2007-05-26: I'll Have To Talk To Him


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Summary: Told of the crisis involving Pete and Cass, two roommates head for the hospital.

Date It Happened: May 26th, 2007

I'll Have To Talk To Him

On the way to and at Beth Israel Hospital, Manhattan, NYC

They'd gone to bed after the conversation regarding what happened at NYU and other things, sleeping undisturbed sleep until around seven the next morning, the 26th of May. The thing that wakes her up? A ringing phone. The brunette sits slowly, moves bed-tangled hair out of her eyes, and glances blearily at a clock. What the? It's… seven a. m. Who the fork calls her at this hour? But it rings just the same, and she gets to it just after the third time. Fingers flip it open, she places it to her ear, and speaks in a partly asleep voice. "Jane Forrest." Listening happens, and her eyes go wide. Suddenly very alert, she bolts out of bed. "Cass shot, Pete comatose?! Yeah, go sleep, Elena. We'll be there soon. Beth Israel." The call ends, she closes the phone.

Elle is asleep. And a good thing, too. It stops her from going -completely and utterly postal-. Immediately, at least.

She'll let Elle stay that way, for a short time longer, guessing that's the case because there aren't any sounds of the roommate being up and moving. Jane goes about a truncated version of her morning routine. Clean up quickly, get dressed, set her guitar and backpack near the door for easy reach. There will be tense people, they may need the presence of music to help them through things. Once this is done and she's in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt with shorts and athletic shoes, her hair tied back in a ponytail, she goes to the blonde's door and knocks once. "Elle?" she asks.

Elle opens her eyes, and looks up. "Huh?" She calls through the door. "Yeah?" Seven AM is awfully early for an electroblonde.

The door opens slowly, and through it comes a somber faced roommate. "Elle," Jane says softly, "you need to get up and get dressed. We have to go somewhere." On crossing the room to sit at the edge of her bed, she reaches to pull hair from the woman's face and wait for her to wake up.

Elle is already sitting up. She frowns a little. "What's going on?" The expression is enough to tell her something is, as is the tone.

"Cass Aldric was shot," Jane states quietly, "she's at Beth Israel Hospital. Pete came there, he healed her some, or tried to, and had a reaction. The hospital has him too." She stays close by, ready to give support as needed and help keep her together enough to move.

Ever hear the expression someone's eyes lightning up? In this case it's literal. Little lightning leakings from Elle's eyes. She blinks once, and bounces out of bed an instant later, grabbing for her clothes. "How is he?" At the moment, she's all business. That's the Agent training. She'll have her meltdown later.

"He's recovering, Elle," Jane replies. "But not awake." She moves out of the way for the blonde to access and don her clothing.

That probably means his powers overloaded. Elle throws on jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. Practical clothing, unlike the usual sex kitten attire. "What happened to the gunman?" Cause if he isn't dead yet…he's going to be.

"I don't know," Jane replies, adding "we can find out more when we get there." She waits near the doorway for the garbing to occur, remarking "If Lachlan were around when this happened, I'd be pretty sure the gunman is dead or he is."

Elle nods. "I'll have to talk to him." And with that, off she heads, for car and hospital.

Right behind her, with the gear, is Jane. She's mostly quiet for the drive to the hospital, pensively looking out the window facing ahead. "I met Cass on the ninth of February, at her store. I'd been playing guitar, big surprise, yeah, outside her store, and there was another guitarist, a girl called Rose, there. Cass came back from lunch, we went inside, and were talking when a guy walking his dog passed by. The animal got away, he used an ultrasonic whistle to call it back, and… it hurt. I didn't know what was happening at first. The whole thing freaked me out bad."

Elle is fairly silent the whole way. Though she speaks when Jane does. "I didn't meet her until that day, in her store. To be honest, I don't even like her all that much. I'm going for Peter, not her."

"I'm for both," Jane replies simply. Not much is said the remainder of the way, when they reach the hospital she gets out and moves to make her way inside along with the blonde. Directions are obtained for the ICU areas, and it's on to the elevators.

Elle follows Jane. She's working hard to keep her emotions in check, because if she doesn't, she's gonna -hurt- someone. There have been audible static -snaps- as she touches anything metallic.

Paying attention to the blonde's state, Jane presses the elevator button and waits for the device to reach them. She knows there's not much that can be done, but she has to try. Her voice whispers "this is Pete, Elle. It'll be just like a really long nap for him. It's all going to be okay."

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