2007-07-16: I Missed You


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Summary: Rocks fall, everyone dies. J/K A certain someone returns. Benji is the happiest man on Earth.

Date It Happened: July 16th, 2007

Log Title I Missed You

Primatech - Hartsdale

Manila file folders in hand, and that stupid erase board, Benjamin makes his way through the corridors of the cell block, heading out. His face still hurts. He still can't talk. He still looks like he was beat up by a boxer, which in a way, he kind of was. Lesson learned. When told to stand down, you stand down. Anyway. The pain medication that he's on is pretty much keeping him tied to here or Kirby for further immersion in Company policy. (It's enough to make the head spin and the eyes shoot blood. Seriously.) His head is kind of down as he's looking at the contents of a folder as he walks, paying no attention to anyone around him.

From the direction Benjamin is heading, Alice pushes open the doors and starts to pass the man. She skews a glance over and upwards at him, pausing mid-stride. Phased for only a moment, she distractedly keeps putting one foot in front of the other, glancing back towards him. Finally, she just stops and turns around, crossing her arms over her chest. "Nice ass."

Obviously, that can't be directed at Benjamin. No one says 'nice ass' to him at random. But the voice does catch him off guard. It takes a moment or two as it sinks in.. then he stops. Bwuh? Looking up from his folders, he turns and glances over his shoulder in Alice's direction.

"I speak only truths," Alice says, smirking at the expression on Benjamin's face, though there's a twitch of a wince in there what with him having his jaw wired. "I just got back." Then, "So you work for them now?"

Realization dawns on Benjamin, and even if he could talk, there are no words. The folders are dropped, contents scattering, he rushes towards the woman and wraps his arms around in her a crushingly fierce hug. Sorry, holding tight. Not letting go. Kthx.

"See what I did there? Asking you questions when you can't answe-OOF." And Alice is smooshed in a hug, which she returns as fiercely as Benjamin. "I missed you, too, Benji. It's been a lonely couple of months." She looks up into his face, his jaw first and then his eyes. "You totally've racked up the Man Points… Tell me the other guy is worse off and I might even swoon."

Benjamin doesn't let go immediately, but when he does, he braves up the pain and presses his lips to Alice's forehead. The blonde will take some getting used to. He kind of liked the black hair. Not that it matters, he missed the woman. He holds up a finger for 'one second', before reluctantly letting go to retrieve his board. On it he writes: Sry to disappoint. Armstrong told me to stand down. I didn't.

"That's hot," Alice notes sardonically with a brief handwave at the eraserboard. "Doctor's orders now right? I kinda like my men with fully functioning jaws." She smiles to take the edge off her sarcasm and moves over to the dropped folders, picking them up one at a time. "So you're an agent now?"

Benjamin was just going to leave those folders there. There are more important things to do! Like carry off his woman caveman style. Or at least that's a great mental image he gets. The board is erased and he writes, 'I'm healing! And yeah, they threatened Rose.' Which is to say, the usual coercion tactics applied here. He has an ability the Company wants to use, and he was an easy target to manipulate.

Alice's lips draw together into a thin line when she reads his response. "I see. She's alright at least?" The folders gathered up, she stands and says, "We'll have to see what can be done about that." Smiling again, she says, "You were headed someplace? I'll walk you there. They don't like it when people are late for meetings."

'She's okay, doesn't know. I don't think. I won't let them touch her,' Benjamin writes.. then waits for it to be read then adds, 'I missed you /so/ much. <3' Yes. He drew a little heart on the board. When he can talk again, he'll have to ask about the makeover. For now, he shifts the board to one hand so that he can put his free arm tightly around Alice. His head rests briefly against hers before writing, 'No meeting. Just paper pushing.'

"You're such a girl," Alice quips, but with more than a dollop of affection. "We should go get food then. They have you eating through a tube these days? I make killer mashed potatoes. Which is to say, they haven't LITERALLY killed anyone." Pause. "Yet."

Benjamin laughs, well, it's supposed to be a laugh, but it comes out as a strained gurgle noise. Followed by a groan of pain. 'Can't help it, and yes. Should be okay in a few weeks.' He probably would have tried to put someone else's lights out for calling him a girl, as his patience is wearing thin these days. But Alice? She totally gets a free pass. 'Good. Already been hit by girl. Don't want 2 b killed by potatoes,' he writes.

"Whoa, hold up… a girl broke your jaw?" Alice teases, "Man Points… back to zero." She smiles and nudges Benjamin playfully in the side. "Got a room you're calling home? I've got two or three hours before my big debrief."

'Agent Armstrong is scary strong.' Meaning, female body builder. Woman is wicked strong. Benjamin doesn't look fussed about being told his man points are down to zero. Still too happy here, kthx. He nods about the room and steers Alice off in that direction. 'You and blonde, will take getting used to,' he scribbles and shows her.

"It's my natural color. I only dyed it black to match my soul," Alice quips, walking along with Benjamin towards his living quarters.

Benjamin's arm squeezes around Alice's waist. This is frustrating! He wants to talk, and other things, and the healing time never seemed like it would take so long as it does now! Once inside the little room assigned to him, he writes, 'Your soul isn't black. But I won't tell anyone.' Because.. he still hasn't told anyone she was so nice to him.

"Seriously, if word got out I was a marshmellow, someone'd have to die." Alice steps inside the room and glances around, "Wow… I almost missed the rooms here, except not." She notes, "I'm going by Alice now, just so you don't get confused later on."

Benjamin nods his head as he sits down on the bed. On the board he writes, 'I won't say a word. Can't! :)' He holds up the board, looking amused, then quizzical. Slowly, he tries to speak in a very deliberate manner and asks, "Why?" Of course it doesn't come out clearly, and kind of like 'wuh', but he's got the point across.

"There's some reason to believe my identity was compromised… I need to lay low for a while." Shrugging her shoulders, Alice leaves it at that and takes a seat on the edge of Benjamin's bed. "I had to put all my clothes in storage. Painful, I tell you."

Benjamin's brows raise, then he writes, 'I still have one of your underthings in my closet.' He gives Alice time to read that, then, 'Ex-wife saw it. Should have seen her face. I called her a bitch!' He's proud of this, okay?? Personally, he's gonna miss seeing the goth gear. 'At least you are back, ID change or not,' he scribbles.

"A bitch? You're such a potty mouth sometimes." Snerking, Alice stretches on the bed a little, scootching back to the corner and hugging the pillow close to her chest. "I'm proud of you. You deserve to be happy… and she should realize just what she lost."

Benjamin's shoulders move as he laughs. On the inside. He writes on the board, 'U like it. Don't care. Her loss, your gain. Better w/out her.' Turning around, so that he's facing Alice, he doesn't lie down. He just turns so that he's sitting comfortably.

Alice smiles and nods, "That's what I've been telling you all along, geez. It's about time you started believing it." She adds, after a few seconds silence, "So, you aren't shacking up with anyone else are you?"

Fortunately for Benjamin, he can't provide a wide range of expressions.. because wow.. Guilt for Megan. He likes her, but it's not something that ever really could have taken off, and it's now simply impossible. One door closes, another opens.. so this is a good turn. The return of this woman, was something he didn't expect. He shakes his head in a no gesture, before shifting to try and lay on his side. 'Thought about someone else, didn't work. She was ambushed on first date.' He points to his jaw. S'what he got for standing up for poor Megan.

"Ah." Nodding, Alice traces a pattern on the wall with her fingers. "Well, lucky for me then. I'd hate to have had to resort to schoolyard tactics to get what I wanted… though, I only barely recall an Agent Armstrong. She must have been new or newly transferred just before my reassignment."

Benjamin continues to look amused, but can't really answer about Nova's time with the Company. 'Did I tell you that I missed you, Angie?' he writes on the board before setting it aside. It's a sign of just how much, when he starts to make the first moves, rather than letting the woman initiate any shenanigans.

Alice slides her gaze from the wall to Benjamin, fixating him with a crooked smile that has a hint of smirk. "Oh really?" She leans forward then and takes the board away from him, setting it aside. "You been working out? Got some muscle definition you didn't have before."

Benjamin has been.. a little.. y'know.. all the shaping him up to work in the field. Long way to go of course.. He bumps his forehead against Alice's before starting to show just how much he has missed her. So he likes it when she takes charge.. but for the moment? Humor him!

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