2007-03-04: I Missed You, Too


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Summary: Elle visits Peter for the first time in a long while and things are a little different.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

I Missed You Too

Company Holding Cell

The only source of light in this secret room would be electrical. The only windows face the hallway, which doesn't have many visitors any time of the day. The door remains locked, constantly, and in general— one would think the room to be quite boring. Dressed in gray and light blue, with small white sneakers, Peter lays back on the neatly made bed, staring up at the ceiling. About time for his daily pills, the one real clock he has to tell time by. The room may have changed, but the circumstances haven't. Main difference being— it's been a lot quieter since he got moved abruptly after the accident.

It's about to be a little less quiet now. Like the thunder before a storm, the sound of Elle's heeled boots can be heard before she's seen. Then she's passing the window to the room, tray with a cup of water and a cup of pills on it in her hands. She's got on a dark blue dress that falls to her knees and black boots that come up to just under her knees. There's a knock on the door before it opens and two blue eyes are staring at Peter: "Whatcha in for?" She snickers before slipping inside with the tray. "Hi Peter. Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me, hmm?"

At the first footsteps, Peter doesn't sit up exactly, but he does glance over. It isn't until he sees the flash of blonde hair through the window that he makes an actual expression. On the pills, he tends to just stare off into space for long periods of time— but the brief glance made him blink abruptly, and he sits up, pushing himself out of the laying position. "Elle," he starts, voice whispered and dulled in level of surprise he might be wanting to express. "I… thought you got transfered," he concludes after a pause, sounding unsure, eyes sliding around the room for a moment.

Elle smiles at the man. Normally this would be comforting, but she has the smile of a predator. "No. Not as such. They've just been keeping me busy. I've missed you, though." Closing the door behind her, she moves over to the bed and sits on the edge next to Peter, tray on her lap. "I'm glad that you got out before the fire at the other facility, I was worried."

Fingers fidgit lightly along his wrist as she sits down beside him. Peter looks over, expression still rather dulled and subdued, but there's also a twitch along the corner of his lip, hinting towards a smile. The pills gain a glance too, but somehow he'd rather talk a moment than take them just yet. The fact that they're actually talking at the moment might have something to do with that, even if her smile might be unnerving, but he seems to want to believe her words are genuine. He hasn't had someone actually talk to him for a while. "What did they keep you busy with?"

"Oh you know: a little of this, a little of that. Most of it was out of state, until about a month ago. There was this accident with a refueling plane and… /wham/, insta-grounding by the head honcho," Elle rolls her shoulders a little as she explains, looking at the floor instead of Peter. "I helped bring in a few more dangerous folks, since I've been back." She looks at him out of the corner of her eye and then lays a hand on one of his. No shock is forthcoming as yet, however. "You'd think after a couple of months here that they'd let you redecorate, don't you think?"

From the look he gives her, had she been looking at him instead of the floor, Peter doesn't know. There's so much he doesn't know about what's happening in this place, or with this group. Other than bringing in dangerous people. Like him. The hand touching his draws his arms down, and stops the fidgiting for a moment. "I'm hoping they figure out the cure before too much longer. I'd… like to go home someday." The way his eyebrows lower, though, there's a condition to that. "When it's safe." When he won't hurt anyone else ever again.

"I know you miss your family," Elle starts, squeezing Peter's hand and giving it a light zap. Nothing more than getting a static jolt from a woolly sweater might give. "Especially your brother. He's okay. He's even gone home from the hospital." She let's go of the man's hand then and reaches under the tray, sliding something out from underneath. A photograph. Not only a photograph, but a photograph of Nathan looking remarkably healthy considering what happened to him. It's a surveillance photo of some sort. She gives him a look then that says it all: 'I'm not supposed to be showing you this.'

With the surprisingly low voltage to the zap, Peter doesn't even really flinch away, just giving a slight twitch as indication that he even felt it. The surprise might be subdued, but it's there, a meaningful look appearing in his eyes as he glances over at her, especially at the mention of his brother. The following moments, though, seem less dull than ever before. One might imagine how strong the reaction would be without the side-effect of the drugs. A shaky inhale comes almost as a gasp, and the hand that'd been zapped reaches towards the picture. "How?" he asks in a whisper, not quite thinking even that someone might be listening or watching. Eyes flicker up, enough to catch the glance, but what she gets— dulled or not, there's no mistaking the grateful expression on his face.

"I have a guess. But it's only a guess. You'll have to ask him yourself, once you get out of here," Elle says, smiling when she sees the effect (even dulled) her little good deed has had. She takes the photo back from Peter and reaching across him, slips it underneath his pillow. It's her subtle way of telling him to not keep it out in the open. And, since she's sort of reaching across him, when she pulls back, she stays close to him. Leaning up, her lips brush his cheek before coming to his ear, into which she whispers: "Despite all our rage, we're still just rats in a cage."

Peter nods at her words, still looking rather grateful that she's using 'once', instead of making that an 'if' statement. The gratitude only grows as she leans closer to him, and slides it under his pillow. Considering how little they've allowed him to have in this room, the idea that he'd be allowed to keep it hadn't crossed his mind just yet. The proximity doesn't make him move away, as it might have before, and the whisper, the implication there, makes his eyebrows lower. Song lyric, he gets that, but at the same time… She's so close, it makes looking at her difficult, but he turns enough to catch her eyes, which leads to noses bumping. There's a serious expression for a moment, even with all the side-effects, but what comment he makes brings the grateful look back, "The picture— that's what you meant by redecorating." The corners of his lip twitches into a smile. "Thank you."

Elle actually laughs when they bump noses. It'd be a cold day in hell though that says she'd just lean back and be a good girl for once. No, she takes the opportunity and the proximity to plant one on Peter, kissing him eagerly. Mmmmmhmmmm. When she's about to pull away, she sparks just a little. "Ha… oops, blame girlish jitters. Anyway. Your pill," she says, indicating one of the cups on the tray. "At least you're only missing the cold weather. I bet you'll be out before the good weather really hits."

Considering he's grateful, and had been lacking in basic human contact or conversation for many weeks now, Peter makes no move at all to pull away, even returning the kiss without the same level of enthusiasm. Only when she zaps him does he pull back, flinching, the hand rising up to his mouth to cover the shocked area. "You didn't do that on purpose?" he asks curiously, but without any actual accusation this time. But, yes, pills. He reaches for the pill cup, and tosses back the contents, followed by reaching for the glass of water for a drink. A good swallow later and he can speak again, "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Maybe a little bit," Elle answers on the first question Peter asks. She reaches up and per her usual, tousles the guy's hair and shocks him a little… less to injure and more to tease. "You'll see me tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that. If you want." Smiling, she stands and takes a step towards the door, "They even ask you if you wanted a book or something?"

At the longest, Peter's hair remains less than an inch, but it's gotten longer since she'd last been here. No where near as long as it'd been when she cut it the first time, but it might be near time to bring out the scissors. There's a protesting sound at the teasing zap, even if it's less than some of the past. "They haven't, no. Wouldn't mind one, if you can bring me one." She could leave on that, but— before she does open the door, he admits something outloud, finally, "Did miss you— Not the lightning part, but— it was good to talk to you again."

That really does have Elle pausing for more than a few seconds at the door. And this time when she smiles, there's nothing of the predator in it. "I missed you too." Is that a blush? Opening the door, she steps out and shuts it behind her. However, when she passes the window into his room, she blows him a kiss. Oh boy. And off she goes, taking the tray back to the nurse's station. Or whatever this place's equivalent is.

The corner of Peter's mouth quirks into that hint of a lopsided smile again as she blows the kiss through the window, but whatever he does next is left to imagination. Most likely, he'll lay back down and do what he does every day, since no one's given him anything to read yet. Count dots on the ceiling. Or maybe, sneak long looks at the picture under his pillow.

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