2008-07-06: I'll Be There


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and in the first of his curtain calls,



On the edge of a waking dream - over rivers, over streams

Through wind and rain, I'll be there

Across the wide and open sky - Thousands of miles I'd fly

To be with you …I'll be there

Date It Happened: July 6, 2008

I'll Be There

The Deveaux Building - The Batcave

Kory has been healed, thanks to the attention of Dr. Awesome. She's finished the first monument for the hall of fallen heroes. The little foot high statue of Peter-of-the-Future stands alone under a tracklight on a shelf at a little above her eye level. She examines her handiwork and seems satisfied with it. Keeping busy is the key until she can get the ball rolling in several planes to take Pinehearst down. It also helps keep the loneliness at bay. She hated Future Peter at first. His grimness. His crypticity. But now she misses him, and longs all the more for the return of the one she considers the real one. She ignores the TV and her collection of DVDs in favor of the computer.

Sophie has taken some time, herself, to sort through all the messages in her head, and to try and give people time before delivering those messages. But now, she's tapping on the door, seeing if Kory is ready for hers.

Kory glances up, not terribly surprised. The replaced door with more locks has slowed down, but people still keep trickling by. Kory has had enough time and distance with her injuries healed to at least be able to cram the grief back in some corner of her mind. "Sophie. Hey. How you doing, hon?"

Sophie is dressed in her usual garb, now. Someting lighter, perhpas, but still covers all the skin. She says, "Better than I have been. But how are you holding up?" softly.

"I'm coping," Kory shrugs. "Best I can. Randall's hovering around me, concerned, but not entirely sure what to do to console me. I am trying to stay away from Niki. Nice lady, but she brings all the pain right back to the surface. Trying to get things moving. Because Pinehearst's plan has to be stopped. Not sleeping, but that's nothing new."

Sophie nods, as she says, "I agree with stopping Pinehearst." firmly, frowning, "So, anything we need to do, I'll help any way I can." she pauses, unsure how to proceed. She finally says, "Peter.. the future one, he left a message for me to deliver to you. Do you think you can handle that yet?"

Kory tilts her head, concern for her friend writ large on her expressive features, almost more than the warring emotions of curiosity and dread. "Ready or not, I don't think it's healthy for you to carry all those extra memories around if they're meant to be given away." She's read Johnny Mnemonic. And Mnemosyne will have other memories to carry around soon. "So let's do this."

Sophie nods as she says, "Perhaps sitting, I suppose. This is new. He was the one who figured out this could be one way my ability could be used." she walks over, pulling off her glove as she concentrates on the single memory she wants to transmit.

Kory nods, and moves over to her favourite comfy chair, the one nearest the window. She settles in close, and takes deep breaths, seeking a meditative quiet so she's as close to peaceful as she can manage when Sophie touches her with the memory message.

Sophie takes a final deep breath, and she reaches out. Her fingertips gently touch Kory's temple, and the memory transfer begins.
The voice is familiar, something they've both heard many times. A memory, one silenced forever now, but existing as that— one perfect memory.

"I'll keep trying to fix this … I'm going back and changing all of this."

The memory solidifies into something more than sounds. He's standing in the Muse's apartment of the future. Subtle changes, but much still the same. Before him is a woman, older, but somehow still beautiful through his memory, through the eyes that recalled her. Possibly more than she actually is. The Muse as she would always look to him. No matter what she wore, or how her hair say.

"Before I go, do you need anything?" His question of her, a worry filling his mind. Leaving them behind could be the biggest mistake he's ever made, but it's becoming the only choice— the only way to fix things for the most people. The only way that she'll ever be able to stop doing what the world has forced her to do… And the only way any of them will be able to rest.//

A mental voice peeks in, not spoken outloud, not his own, but a whisper, a hint of how he hears thoughts. Her voice. I need you to succeed. She knew he could hear her. "Do what you need to. I will hold it all together here." The insecurity fades as she speaks, affection growing for the woman so strong that she'd never let anyone see the teary eyed girl underneath. But he knew… and he loved her. For being brave and strong… and for being genuine and vulnerable. All at the same time.

"Do I need anything?" she asks, moving closer and closing the distance, leaning up to kiss him on the lips. Loss, longing, brimming with long restrained emotions. And brief.//

Also leaving him speechless. As she settles down, surprise is clear. Somehow the memory seems to observe from the outside, to show it. The stern mask he often wore, shattered. "I… Kory…" The hesitation grows, and then hands come up, touching her face. So much that he never told her. How much he admired her. How strong she was. How inspirational. There's a reason he called her his Muse. The kiss she gave him gets returned, longer, even more pressure. The knowledge it could be the last time he allows himself to see her. A sting of regret as everything shifts and the whole room disappears, the pressure vanishes. Everything he holds onto might as well have slipped through his fingers…

And he stands outside. In the cold. Inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty, overlooking the city as he runs hands over his face.

The memory ends, with a sense that the only part he really regretted, was that he couldn't stay, but he trusted that, should he fail, she could handle things— she was so much stronger than he ever had been.

It is really unsettling to see herself like this — her future self — haggard and strung so tightly. But capable of great strength. The grey hair. The sad, tired eyes. And then that flood of warmth, under Peter's usual careful cool exterior. For her, he showed something beneath. And …he …"…he loved me…?" she breathes, eyes brimming and spilling over with tears. They run down her face, untouched as she holds onto that memory. I kissed him first…? Things fall into place — he'd told her when he first arrived that she would be alone. But yet she'd kissed him goodbye…with subdued passion. And Peter regretted not being able to stay — but trusted her … Kory… with the fate of the future if he failed.

"Oh." Kory gasps, and sinks backward into the chair, only now realizing her eyes are streaming. "Oh, God."

Sophie's eyes are filled with tears, but she remains quiet to let Kory sort through all this. She knows, more than anyone, how overwhelming it can be.

"No wonder he was…" Kory can't finish the sentence. So Distant. So cool. He was holding back emotions… "…that don't…shouldn't …exist yet." She shakes her head. "I have to do this, Sophie. We have to do this."

Sophie nods, firmly. She says, softly, "And we will. Together. You aren't alone on this. We have to rescue Peter, this time's Peter, and stop Pinehearst."

Kory swallows hard around the lump that seems to have lodged in her throat. She knows the feeling of his lips now. Their warmth. The feel of his fingers on her face. That was the same feeling she had as he died in her arms. He was kissing her goodbye. Because…because he loved her. "We will. Somehow. I don't know how, but somehow. He believed in us. We can't let him down."

Sophie nods, "I think.. each goodbye he gave, even if he didn't know how he would be leaving.. It was to strengthen us."

Kory finally wipes self-consciously at her eyes. "You…you think so?" Kory's emotions are still tilt-a-whirling in her head and her heart. Her own feelings for Peter, quietly tucked away in a corner of her heart have been stirred. "He thought I was stronger than he was. But…I was always his cheerleader." As opposed to the Cheerleader, his niece. "I believed in him. Maybe that gave him some comfort."

She turns to glance out the window at the dark city. "Gibraltar, Peter. I swear."

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