2007-03-29: I Love You


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**Summary: Sean invites Riya over for a dinner date- some naivity and honesty is included into the conversation, and they form a lasting bond of… love. **

Date It Happened: March 29, 2007

I Love You

Sean's Apartment - Brooklyn

Hearing the knock on his flat's door, Sean saunters over, all dressed up. He's gotten a haircut, and his hair is actually fairly short now, instead of the mess in front of his eyes that it usually is. He's got a purple polo shirt on, stretched reasonably tight against his chest and abs - but because that's how it's supposed to fit, not because of any fat on Sean's body, despite drinking. His feet are pretty much the only things that aren't well-clad and different from normal - in fact, they're just bare. Whoops.
He smiles as he opens the door. "Hey, you're right on time - dinner will be out of the oven in a couple minutes." The smell of chicken wafts through the door as he invites Riya in.

Knock knock! Riya knocks on Sean's door, and she, although dressed in simple, green-colored linen goen with short heels, is very much surprised at Sean's look. "I - wow." She says simply, letting her eyes rake down from his cut hair down to his feet, and, concurrently, the girl giggles. "You nearly pulled it off." She admits, stepping into the aparment and giving him a light, swift kiss. "You just forgot the shoes. Gods, that smells so very, very good."

Sean looks down at his feet, and curses a bit under his breath. "Damn, I was hoping you'd be a bit late so I'd remember to put those on." He looks back up at her and smiles. "You definitely pulled it off, though."
He runs his hand through his short hair, figuring that that was the cause of the "Wow", for the most part. It's a pretty drastic change, after all. "You like it?"

"Nearly perfect, but not quite, and frankly, I don't mind that you forgot. It makes you so much more… Mmmm. I don't know how to explain it, but it's just cool." She lets one hand ruffle his hair before she grins broadly. "Like it? Love it." Riya dances towards the kitchen and food.

Sean closes the door behind him and locks it, out of reflex. "I was thinking about highlighting it as well, but decided I'd ask a few people what they think before I did." He laughs, then walks to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of wine. It's not his usual drink, but… well, inviting a lady over to dinner isn't a regular occurence in Sean's life.
Setting it down on the table, he smiles at Riya. "And I don't see how it's "not quite" perfect, personally."

"Hrm." Riya admits, gazing at his hair as she perches on the table a bit, hooking her ankles around each other. "Oh, wine…" She drawls. "Are we being fancy, tonight?" She wonders aloud, eyes twinkling slightly as she continues to lean there. "Oh, it's me. Nothing's quite right with me, remember?"

Sean leans down, and - feeling extremely cheesy while he does so - says "I dunno, I think you're just right for me, at least…" and kisses her briefly.
Straightening up after the kiss, he opens the wine, letting it breathe a bit before pouring it. "Nah, it doesn't have to be fancy - this wine goes well with what we're having for dinner." /I should really go to cooking school…/ he thinks idly to himself - he'd been looking for something to go to school for. He scowls a bit, wondering if he'd get in. Something to look into.

Cheddar-cheesy? Riya continues leaning on the table, except she kind of wobbles after the brief kiss. "I'm glad someone thinks that." She says, licking her lips slightly, finally edging towards a seat, thne she spots his scowl. "What are you thinking about that has you mad or angry? Be happy." She says, scolding slightly.

Sean laughs a bit, not having realized that he was scowling outwardly. "Oh, I'm not mad or angry… Just thinking. I think I might go back to school." He chuckles a bit inwardly, then thinks /Wow, my entire life is changing these days…/.
Hearing the oven beep at him, he turns around and opens the door, releasing more of the heavenly aroma. "Mmmm, certainly smells done." He prods at the chicken with a fork, making sure it's fully cooked.

"Culinary school?" She says thoughtfully, then she mms as the oven door opens and that smell comes out. "Dear gods, that smells better than before. Feed me!" She says, playfully teasing with him as she slides all the way into a chair, watching him bustle around the tiny kitchen area.

In just a few short minutes, Sean takes an entire supper out of the rather large pan that was in the oven - First, he takes out the lemon pepper chicken, then the potatoes that were baking with it (to give them a chickeny taste), then the vegetables he added just before Riya showed up.
"Yeah, I think I'm going to look into it - I miss owning my own bar, but if I could make it into a pub or a restaurant… well, there's just more money to be found… and it's easier to get a foothold with good food than with cheap booze." He smiles over his shoulder, working at the counter at cutting pieces of the chicken for their plates.

"Dear gods. Feed me." Riya begs as Sean continues dishing up the food and the talk. "You could do both. Good food, cheap booze, dancefloor. Make it a regular little joint with club optionso n the weekends." She suggusts, leaning back in her chair.

Sean turns around, carrying two plates full of food, and sets one down in front of Ryia, adn the other on teh other side of the ktichen table for himself. He reaches into the cupboard above the fridge - having to stand on his toes to reach them properly - and grabs two wine glasses. /Dammit, knew I should have gotten them out earlier…/
He sits down and pours wine into both glasses. "To be honest, I just thought of it now, so I'll sleep on it… but I think tomorrow I'll look into culinary schools. I could probably borrow money from my brother to start the place…" He smiles, a bit sadly. "Evan's a brilliant doctor, he got all the intelligence genes."

Watching Sean stretch, Riya gets a small smiles on her face. /Damn… remind me why I haven't found him before? Handsome, a good cook, honest, sweet… hmmm… oh look, food./ Riya smiles then she picks up the cup. "To your food- it looks and smells /great./"

Sean smiles hugely, even blushing slightly. "To hoping that it tastes just as good!" he says, before clinking glasses. "And, of course, to us!"
Again - open mouth, see how far foot can go in.

Shyly, Riya clinks her glass against his, a light blush covering her cheeks at his second comment. "To… us." She echoes, staring at the goblet for a few moments before she tips her head back and drinks it slowly but carefully. "Thank you." She says, clearing her throat. "Shall we eat.'

GAME: Sean has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

In a stunning show of events, Sean managed to NOT put his foot in his mouth!
But he notices the blush, the hesitation, and the staring at her cup before drinking. /Shiiiiit. Now what the hell do I do?/ "Sure." He smiles at her, a bit shyly, still worried about her reaction. /Crap/.

Sean's foot evidently likes him.
/Awww, fuck, I totally messed that one up./ Riya and sean are evidently thinking the same things, and she neatly delves into the food, making apprecative noises, even though the brain is still going. /… I shouldn't. I have to …"

Sean sticks his first bite of lemon pepper chicken into his mouth and all negative thoughts are blown from his mind. "Mmm, this turned out better than I thought it would!"

You have to love akward dinner meals, and as Riya continues eating- it's good, her brain goes on buzzkill for one thought: Sean. The girl hesitates a second, thne she places her fork down, stands up, walks over to Sean, and kisses him deeply- yes, right in the middle of the damned meal she did that. "Sean… I'm sorry…"

Sean feigns ignorance, and smiles as brightly as he can. "Sorry about what, hon?" He puts a hand on her cheek, and looks into those hazel eyes.

Feigning ignorance… Riya looks at Sean, troubled again, hazel eyes clouding over, but she leans into his touch on her cheek. "Just… for things." She says, fighting to keep that tremble out of her voice.

Sean stands up, food unthought of, lying on the table, and pulls Riya into a hug. "Don't worry about it, Riya."

Naiveity. Sometimes it becomes people, othertimes, as in now, it makes thme feel absolutely awful even as Riya buries her head into Sean's shoulder. "Went and ruined our dinner." She mumbles. /I cannot believe I broke up like that… oh gods… /

Sean is definitely surprised by the sobbing Riya on his shoulder, and brings her to the couch in the living room, sitting her down and hugging her tightly, then getting up to go to the liquor cabinet. This calls for a bit of whiskey, and he pulls out the bottle of Jack Daniel's and two shot glasses, pouring them both a shot. /Here's hoping Riya isn't a sad drunk./ He puts the two glasses on the table, sits back down next to Riya, brushes the hair out of her face, and kisses her. /You didn't fuck it up. You couldn't fuck it up./

Wiping at her eyes, Riya sniffles as Sean hugs her tight then stands back up. Teary hazel eyes watch him move, and the whiskey is ignored briefly in favor of the kiss he gives her. /I totally fucked this up. I couldn't have. I gotta say something. BUT WHAT?!/ "Sean?" She finally remembered his name as she curls up on the couch.

Sean curls up with Riya, nuzzling against her back. "Riya, honestly, you don't need to apologize for anything. For one thing, that chicken's almost better as leftovers." He laughs a bit, surprised to find himself a bit teary-eyed himself. "And for anoher…" He kisses her ear, the closest bit of exposed skin. "You didn't screw anything up."

Blessed be, Sean can make Riya laugh when she's down, and she giggles softly at the leftovers comment. "We'll have to see, then, won't we?" She wonders aloud, flinching in surprise as he kisses her ear. "… I didn't? …." A pause. "/Honest/?"

Sean moves slightly, and pretty much climbs over her, so that they're facing each other, sprawled across the couch. "Honest. Hand over heart." /I can't think of any way that you could screw this up. If I didn't know better, I'd say I love you…/
He wriggles one arm beneath her, and hugs her tightly.

Pinned underneath Sean(not that she's complaining!) Riya wriggles slightly so that she's more comfortable. "I - … thanks." One hand goes up to trace his jawline in a smooth motion, before her lips purse. /Screw it up? I'm about to make the world turn… not that it's a good idea at all…/ There's a long pause, then, softly:
"I think I've fallen in love with you."

Talk about Sean's life changing - he wasn't expecting any of this at all. And Riya… Thinking about her, and what she would think… he's stopped stealing, and he's talking to his brother about getting a real job that'll pay enough to let im stop for good, while he goes to culinary school. And he's not drinking much at all, compared to normal.
In short… Riya's changed his life. And he's not sure when he'll tell her that, because really, he'd have trouble putting it into words, but… "I love you, Riya. I love you so much." He places a hand on her cheek and looks into her eyes, brushing away a stray strand of hair that half-covered one of them, and smiles.

Life changes all the time. It's a proven fact, and her own has changed- her naivety has gone down, and she seems to be getting a little smarter; she's running a successful job as a Rockette, and she has someone with her to help guider her- and she can help guide him. She takes a deep breath and smiles back, hazel eyes staying on his own.
"I - honest, again?" She says softly, needing that reassurance.

"Honest to God." He looks her in the eye, and then kisses her, slowly - but, weirdly enough, what he's thinking right now? /I love that I can make her laugh when she's down./
After pulling away, Sean sits up. "D'you want dinner in here, or back to the kitchen?"

Staying curled up on the couch after that slow kiss, Riya lets her tounge lick her lips slowly for a second. / …. / "I… am incredibly not that hungry anymore." She admits, laughing.

Sean laughs. "I'll put it away, then," he says, walking back to the kitchen, putting the plates on the counter, under saran wrap. He walks back out into the living room, holding both wine glasses.
"You know…" He puts down the wine glasses and lets the beginning of the sentence hang in the air for a moment, tryin to piece together how he'll say how much of a difference she's made in his life… but she'll need to know the bad parts. /Shit/.
/Open fucking mouth, insert fucking foot./

Watching Sean go, the Rockette continues to curl up on the couch, eyes on him as he bustles around the kitchen. / … / Is she broken, or is it just the fact that she's busy watching him, and therefore very much distracted? She continues to watch him, to when he opesn his mouth and inserts his foot, then the Rockette stands, kicks off her heelps, and moves up to him, pressing a finger to his lips.
"I don't want to know. not tonight." She says firmly, dress kilted up around her knees as she removes her finger and replaces it with her mouth.

GAME: Sean has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of GREAT.

Sean kisses back, then withdraws. "Suits me just fine." He reaches down and picks her up - as romantically as possible, with only a slight fumble as he straightens - and carries her to the bedroom. Rawr.

Giggity giggity giggity. Riya is pretty light, so the carry isn't all that hard, and she does wrap her arms around his neck as he carries her. Funny how things keep ending up that way for this pair. "… Love you…" She finally says, hoarsely.

As he kicks open his bedroom door - half for the show-off-ness of it all, half because he wasn't sure how easily he could open it otherwise - he leans over slightly awkwardly, and kisses her on the nose.
"Love you too."

"Oooh. Nice." Riya chirps suddenly, then he kisses her nose adn she falls silent trying to cross her eyes to /look/ at her nose. "Meep!" Is what she exclaims when she gets that odd feeling of being slightly punch(love)-drunk.

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