2009-11-22: I Don't Understand Your Crazy Moon Language



Date: November 22, 2009


Hallis's apology to Randall results in more confusion than reconciliation.

"I Don't Understand Your Crazy Moon Language"

Central Park

A harrowing day, to say the least, and near the end it finds Hallis prowling around Central Park. It's not a place that she generally frequents (because of the squirrels), but tonight she's braved the paved paths for a bite of portable food. So on a bench, holding a little bag of nuts, Hallis sits. She's either waiting for a squirrel to attack her as she not eats, or waiting for her appetite to come back to taste another nut.

With Jade minding the shop this evening (to her usual extent), Randall has ducked out to pursue some more abstract sketchwork in the park. He sits on a bench or leans against a tree, watches people, draws some outlines, moves on to another spot and continues the pattern. Until his next would-be vantage point turns out to be already taken. "How's the VIP room these days?" he asks, recognizing the occupant once he gets close enough.

Looking up with complete surprise, Hallis almost balks as she sees Randall. Almost. "The VIP room? Oh, I haven't been back there. Or anywhere, lately." The young woman shrugs somewhat and lifts a single nut between her fingers. She looks at it a while before grimacing and pitching it over her shoulder where it is instantly attacked by a squirrel. Looking up at Randall, she gives him a small smile and lifts her eyebrows, "How's Mitsy?"

Randall makes a sour face. Lift the club lighting and the mental haze, and… well. "I wouldn't know," he replies, "I haven't seen her since that one time at the shop. Maybe she got my phone number wrong." Or maybe he didn't answer her voicemail. "So how come you've been away?" In lieu of sitting down, he stays on his feet, turning the pad of paper around instead and folding down one corner.

Hallis looks up at the curly haired man and shrugs her slight shoulders. "I've been trying to turn over a new leaf. Being nicer… and… you know… nicer." Of course he would know, he's been at the other end of her spectrum, even though her ire wasn't completely directed at him. It was just the embarrassment of having her ego bruised by someone that likely doesn't know the difference between a Pucci or a Gucci. "I suppose it's a good thing that she got your number wrong, she would eat you alive. At least your wallet."

"She'd starve to death, then, there's never been a lot to it." Randall peers at Hallis with renewed interest, squinting and then scrawling something down on the page: a new point of inflection in his long-imagined model of the city's paranormal energy. "Anyway, good to hear you're… you know."

"Hey, that night at the club— what did you end up doing after I left? Because I think someone spiked the water supply or something, there was something in the news about them getting fined for letting it slip through." Not quite the real story, but close enough.

Looking up at Randall, she squints and purses her lips into a thin line. "What did I do afterward? Well let's see, my feelings were hurt, my friends were playing a cruel joke on me, and I was hurt." Picking another nut from the bag, she bites into half of it and chews slowly, trying to stomach the little morsel of food. After chewing about twenty times, she finally swallows and tosses the rest of the nut over her shoulder. "So I went home."

Giving Randall a bit of a surprised look, Hallis gives him a little grin and shakes her head. "I wouldn't know if the water supply was spiked. I was already high when I went to the bar. Another thing I'm trying not to do anymore… since… Well you wouldn't understand." Turning back to look out at the people milling by, she lets loose a sigh and licks her lips. "You know, it's not the food that would break you with Mitsy. It's all the gifts. We love gifts."

A joke like the one she played on Randall, dragging him up to the VIP room with her and then ditching him almost as soon as they walked through the door? There's a reason he was spending some quality time with Mitsy up there. The new portion of the sketch resolves into a yin-yang shape, with arrows around the edge to indicate movement.

"I'll take your word for it." He doesn't bat an eye about her past drug history, he's tried them before and she did say she was moving away from them. "What is it about the gifts? I've heard about other countries where there's a whole set of rules about that stuff, but I never really picked up the details."

Hallis slides over on the bench to give Randall a little bit of room. "Have a seat, I don't have rabies, I won't bite, and I promise I won't call Mitsy to let her know where you are." That said, she holds the bag of nuts out to him in offerance. "Nut?"

"So what did you do after? Not Mitsy, obviously, since she let Olivia bully her. Though I have to say, I was kind of glad of that… since Mitsy went and grabbed you as soon as we got through the door." She tossed him a little grin and laughs lightly, "She never had a spine you know, Mitsy. She's always been the one that wants to be as chic as the rest of us but just couldn't cut it. I was susprised when she kept talking about you though, she must have really liked you."

With a shrug, Randall settles down and sets the pad in his lap. "No thanks, I had a hot dog earlier."

Oh, boy, what did he do after. "Well, Jade was feeling kind of off at that point, so I wound up taking her home." He conveniently skips mentioning whose home, or what they did when they got there. "So what'd Mitsy have to say? We barely met, and then at the shop she was just piling on about the church service, or at least I thought she was."

"Jade, huh?" Hallis gives Randall a rather knowing smirk. In her group there is only one reason for a man to take home a woman. "So are you seeing her now? Or was it just a one night stand?" Withdrawing the bag, she picks another one up and takes another bite. This time her stomach growls rather loudly and she sighs. "Ugh, this is just not working." Getting up, she drops the entire bag into the wastebasket a few feet away.

"Mitsy still thinks that you're pretty cute, even though you're a clerk or whatever in a magic store." Hallis never set foot in the place, she only peeked at a small window display containing VCR's and other related paraphernelia.

Well, that settles one thing, at least - if Mitsy's priorities are really that shallow, then she can moon over Randall all she wants, to no avail. As for Jade— "We're… still working that out. She had a couple drinks that night." Read, she was among those who got spiked. Hallis wasn't concerned about her own risk factor, will she think any differently when it's someone else she knows?

"So… she was drunk or drugged… and you guys had a one night stand and you want more but she's a little not in the mood?" Hallis is a bit blunt about it, turning her head to give him a little smile. "No offense, but it sounds like she just doesn't want to date the man that might have the roofies." The words are harsh but the tone isn't, it's just factual. Nonchalant.

"Uhm, I have to tell you that I'm sorry. For being mean at your store." The petite woman murmurs in a low voice, turning her head just enough to give him a look out of the corner of her eye. She's gauging him for a reaction to her apology. Something to either encourage or discourage her from continuing.

Randall shakes his head. "No offense taken. No, she knows it wasn't me… we were hanging out earlier, so I didn't have time to go and mess with anything." He declines to elaborate further, but the length of that pause might seem a bit suspicious. "And it's all right about the store, just— next time you see Mitsy, tell her I said thanks but no thanks? Take the pressure off with Olivia, at least."

Hallis smirks and lets out a little bit of a snicker. "Well Olivia's been busy with throwing herself more engagement parties than one woman should ever have for a single wedding. Though I think Mitsy will be as hurt at being dumped by you as I was. After all, no one dumps an heiress. It's always the other way around." Bunching her wrap around her body, she tries to warm up to the chilling evening. "But I haven't been talking to them much. Like I said, new leaf and all that."

The longer the conversation goes on, the clearer it becomes that they're speaking different languages. "Well," Randally finally says, "if you change your mind and decide to crash one of the parties, feel free to call me. Otherwise… I'll see you around, I guess." Tucking the sketchpad under one arm, he rises to his feet and prepares to continue along his original path.

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