I Dream Of Old Italia


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Summary: Half a continent apart, father and daughter think of each other.

Dark Future Date: July 29th, 2009

Log Title I Dream Of Old Italia

Arkansas - Detainment Camps

Arkansas may have its scenery, but this region does not. A pall seems to linger over the compound. Whatever Lord above that may be listening knows that the high fences and razor wire do little to increase the morale of those within. Held against their will, these humans have been detained for the sole reason of not having an ability. A fact that is lorded over them by their government and the guards holding them captive on their own soil.

Armed with weapons and abilities, guards patrol the perimeter and interior of the camps relentlessly. Around the clock, there is no escape. Some of the guards have displayed their powers on detainees with little to no provocation.

Despite his rather stoic demeanor, Carmine is nothing if not a survivor. Perhaps he's not Evolved, but he still has that ability: to adapt to his situation and make the best of it. He's been doing well for himself — as well as one can under the grueling, horrible conditions. Strolling about quietly through the dreary camp, he keeps his single eye on the guards as they patrol, taking a pull from his slowly burning cigarette now and again. Planning an escape? Not likely. The quiet Italian has never given any indication of the sort. What would be the point? He has nothing left out there.

Carmine is not alone in his aimless shuffling. There is little to do for many in the camp. Some of the luckier people are put to work, nothing glamorous or slavish in nature, but it is something to pass the time. Some are left to stare blankly through the fencing, lost in thoughts, wondering what's going on outside the prison walls.. because that's what this is.. One can try to spin it as politically correct as they want.. Detainment Camps.. Prisons.. it's all the same..

While Carmine paces his environment, halfway around the world, Nadia is doing the same. Furious, scared, furious.. the young woman has no idea what has become of her father, of Leo, of hell, any of her family back in the States. Any woman should be happy to find themselves in a villa on the Italian countryside, a view of the sea.. not Nadia. Her life was centered around her family and everything has been shaken and turned upside down. No thanks to that fascist dictator, Petrelli.

Petrelli. Strange that it would be an Italian responsible for all this. Carmine lowers his gaze again from the guards and makes his way to the fence, though there's no real purpose to his actions. Like many of his fellow inmates, he stares out into the gray world beyond, wondering as he often tries not to do about Italy — and the people in it. He remembers how it was then, how it happened. The arrangements made, looking at his daughter's own death certificate. He remembers the night they took her …

It was a fairly normal day.. par for the course as things spiraled downwards since Petrelli took over the Oval Office. Fears, tempers, paranoia, all of it was running high. Nadia was doing her best to live her life as she always did. Sneaking in visits with Leo, going to class, being with family, pampering Carmine (her cat, well her dad too.) Then it happened. She was leaving campus, her messenger bag over her shoulder… the dark car pulled up. Looking no different than a blacked out car one of the higher ups in the family would be using. So the car didn't bring any second thoughts to Nadia.

Until the hooded men bailed out of the vehicle and charged for her.

He'd told them not to harm her, and so Carmine watched carefully from his place in the car as the thugs he'd hired charged his daughter. Still one with the bad habit, a cigarette was lit between his lips, which were pursed tightly. His hand clenched into a tight fist as though to prevent himself from rushing out there to stop it all. Not that it would have done any good, as he, too, was masked to prevent his daughter from knowing that her father was there — stood by and did nothing. He watched as the men grabbed her, he saw the chloroform-soaked handkerchief rise to clamp over her nose and mouth. And he did nothing.

Nadia may not have been allowed to train in fighting finesse, or with weapons, but that didn't mean she was going down without a fight. The black cloth dropped over her head, the chloroform forced against her face.. she fought tooth and nail. Kicking, clawing, grabbing and twisting at anything within reach. Screaming, hurling curses in English and Italian, she fought until the drug allowed it no more, and the young woman slumped against the captor behind her.

Carmine never expected her to go down without a fight, and he's not disappointed. It's why he hired three men. Once she went limp, however, and the men appeared to be less than gentle with her unconscious body, Carmine stepped out of the car. "Stop it," he growled. "That's enough." Reaching out to take Nadia up in his own arms, he stared down at her a moment. Strange. It looked as though she were only peacefully sleeping, not about to be shipped off against her will. He should have told her goodbye, but he hadn't wanted to tip her off. Nothing out of the ordinary was passed between them the night before.

Frowning deeper around his cigarette, the tall Italian tucked his unconscious daughter into the back seat of the car and slipped in beside her. He settled an arm around her shoulders and let her lean against him, as though she really and truly was just sleeping. "Let's go."

There's the slap from the butt of a gun rattling against the fence in front of Carmine. The owner of the weapon caring not one iota that he's interrupting Carmine's thoughts. "You. Move along. Ain't staring at no mountains now. Move it. Unless you wanna be missing another eye.." the sneer flashed at Carmine by the Evolved guard is cruel, menacing, and states plainly that he'd like to further ruin the Italian man's experience in the camps.

Carmine flinches back, jerked cruelly from his thoughts by the guard's rudeness. He glowers at the man, then finishes off his cigarette and flicks the butt through the fence. It doesn't look like he's aiming to drop it on the guard's boot, but hey, if that's where it lands, he won't lose any sleep over it. Then, he turns away from the fence to start wandering on down the line, looking for someplace quieter.

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