2009-12-10: I Dub Thee Mud



Date: December 10, 2009


Sydney comes over to explain a few things as Hallis is putting the finishing touches on a gift.

"I Dub Thee Mud"

Greenwich Village - Hallis' Apartment

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. In her quest for betterment, Hallis has taken up learning how to cook one thing every day. On the menu for tonight? Brownies. She has someone to thank. Things were working fairly well, she had to substitute a few things, but the young socialite is betting that it's hardly noticeable. When the dark little treats came out of the oven, she set them on a newly purchased baking rack to cool. Unfortunately, she neglected to take the plastic off the rack and it melted to the cake like bites.

This being said, the champagne blonde is sitting at her kitchen counter carefully peeling the melted plastic bits from the top of the brownies. "He won't notice. He can't notice. Please please please don't let him notice." She rambles to herself, "If he doesn't notice I promise I'll never… uhm… steal from a church collection plate." Her newest bargain with God. She's running out of drugs to use and she's a little reluctant to stop her abuse completely.

Hesitantly, Sydney has mustered up all of her courage to come to Hallis' door after the incident at the burger joint. She swallows as she raises a hand to rap on the door only to lower it seconds later. What is she supposed to say to Hallis? Shaking her head, she makes a decision — someone has to! So she raises her hand to the door and raps gently. Her expression is warm enough, although her mood is quite nervous. She tucks it inside her head as best she can…

The knock causes the young woman to start and jerk the brownies off the rack and they land with a crash on the floor. "EEE!!! Three second rule!!" It's something she's never subscribed to before but she's worked so hard on them already. Quickly, she scoops the broken goods off the brand new tiles and puts them gently back onto the wire rack. Giving them one last forlorn look, she winces. "Maybe.. maybe if I ice them.."

It is then that she finally goes to the door, opening it without looking through the peep hole. Color the socialite surprised when she finds Sydney there. "Uhhh… hi?" she's nervous, then frightened, and considering closing the door very quickly. But etiquette is Sydney's friend tonight and she merely opens the door a little wider and steps aside. "Come in?"

"Hi," Sydney manages that same strained smile followed by a yawn. She's been virtually living in her office since Lena and Tiago broke up — other than sleep… but only for five hours at a time when no one will be around. "Thanks, Hallis." She sighs a bit as she glances around, "I thought I should come by so we can talk about everything…" And she means everything.

This causes the celeb to freeze in her tracks. The fear is almost tangible now, unfortunately Andra and Zorro are out so she doesn't have her security blanket to cling to. A quick flicker to their closed bedroom door has Hallis concocting a lie, albeit for her own supposed safety. "Andra and Zorro are in the other room… Do I need to get them?"

"Wha — why?" Sydney furrows her eyebrows. "Hallis, it's not like that. I can't … I don't…" Pause. She shakes her head a bit and sighs slightly, "I was going to tell you a few weeks back before you fired me. I almost told you that night when you told me about… well…" She hmmms a little. "I won't hurt you… I don't think I could anyways…"

Licking her lips, Hallis looks down at the floor trying to decide exactly how much to believe and or trust. "The night I told you about what?" The bait was set, she bit, and she's now in the trap. Her curiosity got the better of her. Whatever Sydney could or couldn't do to hurt her? Well she's still a little mistrustful about that. Certainly she could do something. Grapple her out a window. Condemn her to a psychiatric unit. But those ideas are put out of her mind for now. "Have a seat. Do you want some brownies? I just made them."

"The night you told me about the mind rapist — when we were back in DC and I was with Iv — Senat… Senator Wynn." There's an obvious edge in her voice at Ivory's name on her lips. She can't even manage to fully utter it. In fact, her face blushes slightly at her own stupidity once again. Finally she mutters something about his mother under her breath before pressing through. She takes a seat on one of the armchairs in Hallis' living room, but shakes her head at the offered brownies, "I shouldn't… "

Nodding, Hallis glances toward the kitchen and takes in a deep sigh. "Alright, they're a gift for someone anyway. How about a drink? I have some iced tea in the fridge, Andra made it so it's safe." She's stalling, not wanting to talk about any of the real issues now. It's obvious. The woman makes her way to the kitchen and pours herself a glass and then another for her ex-therapist. Then she pads back into the living room and hands the woman the tall glass, "It's good. She comes from somewhere in the south, so she knows how to make iced tea. Don't worry, I didn't put anything extra in it." Though she wanted to, at least for her own glass. "But you didn't. Instead I got really drunk and had to write a stupid apology letter to someone that didn't deserve it." Yes, she still sounds a little bitter about her self proposed punishment for the violation.

"Hallis, the letter was your idea," Sydney clarifies as she takes the iced tea. "And granted, you were pretty drunk, but for that moment you experienced something I live for as a therapist — a breakthrough. It was genuine empathy. There are moments in life when we have to try to forgive. And granted — I'm working on my own demons in this regard," How on earth is she supposed to empathize with the actual rapist that is Ivory Wynn?! "I was going to tell you after that. Not that day. It was a hard day for you…"

"Why should I forgive someone that raped me? It won't do anything. I won't get my memory back." Not that she really needs it anymore, Hallis has actually moved past it enough that she barely thinks about the incident in her day to day life. "I have an easier time forgiving Trenton, because I know he's sorry. The person that did this to me is probably living it up somewhere and doesn't give a fuck about who she hurts." Apparently, she's serious. She swore. It's something that she barely ever does.

"Forgiveness isn't for the other person, it's for ourselves. I wasn't even going to have you give the letter — who would you have given it to, anyways? It was for you to write, it's a common exercise that I use often." Sydney herself has dozens of unsent letters in her room. Some express forgiveness while others express frustration. None of which she's had the nerve to send. "But the letter is beside the point. The point is, I'm an empath of sorts. I feel what other people feel, and when my adrenaline peaks, they feel what I feel. Plain and simple." Pause. "And I don't do it on purpose. In fact, it's quite the opposite; I'd rather not do it at all." Although it is handy in her occupation.

"I don't want to forgive an evil person." Hallis says very simply. Taking a deep breath, she purses her lips and looks away from Sydney. While the woman explains herself, her ability, Hallis licks her lips again and then takes a sip of her drink. "Why are you telling me all of this, Sydney? You know that I wouldn't tell anyone about you. You could have left it alone and gone on with your life."

"Because I need to admit it to someone and you'd already figured it out anyways," Sydney hasn't ever owned it. Not really. She'd told Gene that she wanted it gone. She'd begrudgingly told Eric because of the hoodie-incident, and she'd told Tiago she was an empath like Deanna Troi. But she's never actually said the words. Not without reservations. With a sigh she stands to her feet. "It's who I am. Plain and simple."

"So… what you're saying is… You're confiding in me as a friend." Way to twist the logic, Hallis. Perhaps she's off base, but to her it's like a personal hero medal has just been pinned to her breast. "You don't have to say anything, it's okay. I can accept the burden of trust." Her life is one of sacrifice and giving after all. Rising from her place on the chaise, she gives the woman a small shrug and heads toward the kitchen. "Since we're friends again, I need you to do something for me. It's very important."

"Um… okay?" Sydney quirks an eyebrow at the mention of being friends. Well, that's an interesting twist, but it's not exactly too far from the truth… she goes with it. "What is it that you need me to do?" She peers at the other woman suspiciously.

"I just need you to trust me without me telling you why. It's what friends do." Hallis is assuming now, of course the entire city has heard of the incident. She is just /that/ important. Getting a little tub of ready made icing out of the cupboard, she places it on the counter and then takes a lovely patterned plate out and begins to arrange the broken brownie onto it. Like a puzzle, she fits it back into one piece. Then, she takes out a little spatula and whips the chocolate frosting around in its tub, softening it. Just like the directions say. "I need you to give these to Prometheus. Just tell him thank you. He'll know why."

"Prometheus…" Sydney can't quite place the name and then. Oh. Right: GENE. "Alright, I can get him some brownies. Haven't seen him for awhile anyways." She grins at Hallis and nods a bit. "I will be sure to get them to him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it." She nods a little and then adds, "I'll try to get them to him today."

Smiling, Hallis actually looks and feels very grateful to the woman. "Thank you! I was going to wait for him to call again, or get in touch with me somehow. But you came along at the best time ever." She finishes icing them and surprisingly, they look normal, if not good and edible. Of course she hasn't taste tested them, they're a gift after all. "I hope they're good. It's the first time I've ever baked anything for anyone. Andra was going to teach me how to make pudding, but she went to bed. Then I tried to make spaghetti for George… that doesn't count as baking by the way… and I accidentally burned it and dropped it on the floor." She looks at the confection proudly and holds the plate up. "But these look good! And I made them all by myself!"

"Well many congratulations then! Self-betterment is always a good thing!" Sydney smiles brightly. "And yes, I know how to find Prometheus so I can get them to him as quickly as possible." She tosses her hair over her shoulder and takes the plate. "Excellent! Well they look lovely! I'm sure Prometheus will like them very much! Strikes me as the kind of fella who appreciates baked goods." She smirks a bit as she pads towards the door before asking, "Hey… you work for Jaden Cain right? What do you think of him?"

"Best boss I ever had." Hallis answers quickly, and quite honestly. "He's really fun, cute in that 'I caught you looking at me' kind of way. You know? Like you know he's thinking the worst things but he's got that smile that just doesn't let you stay mad at him." Opening one of the drawers in front of her, Hallis pulls out a box of plastic wrap and puckers her lips. "Should I use this or that silver stuff?"

"I normally use tinfoil for baking," Sydney answers quickly as her lips twitch into a smile. "I met him the other day — yesterday, I think, yes yesterday. He seemed like a good guy. Kind of… odd. And strangely quick. But good overall. I'm glad to hear he's a good boss."

Hallis quirks her brow and rears back her head. Then she narrows her eyes a little suspiciously at the other woman, "Yeah, he's a great boss. He gave me a huge expense account." Then she replaces the plastic wrap and grabs the tinfoil, wrapping the brownies up for delivery. "So, do you like him?" Man she's blunt. But she picks up on things like that quickly, it comes naturally to a woman that lives in the gossip column. She just knows who digs who.

"Wow, that was forward…" Sydney says idly with furrowed eyebrows. "… maybe? I don't really know. I really really like Eric. Like a lot. Smitten kind of like. But… he hasn't really made a move. Not really." Of course, Hallis thinks they slept together more than the once. "I mean we haven't actually talked about stuff.. I don't know. I just don't want to be with someone who doesn't really want to be with me, you know? And perhaps Jaden was just trying to be smooth, but he was very flattering…"

"Kind of how I didn't want you to be my therapist anymore? Because you didn't really want to be with me?" Hallis queries, her eyebrows raising just a touch as she ponders the other woman's problems. "So you guys haven't… Seriously? What about…" the she caught them together? The pink towel. The chocolate. So many things are running through the young woman's mind she can barely keep from reeling. "Seriously?! What have you guys been doing? Because wow… Man candy. I wouldn't have let him get away with that." She digs out a couple of spoons and hands one to Syndey, just before she tilts the little tub of icing toward the woman.

"I did want to be your therapist, I was distracted by something I didn't want, but didn't have the willpower to refuse, but then no one did," Sydney answers cryptically. "No we haven't… I really like him, and I know he's attracted to me, but Hallis, if he wanted something serious, he'd have said by now, right? Or have I just been out of the game that long…" she takes the spoon and scoops a bit of the icing before bringing it to her lips.

"Eric's super shy. You're going to have to make the first move. And the second. And probably the third too. Until he gets the idea." Hallis declares, dipping her own spoon into the icing and then popping it into her mouth for a small taste of heavenly melty dark chocolate. "Oh my god this is so good…" she gushes after pulling it out of her mouth again. "Did you know that he's the only Lancaster that didn't get into the social scene? I'm sure you saw his sisters in the gossip columns, everyone has. They're like older versions of me. Just way older. Too old to be doing the stuff I do. Gross." She quiets then, stopping with the gossip and dirt dishing for a few moments. "Remember that night I was moving my stuff into his apartment? I had to practically twist his arm to get him to invite you in. I think he was scared about you catching me over there or something. How stupid is that? I mean, yeah he's good looking and everything… wow is he ever… but I couldn't date a guy that … Well… the pink towel." The roll of her eyes says it all.

"I don't know how to make the first move! I haven't done that part!" Sydney exasperates as she places the spoon in the dishwasher. "Honestly, I've never been that person! The last guy I really date — that was like five years ago now — he's ten years older than me. And before that? I was the shy high school kid who went along with her artsy boyfriend." Her tone however changes from exasperation to some kind of dreamy disconnect as her thought return to Eric, "He's so sweet. And kind. And genuine. And he looks out for me. I just… I don't know what to do about it." She shrugs a bit. "And I don't know if I should do anything about it. Like what if it's because he's not that into me or something?"

Giving Sydney the most incredulous of looks, Hallis replaces the top on the icing and puts it back into the cupboard and then drops her spoon into the sink. "Are you kidding me? Sydney… You live alone, he lives alone, there's PLENTY of opportunities to get him into a conversation. It's all about talking." She pauses and hops up onto her stool and twists around to face the other blonde again. "Do you think George and I have this perfect relationship? Well we do… but it's only because we talk all the time." Pause. "Oh, and he's great in… I'm really not kidding when I say he's good at everything. He really is."

"We talk," it's mostly about saving the world, Sydney's lack of control over her ability, or how to help Lena and Tiago. Yes, these are all very good conversation topics to discuss with the guy you have a crush on. "I just … I don't know. Not sure if he thinks. Well. What if I'm just a pretty face? I might be." She shrugs a little. "And I suspect he might be hung up on this other girl," that he took a bullet for. Seriously. "But I don't know anything about her. And I don't want to pry —"

"You obviously don't talk if you have no idea how he feels about you." Hallis says glibly, swirling her hand around in the air. "Do you want me to talk to him for you? Because I can totally march over there after work tomorrow and find out what's going on with him." She would too. It's the sort of stuff she lives for, not to mention, she doesn't have anything to do after work tomorrow since George is out of town again. "Did you know that I was worried that George just thought I was a pretty face? Or a notch on his belt? Then I just straight up asked him about it. Probably the best thing I ever did."

"Would you?" Sydney squeaks. "I know I seem all confident, but I don't know what to say and I don't want to force the issue… and I've only had like… two boyfriends…" She sighs a bit and shakes her head. "Please talk to him. But don't let on that I put you up to it, okay? I don't want him to feel pressured." That said, she sighs and slumps back down into a chair.

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