2009-11-19: I Don't Want to Lose You



Date: November 19, 2009


Ivory's disappearance drives Sydney up the wall, while George and Hallis have their first fight.

"I Don't Want to Lose You"

Apelai Restaurant, Greenwich Village

Everyone has certain phrases that they should never take for granted, no matter how many times they hear them— just in case the world decides to be a contrary bastard and take it away.

"Good news, Congressman— your schedule is clear."

Some hours later, George is safely back on his home turf, waiting near the entrance, glancing up from time to time and waiting for that one familiar face to emerge from the crowd. Meanwhile, what's 'mad course for a climber (2,3,4)'?

From a cab, empty Starbuck's cup in hand, emerges Hallis. The cup is tossed into one of the ever convenient wastebaskets on the sidewalk and as soon as she spots the congressman's face, she breaks into a wide smile and rushes toward him. "George!" Her arms are flung around his neck in a tight hug and the ever adoring blue eyes are caught in his. It's a scene that could almost give a person cavities.

Warily, Sydney has been roaming New York for the last several hours, searching for none other than Ivory Wynn. She'd stayed put until the morning and then decided her efforts would be better used searching New York for the missing Senator. Of course, she's not really dressed to look for a Senator. She's clad in the new white dress she'd bought from Bloomingdale's the day before (it was the only thing she had in her hotel room), but her dress certainly doesn't match her hair. In fact, it's curlier than usual, unruly from her lack of blow drier and product in her hotel room.

It should come as no shock that she's spent most of the day searching New York for the missing Senator, especially as she'd blown off work for him the day before. Of course, she'd managed to cancel the day's appointments as well. And so she finds herself here at the Apelai Restaurant, searching. Leaving no corner unexamined.

Her mood is something in between total dreamy enthrallment and… worry. Two things that while incongruent seem to fit the situation she finds herself in. Hustling to the front of the entrance, she glances about and furrows her eyebrows at the pair, "Hallis? I thought you were in DC…?"

In the pink? No, that doesn't fit the crossword, but it suits George's mood just fine as he takes a step forward to meet Hallis halfway. "Hey!" Or, well, it did suit his mood, but then he sees and hears Sydney, and… why's she look kind of familiar? His memories of that one day are still a bit compromised, and he's had plenty of other things to distract him since. More to the point, why's she look kind of upset? Taking a step back, he leaves an opening for Hallis to answer the question of location from her own point of view.

Hallis is in too much of a joyous mood at seeing George to begin with. Sydney's presence (and presence of mind) only furthers her elated feelings at seeing the older man, but there's a nagging. At the question, she turns her head and frowns a little, her eyebrows upturning slightly in worry as Sydney's query begs to be answered. "H-hi Sydney, well yes, I was in Washington… but you see George was terribly busy and I didn't think he'd want me bothering him. So after lunch I hopped a plane and came home. I just got back a few hours ago." She turns her head to look up at George, biting her lower lip. "I-is that alright? I mean, I tried to call, but your office said you were busy and your phone was shut off…"

"George," Sydney greets distractedly. Yes, she's met him before and she remembers. Not really well, but she remembers. And besides that she knows George is Hallis' boyfriend. Blinking Sydney studies Hallis, still looking concerned, but the concern only mounts to panic at the mention of the phone, "What?! My phone is off?!" She reaches into her pocket and extracts the phone. Sure enough the battery has died. "Dammit!" she mutters as she hits the power in a futile attempt to turn it on. "What… what if he's been trying to call?!"

At the same time, George takes out his own phone and takes a look at it. "It was? It shouldn't be—" It isn't. "Tell them who you are next time, I'll tell them to put you through." Unless he happened to be in a dead zone when she called.

"If who's been trying?" he adds, giving Sydney another quick once-over while he motions to the restaurant staff. Looks like it's going to be a table for three tonight.

Slipping her hand into George's, Hallis stands very close to him as they wait for their table. It's almost possessive the way she clings to him and glances at all the women in the waiting area. Then she focuses her blue eyes on Sydney and gives her a little twitch of a smile. "Oh… well yours was off too, but I was mostly talking to George. I didn't want him to miss me or go looking for me at the hotel." Funnily enough, George and Sydney's situations are almost parallel, except Hallis was located quite easily.

Turning to look up at George, she gives him a smile and her heart swells with an overwhelming sense of happiness. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you…" she murmurs, her smile waning into slightly puckered lips. "George, this is my therapist, Sydney Falkland. I can't remember actually introducing you last weekend."

Heaving a massive sigh, Sydney is nearly beside herself. "Ivory! He's nowhere to be found and I was stupid enough to leave my cellphone charger in New York while I was in DC and now I'm here, but haven't been home because I've been running all over the city in these ridiculously uncomfortable shoes trying to find him…" she points at her black stilettos. Clearly enthrallment's doing its work to make Sydney crazy. Following her mini-rant she twitches, trying to force her professional persona out, produces a warm-ish smile and offers a hand to George, "We met last weekend, but I imagine…" Stop. Talking. Finally she just nods, "Yes. Sydney Falkland." Strained smile.

At that, the man arches a brow. He only knows (well, knows of) one person named Ivory. He most certainly only knows of one person named Ivory who tends to be mentioned in the same breath as 'DC'. It's a small Eastern seaboard after all…

"George Dawson," he introduces himself in turn, taking the proffered hand for a moment. "Good to meet you, Dr. Falkland, Hallis has said nothing but good things. So how do you know Senator Wynn? He does keep busy, even I've barely seen him in person since the election."

He'd be a bit nervous now, even without the influence of Sydney's ability, as he thinks back to what Hallis really did say about her therapist. I told her everything, absolutely everything.

To George's discomfort, Hallis is oblivious. Even after repeated mentions of the Senator's name and which state he represents, she is still rather oblivious. In fact, the only politics she really pays attention to is standing right beside her. Looking down at Sydney's feet, she does focus on the one thing she knows. "Those shoes don't look so uncomfortable to me. I mean, they're not the kind of heel I would use for walking, that'd be a wedge, but they're fashionable enough."

"Pleasure to meet you officially Congressman," Sydney offers a weak smile. "Uh… Ivory Wynn and I know each other through… um… " she blinks blankly as she tries to think of a way to know Ivory that doesn't breach his confidentiality. Although, she'd admitted to Hallis that she'd slept with Ivory less than a week ago. Finally she just shrugs, "… a mutual friend…?" it's almost a question, her voice inflects, but barely. She strains a smile before she sighs at Hallis, "I'm afraid to take them off. Honestly, I can actually feel the stress it's putting on the balls of my feet and my calves. I bet when I take them off my feet will swell." She frowns slightly with another sigh.

"Well, I'm far from an expert on the subject," George offers, "but maybe getting off them for a while? You're welcome to join us for dinner if you like." So he can get to know her better— and decide whether she's dangerous. Meanwhile, he's speed-dialing… "Hi, Tania," he says into the receiver, after a brief pause, "ring up Senator Wynn's office, see where he's at and let me know? Thanks."

By this time the hostess has found them a table and is waiting expectantly on the trio to follow her. Hallis, being the ever hungry one these days, turns to do just that. She casts a glance over her shoulder to Sydney and smiles. "Hey, I met your friend Luke when I went to coffee at Starbuck's today." She tugs on George's hand to pull him along while he chats on the phone with his office. There are times when the young blonde feels like a mistress to his career, but hopefully his phone calls won't take too much time out of their evening together.

There's a moment's hesitation as Sydney tilts her head at George. "Uh…" but she really can't think of a reason to say no, so instead, she nods. "Alright. I'll join," beat, "but it can't be a long dinner. Like short-ish. I just really should focus on finding Ivory." She follows the hostess to the table and arches a suspicious eyebrow at Hallis, "Luke? I don't know a Luke…" She doesn't think she does. "What did this Luke look like?" Her eyes narrow slightly as she takes a seat the table. Her smile grows a bit as she takes her weight off of her very sore feet.

The ripples of conflicting emotions coming off of Sydney are slower to shift their effect on George, but shift they finally do. While the two hash out the Luke issue, his hand sneaks under the table and comes to rest atop Hallis's thigh, just above the knee and below where a modest skirt would have its hemline. Which probably affects her sense of adultery, but it could be in a good or a bad way.

One of Hallis' hands come down on top of George's and she turns her head briefly to give him a small smile. Then she focuses her attention on Sydney and shrugs, "I don't know, brown hair, no fashion sense, Risky Business sunglasses? I thought he was one of your clients but he said that he helps you sometimes, not the other way around. He said that he's known you for a couple of months?" Shurring, the young woman's eyes drift to gaze at the man she's sitting beside again and she squeezes his hand lightly.

Sydney stares blankly a couple of minutes before blinking and nodding a bit with an "Ah. That Luke." Gene. She forces another strained smile, "And what did Luke have to say, anything of note?" She arches an eyebrow. Pause. "Why did I come up in conversation anyways?" What about her would be noteworthy to either of them? She swallows and glances at George, "So do you spend much time in New York, George? Or are you in our nation's capital more often than not?"

"Well, my district covers most of New York City, so it's about—" and his phone goes off again. So much for feeling up Hallis's leg, he'll have to make it up to her in a bit. "Hi. —Huh. Okay, thanks." Looking bemused, he hangs up again and puts the phone away. "Apparently, Senator Wynn is away on business in New York, and his phone is off." Familiar much?

"See his office knows exactly where he is, nothing to worry about!" Hallis chirps cheerfully as she smiles up at the hero of the moment, George. Picking up her menu, the young woman peruses it and points to one of the most expensive items, "That looks good, doesn't it George? Will you order that so I can try some of it?" The logic is a little bit fallible there, why she doesn't just order it herself may never be known.

Sydney hrms. She knows better. Tracy told her that Ivory had essentially disappeared off the grid. She sighs and just shakes her head, "It's not that simple." She purses her lips together but says nothing else, instead, she folds her arms across her chest and virtually sulks at the table. Pursing her lips she sighs and glances at her menu. An eyebrow is arched at Hallis, but nothing is said about her asking George to order something so she can have some.

The waiter comes by and pauses at the table to pour some water and gather orders. To the water, Hallis' lip curls, just a little and she raises her chin haughtily and points to one of the selections on the drink menu. At the silent request ID is requested.

"What? What do you mean you need my ID? Don't you know who I am?" Hallis is suddenly infuriated at being denied something so small. "I could buy and sell this place just to get a drink and you're asking me for ID?" The situation is proposterous, but Hallis produces her driver's license which clearly states UNDER 21. Denied. "Fine, I'll just have the water…" she grumps, looking away. Her appetite ruined.

"Uh…" Sydney begins as the waiter comes around. "I… I…" Frown. She glances at George and then back to Hallis. "I don't think I'll be staying," she finally shrugs to the waiter with an apologetic smile. She glances between Hallis and George and just offers as warmly as she can muster, "Thank you for the invite. Thank you both, I— I just really need to find Ivory, and I don't have an appetite. But thank you." She stands up on her feet, and grimaces slightly as the shoes pinch her feet once again. "I'll talk to you in the next week or so, Hallis." And then a nod is given to George, "Lovely to officially meet you, Congressman." Turning on her heel, Sydney makes for the door to hit the streets of New York in search of a certain Senator once again.

It's a shame, really; George would've spotted it and agreed if the waiter hadn't shown up right at that moment. Now, after waving to Sydney as she heads off, he turns back and steeples his fingers. "That wasn't really necessary, was it?" It's the first time he's seen Hallis really display a darker side, and it's not sitting at all well with him. Even though she's still the girl he loves with all his heart. Especially because of that.

Hallis' lower lip trembles and she quickly looks away from George, placing her fist to her mouth. It just so happens that a camera flashes at that exactly moment, causing the straw on the camel's back to break. She turns back to him and takes in a deep sniffle, blinking rapidly to avoid the display of tears that are threatening to streak in rivers down her cheeks. "I'm sorry George, I— I just…" and she hangs her head, shoulders sagging pitiably. "I'll…" And she gets up from her chair and stalks quickly to the back ot the restaurant, leaving him there with no explanation.

Oh, crap. The way he just acted wasn't really necessary, either, was it? Rising to his feet, George does his best to follow her through the increasing crowd, around two blind corners in quick succession… only to catch up with her just in time to see her apologizing to the waiter. Well, that's explanation enough, not that the 'razzi is likely to pick up on it nearly so quickly. "…Hallie, let's go, okay?" He places a hand on her shoulder, drawing closer by her side. "I shouldn't have jumped on you like that."

Seeming a little surprised at his touch, Hallis looks up at him and nods quietly. "It's okay, I deserved it," she mumbles sullenly, sniffling up her bruised ego like a line of cocaine on the back of a toilet tank. There's something else bothering her about the little spat at the table though, something that she is likely to talk to her therapist about before bringing it to his attention. When they get back to the table, she picks up her shawl and wraps it around her body a few times. "…are you going back to D.C. tonight?" she says in a cracking voice.

With a shrug, George follows Hallis back out front - where, sure enough, the cameras are still waiting. A different set, though, so the tabloid leads are liable to be at odds with each other over the next few days. "No, of course not! I'm staying here with you. Aren't I?" A couple dollars are tossed onto the now-empty table to make up for the time they occupied it.

With a rather grateful smile, Hallis looks up at George and nods. "I'd like that a lot." Then her smile turns a little wicked and she laces her fingers with his. "Besides, you didn't see everything I bought yesterday, or today for that matter." With her free hand, she hails a passing cab that screeches to a halt. Just in time to avoid even more paparazzi. Ducking into it, she pulls the congressman along with her, her smile widening and eyes shining as she looks at him.

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