2007-10-07: Humans Never Change


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Summary: Sharon and Adam, under the Stan alias, meet for the second time in two days. The two chat about how humans don't really change.

Date It Happened: October 7th, 2007

Humans Never Change

The Bronx

The Bronx. Not a safe neighborhood, by any stretch of the imagination, but Sharon had gone to visit a friend of her's last night, and ended up staying later than she planned. Now it's morning, and she fortunately doesn't have any appointments until later in the day. The woman is actually wearing the same blue t-shirt and jeans that she was wearing yesterday, though there isn't any rumple to them. More like she just hasn't been home to change. That's one of the negative side effects of not sleeping. So, the woman is currently walking along the street. She doesn't come this way all that often honestly. And it's totally different when the Yankees are playing in terms of crowds, plus there aren't any baseball games this early in the morning. It's another opportunity to get to know the city a little more than she normally does as well.

Adam for his part walks the street with the same long cylinder tucked under his arm, he's wearing a more casual suit than usual, yet it's obviously still a suit, he's also wearing a long, and somewhat thick brown jacket. He stops taking a second to study a store, he seems to be annoyed about something. "This used to be a cafe. You're away for a while and the whole world changes." He shakes his head, of course anyone who knew the area would note that the cafe hasn't been there for almost fifteen years.

Sharon does have her gym bag with her (purple and black) that's slung over her shoulder as well. She notices the man studying the store as she approaches and overhears the statement. "That so? Was it any good?" she asks casually, glancing over at the store. She hasn't been here more than five or six years, so he'll get lucky in that regard. "Big city to run into a fellow twice in two days randomly, though we seemed to be in slightly different conversations at the time". Shy, Sharon is not.

Nodding slightly Adam smiles slightly. "Great coffee, and they did a good bacon sandwich not like my mother used to make, but then not many cafes cook like my mother used to." He nods slowly, his manner changing slightly. "Yes, I've bumped into a lot of people repeatedly, it's odd really."

"Not much of a caffeine person myself, but bacon sandwich sounds good to me," Sharon tells Adam. "Though I don't know of many cafes that cook like anybody's mother. A rare thing, that". A shrug is given to Adam. "Happens, I suppose. Fate or random chance or some mix, I suppose. I'm Sharon," she tells the man, offering him a hand.

"Stan." Adam offers a hand, and his most recent alias. "I'd like to lean towards Fate, it's my experience that we all get pulled in a certain direction." He nods very slightly. "Well in my case it's a good thing they don't cook like my mother, she couldn't cook."

"Good to meet you, Stan," Sharon tells Adam before she laughs. "Well, there's still that quality to Mom's cooking, even if it wasn't so great. It's harder than it looks though. And regardless of if it's Fate or Random Chance, the result is similar. So I tend to take it as it comes". Sharon withdraws the hand. "Lived here awhile? Only been here five or six years now, since I got out of school myself".

Shrugging Adam considers the question briefly. "I've travelled a lot, I spent some time in New York when I was younger, but I was forced to leave for some time." He shrugs. "I've been working abroad, I'm a history professor, but I like to learn things for myself, rather than leaving someone else to discover the solid evidence."

"Sounds a bit more interesting than most history teachers I had when I went to public school, though my history professor had a thing for African history and travelled there a lot. Most were pretty content to be the library-style historians," Sharon says. "But, afraid I didn't major in History, so I didn't take many of it's courses in college. Didn't have the space for it in my program, really".

Shifting the cylinder tucked under his arm slightly there's just a ghost of a smile. "I can understand that, history was kind of pushed upon me. I find I have a talent for thinking how people did a hundred years ago." He looks at Sharon with a slight smile. "What did you study, if I may ask?"

"Biology and athletic training double major," Sharon tells Stan. Maybe a little bit of a strange mix of degrees, but it works for Sharon. "And people a hundred years ago were more polite, from all I've read, than our current society. Just walk around the city a bit to see that. It's gotten worse over the last five years; I can hardly imagine the difference from now and a hundred years ago".

There's a nod and an almost grim smile as he looks at her. "Manners weren't better, people were just too busy to be rude, see the classes that we hear about, well they put on this refined and… polite face for their peers, but they wouldn't give the time of day to those lower in society than themselves, then you had the working class, I don't think people swear as much today. And you'd be surprised just how violent the world could be." He pauses a moment. "I heard a story of a man who used to work on the docks in London, you might need a dozen men to do a job, they would pick the first dozen to get there. They'd pick by fighting, sometimes someone would think themselves clever and carry tools." He shrugged. "We always try to remember yesterday as better than today, and dream of tomorrow being better than that."

"World has never been not violent," Sharon says. "Humans are an alpha predator. Not so much in the physical way, as I can think of lots of creatures that can handle humans physically, but mentally, humans are obviously superior to the other creatures. Partially because we can remember and learn from our mistakes. Not to mention make tools to protect ourselves. And without something else keeping us in check, as it were, we start arguing among ourselves, and turn them on each other. Not to mention that we care for our weak and old, and a lot of species just don't do that, or near to the extent that humans do. That gives human predators some prey to choose from".

There's a laugh as Adam studies Sharon. "True enough, but my point was we're not as different today as we were a hundred years ago, we think we're putting down the sword, but we always pick it back up, or we think we're getting worse, that we're more violent, when the truth is we're just more aware of these acts than people were a century ago." He bows slightly to Sharon before leaving. "Unfortunately I'm late for an appointment. I shall hopefully see you soon."

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