2007-03-08: I Have An Idea


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Jane briefs Hiro.

I Have An Idea

East Village, NYC

Having contacted Hiro, and being contacted in return, Jane tells him she'll be in the East Village outside a club on Avenue B. She's got her guitar and other gear with her, also a folding chair. It's a quite different area than the one in which her Lost Night began. She's seated and quietly playing a tune, a slide over two fingers of her left hand and strumming with the case open next to her. Her lips move from time to time, as if she were matching music and lyrics for something forming in her head.

Hiro's had to do a little bit of wandering lately. There's been a lot of traveling, of various sorts. But, finally, he makes it down to Jane's neck of the woods. He wanders out of the alleyway, now carrying… what looks like a big guitar case. He's getting creative, by the looks of it. He takes up position on the fringes of her musical bit, and waves, quietly. He doesn't want to interrupt her!

"Hiro," she greets, looking up and spotting him. Her head tilts to the side, studying the case and showing a slight grin. It's a marked departure from the somberness she wears most of the time recently. "You play?" Of course she probably thinks it's a sword, but it'd be cool if he really does rock. Her hand gestures to a spot next to her, inviting the man over.

Hiro leads forward, and shakes his head. "No. It is a sword," he whispers, as though it might not be immediately apparent. It's not, but Hiro seems to think his secret is better than, well, it really is. "You had an idea."

"Yes," Jane replies quietly. "I was thinking about ways to get our friends out of trouble, without having to invade the place, and it occurred to me, do we really need the paintings, Hiro?" She pulls a digital camera of fairly decent quality out of her backpack and holds it out. "We can photo them and make prints as large as we need, and… maybe we can then offer the art back in trade for Clint and Mr. Petrelli. I talked to Nathan earlier."

"Huh." Hiro says, and thinks about it. "I do not think they would trade for Peter Petrelli… not even for the paintings. But maybe Mr. Clint. But I think they took pictures, when they had them — we have five that they have not seen," Hiro says. "So that is five we can trade."

She nods slowly. "Nathan might contact you about this, and Mr. Bennet would know the best way to go about trying this, so I asked to meet with him, but it hasn't happened yet. I'd recommend, of course, we don't give them anything at first. We might not even be able to trust them, but I think we have to at least try. After I, or Nathan, since he knows the man already, talk with Bennet we could have an idea who and how to contact, we could start by giving them one to demonstrate good faith. But I still don't want to know where they are."

"I will do what I can. Nathan is better at —" He tries to figure out what to call it. "Diplomacy. And Mr. Bennett knows more about the Company. But I think your plan is a good one."

She chuckles slightly, replying "I was thinking everything over, and got stuck on what the Electric Man said, about legal means, you know? And it occurred to me Nathan and I are also both lawyers, we haven't even thought of going at this like attorneys and negotiating." Jane takes a pause to form her next words. "Is there anything else we might have that they could want, to sweeten the deal enough to get both of them out?"

"I do not know. I admit… I have not thought about making deals with them. But they are not all bad. You are right," Hiro says, momentarily lost in thought. "Linderman is dead, but the Company may want the Kensei Sword back. I would trade it for Peter Petrelli, but… I am afraid of what they might do with it."

She chuckles bitterly, replying "The Company doesn't need any more weapons, that's for sure. They've got enough of them already, and other resources." Her voice is grave when the next words are spoken, tinged with anger and sadness. "Hiro, they didn't just steal from my head, they marked me like a zoo animal, can find me by that. Like. A. Zoo. Animal."

"We think the Company is not just a single piece," Hiro says, "We think there may be several groups within the one. We need to find out more," he says. "But we will stop them. I promise."

There's a nod, and Jane replies "I'm still in the dark about so much, Hiro. Peter Petrelli, the bomb. Linderman? Who was that? I've heard it said by another person there's some internal troubles with them. In any case, my idea may tell us if there are people in the organization as leaders who have any sense of honor."

"Peter Petrelli was a hero, but his powers… they went out of control, and he nearly exploded. Nathan flew him up into the sky so that he would explode away from epople. They both should have died, but they were saved." Hiro doesn't explain the mechanism of rescue. "As far as the Company… what I know is that they were a group of people with powers who teamed up. I think my father was one of them. Mr. Linderman was, too."

Her eyes are focused on Hiro as he speaks, taking it all in. "I see. And Nathan… he's perfectly healthy. He flies and heals too, that's… amazing." There's awe in her eyes. "Peter absorbs powers, you said?" Going quiet, Jane tries to get her head around how her power could possibly work on a man. "Wow," she remarks quietly.

Hiro doesn't /like/ deceiving Jane, but he promised he wouldn't tell anyone about a certain someone's abilities. "I do not know exactly what Nathan does," he says, as earnestly as he can. "But, yes. Peter Petrelli is one of the most powerful of all heroes. But even he could not defeat Sylar alone."

"I know people I haven't told you about, Hiro," Jane admits. "I may start telling some of them about you, and let them decide if they want to be known. That choice isn't for anyone to make for any other person. You don't, I think, mind being talked about. Am I right?" Her eyes watch him, she hopes that makes sense. "The greatest thing we have is the privacy of our own minds and decisions, and some of us don't even have that anymore."

Hiro shakes his head. "If I wanted to hide, I would be following a different path," he says. "Just remember. You must warn them about the Company, and you must warn them about Sylar. That is the most important thing."

"Thank you, Hiro. I will tell them about you, the Company, and Sylar. Some folks may make contact, if possible they'll be with me when it happens." Jane pauses for a moment, resuming with "You have a lot of stories, I'm sure. I'd like to hear them, as best you can tell me without breaking anyone's trust. Information," she says, "is power."

Hiro nods. "Hai. You're right. Speaking of which… Talk to Cass. She owns the bookstore. She is trying to collect all of the information we gather, and keeping it encrypted. Like in a computer. You can trust her," Hiro says, before glancing at his phone. "I must go. We will talk soon."

"Good night, Hiro," Jane replies, making a note about Cass. "I remember her. She was there when I first heard outside the human range, a dog whistle. I should tell her it turns out I didn't have a brain tumor or anything like that at all."

Hiro seems to agree. "She is a friend. You can trust her," Hiro says, before he starts to walk for the alleyway, where he probably intends to teleport away.

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