2007-05-23: I'm Not Just Waiting Around...


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Summary: Taken to safety after the incident at Natalie Foster's apartment by Airborne Petrelli, Jane talks options and powers with Pete.

Date It Happened: May 23, 2007

I'm Not Just Waiting Around…

Somewhere near the Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC

Clear of the apartment where she was shot and later healed, Jane clings tightly to Pete as he flies her to safety. She lets her eyes wander, taking in the sights of the city below, and is lost in the moment. Wow. It's like she told the senior Petrelli once, it's cool he can fly. This, the actual experience, goes beyond cool and reaches the level of pure awesome. Her eyes are wide with pure amazement.

Flying is a wonderful experience… unfortunately it is cut very short. Peter doesn't feel safe flying in the day time, with news helicopters flying about, and news cameras in random locations… And people up in office buildings. This is why they only go a relatively short time in the air, but still a pretty good distance. Finding an alley he hopes is secluded, he lands carefully and sets her down. He takes in a deep breath and steadies himself. "We should take a cab the rest of the way."

"Yeah," she replies with a nod on landing and taking a shaky step forward, to regain her footing once she's let go. "But damn, Pete. That was crazy awesome!" Jane's just going to bask for a moment, registering what a thrill that was, before practicality returns and pulls her mood back to solemn. Or angsty. Solemnly angsty? Something like that. "Thanks, beyond thanks. I… I need to get out ahead of this. She's going to tell her bosses, so I need to speak with one of them first, on neutral turf."

"Well— I can take you to Kirby Plaza, but— Are you sure you want to meet with them, Jane?" Peter asks, looking towards the end of the alley, and then back to her. It might be quicker to call one of Nathan's drivers than hailing a cab… He even pulls out his phone as if to do so. "You might have some protection with Elle as your roommate. They know about you, and me both. And it was her mistake— at least as much as I've gathered. I'm not… totally sure what's going on." All he knows is he's carrying a concealed, unliscenced weapon.

She ponders this for some moments, before replying "Who knows what she's going to actually tell them? Will it be the truth? I don't plan to just wait for them to come for me, I'd really rather go right to the source on neutral ground and tell them straight up what happened, that I don't plan on picking fights with the Company, but if one comes to me I'll give it what I've got. I. will. not. just. let them do that to me again. That's how I got shot. She took away my ability to communicate, and at that point all I could do was try to force her to kill me. I'd rather be dead than at their mercy." Jane's jaw sets, she's adamant on this point.

"She took away your ability to communicate?" Peter asks, not quite getting that whole thing. Then again, not everything was explained to him. But since she's adamant about seeing them, he opens up his phone and dials a number, giving her a 'just a second' gesture. "Yeah, George? If you're not busy could you bring the car down to…" He steps out of the alley to glance around to make sure, then gives the address. "Thanks." He hangs up, before walking back over for the answer.

"That's what she does," Jane replies. "She somehow alters the brain, causes people to lose language skills in various degrees. I could speak when she hit me with it, but it was all nonsense. I'd speak, but somewhere between decision and voicing the signal was interfered with. Another person, the one I went there to talk with her about, got given an Australian accent, and now can no longer read. Or write. But it is reversible." She looks at him, and pauses, her eyes closing as inward chastisement takes place. "Ohgod, I'm so stupid. I didn't warn you to not get so close. I… really thought you'd come to the door and there'd be time for a warning, and… you said you were close to overloading?"

"When I healed you— it felt like it does when I've done too much," Peter admits, thinking back to how he felt when he was around the woman. Before he can stop himself. He blinks for a moment, before he looks back at her and says, "Well, it's okay. As long as you can still talk at least?" He hopes she can. "I— if I— we'll figure something out. Just have to wait for George to get here. Are you wanting to try to talk to them alone?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Jane answers. She then proceeds to say the same words in four other tongues to test herself out a bit, and nods when they all work as expected. It then occurs to her to verify something else, while she can talk face to face and it's just the two of them. "You did get my warning about Jaden, right? It looked like you did, but… best to be safe."

There's an impressed eyebrowraise at the four other languages, but Peter nods, relieved that she's still able to speak. Maybe it's not an easy ability to use. He'll hope it's not. He doesn't want to make people speak gibberish. "Yeah, I got the message about Jaden. That's a… really odd ability. I'd be curious how it even works…"

"I'm not really certain myself," Jane answers, her voice softening a bit as she speaks of him. "I told him about me, and suddenly in the back seat there was another him. Then just as easily it disappeared. Like he made a duplicate and absorbed it? He claimed he could make lots of them if he wanted to. I… I don't like spilling this about him, he didn't consent to sharing it with anyone, but… I can't keep you apart without it raising suspicions about why. Sometimes what isn't said means as much as what is."

"Yeah— and it sounds like we should meet in private the first time too," Peter says, trying to imagine how it would look if they were meeting for said 'double date' and all of a sudden Elle had two dates instead of one. Elle might like the idea, but the public eye may not quite understand. And depending on how aware his… duplicate… is… he might freak out. It could get weird. And suspicous. "And he might have to work with me on control so I don't suddenly have to pretend I have a twin no one knew about…" It could work for a normal guy, but someone the /press/ knows of? And with Nathan's campaign…

"Exactly," Jane replies. "Do it when you're fresh, not at risk of overload." And a question enters her mind, given voice as it forms. "How close do you have to be for absorbing, Pete? Is there a safe distance?" She mulls the subject over while listening for his answer.

"I don't know," Peter says, moving towards the end of the alley so they can see the car when it arrives. But… He thinks back on all the times he absorbed abilities and… "The— the guy that could turn invisible. He was across the street when I first saw him. And before I could do it on my own I had to stay within a certain distance of him or I'd stop being invisible… I'd say about… maybe… thirty feet?"

She nods slowly, thinking of the answer. Thirty feet. "Maybe you can consciously test it sometime, arrange something with a person whose power you don't have yet, starting at forty feet and slowly moving closer until you feel it happen? If you feel it happen, that is. I… don't really know. But maybe we can identify a way of avoiding absorptions in uncontrolled situations."

"I'm working on that," Peter says, giving her a glance. "Problem is though… I don't know when I— absorb— unless I use the ability. Not sure we can test it, like you're saying." There's a lot he's not sure on with his ability. The triggers are often difficult to figure out, but… "Only reason I know I was close is because I felt weaker after I healed you, just a bit. Not— breaking out in a fever but— I should still rest. Hopefully avoid walking by one of us."

She just nods quietly, keeping that in her head. Something to talk over with Elena and Cass, put brains together on. Jane takes a step forward, now herself looking for the car to arrive. "Thanks again for coming out. It seems so often it's me needing the help and rarely it being needed from me." Her eyes glance down at the amount of blood on her skirt from the wound that no longer visibly exists. In her head a plan or three is forming. Maybe that company agent she remembers from the pier and the Times Square Tornadoquake is a regular at Lucky Joe's. And there's Elle too. There'll be no just waiting for something to happen.

Around this time, the car pulls into view. Black and classy, it's obviously expensive. Peter gestures her over to it, but not before he adds, "It's fine. I'm glad to be able to help, and I do know I can come to you if I need to, too. Really." He's just not— he doesn't often ask for help even when he does need it. Just the way he is. "We can take you to Kirby Plaza, but I can't promise you'll get to talk to anyone. They— I talked to Elle's dad yesterday, so I doubt Mr. Bishop would appreciate me asking for another meeting, even if it is important… But you might get to." Might take her other plans, though.

"Kirby Plaza," she repeats while approaching the car. "Is that… neutral? Walking into one of their offices, where they've got tons of people around, won't work. Makes it really hard to put up a fight if I have to." Jane seems to let the topic go as she reaches to open the door and get in, not knowing if the driver is trusted with such conversations in his presence and choosing the side of caution. Asking about his meeting with the Company boss will wait for another time.

"I don't think they're going to attack you, Jane," Peter says, shaking his head. She's been living with a Company Agent for a month almost. If they really wanted to take her in, they could have at any time. Why would they attack her right now? "Look, nevermind. Forget the Plaza. You just tell George where you want to go and he'll take you there." He settles in too. "I do need to get back to my place."

"Because I fought with one in her home," Jane replies in a voice quiet enough for only Pete to hear. Then she addresses George. "Greenwich Village, please, that High Rise apartment building. And thank you, George."

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