2007-07-17: I Knew It!


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Summary: Doug tries to pry and get to the source of Benjamin's good mood.. finds out despite best efforts and a date's made with Alice

Date It Happened: July 17th, 2007

Log Title I Knew It!

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Offices

For the first time in weeks, despite having a part to play in Megan's abduction, getting punched in the face, etc.. Benjamin is /happy/. Face still bruised, swollen and painful, five o'clock shadow, but he's in a good mood. If he could, he would be whistling about now. He's so up in the clouds, he's not balking about being taken out for training. Doesn't matter. Positive mode of thinking is on. Sure, it's Doug of all people, but they have to work together, and.. well.. nevermind all of that. Ben has reason to be in a chipper mood. Happiest former accountant sitting here! Here being the office wing at Primatech. Since he's kind of the walking injured, it doesn't make sense to send him out. So he's doing something useful, and that's working in the accounting section.

Even Doug has to do paperwork every once in a while. He strides into the office wing bearing an armload of manila folders, which he dumps unceremoniously on the desk next to Benjamin's. "Hey partner!" The minuscule monkeyman chirps. "I pulled a few strings so we could have desks right next to each other. Isn't that cool?"

Benjamin is totally not bothered by Doug. Not today. He even gives the monkeyfaced man a wave, before returning to his ten key. Apparently.. it's cool. Whatever is cool today. No, he's not drunk.. or /too/ doped up on pain meds. There's a pause in his rapid keying before taking a secondary glance at the stack of folders. Tell him that Doug is not touching anything with numbers, please..

Doug straightens his tie and takes a seat at his new workstation. Thankfully, the folders contain information on former detainees. He glances up at Benjamin as he leafs through one of them. "You look pretty happy for a guy with a broken jaw." The glance turns into a more thoughtful and studying stare. "You got laid, didn't you? Did you hump the broken-arm chick? Tell me you humped the broken-arm chick."

Benjamin is not wearing a tie. For once. Trying to return to his work, he finds the line of questioning makes it difficult. There's a blank stare, then a narrowing of the eyes. That would be a no. To clarify, he opens up Word and types 'NO' in large, bold font. In case Doug misses any nuances there.

"Oooh! This will be a fun game." Doug swivels his monitor around so Benji can see it and opens up a Word file of his own. 'Then why are you glowing?' he types. 'You look like you just came from the Manhandler Ranch.'

Benjamin groans a little… and debates on chucking his can of Ensure at Doug.. but no.. he'll want that in a bit. That's the downer of not being able to eat solids. Always hungry. *grumble* He can't help but think that Doug's making fun of him.. wait.. he's always making fun of him. 'Not telling. It's not gentlemanly to talk about that sort of thing,' he types out in Word, then shows the monitor over to Doug. Take that!

'BUT THERE'S SOMETHING TO TELL!' Doug types back gleefully. 'Come on. Don't be a bitch.' Doug displays his monitor to Benjamin again, then taps his foot and crosses his arms impatiently.

'Not being a bitch,' Benjamin types back in response. He should be more annoyed with Doug than he is, but face it, he's /happy/. 'Fine. Happy cause I burped without wanting to throw up. Little things like gas become a cause for celebration y'know,' he types in addition.. just to see what Doug's reaction is. Once he sees that was read, he follows up with, 'In other words, not your business.'

'FINE!' Doug rattles off. Obviously, he's not thrilled. He adds an emphatic ':(' for good measure. Then he pointedly switches his monitor off and goes back to shuffling the files on his desk. Take that!

Benjamin looks satisfied and types out a 'HA!! :) :) :) :)' in large font again at Doug. At the mad shuffling of papers, he glances over and away from his own work. Doug is such a child at times. Seriously. He then types out, 'Quit sulking!' Then balls up a piece of paper and chucks it Doug's way to get his attention.

It's at this point that the sound of approaching footfalls can be heard and Alice steps into the office area, carrying a folder full of paperwork. She takes her time in getting to Benjamin's desk, but that is her destination. The folder is set down to the side and a kiss is given the man's cheek. "Hey." Then over Doug's way with a smile, "Hi there."

Doug switches his monitor back on and typed in bold, underlined print, 'I'M NOT SULKING. I AM WORKING ON IMPORTANT THINGS.' That's when Alice arrives. Substantially younger than Benjamin, and smooching him. Doug clears his throat and his screen simultaneously. "Hi. I was just leaving. Working on important things, y'know." Uh huh. He gathers up his files and makes for the door, though he does pause to mouth 'I KNEW IT' at Benji.

Benjamin would be beaming a bright smile about now, but can't. Frustration. Sad face. Alas. So he settles for snaking an arm around the woman's waist. Is.. Ben smirking with his eyes? Maybe. He raises his other hand waving an enthusiastic bubai as Doug flees. Then.. 'I think you scared him off.' he types. 'Good job. They have me a weirdo for a partner.'

"Really? He didn't seem all that weird. Maybe a little… uncomfortable, but." Alice glances after Doug as he leaves, eyebrows coming up. "I guess that means no threesome, right?" A beat. "Kidding. So, you're having a good day?"

Look into my eyes. They say no. Was there hesitation? Cause, no. Benjamin doesn't look amused by that. It's kind of a revolting suggestion.. but Alice is joking. 'Better now that you're here,' he types out for the woman to see. 'You caught Doug in a mild moment. He's.. crazy. Should have seen him putting me under pressure when we had to tag Meg.. I mean.. Miss Deatley.' Professional. Yes. Keep it professional. That's what Nova said.

"Ah, one of those friends." Smiling, Alice notes, "You might be surprised. I think he probably cares more than he means to. A good man to watch your back."

Benjamin suppresses a shudder. Doug creeps him out on so many levels. One handed, as he keeps that arm around Alice, he types, 'Maybe. Just kinda creepy. He put his face at my crotch when we met. His pet monkey also got intimate with my shoulder. That's not normal. I should stop complaining. He's my partner.' And he's embarrassing himself.

"Clearly I need to meet this monkey, tell it what's what… Possibly skewer and barbeque it," Alice looks back to Benjamin now and asks, "So, what are your plans for tonight?"

Benjamin's shoulders move in silent laughter. This injury is getting old, fast. 'I thought I would take you out for a smoothie.. since a romantic dinner will have to wait a couple of weeks.' Aw. He looks up at Alice with an adoring gaze. 'So what do you say to a smoothie and whatever you wanna do after?' Good thing he was already a pretty fast typist.. this is easier than that eraseboard!

"Smoothies sound great… but I was thinking we could head back to my place. They aren't confining you completely to the facility are they? I don't want to get you in trouble," Alice says, reaching out but not quite touching Benjamin's face. "More than you already have, that is."

Benjamin shakes his head before typing, 'Not confined. But staying out here is a little easier at times. Was training heavily. Now spending time doing busy work, and reading Company related literature. Then it'll be back to more training.' Yay for immersion into Company dogma. 'Would love to go back to your place.'

"Great… its a date," the newly minted blonde says as she straightens up and retrieves her folder, "It might be a mess, but its a little more comfortable than the oversized mouse cage they've stuffed you in here."

Benjamin keeps his hand at PG levels before releasing his arm from around Alice. 'It will be time with you. Don't care about mess or size. I love you and I missed you,' he types out for Alice to see.

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