2010-03-13: I Think I'd Prefer to Stay Inside



Date: March 13, 2010


Erin comes to Cora's hiding place to cure her virus. Cora decides to keep hiding for a while longer.

"I Think I'd Prefer to Stay Inside"

Secret Apartment

After the bodybags were loaded into the van, it was safe to leave them; the drive to the apartment went uneventfully amit the stress that this first rescue would be discovered and brought to a swift end. However, the AP remained oblivious.

Almost seems too lucky. The van's driver, unwilling to chance further luck - or bad luck - stopped the van several blocks away from the destination. Morris took the two passengers the rest of the way.

After that, Cora and Alexandra were set up with a small, albeit comfortable personal space where they could have some quiet time of their own for a little while. It's outside one of these rooms - really, the 'room' is just a converted walk-in closet - that Erin pauses, looking at the sheet that Morris gave her. According to the writing on it, 'Cora Walker' has been set up here - temporarily. Erin taps on the door, before opening it a crack and peeking in. "Cora, are you in here?"

Cora is sitting in her small room, leaning back against the wall. She still feels ill, and the drugs haven't worn off yet, so the paranoia from losing her powers is still fresh in her mind. The voice is unfamiliar, and she snaps her eyes towards the door. "Who's there?"

"Jeez. Hey, it's all right." Erin can understand the paranoia, even if she's a little frustrated by it. Pushing the door open a little farther, she steps inside. "My name's Erin McCarty. I'm Janet's sister. She got you out, yeah? It's okay. I'm here to take care of that virus of yours."

Cora looks up at Erin, hugging her knees to her chest, then turns away, murmuring something that's hard to hear. She doesn't really have anywhere she can run to, though she wants to. Then again, given that she just became aware of her power weeks before she got scooped up, it's likely that she doesn't trust anyone right now.

Unfortunately for Cora, Erin's not really the comforting type. "…Hey, we just got you out of there. A thank you would be nice," she says, crossing her arms and leaning against the door frame. "Look, I've been there. I know what it's like there. It sucks, and they treated you like you weren't a human being." This is where she should offer words of comfort, right? But she doesn't say anything else on the matter. Erin's not over that herself yet.

Sighing, she pushes away from the door frame, shuts the door, and takes the couple steps she needs to over to where Cora's sitting. Kneeling, she reaches out for the girl's hand. "C'mon. Take my hand." A smile is added. "Don't be scared… My power's a little weird if you've never seen it before."

Cora seems affected by the light chastising. "I'm sorry," she whispers. "Thank you." It takes a moment for her to work up the courage, but eventually she reaches out and lays her hand in Erin's, not quite looking at her.

This is good work, Erin thinks to herself. The virus is beautiful… Perfect. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. She can see each and every single one in Cora's system. It's already dying; it wasn't meant to last long anyway. But even as it dies, it reaches out to Erin herself, sensing the presense of another Evolved human being, and seeking to cultivate…

Her eyes begin to glow bright blue as she kills the virus completely, eliminating the one she created, as well as anything else Cora might have picked up in captivity. "You'll start to feel better in just a minute."

Cora shivers a little, as if she feels a rush of… something. She does start to feel better fairly quickly - well, at least from the virus. The effects of the PA drug in her system are still there, and still uncomfortable, but at least she isn't feverish and trying to sleep. After a moment, she quietly murmurs, "Thank you."

"Yeah, no problem." Erin sits back on her heels, pulling her hand away from Cora. Even if she wishes she didn't have to deal with the ability she has, it does come in handy. She never thought creating a virus would actually save lives. "So, what's your power? Why'd they drag you in there?"

Cora shrugs a little at the question. "I don't really know. I mean, sometimes I've noticed that people who want to find me can't seem to see me, but…" She pauses, reflecting back on the short time between her only two uses of her power. "I didn't have time to figure it out before they came."

"Huh. Weird." Shifting her position, Erin sits down, leaning against the wall perpendicular to Cora's. She can't say she's surprised by that power; this girl seems to be the personification of a shy Violet. "Well, before you get out of here, you should figure out what it is. 'cuz damn. If you can hide from the AP, you should do it." Erin holds up her arm, pulling back the sleeve of her sweatshirt. There's a long scar there, that goes from wrist to elbow. "This is what they did to me."

"That's just the thing," Cora responds. "I don't know how I did it, and I really don't know how to figure that out. The internet didn't help much." Her eyes move over to the scar Erin shows, then quickly flick away, a little wider than before. "I almost got away last time, I think, but I hit a squeaky board in the floor."

"You… you looked it up on the internet." Erin sighs. "Well, that's how they found you, Cora. The Protocols are like Big Brother. They're looking for people to look up stuff like 'Why do I make people sick when I'm nervous'! You just can't do that." Her voice becomes a little gentler. She doesn't have much tolerance for Cora's personality type, but the girl's just been through hell. Rolling her sleeve back down, she says, "They think you're dead now, though. As long as you keep quiet, they won't come after you again."

Cora winces a little at the revelation of the reason for her capture, protesting, "I didn't know!" When she's told that they won't come after her if they think she's dead, she pauses for a moment, wheels turning in her head, before she quietly laments, "I can't go back to NYU or to my family, can I?" It can't be a comfortable realization for someone who so desperately needs a friendly face right now.

Erin isn't about to rip into the girl, but it sure is frustrating. It's kind of a reflection of how Erin was eventually caught - out in plain sight, not being careful at all. She thought her fame would protect her, but it didn't. As realisation dawns on the girl, Erin meets her eyes. "No. You can't. To even try would jeopardise everyone here. Everything we're doing. If the AP finds out you're alive, they're going to start incinerating anyone who dies before they get a chance to get out."

There's a soft sigh from Cora, and she looks down at the floor in front of her. "How long do I have to stay here then?" she asks, not really cherishing the idea of waiting around without anything to do.

"T'ch. I dunno. If I could predict when the bad guys would stop being assholes, I woulda done it by now. Sorry, that's not my talent." Erin wishes it was… the longer she's here, the less likely they'll let her back on Afterlife. And her replacement has already been showing up on the newest shows! She's horrible. Honestly, they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for that one! "Look, if you hate it here that much, I'll see what I can do. But at least come out n' have something to eat. Cody buys, like, the whole supermarket every time she goes shopping, so there's plenty."

Cora nods a little more. "Okay, maybe," she replies softly. Maybe once the drugs have worn off and she feels less vulnerable. She hasn't heard Cody's name yet, so there's no reaction there. "I'll come out a bit later."

Erin shrugs, pushing herself to her feet. "Suit yourself. I think I'd be starving after being rationed for so long." With a smirk, she heads back for the door.

Cora stays where she is, quietly hiding in her closet for now. It's cozy enough, and the most important part: it's private. She'll be staying in that closet for a while, since she's comfortable there.

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