2009-11-19: I Bet This Doesn't Happen In Canada



Date: November 19, 2009


Lena and Tiago regroup to discuss recent developments, and a possible course of action, only to be ambushed by something worse than a government agent: the press!

"I Bet This Doesn't Happen in Canada"

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

Jade's apartment is claustrophobic, which means that to save sanity and prevent the risk of physical altercation, frequent excursions must be made. And, given the craziness of the past couple of days, there's a great deal to speak of. Where to go in such conditions?

Why, Central Park of course!

It's late, the park lit by the soft glow of the lamps lining the paths. The children's playground has no lamps, however. It is also deserted, courtesy of the hour. It's there that Lena and Tiago can be found. The girl has her butt squeezed into a swing. She's going back and forth, back and forth, keeping the arc moving by digging the toes of her mary janes into the damp sand ground. "So, um…you wanna go first or should I?"

Tiago stands, propped up against the pole, as he watches his girlfriend swing, his green eyes belaying a solemnity that is quite unusual for the lad. His hands are crossed quite defensively over his chest, and for the moment being he is keeping his distance. Why, one might ask? Because if he's closer, he might touch her. And if he touches her, he's going to try to lose himself within her person.

"I…sure. I'll go firs'. Unless you've got ta speak babe…? Ah…That dude. Joel. I ran inta him. And…listen, firs'ly, I don't want ya ever talkin' ta him again." With this interlude, he shoots her a frown. "He's not…there's somethin' /off/ about him. He threatened ta come pay us a 'housecall' if ya kept usin' your powers, and gave this fuckin' ridiculous story about how every time ya use that power of yours, you're bringin' the end of the world. It was like - stupid, almost, and unbelievable, but…"

The swing comes to an abrupt halt, sand churning up in little hills around the toes of her shoes as she drags them to stop the swinging. The chains squeak as the swing is turned to allow Lena a look at him; her expression is incredulous. "What?! But what? Is that why you're…jesus, Chi. I can't not use them. Look, using them right now!" Crinkling her nose, the brunette-turned-blonde runs her tensed hands up and then down the length of the chains supporting her weight. "World's still here!"

"No! No, I know, baby." Tiago exclaims, suddenly pushing himself off of the pole and uncrossing his arms to hold up in a gesture of surrender. "Listen ta me, okay? I called him on bullshit too. I think it's all bullshit. But…he gave me a name. The Order of Saint Lazarus. I think maybe…we should look it up. Jus' in case. I /still/ think he's a fuckin' liar though - he didn't tell me who he was workin' for until I damn well forced it out of him. And he got pissed at me when I asked him, so…so I don't trust him half as far as I can chuck him. So…d'you see? I think we ought ta keep far away from him, until we know what's goin' on."

"You think," Lena echoes, tone dripping with frustration. She knew he'd been acting oddly. Knew it! And now the truth is out, he's still standing over there and…well, Lena's annoyed. But she calms herself with a gusty sigh and transfers that dark look to the ground. The swinging, and squeaking, begins again. "Fucking housecalls. You should've told him I'd turn it off if I could. I'll run if I see him, I guess. And we'll go to the library, see if there's anything there on Saint Whatzit." Another breath, another jab at the sandy ground with her toe. "You're gonna be hurting soon if you stay away though, Chi."

"Stay away?" Tiago echoes with surprise, his eyes blinking slowly before he proceeds to lick his lips. "I aint goin' ta stay away. What, you /crazy/?" He comments, curling his lips into a slow, easy smile. With a deliberate slowness, he ambles his way over to her, holding his hand out in an attempt to brush against hers. "Even if it /would/ destroy the world, I wouldn't stop touchin' ya. I need ya, Lena. I jus' wanna sweep you up and take ya ta some motel out there, since Jade wont let us…yeah. But…but, I think we have shit ta talk about, don't we? Before I can get all…loopy."

Oh. Yeah. That. Lena has the good grace to look momentarily abashed, having already written some elaborate fiction in her head involving his sacrificing their mutual happiness for the benefit of the world. Courtesy of one saint. How far they've come from the days when she would shrink from a touch. "You'd seriously wreck the whole world, just to get your fix?" she asks with a crooked grin, releasing the chain in order to lace her fingers through Tiago's. "That's a real dick move, Chi. Right answer."

But…yeah. There was more. "Ugh." That about sums it up. "Okay, so, yeah…you remember that shrink chick who said she had friends who maybe could help? I think that might've been the weirdos in Battery Park…here." Lena's free hand slips into a pocket of her skirt and produces the card Eric had given her. It's offered over to the young man. "Darth Vader was kinda grumpy, and the redheaded girl was a complete spaz over nothing but the blond guy seemed cool."

Tiago splits his lips into that broad, boyish grin as the girl threads her fingers with his, and for a brief moment, happiness floods him. And it's not due entirely to the tingling warmth that emits from her bare skill. If only for the moment, the world doesn't seem quite that dark. "Well, it's us against the world, aint it? If we can't be happy…why the fuck should the world?" Ah. He's a regular Romeo, he is.

The remainder of her words sober him up slightly, but he proceeds to slide in behind her, attempting to snake his arms around her person possessively. "Mhmm, I remember. And shit, yeah. So…what /was/ all that, again? Were they /really/ dressed like Star Wars guys? And…how d'you know they're good guys, Lena? How d'you know that they're the chick's friends?"

Lena musters a small smile for the sentiment and stops with the swinging in order to allow the Brazilian to take that place. She even tucks her head back against his shoulder. But the cuddling is definitely the sideshow to conversation. "I dunno, it was freaky…I turned around and boom, Darth Vader in my face saying stuff about Big Brother. He said I knew him, that he was the guy I ran into the other day when the jerks found me out on the street, but since he had a mask on…" She takes and releases a soft, aggrieved breath. "They really were dressed like Star Wars. They knew about the shrink, they knew about my fucking hoodie and they were dressed like geeks…they could've grabbed me if they wanted to, I guess, but they seemed kinda freaked that I was freaked, you know?"

Tiago buries his head into her shoulder, tightening his grip on her easily as he lets out a soft sigh. "Yeah…it sounds freaky. So, they were lookin' for you, thy said? How did they know that it was your hoodie…? Did the shrink know, didya tell her, and then she told them?" He's trying to make sense of this all, but it doesn't seem to be working quite well. After all, the man wasn't made to think. He was made to be eye candy - or so he'd claim. After a moment, he attempts to dip his head towards her, brushing his lips against her cheeks. "I need ya…I need ta tell you somethin'. If there's no other way…baby. If we have ta, let's move ta Brazil."

Lena would shake her head, except it's trapped against his and the last thing they need right now is another concussion. But she does reach up to pat gently at Tiago's cheek. "They were, yeah. I dunno, it was all confusing. I couldn't think straight, right? I guess…I guess we could call the number, see if they answer our questions. Someone's gotta start giving us straight answers, or real help. Other than Jade, and I mean, she's awesome but…I'd feel like a royal shit if we got her dragged into hot water too— wait, what?"

She's been saying that a lot.

"Brazil? What the hell, Chi? I don't even have a passport!"

Tiago stiffens a little against the young woman, becoming quite tense and defensive. His brows furrow down, meeting through a wrinkle right above the bridge of his nose. "I - hey, Jade suggested it!" Now that the immediate blame has been removed from him, he pauses to recollect himself and swallows considerably. "She said - and maybe she's right - that tryin' ta fight against the whole government? It's…ridiculous. Laughable, 'cause really who're we? And in that case…maybe, maybe runnin's the best thing ta do. I got family down there. We'll go through Mexico, the way me and my ma came here, we wont need a passport. And we can…it'll be simple, baby. It'll jus' be me and you…and we can sell your shit down there, and have a good life tagether…forever."

The playground tucked inside a ring of trees is dark and remote, lit only by peripheral illumination from the lamps that line the adjacent path. There's a girl on one of the swings, with a man standing behind her, his arms around her waist. They're speaking in low tones, their posture somewhat uncomfortable.

"Go through Mexico? What, like under a fence?" Lena is horrified just picturing the scene in her mind; sure, she's braved the streets of Miami and New York City, but hopping the border is something else entirely. "I…I dunno, Chi," she says after a brief pause, sounding reluctant. "Can't we just like…move to somewhere in the States again? Somewhere small. Maybe even in Texas, near the border."

Tiago is mild frustration personified at the moment. His face is contorted into a sullen, but very prominent, line of disapproval, and he pulls away slightly, just so he can fix her with his green eyed Serious Business stare. "Move somewhere else, until when? Until they find you, again, and we go through this shit again? And who the fuck's goin' ta buy our shit in small towns? We need cities, babe, or we'd get caught, and we wouldn't make 'nough ta live off of like we do now. And I don't /want/ ta keep jumpin' 'round the fucking country, always runnin' when it catches up with us. If we're goin' ta move, we should go somewhere safe. And I mean really /safe/. Like…like maybe even Canada or somethin', nothin' ever happens in Canada." He is vehement as he tries to convince her.

Bobby makes his way down the path, making sure to keep an eye out for any of the City's well known nefarious predators. He's sans guitar, just walking by calmly, humming to himself.. Every so often he sings the chorus of the song, softly.. "Don't you hear my call, though you're many years away? Don't you hear me calling you? Write your letters in the sand for the day I take your hand, in the land that our grandchildren knew…" He notices that he's not the only one in the park, but he just passes a glance over each person, making sure to mind his own business.

"Canada's cold." Lena is not being a constructive participant in this conversation, throwing out sullen roadblocks like that one. She even goes so far as to duck her head and stare at the ground beyond her patent leather mary janes, to avoid the Look of Serious Business. "And I don't speak French or whatever it is they talk up there…or Spanish either. I dunno. I mean…running again. Yeah, sure, we can't fight the government, but I don't want to fight them. I just want to do what we do and be left alone. Sydney said her friends could help with that, you know?"

The murmured objections trail off when a third voice is heard, and blue eyes lift to lock unerringly on the shadowed form of Bobby passing by. The girl stiffens on the swing, gripping the chains and straightening her back. "Chi?"

"Lena!" Tiago grumbles out, perhaps loud enough for Bobby to notice. "I don't /want/ ta do any of this shit either! I don't want ta move or leave the country or nothin', but if I have ta? If stayin' means you're goin' ta be snatched up? Then I'ma pick you up on my shoulders and drag ya there by myself, fuckin' walkin'." He lets her know gruffly, licking his lips and preparing his latest lecture, only to be cut off by her sudden stiffening. And then, he hears it - the singing. Immediately, his green eyes scan the darkness that surrounds him and one arm unwinds from around Lena's person, moving to grab the hilt of the gun shoved in his pants. "…I know, baby. Yo? What're you lookin' at, kid?"

Bobby blinks and looks over, stopping in his path. He puts his hands up defensively. "I wasn't looking at anything until now, man.. You really need to chill with that out here. It's like you're begging PD to drag you in." He listens and picks up all the single catchwords. Snatch, Government. He peers through the darkness and thinks he recognizes Lena. "Hey, didn't I see you the other morning? Sometime last week at the coffee place? With that guy, you were angry.. you mentioned something about the government then, too." If she's not the one, then at least he'll sound like a lunatic and he can possibly get by without getting shot at tonight.

The matter of being kidnapped by her own beloved partner in crime will have to wait. Tiago has gone into confrontational mode, and Lena can't really argue with him for that choice. It's dark, it's deserted, and that dude just admitted to eavesdropping on what had been a very sensitive conversation. "What the fuck, man?" Moving slowly so as not to startle the looming Brazilian, Lena eases herself out of the swing and turns to face Bobby. A step is taken back to place her in Tiago's shadow, behind his elbow. "You always go around listening to other people talking? Not cool."

Tiago is not in the mindframe to be lectured by some random stranger in the middle of the night. His expression darkens considerably, and once Lena slips out of his arm, he draws himself to his full near 6 foot frame, squaring his broad shoulders in a decidedly intimidating fashion. Bobby is squinted at. "You stalkin' her?" He barks out, coldly. "I don't need ta chill with any shit. What /you/ need ta do, mother fucker, is go on home."

Bobby shrugs. "Sorry, Miss. It's the bane of being a reporter. It's also your fault for having such a private conversation out in the open. If you're really worried about being snatched up, there could be a dozen agents sitting around you in all this foliage. Listen.. I don't know your story, but I'd like to. No names, no testifying, no way of identifying you." He looks to Tiago, not at all intimidated. "Down boy. I'm not stalking your girl. Take the macho crap elsewhere. It's not impressing anyone." He reaches into his back pocket, going for his wallet.

Oh, that was the wrong thing to say. The wrong thing to do. Lena makes a choked, garbled sound as adrenaline rushes through her, and she makes a grab for Tiago's elbow. Either to hide behind the man or to prevent him from just pulling his new toy and testing it on the reporter. "What the fuck! Talk?" The implications are mind-boggling, and Felix has already warned her of the possible consequences. "Don't kill him, Chi…we should go…"

Tiago's nostrils flare out with anger, although he is cut off from whatever he was going to say, whatever he was going to do by Lena's hold on him. "Y'know what's really the bane of reporters? The bloody noses they always get from stickin' their noses in /everyone's/ business. Step off, asshole. You're fuckin' /lucky/." With this said and done, the man takes a step back, his eyes flying towards Lena. "Let's go." And then, he proceeds to try and tug her away.

Bobby shrugs. "Alright. Run away.. That's not going to help you. I'm trying to fight them but.." He shrugs.. "I guess I'm the only one with the balls to. I'll be sure to make note of you when I hear of your capture. G'night." He waves and continues on his path, gone back to whistling Queen's '39.

"What the hell, is the whole city full of people who know about this shit?" True to form, the obscenity-laden remark is already tumbling from Lena's unhappily pursed lips as she's pulled almost bodily from her feet. "I'm getting REALLY SICK of this spy versus spy bullshit!" the girl yells before the pair disappear into the darkness of the park.

Bobby smirks.. "If only I were a spy…" he says to himself, chuckling.

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