2008-01-22: I Know What I Saw


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Summary: Hiro tells Jane something she doesn't believe, and situations are discussed.

Date It Happened: January 22, 2008

Log Title I Know What I Saw

Separate locations in NYC, by phone

Her fingers pull Hiro up in the contacts list on her iPhone and start the call. It begins to ring on his end.

The other end answers, "Hello?"

Jane speaks in a voice suggesting concerns, and determination. "Hiro. Jane Forrest. I need to meet with you." There are sounds of her possibly being on a street coming through.

Hiro says, "I … cannot really get away from where I am right now. What is wrong?"

Jane pauses before answering, the sound of a honking horn making it through, perhaps causing her to wait. "Someone tried to kill me a while ago, I'm trying to find people who've gone out of contact, and I need to get some information. Two people claiming to be with the FBI came to see me recently, also."

Hiro says, "Kill you? What? Are … are you safe now? Where are you?"

Jane doesn't have competing noise on her end this time. "I am. But others may not be. I'm near a hotel on the Upper West side. Pick a public spot and I can go there to meet you, but… you're unable to move right now?"

Hiro says, "I can get away … I'll come and find you."

Jane gives the name and address of a place on the Upper West Side, and waits. "Thank you."

Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

Hiro appears before he's even off the phone, hanging up as he suddenly comes into view not far from the address given.

She's standing there, still on the phone, waiting and watching for him to appear in a place not readily visible to the general population of New York. It wouldn't be good for teleporters to be spotted, after all. When Hiro appears, Jane ends the call and places her iPhone back on her hip. "Thanks for coming," she offers, closing the distance between them. "I may be watched. We should relocate immediately." One hand reaches out to touch his shoulder so he can do just that.

And he does just that … beaming the pair of them away to somewhere he knows is safe. In this case, the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty's Torch

She's disoriented by the sudden transition, and clutches at his arm when they arrive there, taking a moment or two in catching her bearings. Once she does, Jane's eyes look to see where she is; whether it's the outside of that torch, or inside it.

The inside, of course. It is a bit too cold to go outside - especially at nighttime. Beyond all that, they're pretty difficult to find here which is just what Jane wanted by the sound of the phone conversation. Hiro looks at her. Immediately it is easy to see that he's not quite his usual happy, chipper self.

"You need somewhere safe to stay."

"I've money and places to stay," she replies calmly. "The murder attempt happened in December, it was Danny Ferrera, one of the two who tried to plant bugs at a bookstore. I've just not been able to make contact and find out if anything was learned." Jane looks the man over while she speaks, and her head tilts to one side. Concern settles onto her features. "Is something wrong?"

Hiro looks for a moment like he might reveal just what he's up to to Jane but in the end he decides against it, shaking his head, "No. Just things on my mind."

She looks at him for a long quiet stretch of seconds as he takes this path of decision, not seeming convinced by his reply, but opting herself not to press it. As she begins to speak and fill him in, she faces the wall opposite them. "Danny Ferrera had an accomplice that night, they both got away. Peter was there, he got the name of a company from them and was looking into it, I didn't follow up. It was handled, or so I thought. Until just after Christmas. I ran into Danny again on the 26th of December, out in SoHo, near a coffee shop. He said he knows what my voice can do. He had a photo of me in my kitchen. My initials were on the back, and a red X was drawn through it. Then he pulled out a gun and opened fire."

"Since then, I've not been to the apartment. I've had someone I knew in college keeping watch over it, and I've not spent two nights in a row at the same place. Peter hasn't returned my call to find out if he learned anything. I went to see him, but Kory from the Secret Lair said he was in trouble. I've not heard from her again either. Nathan Petrelli also didn't return my call."

"And now two people claiming to be FBI came looking for me, they're after Peter and Elle Bishop. They said if I hear from them, I should call in, my life might be in danger. If I hadn't met them in public, I don't know where I'd be now. They mentioned protective custody, and wouldn't say why they were after him. Claimed it was classified. I emailed Elena, Peter's girlfriend, to warn about the FBI. She hasn't answered. I need to call her family and see if they've heard from her."

She turns back to face him, her jaw setting. "So here it is, Hiro. I want to find out whatever was learned about Danny, to know if there's some kind of organization behind him. I want to know what's going on with Peter and Elle. I want to know what the situation is, so I can help get things right, and not be in the dark about friends anymore."

"I would not trust Peter Petrelli anymore," Hiro points out warily, trying to take in everything Jane just said, "He's not the same person he was and … I think you should stay away from him. He … I think he has Sylar's problem. He wants powers."

He looks downcast for a moment, "I do not know if I can help you. But he is a murderer, Jane, and you need to stop looking for him."

Her face shifts away from the sternness she showed, a bit, at the words she hears. "Peter, a murderer?" Her eyes study the Japanese man like he might have two heads. "Peter's not capable of murder, and you say he's got Sylar's problem?" Her head shakes twice. "No. I don't abandon friends. I've been abandoned, and I won't do that to others close to me. Why do you say Peter's a murderer?"

"Because he killed my father," answers the time-traveler, crossing his arms and looking quite agitated by the fact that Jane doesn't believe him, "And I saw him do it."

Okay, that part isn't quite true. He didn't see him do it but he saw him kidnap him and he saw him return the body. He's put two and two together and come up with four.

"I do not like it either but it is true. You must stay away from him."

Her jaw sets further, hearing this. She doesn't believe it. Doesn't want to believe it. Jane is silent for some long moments, her features softening as she processes and absorbs. "I'm sorry for your loss, Hiro, truly I am." Her words are solemnly and sincerely spoken. "But something isn't right here, not right at all. The man I know isn't a murderer. I know there are people who can make others see things that aren't real. A Company agent named Candice used it on me once. I was writing music, and the notes started to dance. I thought I was flashing back from whatever the Company used to make me suffer withdrawal, until the false Elle told me what really happened. So someone made it look like Peter killed your father." Her eyes close for a long moment, as her brain moves to the further implications.

"Whatever is going on, people are looking for him, and that puts other people in danger. Like his girlfriend, my friend Elena. I won't just abandon them either. I don't believe those two were FBI. If Peter were a murder suspect, and they were FBI, they'd have told me that instead of saying it's classified."

"He is not the person you know," Hiro says, growing still more agitated, "Something is wrong. He is not acting like himself. He is acting like Sylar."

A pause, "I know what I saw and I was not being tricked."

She studies him, just studies him, for a very long stretch of seconds. It could be as many as thirty. When Jane finally speaks, the words are calm and focused. "I understand you believe that, Hiro. And you wouldn't believe it without good reason. I hope you understand," she asserts gently, "me still being skeptical. If someone told me you committed murder, I'd be just as disbelieving." On that note, she watches his eyes, hoping he understands and accepts that much.

"So we have growing questions: What changed Peter to make him act like Sylar? Who are the people claiming to be FBI? And how do we keep people around Peter from getting harmed in all of this?"

A plaintive question follows. "Where do we start to find the answers, Hiro?"

"I am trying to find some of them," Hiro answers, suddenly quite stony although a little better than he was before given that Jane hasn't dismissed his accusations completely, "But it isn't safe for anyone else to come with me."

He looks off into space for a moment, "We need to figure out how to keep everyone safe … and not just from the villains they know."

"We can start with you telling me everything you do know, Hiro," she replies calmly, "so two brains can be applied to sorting it all out, planning what to do. I have a number for the two who said they were FBI. Should I make contact so we can lure them out and find out what the truth there is? They're why I asked you to relocate. They approached me with questions about Peter, they know I know him, and if they're any good at all at their jobs, they've got people watching me."

"I do not think it is a safe time," Hiro admits with a slightly saddened look, "You should be careful and stay hidden. For now, at least. I know somebody who might have information on the people who broke into the book shop … I will get him to forward it to you if he can. But promise you will be very careful and stay away from Peter Petrelli."

"Staying away from him is easy," Jane replies deadpan. "He's staying away from me. If that changes, what should I do? Call you? Call the people who claimed to be FBI?" Her jaw is set again. None of this is good, she doesn't have it in herself to self-preserve and lay low when those close to her are in trouble. It's all part of being cursed with altruism and loyalty. "I'll call Elena's family in the morning and see if they've heard from her. I'll also try to get in touch with Nathan again. He should probably be at the hospital where his wife is."

"Which hospital is that?" Hiro asks quietly, lifting his eyebrows a little at the mention of Flying Man's wife getting medical attention. No, he doesn't really read the papers.

"That's not been made public," Jane replies. "I don't know. She was in a car crash, they say she's expected to make a slow, but full, recovery."

Hiro seems to keep that in mind but says nothing else about it, nodding his head slowly.

"I promise I will try to keep you informed, Jane. But things are dangerous … it is more important that you stay safe and convince everyone else to stay safe, too."

"First I have to find them," she replies gravely. One hand reaches out to touch him so she can be taken back where he found her, or anywhere else he chooses.

"I have somewhere safe that I think you should say," Hiro says when Jane puts a hand on his arm, "Nobody can use powers when they are there and it is outside of the City. You can stay in my room since I will not be using it for a while."

She doesn't object or accept at the moment, she just waits to be taken wherever this is he mentions. "Thank you for coming, Hiro," is Jane's simple reply.

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