kiss. She doesn't get anything out afterwards.

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