2007-05-19: I Am Not Here


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Summary: People meet in the park, namely William and Randall. OH NOES! In other news, Trina looks like a total DORK in front of strangers.

Date It Happened: May 19, 2007

I Am Not Here

Central Park

However safe Central Park may or may not be, it still draws more than its share of weirdness due to its sheer ubiquity. Some people are eating, drinking, jogging, walking their dogs and/or other pets. Then there's that one guy over there, perched sideways on a bench, looping a coil of copper wire back and forth between it and the trash can next to it. Occasionally he glances up at passersby, shooting them a generic 'yeah I know you think I'm a loony' look.

William falls into the jogging category, well running really. He's dressed in a pair of baggy shorts, Nikes, and a shirt that reads "I only look straight." He had to wear the gift sometime, so when better than while working out? He has an iPod strapped to his arm, running a decent pace along a path. He slows down though when he sees the man looping the wire around. Strange.

Jogging is lame. Pets are lame. So why *is* Trina in the middle of the park? Not even she is entirely sure. She just felt the need to get out and get some air… and eventually she got here. But the dark haired woman doesn't look terribly concerned as she walks one of its many paths in her black combat boots and jeans. With her black leather jacket, worn and old, she is not really paying overly much attention to her surroundings. Instead, most of her attention seems to be on the music that is playing over the Walkman tucked in her pocket. Yes, Trina — like her car — is kickin' it ol' skool. Long live the cassette tape, man. Long live the cassette.

Randall looks up again, waving vaguely to William as he comes into sight. "Hey there. How'd the family thing end up working out?" The wire is wound up and tied off near the top, knocking a crumpled hamburger wrapper into the bin in passing.

William reaches over to turn down the music as he moves closer. This would make a good break in his run. "Well, I haven't killed my sister yet, if that's what you're asking. She's in Iowa. Makes it harder. I'm trying to come up with something suitably embarassing to send her back." But he's wearing the t-shirt. Even if it does embarass him a bit. Trina gets a quick look and a blink. "Oh, it's the woman that little guy hit." He notes before he looks at the wire. "What are you doing with this?"

Hee, hee. Little Gene. Innuendos are so easy. Unfortunately, Trina can not indulge in such frivolous mockeries for nature did not see fit to bless her with a power nearly so ridiculously awesome as telepathy. No, no. She must live her life from within the confines of her own mind. Chancing to look up from where she was previously watching the path pass beneath her feet, she slows down a moment and looks in the direction of William, brow furrowing slightly. Does she know that guy? Because he looks familiar. And… crap. He's looking her way! Quickly, she drops to the ground to… retie her boot. She was *so* not staring.

Randall nods to William, reaching down and playing his fingers experimentally across the whatever-it-is he's been putting together. "Ah, that explains it— someone sends you a care package like that, it's either completely appropriate or completely inappropriate. Wasn't sure which one." He follows William's glance over to Trina for a moment, then glances down again. "Current detector," he semi-explains, being nice and helping to distract the other guy. "Easier to get readings when there's less of a crowd to sort through."

William eyes the wire closer. "Current? What kind of current?" William asks before his cheeks pink a bit. "Yeah, well, being appropriate doesn't mean I appreciated the gesture. Or the thought of her buying some of that." Which would likely have been the rainbow colored condoms. He casts another look over towards Trina, but he's not calling out to her yet. "I'm William, by the way. I'm not sure I've ever caught your name."

Alright, and now the time has come to be SUPER sneaky. Hating that she can't place the guy's face, Trina does the unfathomable in order to preserve her closeness to the pair and risk a few more glances in their direction.
She unties and starts retying the other boot.

"Randall," the guy on the bench replies, offering a hand to William. "Err— it's hard to say, part of what I'm trying to figure out is what it should really be called. Have you heard of the Gaia hypothesis?" He still hasn't figured out what Trina's up to, other than that she seems to be killing time on purpose. "That's the starting point that I'm working from."

William shakes his head as he shakes Randall's hand. "Gaia hypothesis? I don't think I have. I teach math. If you want to know about square roots, that I'm fluent in." He states before shaking his head as he looks over to Trina. "If you want to come talk to us, come talk to us. Tying your shoes three more times will just start to look suspicious." He calls over.

Well, f***. Trina stops tying her boot in order to offer a poorly hidden wince to the world. For a moment, she debates beating feet far, far away in order to spare herself the embarassment of being totally caught in the act of being nosy. Finally, she decides that, no, she needs to just suck it up and play it cool. Never you mind the faint bit of rosiness that creeps into her cheeks. Clearing her throat, she makes her move towards the pair. "I know you, don't I," she sheepishly declares, although something in her tone reveals her uncertainty in that fact. "Have I seen you at Della Rosa," she asks, more in William's direction than Randall's. William is, after all, the one who caught her eye.

"Well, good," Randall offers. "Math's an important part—" At that point, though, he leaves off and leans back into the bench, letting William and Trina work out their thing first. Sorta. "Della Rosa? Is that the new art gallery opened up on Twenty-Fourth?"

William shakes his head. "Never been to Della Rosa. You'll have to keep guessing." He states before he gives Randall a smile. "Good luck with the wire thing. I should get back to my run before my heart rate falls totally."

Trina's head falls backwards as she just starts laughing. "God, I wish," she answers after a bit. "Though they do have photos on the walls. It's a bar on the Lower East end." And then William goes to make his way off. That's why she calls after him. "You should come by so I get my second guess." Hope he heard her.

Randall waves to William as he heads off, before turning his attention back, shooting Trina an easy grin. "Bars aren't bad, either, just depends what you're looking for. But I'm guessing this one's a little more on the dive side?"

Snapping her fingers and then pointing in Randall's direction, Trina winks playfully. Her sudden bravado is a continued attempt to try to get the remaining Randall to NOT remember that he saw her looking like a total goober. Even she would have to admit, however, that she doesn't think her chances are very good for that. "If you'd made it a bet, you coulda maybe gotten some cash outta the guess."

Fortunately, Randall doesn't seem to really care whether she looked like a goober or not. Drawing your own funny looks on a semi-regular basis will do that sort of thing to a guy. "I'm not a betting kind of guy. Maybe drinks over a pool game, but it's not about the money in that case."

"Well, if you're ever in the mood for just a few drinks, why don't you swing by? I'll hook you up with a round. And a friend if you wanna bring one by." Shoving her hand out towards the new guy, Trina offers one of her winsome grins atop a head tilt. "I'm Trina."

Randall smiles, tentatively, and returns the gesture in kind. "Randall. Yeah… Della Rose, Lower East side," he repeats, committing it to memory. "And yeah, I can think of someone— haven't gotten to see her in too long." Which will cause All Sorts of Problems if it actually happens, but of course he doesn't know that.

"You should!" Once the hand is shaken, any sort of nervousness immediately seems to roll away like a cloud, revealing Trina's more natural, charismatic self. Hands plunging back into her jacket pockets, she rolls up and down on the balls of her feet. "But I better go. I don't wanna keep you. But seriously. Come on down. We're always happy to see new faces."

Randall grins and nods. "Always happy to be a new face. I'll have to come check it out some time soon." He waves, and lets his attention wander back to the wiring project after Trina heads off.

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