2007-07-13: I DID NOT KNOW :(


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Summary: Megan finds herself in Primatech, and does not want to talk to Benjamin. Also, Nova.

Date It Happened: 13th of July, 2007


Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Cells

Waking up in a strange cell with her arm mysteriously in a cast is not a good way to wake up. Not at all, really. So, it's understandable that Megan is distraught and confused as to her position. What is she doing trapped in a cell? Where is she? The first little while of wakefulness has been her examining her cell, trying to figure out what exactly is going on and tapping on her cast. Yes, that is really a cast and yes she is trapped in a locked room. Why? What did she do to deserve this? Forsaking the bed, she sits in the corner and stares at the window and the door. There's no way she's going to put herself into an easy viewing spot here.

Unfortunately, most spots are easy viewing, whether through the discreet cameras in the corners or through the wide window. When Nova strides on by, she doesn't take advantage of the latter, marching alongside the window to reach the door, boots echoing a little as each foot lands heavily and authoritively against the floor. She's holding a clipboard and dressed plainly, conservative, with a long-sleeved black blouse and matching fitted pants, hair ponytailed back. She's taken a cue from her partner, and wears leather gloves. Just in case. There's the scrape of metal as she unlocks the door to the cell, swinging it open, body language tense as if ready to subdue. "Ms. Deatley?"

Strange how everyone here seems to be clued in to her power more than she herself is. Megan doesn't exactly notice the change in her captors attire. Only that finally there's someone to answer questions for her. And she doesn't sound to happy. Scrambling up to a standing position, she doesn't attack Nova - the woman broke her arm already. No, she wouldn't stand a chance against her in a fight. So, it's words that she uses. "What inna bloody hell d'ye think yer doin'! Ye let me go /righ' now/. Ye've got no right to keep me locked up in a ruddy cell. Ye broke my /bloody arm/."

Click. The lock slides back into place as soon as Nova swings the door shut again. "It'll heal," she points out, and waits a moment. No, seems like the other woman isn't about to try something silly like attack her. Nova turns her back, and moves towards the bed, sitting down on the edge. "I'm not authorised to release you just yet. But I'm here to answer questions you might have." Might?

"Yeh, well, it'd not even need healing if ye'd not been a bloody bitch and broken it in the first place!" Megan is, understandably mad and does /not/ like the idea of being locked in a cell without any way out. Even if the lock slides in place, she goes to check the door anyway. Nope, no go. "Where the hell am I? And what'd ye do ta Benjamin? Why can't I leave?" A few questions? And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Cause and effect. Megan's not wrong, and Nova even smiles faintly. No apology, but hey, no argument. She focuses, instead, on the questions, absently adjusting a sleeve of her shirt as she watches Megan with calm eyes. "You're in one of the holding facilities of our organisation," she explains. "Agent Winters is absolutely fine, I'm sure he'll come around to visit. And you can't leave until some of our people have had their turn talking to you."

"Agent…" There's a very conflicted look that comes over Megan's face. Benjamin, the man she trusted after everything is one of the kidnappers. She should have known! Nobody is /actually/ that nice or bumbling in real life. It's all an act. It's like she knows that she's been betrayed. Which, in a way, she has. The fight has left her very suddenly and now she just watches Nova in a confused and wary manner. Taking a quick step back from the door, she eyes the clipboard warily. "Why d'ye want to talk ta me? 'M no' allowed ta do free legal advice. 'M jus' a secretary. And who exactly is yer organization?"

Speak of the devil and he appears. Dry erase board in hand, Benjamin pretty much forces his way down to where Megan is being held. He's not being overly forceful, but there's a definite 'get out of my way' air about his stride. Having found the clothes he was wearing yesterday, he's pulled them on and they look pretty well rumpled. (No way was he coming down here in the hospital PJ's.) He's still supposed to be in the hospital room, but to hell with that. Look, he even brought the IV stand with him. The left side of his face is heavily bruised, and rather swollen. Lovely colors are forming there. It doesn't take him long to find which room she's in. He pauses outside the glass window and freezes as he sees Nova in there with her.

"The reason you're here has nothing to do with your career, Ms. Deatley," Nova says, apparently having entirely missed whatever mental conflict Megan just grappled with. She herself does, however, relax just a fraction. No needing to knock out angry Scotswomen, as Megan's anger seems to lessen. "But it has everything to do with…" That's where Benjamin appears at the window, and Nova's grey-blue eyes flicker towards him, a line forming between her eyebrows in obvious annoyance. "What you can do," she finishes, even as she stands, watching Benji to see what he wants.

Oblivious to Benjamin when he appears, it's only Nova's flick of the eyes that makes Megan turn her head in his direction. A dark expression falls over her face when she sees him and then pointedly turns away. Agent Winters. He can just stand out in the hallway for all she cares. He's a part of all this. "What d'ye mean what I can do?" Suddenly, her eyes narrow. Wait. These must have been the people her brother warned her about. The people who /do/ things to people like her brother. And possibly her. Gears start turning overtime. She has to get out of here.

Benjamin flashes Nova a very dark look. One not unlike the expression he gave to Doug earlier. He looks down and starts to scribble something on the dry erase board.. and holds it up to the glass, 'I'M SORRY.' Here's to hoping Megan actually /looks/ his way. When she doesn't, he raps a fist against the glass. He had nothing to do with this!

Nova watches Benjamin for a few more moments, only to see what he's written, and only barely supresses rolling her eyes before her gaze returns to Megan. She can see the understanding there, and Nova puts on her best friendly smile. It's not very good, but points for effort. "We'd like to help you understand your own ability," she says, her lines likely well-practiced. "We have theories," she gestures just a little as if to indicate her gloved hands, "but only theories."

Unfortunately for Benjamin, Megan doesn't look in his direction again purposefully. The knock on the glass startles her into jumping slightly, but the glance over to the window is brief and doesn't yield in her annoyed and angry expression that she gives him. It's not an immediate return to the conversation at hand because there are simply too many things processing at once. "I dunno what yer talkin' about. The only ability 've got is typin' 80 words per minute." The tried and true denial will always work well in situations like this.

Benjamin erases the board, then writes, 'I DID NOT KNOW :(' on it, before holding it to the glass. He'll probably get slapped around for 'unprofessional behavior' or something.. but this is important for Megan to know. Again, he raps on the glass, trying to get her attention. He would say it over the intercom, but, the jaws are kinda wired at the moment.

"I think you're smarter than that, Ms. Deatley," Nova says, evenly. Another glance tossed to Benji, and it's clear the tall woman is starting to get irritated. "There'll be time for you to figure it out on your own, but for now I suggest you rest." Out of her pocket, she takes out a small cardboard box, and places them down on the bed. "Painkillers. Take 'em when they come to bring water in, or brave it without. If they haven't let you out by the time I next come by here, maybe I'll even sign your cast." A flash of a wolfish grin in Megan's direction, and Nova stalks towards the door. Another look is shot to Benjamin. Chasing you now.

The second rap on the window doesn't startle Megan. Instead, she just ignores it. She knows who's there and what he wants to say. She just will have nothing of it. There's not much else she can say to Nova other than glower and brood appropriately. She's certainly not about to rest or take painkillers because /she/ said so. Maybe she'll do it if she feels like it. Glaring at the box and then frowning as Nova stalks out of the room, Megan wraps her unbroken arm around herself in a comforting way. Great. She's trapped. Pointedly keeping her eyes away from the window, she frowns and moodily slumps onto the bed.

Benjamin doesn't care that Nova's irritated. He has some 'splainin' to do. He /likes/ Megan and doesn't want her hating him. (That seems unavoidable however.) He remains at the window, even as Nova stalks towards the door. His eyes keep glancing towards Megan.

Click. Door is shut behind Nova. She had wanted to say more to Megan, but the girl is trapped anyway, and this seems more important. "Agent Winters," she says, voice almost a bark. But formal. But then she says, "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" Less formal.

Benjamin is too upset right now to flinch, as he might ordinarily do. He's found a hidden well of bravado since the previous night. (It might tap out soon, but for now? Using it.) Tearing his gaze from the glass, he writes on the board: WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?

It's tempting to just sort of. Take that board and beat him over the head with it a few times. But Nova did break the man's face, so she can put up with his new mode of communication. "It looks like you're forgetting your place," she says, arms folding around her clipboard, Aussie accent a little clearer with her pissed offness. Her voice, however, is quiet, keeping this conversation to the immediate corridor. "You wanna make it up with your girlfriend, you can do it on your own time, when Deatley's released. For now, be a professional or I reckon I'll see about restricting your clearance."

'YOU USED ME', is the response scribbled onto the board and held for Nova's viewing. Benjamin's expression is grim, but it's sort of fixed into annoyance and pain mode. 'YOU DON'T SCARE ME,' is the scrawled message that replaces the previous one and shown. Okay, Nova scares him okay? But right now, he'll ride on the coattails of anger.

If that isn't a temptation to prove how scary she is, what is? However, she's trying to be professional, so Nova takes a breath, lets it out, and tries again, eyes flicking from those scrawled out words to his swollen face. "I shouldn't need to scare you, Agent Winters," she says, flatly. "We're colleagues." A smile that's as cold as her tone. "Now I'm going to give you five minutes to get back to the hospital wing, before I get security on your arse to escort you there instead."

'YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME,' is the admission Benjamin retorts with as to being work colleagues. Even as he hates himself for it.. he's learning what's expected out of him and this position. Not that the situation with Megan would have changed any. He's feeling guilty, angry with himself, at the world, and is sorely tempted to get a 'bring it on' attitude. Yet, he's a fairly intelligent man who knows that will not solve a thing. It will only make the situation worse. Throwing one last look at Nova, then Megan, he wipes his board clean and heads back to the hospital wing. (But not because Nova told him to, but.. okay, partially that, but he's starting to get a little light headed from standing.)

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