2009-12-21: I Dream of Genie



Date: December 21, 2009


Hallis invites Gene over for an early morning breakfast and Christmas presents.

"I Dream of Genie"

Greenwich Village - Hallis and Andra's Apartment

It's Monday morning, too early for anyone to be up but Hallis is in the kitchen cooking. The call has been made to Gene/Luke/Prometheus and the invitation made to join her for some delicious home cooked food. Delicious? Well that's relative. Hallis hasn't actually tasted the food yet, figuring pancakes and crepes are too hard, she's testing out her new waffle maker. Good thing for Andra that she and the dog are still asleep. The first few have come out burned but are dusted with powdered sugar to make them look a little more edible. Waste not want not, right?

A knock on the door lets Hallis know that Gene is present. To say that this has been an easy Christmas season for the young man would a lie and it shows as he seems to have bags under his eyes and red cracks within them. Dressed in a simple white t-shirt, blue jeans, and his black peacoat, Gene rests on the door frame for Hallis.

As soon as the knock is heard, Hallis is racing for the door. Unfortunately this probably means another forgotten waffle. Oh well, the sugar will get some good use today. Clicking back the unreal amount of deadbolts, she flings open the door with a smile. "Hey … you!" She stops short of actually saying the man's name and steps aside to allow him entry. Not that she's actually worried about him being found in her hallway, but she's respectful of his paranoia where the law is concerned. "Come on in, I'm making breakfast." The smell is there… as well as a little bit of smoke rising from the small appliance.

It's not paranoia if they actually ARE out to get you, it's just being well-informed… Or so Gene claims. "Hey" is all the man manages to say before he comes in, taking a few whiffs of the air before he closes the door behind him with the face turning slightly due to the smoke. At least he turns away to make sure the deadbolts are locked once more before showing his visual disapproval of a burnt breakfast. She's trying, after all.

Sniff. Sniff. "Oh no!! The waffles!!" Hallis races back to the kitchen and opens up the small appliance. There is a whimper, then a meek, "So, do you like sugar? Because I think these need a lot of sugar." She stabs at the crispy little critters with a fork and places them on a plate then a liberal sprinkle of powdered sugar coats all of the black. "I'm glad you came by, I have something for you." Hopefully, it's not just breakfast. But the girl points toward a massive Christmas tree dominating the living room with a smile. "There's two presents under there for you. I hope you like them, I didn't know what to get you…"

"I wish I had gotten something for you… Maybe I'll fix up your car nice or something later on. With everything going on, didn't even have time to get everyone something. Had to tell a couple of friends that I had to raincheck," Gene begins as he moves toward the tree. He doesn't remove his coat, merely letting it stay on, even as it drips a little snow here and there. Kneeling by the tree, he inspects it quietly for a few moments before adding a smirk and some words as an afterthought, "Sugar is fine."

Right in the front there are two packages, one large and one small. "You don't have to get anything for me, you already saved my life. I think that's worth a lifetime of presents." The mention of a car makes Hallis wince (just a little) but thankfully Gene's back is turned to her. "I don't have a car," she says meekly and then she looks at the horrible display of breakfast and wrinkles her nose. It looked so much better in the picture. Unceremoniously, she dumps all of the 'delicious' waffles in the garbage with a sigh. "So, do you like toaster strudels? I have some of those here, Andra makes sure I'm pretty stocked up on things that don't take much effort."

"I suppose, but a true hero shouldn't save people with expect…" Gene pauses as he remembers Tracy's words and the young man quits himself once more. "Strudel is fine… I'm used to having Pop Tarts or cold pizza for breakfast, so anything is better than that. As for the car stuff, could always get you a tricked out Segaway or something like that."

"Expectations?" Hallis finishes as she finds the strudel and pops two of them in the toaster. Thankfully toasters have their own timer, that way she can actually relax and not worry about the pastries burning. Moving to the living room, she takes a seat on one of the chaises and smiles at Gene, waiting for him to open the gifts. "I don't think you did. If you did you'd call for stuff, right?" Pause. "Do you want to take your coat off and relax a bit? You look like you need a good sleep more than anything."

"It was pretty cold out there… So just keeping my coat on for right now," Gene explains, looking up to see Hallis and give her a brief smile. "Hope it isn't too much trouble." Merely ignoring the talk of sleep or relaxing, the young man merely starts to open up the gifts to see what is inside.

The first one is a new pair of designer sunglasses, not too flashy and not too understated. "I got those because I figured your risky business sunglasses were a little on the obvious side. They're the latest Gucci, so…" She gives the man a little bit of a grin and shrugs. "I had a dream that you were wearing them, they looked good." As he opens the second, larger, box it is filled with a few items of clothing. Once again, they're designer not too flashy and not understated. "Those are to replace that gray hoodie. Nothing makes you look more like you're hiding than gray or black," she explains. Then she's on her knees beside him, picking the first hoodie out of the box and measuring it against his chest. "It'll be a perfect fit, and they're all in navy blue so they'll look really good on you." Then the toaster pops and she's up in a flash, hurrying toward the kitchen to arrange the instant treats on a plate before they get cold.

"Thank you…" Gene offers, not sure what to think of the glasses. Gucci? Not exactly geek fashion (they don't have a built in mp3 player or anything), but it'll work. He looks at the clothes, merely giving a smile toward Hallis as she kneels down and explains further. "Very thoughtful gift for the fugitive on the run," he jokes somewhat before letting Hallis go off. Oddly enough, this moment reminds Gene of someone else, someone who he has NO idea where she is. "Gwen… Hope you're staying off the crack," the young man offers with a soft sigh.

Hallis returns with the plate and a glass of milk for the man and kneels down beside him once again. "I didn't know what else to get you. If you don't like them I can return them and get something else? I just thought the best way for you to hide was to blend in with what everyone else is wearing." She sits back against the large leather chair and breathes a sigh of relief. Breakfast is cooked. "So what have you been up to for a the past few days? I got Sydney out of the hospital… she's… She's better but this Bryce thing is eating her alive. I put her in a hotel so she can relax for a while longer. I think it'll be better for her than running back to take care of everyone but herself."

The strudel is devoured as Hallis speaks to Gene. A bit of the milk is consumed as well by the time Hallis is talking about Sydney. Looks like the little geek was hungry. "Just trying to get a handle on things. It's gunna be getting a lot worse before it gets better it seems like, so I may have to not tell you stuff. Not because I don't want you to know, but to ensure that if people question you, you can honestly say I didn't tell you." The young man looks up toward Hallis, frowning a little. "What's going on with Bryce right now?"

The young woman's eyes widen a little bit and she swallows nervously. "Oh… you didn't know? He got murdered. Someone put his head on a snowman outside a women's shelter." Hallis explains weakly, turning a little green at the memory of the news footage. Grimacing as she tries to contain the bile rising in her throat, the petite blonde goes on. "Sydney's not a suspect, thank goodness… She was still in the hospital when it happened. But she thinks someone that she knows might have done it."

The young man shakes his head at the question, drinking his milk before he almost spews it at the news. It's more from shock than a weak stomach. Swallowing and regaining himself by the time Hallis finishes, Gene sighs. "…Great. Let me know the information, I'll see what I can do," Gene states with a firm frown. "This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. That brings attention to Sydney and that's the LAST thing she needs. Last I checked the government doesn't know about her abilities, but… I'll do my best to handle it. Anything else about it that I should know about?"

Hallis leans over to pat the choking Gene on the back, giving him a rather concerned look. "Are you okay? I don't need to give you CPR or anything, do I?" She gives him a weak grin and lowers her hand, then her head to look at the floor in front of her. "There isn't much information… You can probably replay the news footage from the net. It's pretty gross." Taking a deep breath, she folds her hands together and squeezes them between her knees. "There's nothing huge and newsworthy except for that, unless you want to see my brand new fur bikini or hear about how I love chicken and waffles now."

As he recovers, he hold ups a hand to show he's good. "CPR from a girl should only be used if people are dying or you are dating them." Sometimes Gene logic is… unique. "I'll talk to Sydney. If I don't get to her before you do, see what you can gleam from it," the young genius states before finishing off the milk. "Now that the business is handled, maybe you should save… Why do you have a fur bikini?" Gene asks, arching a brow in confusion. "This related to Jaden?"

"How do you know Jaden?" Hallis says with a little bit of a confused look of her own on her face. "But… yeah, it does. You should definitely see it though, not on, maybe, but .." Her voice drifts off before she suddenly smiles and jumps up from her seated position and jogs toward her bedroom. She emerges less than a moment later with a white rabbit fur bikini on a hangar in one hand and a black rabbit fur bikini on a hangar in the other. "I actually have two. But that's a completely different story." She goes back to her seated position on the floor beside him and holds one of the hangars up in front of them both. "Which one do you like better? The black one or the white one?"

"…I guess it depends on what message you are trying to send?" Gene replies in total confusion, an expression he wears from the time Hallis goes off to get the clothes until she comes back. Clearly this is like asking a nun how to mix a Sex on the Beach.

"I got an office in exchange for this, so I'm going to definitely hold up to my end of the deal. You should see the cute boots I got to go with them." Hallis chirps brightly, all the bad news is forgotten in favor of her beloved career. A career as what? Well no one quite knows, but it's different. "You know, in that dream I had the other night, I was wearing the white one and another me was wearing the black one. That's the same one that you were in with the sunglasses. I sold you the sunglasses, actually. Maybe it means that I'm going to start selling things in a bikini. Maybe I'll become one of the Price is Right girls or something."

"I dunno if that sounds like one of those dreams you use for soul searching. Granted, I never was one for dreams as a basis for deciding important life decisions barring divine intervention, but I've never had such a thing… And my Spider-Sense is telling me you haven't either," Gene points out with a faint smirk. "But hey, if you got a nice job wearing that and you like it, that's the important thing." Whether or not it stays on? Well, that likely depends on Jaden more than anything else.

Putting the bikinis aside, Hallis wags a finger at Gene. "That's not true," she states clearly, each word gets its own wag. "I bought those sunglasses the day after I had the dream of you in them. Put them on so I can see them? I bet they look completely great on you, they did in the dream." She reaches for the glasses and unfolds the arms, holding them in front of the man's face with a smile. "And the bikini is just for this week. I'll go back to my jawesome office wear when Christmas is over." She's even picking up Jaden's words.

Oh no… Soon she will be asking him to build her stuff from the 80's. For now, Gene keeps his fear of the Jaden influence hidden as he just lets Hallis put on the sunglasses. "So, um, they look nice?" he asks, clearly not sure what he thinks of them himself.

He's met with the biggest smile she can muster. "Oh Gene! You look hot in those sunglasses. Seriously. You have to promise me that you'll wear them all the time." She gets up and pulls him by both hands toward the closest mirror. Good thing she's pretty vain, because one is on a nearby wall. Positioning him directly in front of it, the young woman beams as she presents the Geek God to his new ultra fashionable self. "See? These sunglasses make your coat cool too!"

An awkward smile is given in response to the fashion review as Gene rubs the back of his head. "Thanks… I guess since these are nicer, I will," he says before looking from the mirror over toward Hallis. "A very nice gift. I can see you're really trying."

"Trying?" Hallis says, looking a little confused at the words. "Well yeah, I mean I was looking forever for something to get you for Christmas. I mean… I made you brownies when you were just Prometheus, did Sydney ever get those to you? Because if she did, I want to know if they were good or not. If she didn't… well she's in so much trouble." Since they're closer to the kitchen, Hallis moves toward it and pulls out a metal tea pot and fills it with water. "Do you want some tea or something? I learned how to make it the other day. I know I can do this without ruining it."

"Trying… Which for me is more important than the result. I mean, a lot of people… They only care about results these days, you know? I'd rather have some tea made with heart that some millionaire giving me the best breakfast his maid could make, you know?" Gene gives a shrug as he removes the glasses to tuck into his pocket. "I guess I'm just odd like that. As for the brownies, I think I was heading over to get them when things went… You know."

Hallis nods and purses her lips together, "Yeah…" She places the kettle on the stove and flips the knob to turn it on. "I think my Daddy likes that I'm learning how to do things on my own too. When I learned how to change a light bulb in a lamp he told mother to tell me that he's proud. At first I wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or not, but…" She's starting to look for the sunny sides of her clouds instead of the dark bits. "Say, what are your plans for Christmas? Are you going anywhere?"

"Apparently hunting down a psychotic telekinetic? And then after that, Bryce's killer. I haven't heard from Lena and Tiago for a couple of days, so I'll see if they are in 'trouble' again," Gene states as he moves toward the first seat he can find to plop himself in, trying to be as cheerful about all this as he can. After all, most of Lena's emergencies are 'oh no, we did something they might find us for' as opposed to actual danger. Hopefully, it will be the case again. "What about yourself? I'm surprised you aren't already there. Christmas is only a few days away, after all."

"Well you can add coming to my Grandmother's Christmas eve party to your list. I'm not going to take no for an answer. You don't have to worry about anyone recognizing you unless you're wanted by the people of Westchester and Connecticut." Hallis grins as she prepares two cup with tea bags then takes a seat near Gene. "I think you can probably leave Bryce's killer to the police, that's their job. As for …" Her voice drifts off and she just gives a placating sort of smile in place of the two names, "I'm sure they're just fine. They're probably just paranoid about something and hiding."

A brief chuckle is given in response to the offer. "Yeah, because the police has been SUCH a help in going after all the other killers that I've been dealing with," Gene states with a smirk. "As for the party, well, we'll see. I guess it will just have to wait until we see what tomorrow brings."

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