2009-12-12: I'll Move Mountains For You



Date: December 12, 2009


Hallis busts in on Alex in the aftermath of her earth shaking in Greenwich.

"I'll Move Mountains For You"

Alexandra's Apartment

OW. Ow ow ow ow ow. That's the first thing Alex thinks as she comes awake. Sun streams in through the open curtains of her apartment, practically blinding her. First reaction is to raise an arm and shade your eyes, right? Unfortunately when she does that, her whole body throbs in pain. "Owwwwww!" she calls out blearily. Her head throbs and pulses with a powerful headache, and her mouth feels like sandpaper inside. And what the heck is that pounding…it's definitely not her head or her heart…it's her front door, it seems.

Groaning loudly, like coming off of a huge binge drinking night, she rolls off the couch to her feet and shuffles to the door. With shaky fingers, she unlocks the chain, the two deadbolts, and the knob itself, swinging the door open withouth caring the least who's on the other side. To say she looks like hell would be putting it lightly. Alex's hair is tousled and a little dirty. Her sweater is disheveled and looks like…are those pit stains? Her jeans and suede boots are dirty and a little muddy too. "What?" she groans out to who's out there in the hall.

Armed with a Venti Starbucks cappuccino with a double shot of espresso, a copy of the New York Times, and a little bag of pastry, Hallis barges in to the apartment without actually being invite. Turning quickly to face the woman, the young blonde has a bit of fear in her eyes as she glances over the other woman, concerned.

"Alex are you okay? Did you read the newspaper this morning? Was it you?" The coffee is thrust in the other woman's direction as is the little baggy. The paper is held up beside Hallis' face displaying the horror that is one certain street in Greenwich Village right now. "What happened last night? I was so scared I almost peed myself. And you can never repeat that to anyone."

"I…uh…what are you talking about?" Alex gives one heavy blink, wiping her eyes clear of the gunk, before she's got a coffee and a bag thrusted into her hand. Her vision still bleary, she leans forward and begins to read the newspaper, and pays particular attention to the images therein, including the distinctive eruptions of earth and street full of cars and buildings with various pieces of fallen rubble, broken windows, and cracked sidewalks.

"Ugh…it's a bit hazy…I guess it had to be me, but I don't remember all of it." Uh-oh, sounds like something that happened to Hallis care of a certain mind-rapist. "I…there was this girl, I think? And she touched me, and then…I got angry."

Hallis' eyebrows twitch into a delicate frown as Alex relates a little bit of her story. "Do you remember if anyone saw you? I mean… if the government is hunting people that can do things." Her thoughts are whirling at a thousand blips per second. She glances around the apartment and purses her lips lightly. "Come on, they won't be beating down your door any time soon. Let's sit down and you can eat and drink your coffee."

Leading the dazed and confused brunette toward her kitchen table, Hallis makes certain she's safely seated before sitting down herself. "You know, it was the most exciting thing to happen all night," she says lightly, trying to make the other woman feel better. "I was at the club with Chelsea and she fell over. It was priceless."

"I…guess." Alex still seems a little wobbly and groggy, but compliant enough, as she's lead on over to her seat…presumably at the breakfast bar where there are two stools. The little dining table isn't really suited for any sort of sit down at the moment, with stacks of papers, diagrams from work, and even a suitcase up there leftover from her recent trip abroad for business. She does manage a wan smile though at the mention of Chelsea falling over at the club. "I…don't think anyone saw what happened. First I was angry…then…sweaty? Hot? Then happy. Then…out. And then I woke up here. I have no idea how I got from the street to here though."

Nodding a little, Hallis begins to draw a couple of parallels with her own story. Especially the out and here part. "That kind of happened to me the day the mind rapist got me. I didn't know how I got from the cab into my bedroom. I was all dressed and gross… there was a gum wrapper in my hair." Then she shakes her head, this isn't about her. "Well if you think anyone saw you, come and stay with me for a few days or something, okay? I have a spare bedroom. Andra won't mind… as long as you like dogs." She purses her lips together and looks around the apartment, "George's place is in the building too, that way he'll be close enough to protect you."

"Well…uh…if there's one thing I don't seem to need, it's protecting, right?" Alex points to newspaper image and taps it a few times with a finger…dirt under the fingernail there. "Ick!" she says, making a little face at the sight of that. "Seems like it was one hell of a night though, from what I can remember. I don't think I've ever caused anything that big before. That was a monster." And it wasn't even to full building-smashing capacity, that's the terrifying part. "I don't know though…it…I guess it's bad but, it felt kind of good, you know?"

"Like screaming when you feel like the world is closing in on you?" Hallis asks quietly. Pursing her lips a little, she looks down at the counter and taps her fingers against it lightly. "You you think maybe you need to let loose every once in a while?" She's definitely trying to understand, and trying to think of ways to help her friend. "Because my grandmother has this huge estate in Westchester… If you wanted, we could go there and you could move a mountain if you needed to. Not that she has mountains there, but she's got a thirty acres or so with nothing but her house on it."

For the moment, Alex ponders the suggestion. "I…think that's maybe a good idea. I don't really know if it was me though, or whatever this girl did. I felt perfectly fine until then. It's not like I struggle to…control what I do." In fact, maybe the fact that she doesn't let loose often is reason that the city is still standing; she hasn't exactly honed her skill and trained it up properly. "I suppose I could make a mountain, if it really came down to it," Alex says, after thinking a moment more and having a sip of coffee. "Gah…I've got awful cottonmouth. And disgusting pit stains," she says, raising an arm.

"Why don't you go clean up? I can wait here, or meet you somewhere later?" Hallis doesn't really want to leave, not right away. "We could go shopping or something else relaxing. Maybe get a picture together with Santa?" The thought has the young blonde grinning from ear to ear. "We could make Christmas cards out of it. Did you know that I'm actually doing my own shopping and baking and getting ready for Christmas this year?" Yes, she's proud.

"O…ok. I guess I can do that." Alex slides off her stool at the breakfast bar, and wobbles toward the bedroom. "Whoa…lightheaded," she says, holding onto a wall on the way back to the bedroom. That leaves Hallis alone in the apartment there, which looks pretty messed up after Alex's trips, one on business, one not-so-much on business. There's a rattle of a pill bottle in the bathroom, then the squeak-hiss of the shower getting turned on to steam up. After that detox sweat, it's going to be a long one, with plenty of soap and shampoo.

Thinking she's doing her friend a favor, Hallis begins to straighten up the mess. She doesn't actually do much except move things into piles and then more those piles into neater piles. By the time Alex gets out of the shower the dining table should be relatively cleared, the living room relatively straight and the suitcase moved into the bedroom to be unpacked later. Dusting her hands off, she smiles at her handiwork and the deposits herself on the stool once more. She's never been teh best at keeping house, but she certainly knows what clean is.

When Alex reappears, she's dressed pretty much as she was before…just a clean pair of jeans and a clean sweater. Same boots though, since they're so cute, with the little fuzzball at the top and all. "Hmm, I wonder if I still have my purse and all. I didn't even think to check." Thankfully, it's sitting on the dining room table, amidst the clutter, meaning Hallis has no doubt seen the big, heavy shoulder bag. It's filled with crumpled papers and bound packets of project information.

The bag was seen and left alone, ladies don't touch each other's purses after all, it's bad form. Looking at Alex's ensemble, Hallis then glances down at her own, feeling a little overdressed in her jersey skirt, high boots, and cashmere sweater. All of that topped with her favorite fur coat. "Hmm… if you're going to dress like that for the picture, I need to get a new outfit to wear that kind of matches. Maybe a pair of jeans! I only own one pair you know." Then she adds off handedly, "They were a gift."

"Oh…well…I could probably get dressed up easier than you can dress down," Alex replies, blushing a little. She's spotted her purse, and starts to root through it, though feeling a little self-conscious now as southern-comfort and casual conflicts with New York socialite. "But I mean, you know I don't dress up too much. Just for work, really." She's talking from the table though, pulling things out of her bag. "Oh man…I must've fallen on this or something. Good thing I didn't have my computer with me yesterday," she laments, pulling out smushed papers and books, and then dumping out all the loose business cards. "And it looks like someone got into my business cards rather quickly; they're all dumped out in here, when I have a special case for them." A quick search of the wallet shows no credit cards, bank cards, or checkbook missing, and only cab fare in cash gone.

Frowning, Hallis quirks her head toward Alex as she goes through the contents of her purse. "So they rifled through your purse but didn't take anything? Funny… that's kind of the same thing that happened to me." She pauses for a moment and then narrows her eyes at the other woman, "Did the girl you saw have bad hair? Because that's what I supposedly called the mind rapist." Then, the young blonde begins to chew her lip, "Hey Alex… I was thinking about going to a hypnotist sometime, maybe one would help me out in figuring out what happened to me." As a side to the dress? Hallis merely smiles and shakes her head. "No, you definitely get to stay in what you're wearing. I want to buy some jeans to match and then we can take some pictures!"

"Why buy them, when you could probably fit into some of mine. I have more than two pairs, you know!" Down-south sensibility strikes again! "As for hair…I can't say I got to see it. She was pretty bundled up, as I recall. Out spray painting a fence at a construction site just up the street, I think." While she talks, Alex is busy collecting up her business cards, making sure they're all straightened and in the same direction, then sliding them into the small golden case. "I don't know about hypnotists…maybe, if they work. I don't know if they do or not, and I'm not sure my insurance covers something like that. Sounds like it could be quite pricey."

Looking at herself and then the brunette, Hallis smiles and nods. "Okay, dress me up like you… except I want to keep my boots and coat." Of course she picks the two post expensive pieces to incorporate into the ensemble. Then she slides off her stool and pauses, waiting for the other woman to lead the way to her bedroom. "Don't worry about how much they cost, I'm pretty sure they can't be that expensive."

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