2009-11-14: I Am Brayden



Date: November 14, 2009


Noah, Beatrix, and Brayden all crave waffles and they meet at the IHOP. Brayden is guilted into facing Nathan's demons.

"I Am Brayden/ Alternate Title: I Heart Old People"


Noah eating some pancakes at IHOP. Currently, he is on his own, his daughter currently… somewhere else. Maybe she's with Sandra, maybe she's in hiding whereever Noah told her to be. Whatever the case, she is (seemingly) safe, and to the Bennet male, that is the important thing. He eats the waffles that are in front of them, but he makes a face after the first bite. His wife's are so much better.

In walk Kitty or Beatrix as she is being called these days. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she rubs the arm with the tattoo as she looks around and is then seated not to far from Noah, actually right in front of him but she hasn't noticed him, the former Company Man. She sighs and kicks her feet against the table's leg, what to eat.. French toast?

The door opens and in steps Brayden (Nathan?) with a copy of GAB IT in hand. He's supposed to be staying in his hotel room like Helen requested, but being trapped in there is worse than the monastery. So he's come to IHOP. Again. Although, all things considered the chances of him getting into trouble at an International House of Pancakes seems slim to none. There's no press following him today, not yet anyways —Helen had managed to get him into a fairly private hotel so they haven't found him yet. He immediately sits at the bar of the restaurant and waves for the waitress's attention, "Can I get a black coffee, and an order of waffles with a side of bacon?" "Sure thing, Sugar," she responds as she pulls out a mug and pours coffee in it for Brayden.

He opens the tabloid and sighs as he looks at the picture, "They got my worst angle…"

Being who he is, Noah sees both 'Beatrix' and Nathan come in. While Beatrix gets little heed (perhaps either due to Noah not remembering her or the fact that the Company is not an issue for him anymore), Nathan… Causes him to pause. Adaptive father looks toward biological, Mr. Bennet frowning to himself. For now, he just lets things be, enjoying his orange juice and subpar waffles as best he ca.

The new blonde looks up and around again, just being cautious. She's been by herself the past few days, better for everyone that way before she and someone else gets hurt. Bea sighs and orders her food, waffles. Yum, before her eyes settle on Noah and then she freezes.. those glasses.. is he.. no couldn't be.

Brayden grins as the waffles and bacon are placed in front of him. "Thanks ma'am." He smiles easily as he points at the photo. "Would you vote for this man?" he pops a piece of bacon into his mouth.
The waitress smirks and suppressed a chuckle, "I voted for the other guy."

"I think I would've done the same," Brayden chuckles as he shovels a piece of waffle into his mouth. "But you have to admit, there's something about the Beyonce pose that instills a sense of humanity into voters, right?" The waitress chuckles again as she moves to another table.

Unaware that he is being watched (or merely making it seem that such is the case), Noah moves toward bar after securing his juice, seating himself next to 'Brayden'. "I'd start this off by saying 'I thought you were dead'… But I am sure you hear that a lot these days," HRG admits with a mirthless smirk.

"Bennet.. and Nathan??" Beatrix's eyes light up and she gets up from her chair also and softly walks up behind both men, she slides into the seat on the other side of Brayden and looks in front of her as she says, "I thought both of you were dead." She says softly and folds her arms in front of her, tilting her head slightly.

Noah, she didn't really know if he was dead but Angela only made it known that he wasn't.. around anymore and Nathan well she's been looking for him, along with Peter. "Where the hell have you been Nathan?"

Looking up from the tabloid, eyes focus on Noah as Brayden tilts his head, "Yeah, I've been getting that a lot lately." There's a pause. "Have we met?" He stares at Noah for several seconds before turning back to his waffles, shovelling another piece into his mouth. The guy himself isn't familiar, but those glasses! Maybe Nathan wore glasses like those? Wait, why would Nathan need glasses? Beatrix breaks into these thoughts, causing Brayden to shake his head a bit, "Uh… do I know you?" He's having to be extra careful about who he tells his harrowing tale to these days…

"If you don't even remember me, we're going to have a lot of work ahead of us, Ex-Senator Petrelli." Beatrix's arrival causes Noah to give a nervous smile, giving her a waggle of his fingers but not saying anything directly to her yet. "I don't want to disturb your breakfast with serious matters, but if you could give me some contact information… I know at least one or two of your family members that really need to speak with you if they haven't already."

That said, he gives a slightly stronger smile to Kitty. "I'm still alive. Trust me, I'm too busy to die."

She slides a piece of paper over to Brayden-Nathan and then she takes a pen and writes down the number of the phone she is currently using, she's been changing often, all under different names.

"Call me.. there are things that we need to discuss also." Then Noah is given a even brighter smile. "Good, stay busy. You need to.. what with everything going on. Claire is alright?" she asks, slightly nervous that something could have happened to the young Evolved woman. Beatrix drums her fingers on the counter.

Blink. Blink. Blink. "Um…. okay?" Brayden wonders if he pushed his alcohol-inatke over the edge today, and guzzles the coffee in front of him. "So I know you then? Both of you?" He furrows his eyebrows in concern. "Sorry, can't say I remember anything of my life before … a year and a half ago… you're not with the press are you? Can't give my info to the press again…" He points to the article, "They've been breathing down my neck…"

A cold glare is shot over at Beatrix, Noah making it clear mentioning his daughter in public is something she should be very nervous about. He then gives her a warm smile, as if pretending the question didn't exist… Sadly, one of the more friendly ways of sending his point across. "A lot of stuff going on, it's true, miss…"

As Nathan takes the conversation as well as the ex-Company Man expected, Noah sighs as he looks toward ex-Senator. "As I said, I am more than willing to talk about this with you in private. Right now, just enjoy your breakfast. You'll get all the answers you wanted soon enough… And even a few you didn't."

Cold glare met with a raise of her eyebrows. Beatrix runs a hand through her hair. "Not press, not even close." She says softly before looking back to Noah. "Beatrix." She says, giving Noah the look that if he figured that wasn't her name, he would know not to say it aloud. "We must talk too." She says and looks at Noah. If Noah doesn't know what's been going on lately. Though she is sure that he knows, it's Noah after all.

There's a pause as Brayden finishes his coffee. "You mean about Logan?" he asks Noah with a tilt of his head. Yes, he knows about Logan. "Or… other things? Do I want to know them?" He arches an eyebrow at Beatrix and shovels the last bit of waffle into his mouth. Yes, he's been inhaling them. The conversation only makes him eat faster. But Beatrix's assurance that she's not with the press is comfort enough for Brayden. Reluctantly he takes a napkin and scribbles his cellphone number on it. "Don't prank me or anything." And then he offers her his hand, "Call me Brayden." He flashes her his charming politico smile. She's a pretty girl, after all…

"Still calling yourself fake names, Nathan?" Noah states, sipping his juice. Nathan knows Logan, but nothing about Noah? Either Nathan was able to remember his alter egos or someone was telling him information. "If you run from your past, you won't be able to help change the future." With comments like that, Noah's glad he's out of the Company for awhile. That old hag's cryptic commentary is rubbing off on him. He leans over the bar to look at Beatrix as she looks at him. "If you say so," he replies, sounding uncertain or unknowing of what the topic will be about.

Taking Brayden's hand she grins widely. "Nice to meet you Brayden.." though the smile doesn't reach her eyes, she looks towards Noah. Is right now, really the place to do this? Beatrix takes her hand back and puts her chin in her hands, watching for the moment how that statement will effect Brayden.

"It's not a fake name," Brayden quips back to Noah. "When I woke up in Ireland forgetting everything I had to go by something. The gal I met named me Brayden," a mischievous smile spreads across his lips only to disappear seconds later. He frowns at the notion of running from the past, "I like who I am now." Of course, he was the one that sought out New York because it was familiar. There's something about him that wants to know who he is. And then he adds as an afterthought, this time with a forced toothy grin, "Nice to meet you Beatrix."

"An alias, regardless of how it got there, is still an alias. Just because you choose a new life doesn't mean you're free from the responsibilities of the life you once led. If you really want to stay Brayden, you need to leave this city now. If you want to help people, you need to be Nathan. Either way, we'll talk again… Enjoy your waffles, 'Brayden'. Take care of yourself, Beatrix." That said, Noah gets up and makes his way toward the cashier, clearly planning to pay for his food and leave.

Sighing softly, Beatrix stands as well. "I'll tell.. him that I saw you." When she ever sees Peter again that is. The young blonde pats Brayden on the shoulder softly and she thinks back to Peter's frequent worrying about his older brother and as soon as Peter is taken.. Nathan shows up. Ironic, it's how things always seem to work in this world.

With a faint smile, "I wish you would be Nathan again." She says softly before she is walking away. Food forgotten.

"I don't know who Nathan was! I'm not hiding from anyone… I'm trying, aren't I?" Brayden objects as Noah begins walking away. And then Beatrix walks away. "What?" What just happened here? Brayden is left gaping at his empty plate, shovelling the napkin with Beatrix's contact information into his pocket.

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