2009-12-29: Human Rights Waiver



Date: December 29th, 2009


When negotiations fail, Tammy takes the kiddie gloves off with Lena and Tiago. Will they be able to resist Tammy's new interrogation approach? Will they betray their friends to save themselves? One giant Kiss My A** to Amnesty International. This scene is rated M for physical and psychological torture.

"Human Rights Waiver"

Temp Holding Unit, Alpha Protocol

Day turns into night, and back again, but with no indications for the two poor prisoners who have not so much as a window or a clock in their cells. The only indication that something is different is that their scheduled baths come after the first meal of the day, rather than after the last. The minutes and seconds drag by between lunch and dinner, and eventually the final meal of the day is served, along with the uncharacteristic warning of 'you have fifteen minutes, so eat up', a time limit that had never been imposed before.

True to form, fifteen minutes after the meals are delivered, four guards for each prisoner tramp down the hallway, though Lena's are in their usual protective getup. The same orders are given, they're both shackled and moved through a procession of hallways that is markedly different than their routes before, as today they take a few trips down a flight of stairs or two, it's so hard to tell in those winding stairways.

Lena is the first to arrive, in a room with not one, nor two, but four machines in it, as well as two chairs with restraints. Both of the prisoners might, depending on how much of the justice system they had seen, recognize polygraph machines, which accounted for two of the devices. Lena is sat in the chair on the right, which is both bolted down and facing the other chair. There, she's strapped in quite securely with buckles across her waist, wrists, elbows, thighs, ankles, and shoulders. Then a ball gag is forced into her mouth, and a face shield is fitted over her head, leaving her head as the only thing mobile in the room. Her four guards retire to one of the corners, where they kick back against the wall and talk amongst themselves about the upcoming sports season.

Tiago's group had been delayed at one of the doors for a few minutes, before being given the clear once his partner was in place. Then he's admitted into the same room, and, if need be, tazed and forced into the chair facing Lena, where he's strapped down identically. His mouth, however, is left free. Both are then hooked up by the guards with wires, leading to the polygraphs, placed along the fingers and various other heart-monitoring points. The guards don't try to prevent the male from talking to Lenaa, and once the wires are in place, half of them depart, leaving four behind to blather on for another five minutes, whereupon the door opens, and what is probably by now the duo's least favorite person walks in.

Even if they didn't look at her, the sound of Tammy's heels across the tile floor was quite distinctive from boots, and, as always, she had managed to come through the day without so much as a hair out of place, and a pair of files under her arms. She nods to the guards, receiving a couple of 'Hey, Doc.'s in greeting.

"Well, here we are at last. Mister DaSilva. Miss Grey. I'm afraid the time for pleasantries has come to an end. If you'd like to change your stance on cooperation, Mister DaSilva, now is the time."

So, it has come. His so-called execution. Sweaty with recent exercise, Tiago met the guards with a withering sort of look, before lifting his head into the air proudly and complying with the orders given. He will not flinch, will not speak during the entire process - and this is something he's adamant about. He had it all figured out. He had made his peace with the Lord up above, prayed for a miracle, and whether he receives it or not, he will proceed with dignity.

Or so he thought.

He hadn't counted on seeing Lena's person in the room, tied down and gagged. And his reaction is immediate. Without thinking, the pliant man bursts into a flurry of activity, straining against the constraints hold him back violently with cries of rage and outrage, but there's no helping it. He is only a man, after all, and they have technology on their side. Eventually, he is manhandled into his post and tied down, after one painful dose of tasering. Even so, he continues to struggle against the straps tying him down, as evidenced by the veins popping out of his neck as he wills his body to do the supernatural.

"Lena! Lena - I - I'm sorry!" He cries out emphatically to her after a moment, obviously distressed, judging by the piteous way his lips curl, pained. Only pride keeps him from breaking down completely. "Eu te amo, Lena - I do, an' it'll be - nao fala nada nao, okay? Jus' - jus' have faith! Eu te amo, princessa. I'm sorry!"

There's little enough fight left in Lena, although her survivor's brain is as sharp as ever. She recognizes the signs of what might be coming even if there's precious little she can do about it. Token resistance is offered in the form of more than the usual amount of stumbling (so easy to do when chained at the ankles) but otherwise she remains silent and compliant. The second chair in the chamber gives the girl cause for hesitation, however. Seeing it there, positioned so she can look directly at whomever might occupy it is enough to make the few bites of dinner she'd choked down threaten to come back up again.

When the straps begin to go on, she does make the guards work for it, twisting and straining, spitting curses until the gag goes into her mouth. After that, she has little to do but meditate on what's coming. Oh, if only she'd paid more attention to those yoga and meditation DVDs…

Her pulse and respirations had just started to dip back towards normal again when Tiago is escorted into the room. It was a short-lived reprieve, for Lena struggles anew upon seeing him. Her screams of protest through the manhandling of the Brazilian are muffled but no less emphatic for there being a chunk of rubber in the way. By the time Chi is strapped in and speaking to her, the brunette is breaking down enough for the both of them, shaking her head and trying to force words too garbled to be understand past the gag.

And when Tammy arrives, the eyes that roll in the woman's direction shine with fear and murder behind the tears.

"Yes, yes, touching. I'll take that as a decline of my offer to end things peaceably."

As she approaches a metal desk set against a wall off to the side, behind and to the right of Tiago, out of his field of vision without straining his neck, but perfectly within Lena's, she motions towards the female of the restrained duo. Immediately one of the guards snaps into action, pulling a pair of exposed electrodes off of a tray, along with medicinal tape. The metallic ends are attached to the woman's temples with this, and then wires are clamped onto the ends, running towards one of the other, unremarkable machines, which really looked like nothing so much as a little black box, perhaps twice the size of a loaf of bread.

After a few moments, Tammy turns, looking at the guard, who has pulled up a chair next to both the black box and Tiago's polygraph, apparently having pulled monitor duty. He gives her a small nod, which is returned, and the dark-haired agent moves away from the desk, heels clicking their way towards Lena's chair. She places a hand on the back of Lena's chair, ensuring she wasn't making skin contact, looking at Tiago as she begins to speak.

"Towards the beginning of last century, medical professionals knew very little mental diseases. One of the most common methods for solving the more dangerous ones was the lobotomy. Are you familiar with it?" She doesn't wait for an answer, running a finger across part of Lena's faceshield. "They would cut an incision along the temple and remove part of the brain. As technology developed, mentally disturbed individuals were among the first to have new techniques tested upon them. Thus, the electrical lobotomy was born. What this does is send a high-current, low-voltage shock across the frontal lobe of the brain. When the current is high enough, or applied long enough, the neural pathways of the brain begin to deteriorate. If you think about it, your brain is really just a bundle of nerve endings along which electrical signals travel."

Moving away from Lena's chair, she begins pacing around the duo, moving behind Tiago, into Lena's field of view. "The most common voltage that kills people in this country is a mere thirty volts at point on milli-amps. This machine," She taps the mystery box. "Is set for about two hundred volts at point oh-one milli-amps currently. "You can imagine the kind of permanent damage that can be done here. Unlike other cells within the body, brain cells do not regenerate. This is why brain damage is incurable. Now, I'm going to ask you some questions, Mister DaSilva."

"I'm goin' ta fuckin' kill you! Fuckin' rip your head off if you do anythin' ta her, I /swear/ on my fuckin' grave! What the fuck're you doin' you've got me, god DAMN it! You fuckin' caught me, what mare d'you want!" The express panic and anger in his voice is practically palpable as Tiago spits out his threats, though it is much less intimidating with him all wrapped up like this. "I'm goin' ta fuckin' kill you, you fuckin' bitch!" He can barely here his own screams over the thundering of his heart in his chest, through the sight of the dark-haired woman beside Lena. And as she offers her explanation of what's happening, he finds his distress to grow. How is it possible that he hasn't had a heart attack yet, or that he hasn't broken free of his ties, he'll never know.

"Don't you fuckin' do that! I'll - I'll…" Frantically, his eyes flash from one side of the room to the other, searching for his escape. "What questions? I already told ya shit, I already told ya it all!"

There is nothing in the equipment on the table that Lena recognizes so her focus doesn't linger there for long. While the electrodes are being applied, Lena's eyes shift back to Tiago. The fear there takes on a new urgency as Tammy begins to explain the process they get to look forward to.

"Nnnn! Nn nnn!" The taste of rubber filling her mouth is bitter but Lena continues to bite at the gag, trying to force the words past it. A frantic shaking of her head punctuates the message. She mumbles and shakes her head, mumbles and shakes her head. Damn the woman running this show for making real words impossible.

That sentiment is easy to translate in a look, at least. Lena makes haste to do just that when Tammy strolls back into her line of sigh. The attempt at communication becomes a simple, soggy growl forced through a throat gone tight.

There's a small, almost tiredly irritated sigh from the special agent as she picks up a small device, a tiny, slim tub that fits into her hand, with a big, black button on one end, not unlike those you'd find in a hearing-test booth. "While I tolerated your vile language and coarse attitude during our negotiations, that time is past. You will listen to me now, and you will refrain from your usual diatribe of insults and threats. The time when I tried to help you both is over. You should have taken the deal that I offered." Her hand reaches down to flick a small switch on the box, and the analog meter on it immediately pegs from left, to right, though what any of the numbers on it meant was up for an electrician to guess as the box begins to admit a low, quiet hum, much like any electronic appliance would.

Lena's look manages to catch Tammy's unimpressed eye, turning a skeptical expression on the woman. "I believe if Miss Grey could speak, she would be telling you right now that you should spare both yourselves the pain of what is to come and begin talking. I want names. I want addresses. I want phone numbers. I want everything you know about your accomplices."

Her steps take her behind Lena once again. "Until you give them to me, you are going to watch." The dark-haired woman's voice has changed noticeably by now, from the cool, detached professionalism, to something more powerful, authoritative, demanding. "Allow me to demonstrate." Holding up the small tube, she presses the button, which completes the path for electricity to flow with white-hot pain through the front part of Lena's skull. Child birth might compare to the pain, if the baby kicked it's way out of your forehead. After two or three seconds, she releases it. "The brain can only take so many of those before parts of it begin permanently shutting down. How many accomplices are in your group?"

Miss Grey most certainly does not want Tiago to talk, and she proves it by shaking her head hard enough to send a spray of drool over the inside of her face shield. "Nnnnnnnn!" she vocalizes, trying to catch the man's eyes.

And then the room disappears in a wave of static, Lena's blue eyes rolling back in her head and her voice dying in her throat. The purpose of the straps become clear; they aren't there to prevent her from attacking the guards, but rather to avoid her surging right out of the chair. When the current ends, she slumps back with a whimper, her breathing shallow and her head drooping towards her chest.

Tiago freezes. His entire body seizes up with fear, with the anticipation of the pain that Lena will be put through. And indeed, she does not disappoint. His eyes, wide and glassy, remain fixed upon the thrashing form of the young woman. This is his punishment. This is how he is to pay the price for a lifetime of sinning. And by the end, the man lets out a tortured cry, as if looking to vocalize Lena's pain for her. "STOP. Stop it!" He heaves out, straining against the straps as he pushes himself forward. "Para! I - there ain't no fuc- no group!" His compliance is clear, obvious thanks to the censoring of himself. "We're jus' kids, man! I dunno what you're thinkin' we do, but we're jus' kids…don't do that again, please don't do that again, I'll do…I'll do anythin'!"

"Oh?" Tammy looks genuinely surprised, mild confusion on her face as she slowly saunters around Lena's chair, towards the Brazilian's. "Has this all been some kind of mistake then? Only… Yes, I seem to remember Miss Grey herself telling me that she knew others like her. Your stories clash, it seems. But you'll do anything?"

With an almost-smile of almost-concern on her face, Tammy bends down once she's next to Tiago's chair, placing a hand on his shoulder, holding up the remote in her other hand. "Then why don't you try the 'truth', Mister DaSilva. I do believe you already know the price of dishonesty." The button is pressed again, held for a similar length of time, then released. "Don't you love her? Look at her. She's in pain. She's suffering. Because of you. Because of your stubborness. Because you're protecting others. Tell me, are any of them as close to you as she is? I don't know about you, but if there was someone special in my life, I would do anything to protect them."

And then she straightens, turning away as she tugs at the bottom of her jacket to clear away the creases. "You need to consider what's important here. Too many more of those, and it won't matter anymore will it? She will be a brain-dead wreck, a shell without a mind, as the nerve endings in her brain liquify and fuse. Is that what you want? Is her life worth so little to you?"

"Who are they? Where are they? The truth."

Lena has just enough time to lift her head, to cast a wild look at Tiago and begin to shake her head again before the next "seizure" hits. "Nnn-gghmph!" The next three seconds are a repeat of the first. By the end of it, her breath whistles rapidly past the ball gag and her eyes are closed.

"Stop! Stop it!" Tiago cries out, and furiously he jerks away from the offending hand at his shoulder, his eyes clamping shut as he grits his teeth. He will not allow the vile woman to see the swarming of his tears in his eyes, and he will refuse to acknowledge them as they travel down his cheeks. "Stop it! I - it's not a /group/ there is no group! We have - we have friends! People, like her, who are our friends. /Please/, stop, I'm beggin' you…put that shit on me, fuc- electrocute me! They're jus' people, jus' people who need support, is all…"

"It will stop when you give me answers. Her pain will end when you cooperate."

These words are said slowly, as if she were lecturing a misbehaving child as she circles his chair in a slow pace, her arms crossed under her chest as she fixes him with her icy stare. She stops right in front of Tiago as he begins talking, pointedly blocking any hope of him seeing Lena shaking her head at him, which she was likely to still be doing given the chance. "What are their names? What can they do? What do they look like? Where do they live? How do you contact them?" The questions come one after the other, leaving no room for deliberation between them. The dark-haired woman glances off to the side, pointing at one of the guards near the wall, then jerking her thumb towards Lena.

The guard uncrosses his arms and pulls small stick off of his belt, pressing a small button near the handle, which causes a blue arc of electricity to dance along it's edge while he's still in Tiago's field of view. He then moves behind Tammy, partially out of sight, though the distinctive *zap* can be heard as he brings applying the business end of his mini-cattleprod to Lena's exposed skin on her arms, particularly the sensitive places on the inside of her elbows, and the webbing between her fingers. It was nothing compared to the world-shattering agony of the electrodes, but likely enough to cause whimpers.

"He doesn't stop until I'm satisfied. And if I think you're holding out on me…" She holds up the slim button in her own hand to finish the warning.

There's a buzzing in her ears that makes it difficult for Lena to tell what Tammy is saying; she can hear the woman's voice, the calm and commanding demand of it, but the words just flicker in one ear and out the other. But as soon as she's able to, the brunette does begin to shake her head again. Weakly, which is good for the guards. That thick mop is saturated with sweat, some of it sticking to her cheeks, some in a wild tangle around her head. The wordless vocalizations resume as well, but only until the shrink's assistant begins his work with the zapper. Though she tries to keep herself from it, to swallow the moans, some escape around the gag, mingled with the pleas intended for Tiago.

When Tiago pries his eyelids open, they spit bloody venom. By all rights, Tammy should be dead by the sheer intensity of that gaze alone. "I don't know where they live - I don't know where they all live, I don't. I /swear/." But then the sound of Lena's piteous moans draws something stronger from the lad. The urgency to fix him. And there is one name he knows he cannot give, but he must And so, he'll throw it amidst lies, try to lessen the effect. "Anthony, an' Gregg, an'…Gene! Stop hurting her! Gene - I don't know what he can do, but he's a super genius. He can make shit, electric shit, an' fix everythin'. He makes robots an' - an Gregg, he can move shit with his mind, he can! Anthony - he talks to animals. I - I talk to 'em, we talk to 'em usin' a walkie talkie Gene made for us so people can't listen in on us an' - /please stop hurting her/!"

Managing to look both bored and unimpressed had been brought up to an art form by Tammy, who looked as if she wasn't buying a single word of what was coming out of Tiago's mouth. Unlike previous times, she wasn't writing anything, just staring at the Brazilian male with a cold, dispassionate gaze. If the woman had any emotions, they were well hidden.

The guard tormenting Lena, however, decided it was time to kick it up a notch, and prods the business end of his electric pain-dispensing tool into her clavicle. He then presses it against her abdomen, hard enough for the arcs of electricty to work through the resistance of her clothing, then moves lower, shocking her around her ankles and shins.

If the dark-haired half-asian was moved by Tiago's pleas, she didn't show it. "If you want him to stop, talk faster. Who else? Who else do you know with powers? Where is this two-way radio? Where have you two been staying? Where is Miss Neal? I suggest you begin giving us more before I grow impatient."

Her eyes narrow as her thumb hovers close to the current-inducing button. "I really don't like to be kept waiting."

The sounds coming from Lena's throat grow higher in pitch, shifting quickly from uncomfortable to agonized due to the guard's efforts. Slight as she is from the weight loss of her crash diet, the pain is enough that every twitch and spasm of her arms and legs causes the restraints to rattle. It's getting harder to catch her breath but between every gasp, she strains to catch a glimpse of Tiago around the woman. Head-shaking has been given up in favor of sobbing behind the gag, though. No more protests, just a long and heartbroken moaning.

"At a - at a townhouse in the upper west side! I don' know the address - but it's got a green door an'…an' it's under the name Falkland, I think." Suddenly recalling something, his teary eyes fly open once again. "We live there with some people - roommates. They can't do shit, though! They're jus' girls livin' with us! It's in the apartment, the communicator - it's there!" Does Tiago feel guilty? Absolutely. But he held out as long as possible - he's being as vague as possible. But strangely enough, the guilt isn't an all-consuming one. He feels oddly justified in his admission - after all, they couldn't possibly expect him to sit back and watch them torture his girlfriend. Could they?

"Neal? Dex? Oh god - fuckin' stop it! I can't think! She's - she's stayin' at some abandoned buildin' - it's bein' like, renovated or somethin', close to the Bronx. I only saw it once, an' it wasn't up close, 'cause we were travelin' by roof the time an' - an' stop! I'm /telling/ you what you wanna know! I'm /telling/ you everythin', please stop doin' that ta her!"

Despite the Brazilian's please, Tammy does nothing, other than to continue staring at him in the same infuriatingly cold manner she had previously. The guard tormenting Lena begins to get creative, moving the prod to her inner thighs for a few shocks, the surprising her with one to her lips, right on the edge of that gag, then the back of her neck, her ear, anywhere he thought might give out a high-pitched squeal. After a bit more of this, Tammy turns, tapping him once on the back of the shoulder.

"That's enough on her for now. Gag the male." With an indifferent shrug, the guard retracts his poker, replacing it on his belt as he moves towards the metallic tray, picking up a second gag. Tammy pointedly glares at Tiago as the guard puts the gag into his mouth, her finger notably poised over the button should he try to resist or put up a fight. After it's secured around the back of the male's head, he moves over towards Lena, ensuring his gloves were secure befor gingerly reaching behind her neck to unfasten her own gag. Once that's set off to the side, the electrodes are removed from her temples, though her face shield is left in place, ensuring the only place she could spit was on herself. The guard on monitoring duty immediately begins to secure the pair of electrodes to Tiago's temples as the dark-haired agent turns to look cooly at Lena.

"Miss Grey, look at me. You know what that feels like. You know what he's about to go through. You know what he's about to go through. You know what you have to do to stop it." She glances at the monitor guard. "Mike, prep her polygraph. I'll be right back." And with that, the sound of her heels begin receding towards the door.

It takes a few minutes for Lena to gather wits and coordination enough to raise her head, to flex her jaw and open her eyes. When she does, there's a dazed quality to every movement. The look of someone who's either exhausted or broken, or both. If she understood what Tammy had said to her, the girl gives no sign of it. She focuses as best she can on the man strapped into the chair opposite hers, blinking as rapidly as she can to clear her eyes of the tears that keep filling them.

"S'okay, Chi," she croaks after several breaths, and repeated clearing of her throat. "S'okay. I'm sorry I got you into this. I'm sorry."

Every subsequent cry, even hitch in Lena's moans is paired with a sudden jerking of Tiago's body, though it has become considerably weaker in strength, as though he's resigned to the fact that he will not be able to force his escape. Still, he tries. Earnestly, he struggles, until relief floods his features at the sight of Lena being ungagged, at the sight of her relief. He's so pleased, in fact, that he barely struggles when it is his turn to be gagged - it's part of his penance. Besides, physical pain is a much preferred alternative to the mental hell he had been put through. Although, to her, he shakes his head softly, green eyes rimmed with red as he peers her over in an expression that is overtly caring, trying to communicate the fact that he does not blame her in the least.

The door opens and closes, and the room is vacant of the dark-haired agent's presence for a handful of minutes. Then it opens again, readmitting her, along with a clipboard and several sheets of paper on it, and even a pen attached by a little stretchy-string. As the portal snaps shut behind her, she moves towards the desk, a grating sound of metal-on-tile indicating she was dragging a chair of her own nearer the group. This she seats herself in, crossing one leg over the other, between the pair and a little off to the side, mostly facing Lena. She uncaps a bottle of Aquafina she had brough in with her, taking a drink, before screwing it back on and leaning over to set it on the tray, next to the Evil Black Box.

"Okay, we're going to begin now, Miss Grey. I require your full attention. You know what this button can do." She holds it up for emphasis, then transfers it to her fingers behind the clipboard, to make manipulating the clipboard itself easier. "I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and you're going to answer them with a 'yes', or a 'no'. If you answer with anything else, refuse to answer, take too long in answering, or make yourself unpleasant to deal with, I press the button. Now…"

"Is your real name Caroline Grey? …Do you go by the alias 'Lena'? …Are you nineteen years of age? …Is your natural hair color blue? …Do you wear glasses? …Have you been living in a townhouse with a green door registered to 'Falkland'?"

"Yeah, it is," Lena says to the unspoken reassurances, face twisting up in a milder rictus of the pain she'd suffered earlier. "I'm sorry. I love you, and…and I'm gonna kill this fucking bitch, I swear to god." Tender words go the way of the dodo when Tammy reappears, summoning the girl's attention through the simple act of enjoying a nice long drink of water. The instructions are listened to in grim silence, her jaw clenched tightly. But she understands. Oh yes she does.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. No, no. Yes." Pause. An obscenity trembles on the tip of her tongue but for Tiago's sake, Lena just barely manages to keep it contained.

Tiago continues to shake his head, and it hangs with a sort of desperation as the man narrows his eyes to the girl, offering grunts of disapproval for her blame. When she is met with the questioning, he proceeds to shake his head once again, closing his eyes and clenching his hands tightly into fists. There's really nothing else to it, as he remains useless.

Tammy's eyes cut to the man behind Lena, monitoring the polygraph, as Lena answers the last question in line. He gives her a nod, and she looks back down at the paper in front of her. "Is the radio which you use to comminicate with the others in this house?" After each question, she glances back towards the guard monitoring the machine, which was in turn keeping track of the various pulse-points of Lena's body.

"Do you know a man named Gene, who can possibly manipulate electronic devices? …Do you know Gene's last name? …Do you know where he lives? …Do you know if he has any family in the city? …Do you know any of Gene's acquaintances, other than the two of you?"

The questions go on in this manner for nearly an hour, with the interrogator processing every possible angle to determine just how much she knew about the Brazilian's information, which of it was false, and which of it was true. Finally, after exhaustive questioning, and a few shocks to Tiago whenever the polygraph came up 'false', Tammy sets the clipboard aside, and picks up her bottle for another drink. After washing out her mouth with the refreshing coolness, she stands again, setting the bottle aside, tapping the side of her cheek with the slim tube in her fingers.

"Now you know how this part works. You start talking, or my finger gets pushy. Who are your other accomplices? I want full names. I want what they can do. I want who they know. I want where they live. I want how they contact you. And I want it now."

By the end of it (or the end of that line of questioning of the beginning of the next) Lena is as exhausted by the questions as she was by the electroshock therapy. Without the straps, she'd be slumped deep into the chair, on the verge of nodding off. "We don't have accomplices," she mumbles, dragging her chin up with some effort to peer blearily at the interrogator. "We told you. Anyone we know who can do shit, we don't get names, we don't get addresses…people are scared. They don't trust hardly anyone." But another glance at Tiago, sitting there sweating and uncomfortable in his own torture chair, keeps the poor girl talking.

"Tracy Strauss." Lena closes her eyes, a muscle jumping in her jaw. "I dunno what she can do but she's someone. The…she was the lady who worked for Wynn. That Senator guy who was running this bullshit. And he's one too. He drugs people somehow. Like me except it makes them do what he wants."

At what seems to be periodic intervals, the muffled cry of Tiago being surged with electricity rings out in the air. And with every hair on his body standing up, with sweat dripping from the tip of his nose, the man is lucky to be strapped down. Because otherwise, he'd be in a pile of mismatched skin and bones on the floor. Encouragement cannot be given to Lena, for the man is struggling to remain conscious and alert to everything that's happening to him as it is.

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" Tammy's voice practically crackles with impatience, though it doesn't change in tone or pitch, and the glance she cuts to Lena from her position standing next to Tiago is harsh. "Perhaps you think we're playing games here, Miss Grey. Maybe you think I'm not serious enough. Perhaps I can do something to change your mind."

And the button is pressed. And not immediately released. It drags on as the dark-haired woman strolls casually from the Brazilian's chair, to the younger woman's. Three seconds turn to four, to five, to six, each likely seeming an eternity of pain for the one feeling the effects of the electricity. "Perhaps you don't know exactly what this will do to his mind if allowed to continue." Seven seconds turn into eight, and then it's mercifully cut off as the button is released, Tammy maneuvering to stand to the side of, and a little behind Lena.

"You see, if enough current is passed through his frontal lobes like that, he'll lose the mental facility to speak, to feed himself. Even wiping after going to the bathroom will become beyond his conscious control. He'll be a vegetable, wearing diapers, forced to be placed in a state-run home for the rest of his life. Considering he's a man barely into his twenties, that's quite a tragic fate. You said you loved him. You can end his torment. You can stop what's happening to him. You can save him. Or… you might as well be pressing the button yourself."

The tube is handled upside-down, then pressed against Lena's shoulder, where her prison jumper covered skin, using the woman herself to push the button, held down for another handful of seconds before it's retracted. "Names. Now. My patience is wearing thin."

This must be what hell is like. In the brief moments of rest, during the intervals between electroshock therapy, Tiago does his best to recuperate and banish the memory of the blinding pain from hitting him. But then, Tammy just has to go and make a point. This time, it's not a jolt - it's prolonged, its agonizing, and at Tiago's form twists and turns in the constraints in pain. Through the muffle of the gag, the man screams so loudly every vein manages to stick out of his neck.

By the time she stops, he is lifeless, hanging there, with his eyelids opened just slightly but his eyes rolled back into his head, as the pain had, finally, tipped him into momentary unconsciousness. Unfortunately, he stirs back to life just before Tammy uses Lena to press the button, resuming the cries.

Without the benefit of the gag, Lena's able to cry out. Not in real pain, but rather in shared anguish. There's no strength left in her to fight the straps but she wails hoarsely with Tiago. It's only when Tammy uses the girl's own shoulder as a method of delivering the shock to the man that she remembers how to speak. "No! Oh god, Chi, I'm sorry! Rebel! The boy on the computer! Randy, he owns a junk shop! I don't remember anyone else, I don't remember! You bitch! Oh god, you bitch I hate you they're just people, if you killed him I'm going to kill you I'll fucking kill you I swear to god!"

Further insults are offered but they escape her in an unintelligable mumble as she slumps in the chair and sobs.

Lifting the button away, Tammy considers the information for several moments, pacing around behind Lena where the woman couldn't see as she eyes the male across from her, his current state and coherency. "You know, I've never had this go on so long that anyone's actually died. I'm actually finding myself curious how much more it would take before he stopped breathing…"

The sound of her heels would be the only indication of her coming around Lena's left side until her slim backside actually comes into view, her tailored suit jacket, skirt, even her hair looking no worse for wear than when she'd set foot into the room. She leans down next to the male, placing a hand against his forehead as she forcibly lifts up his head to look into his eyes to check his condition. She was no medical doctor, but having been on the torture racket for a while, she knew what could and couldn't be done before someone's heart failed. She straightens, half-turning to look at Lena over her shoulder, raising the button.

"Should we find out? I think he's close to his limit. Permanent damage may have already occured. One more could be it. Surely you know more names, more people, more locations. Enough to save his life."

Tiago is beyond tears. He is beyond struggling, and beyond moving except for when he positively has to. As a result, his head is heavy and stiff in Tammy's hand, and only held up by her own force seeing as he can't even muster up the strength his neck necessitates to do the deed himself. There is the slightest fluttering of his eyelides as Tammy inspects him, his eyes glassy and distant, unable to focus on anything for he, quite literally, cannot see her. All he sees is a field of white. As a result, the low groan that is ripped from him isn't directed to anyone in particular.

"I d-don't," Lena insists through the tears, finding energy enough to thrash briefly against the straps before collapsing backwards again. It's becoming increasingly difficult to see through the thin sheet of plastic in front of her face; what isn't smeared with spit has begun to fog with her panting breaths. But she knows that blur is Tiago and that other blur beside him must be Tammy. It's to that figure that she directs her next moan. "I don't! If I knew I'd tell you but I don't know anyone else. I can't remember anyone else."

The silence lingers as Tammy goes back to her examination of the male, her finger toying around the edge of the button and she considers the woman's earnest plea. After a minute has slipped past, which might as well have lasted a year in this hell, she steps to the side and places the thing piece of plastic tubing down, flicking the switch off, ceasing the low hum of the black box that had been going throughout the interrogation.

"Take them back to their cells. Get DaSilva to the medical room, first, then dispatch a doctor to Grey's cell. I want them monitored for the next forty-eight hours for signs of cardiac arrest."

Two of the guards begin to remove the polygraph attachements, and the electrodes, from the pair of victims, while another loosens the near-unconscious-male's restraints, beginning to put him back into his cuffs and shackles. The forth exits the room, summoning the other four who had left previously back inside. Tammy, meanwhile, collects her water, moving towards her files, and picking them up. As a pair of beefy guards enter and begin hauling Tiago out of his chair, they both wish the doctor a pleasant evening on their way out. Tammy lingers a moment, though safely on the other side of the room, near the door, as the guards begin extricating Lena from her restraints.

"Miss Grey, we'll be speaking again soon, the three of us. I'd encourage you to think long and hard on whatever additional information you might be able to give us before things go quite so far again." The sound of her heels echoing down the hallway heralds the agent's departure.

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