2009-11-19: I'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoask



Date: November 19, 2009


Over a cup of coffee, two unlikely people find a common bond.



Dressed in a hoodie (grey not purple) and sunglasses, Gene appears to be ready to avoid the public limelight… Though in truth, he is looking to avoid being spotted by the government that much more. He is currently drinking his coffee, a large with a few shots of expresso. Normally a cup would be enough for him, but all the work he's had and the stress… Sleep has not been something he's had a lot of. Quietly in his corner, Gene drinks his stuff.

The door to the small coffee shop swings open and in struts a small blonde woman dressed in a pair of black leggings, a pair of extravagant shoes, and a cream colored cashmere wrap. Unlike the gentleman in the corner, she looks rather well rested and quite serene. Breezing up to the counter, she places an order for a low fat latte, venti sized. She frowns as she looks around, unfortunately there aren't very many seats left, but there is a small table for two near the man in a hoodie. And so, after grabbing her cup, she makes her way to the table, giving him a small and rather apologetic smile as she tries to wedge herself between him and the seat she is eying.

"Um…" Gene begins, but unless it fends off Hallis, he finds himself seated next to… Some woman. While many would know who she is, Mr. Kensington is really not one for the celeb scene in any way unless they had something to do with the Geek World. Sighing, he mutters to himself about 'No peace in this world' before sipping his drink once more. Grumpy Gene is Grumpy.

"Sorry, did I bump you? My bag's a little big." Hallis begins as she goes about making herself comfortable at the table right next to Gene's. Among the items placed on the table are a cell phone and a notebook. Once the bag is safely deposited in the other chair, she grips the cellphone and pushes one of the numbers on speed dial. "Hi Sydney? It's Hallis. Listen, I'm having a lot of trouble with that letter that you want me to write. Can I change back to the journal? Anyway, call me when you get this. Bye!" The cheerful message is left and the phone is once again placed on the table. It is then, she opens up her notebook and begins to scratch out some words written on the page.

A brow is suddenly arched, raising above the rim of the sunglasses to be seen. Gene sips his drink. Surely, this is just random chance. This couldn't be the Sydney he knows. Heck, it's likely a S/i/dney. His cup seems to vibrate a little on the tabletop, but placing one hand on the other seems to calm that just fine. "It's fine," Gene replies in a mostly level tone.

Hallis gives the man a small smile and returns to the notebook, giving a small groan of frustration. "Therapy sucks.." she mutters, mostly to herself, but if others hear she's not exactly ashamed (anymore). Chewing on her lip, she swirls the pen in elegant letters, mouthing each word as she writes. 'Dear… Mind… Rapist..' and there she pauses, sighing deeply. She reaches up with her free hand and tucks some of her wild blonde hair behind her ear. "This… sucks."

The young man pulls down his sunglasses just long enough to look at the paper. She said therapy, could it be the Sydney HE knows? I'mnotgoingtoask, he tells himself, I'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoaskI'mnotgoingtoask- "You know a therapist named Sydney?" Gene inquires as puts on his glasses once more.

The question garners a surprised look, from the young celebutante. "Sydney Falkland? Yes, she's my therapist.. and I guess she's my friend too, but that kind of crosses a line. You know?" Then she gives Gene a large smile and holds out her hand, tentatively. "Are you a friend of hers? I'm Hallis. Hallis Van Cortlandt." The hand is trembling a little bit, apparently the woman has a few issues with personal contact.

"Luke Rogers," Gene states, figuring that the name is normal enough. He takes the hand, noticing the hesitation on the woman's part. "I know Sydney…" Gene states, thankfully the glasses hiding most of the troubled look in his eyes. This is not a person he really wants to talk about, but there might be important information. "Yeah, I've known her for a couple of months or so now. Nice woman. It's important for you to feel comfortable around her… That's the point of a good therapist and all."

"Yes!" Breathes Hallis, giving Gene an even wider smile. Once their contact has been broken, the young blonde pulls her hand back as quick as lightning and flexes it. "She's a great therapist, the best I've ever had. I started thinking it was because she was a woman and not a man, you know? But I think it's more that I feel so comfortable saying anything. Even if it's horrible." A helpless shrug is given, and she gives him another apologetic smile. "I mean, I've been trying to clean up and she's helping me a lot."

Gene nods, doing it for a bit longer than most would, trying to buy himself some time. He returns the smile, but it is much smaller and weaker than the famed blonde's. "I'm glad that she is able to help you. I know being a good therapist is important to her," Gene states softly, taking a drink from his coffee as Hallis responds.

"Does she treat you too?" Hallis queries gently, as if trying to respect the man's privacy in that manner. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but it's nice to meet another patient if she does." She picks up her drink and removes the cap, blowing softly on the foamy contents before taking a sip. 'Mmmm' she hums as the liquid courses down her throat, warming up all of her innards. "Isn't latte the best thing ever? Almost as good as a great pair of shoes."

"No, she doesn't. If anything, I usually try and help her," the young man states with another weak smile. While he is tempted to talk of Ivory, he doesn't, deciding he's already at risk for sharing too much as it is. "Either way, glad you enjoy your latte… I'm more of a straight up coffee person myself. As for shoes…" Gene leads off, letting the shrug speak for itself.

"Really? You help her? Why would she need help? She's always got everything sooo together. Well…" Then Hallis quiets, averting her eyes from Gene and bringing her cup to her lips once again. "Wow, this is a small world, Luke. Do you know when she'll be back in town again? I hope she's not gone too long. I hate Washington, it's like the anti-Disneyland, don't you think? Bo-riiiing!"

Gene takes a breath in and a breath out. "It's complicated," he states simply, figuring that the two word answer will be enough. "Washington has some nice stuff in it. Museums, art galleries, history…"

Rolling her eyes, Hallis shudders and shakes her head. "Yeah there's that bowl thingy too. My boyfriend brought me there. You know the one with the cherry trees?" Checking her watch, she frowns and sighs, "Well Luke, it was great meeting you. Tell Sydney hi for me if you see her first? I'll be sure to tell her that I saw you, how lucky is that?" The woman is ever cheerful as she packs up the notebook containing the unwritten letter, her phone, and slips off her chair. "It was nice to meet you, I hope we'll see each other again."

"Tidal Basin…" Gene admits with a shake of the head. This woman really isn't the sort that was made for college, that's for sure. "We're just blessed that way, I guess… I'm sure that we'll meet again," the young man admits, hoping that he'll be in better spirits when they do. His hand is shaking to the point of almost causing his cup to quiver. Despite the awkwardness, he does offer actual sincerity at the end, "Take care of yourself, it's an odd world out there."

The word 'odd' catches Hallis and she turns her head to give him a long look over her shoulder. "Yes.. it is." she says slowly, her voice trembling slightly. "Very odd." Her voice is barely a whisper at her last statement and she rushes out of the coffee shop, giving him one last look through the window before running off down the street.

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