2007-05-29: I Think The Bacon's Done


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Summary: A return, a conversation, and some teaching.

Date It Happened: May 29th, 2007

I Think The Bacon's Done

Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

After she ends the conversation, Jane places the phone back beside the bed and lies back down, intending to resume sleeping, but sleep won't come right away. She takes the television off mute and searches for something not infomercial to watch while she waits to drift off again, and winds up with something on HBO. While watching it, she travels on a journey of thought, wondering if the roommate will come home, or if things are truly lost. It's nearly six a. m. before sleep returns.

And, well, it seems that tough love is the way to go with Elle. She does, in fact, show up rather quietly, a few hours later, unlocking the door and coming in as quietly as possible.

Nine a. m., those few hours later, Jane's in her bed and comfortably asleep again, adrift in the center of some dream. She's taking the starring role in the video for Manic Monday, except in the image it's Jaden Cain she's kissing by that crystal blue Italian stream, and his name she sings instead of Valentino at that spot in the lyrics. Elle's return doesn't wake her, it being quiet, but the television is still on in her bedroom. It can be faintly heard through the door.

Elle is actually behaving. Electroblonde moves to head to the kitchen, and starts quietly doing her best to prepare breakfast. But she won't wake Jane before 10 AM.

The dream takes an odd twist from there. She finds herself floating above the city while Pat Benatar's Shadows Of The Night plays. She's scanning for a large white truck, trying to locate it, while concentrating on overpasses. And there's a really huge problem. Every single street in New York has an overpass, and every single vehicle on every single street is a large white truck. Find a needle in a haystack? No. She's looking for a needle in 10,000 haystacks. This goes on until 9:59 and 30 seconds, at which time Jane's mind finally decides this is just a dream, and she wakes.

When Jane wakes, she'll be greeted with the scent of cooking bacon. Well, okay, that's not quite right, she'll be greeted with the scent of -burning- bacon. But hey. She tried.

About a minute later, Jane emerges from her room and wanders blearily down the hall, mostly awake and in search of coffee. The dream is still a bit in her mind, she knows it represents the near futility of finding the truck from Desiree's vision, and her need to somehow still try. Because she hopes Jaden won't drive, but she isn't certain he won't. It's all so open-ended, after all. Got to find Tamara later, or be found, which is the more likely thing. Burning bacon reaches the caffeine-hunting she-bear's nostrils, and with it the realization she isn't alone here arrives. "Morning, Elle," Jane calls out, her voice taking on a cheery tone, and the other thoughts are chased off for the moment.

Elle is in the kitchen, currently. She's in her normal style of attire, which is to say, sex kitten of the day, and which is SO not suited for cooking breakfast in. But she's trying, despite a rotten result at doing so.

Entering the kitchen behind her, her features curve into a wide smile, and Jane glances at the stove. "I think the bacon's done." Yes, an understatement. She moves on to the coffeepot, looking it over before trying to make any, because the blonde might have already done so.

Elle nods. "I…pulled it a few minutes ago." There's coffee, yes. How -drinkable- it will be is anyone's guess…Elle doesn't really know the amount of coffee to put in the filter…and so she nearly filled it.

She takes a mug from the cabinet those are kept in, and takes the pot, pouring a cup. Jane doesn't think about the possible quality or lack thereof, however, and sets about adding a bit of sugar and cream to it before taking a seat to let the liquid cool a bit and enjoy the smell of it, even as it mixes with burnt bacon. An interesting combo. Smoked coffee, anyone? "Thanks for cooking," she offers sincerely.

The flavor of that coffee is going to be a wake-up call, that's for sure. Elle shrugs, looking a little awkward. "I figured it was only fair, since I kept you up."

Her eyes turn toward blonde and stove, to check out just how burnt the bacon is, while she replies. "It's all good." And it is, her roommate is home, the positive result filed away in the banks of Jane's memory. "Take a seat, eat, have some coffee." And her hand lifts the mug to bring it to mouth, so she can sip from it carefully, given the heat of it.

It will be a miracle if she doesn't spray it all over the kitchen. The bacon is…well, if you like it really, REALLY crispy, it might be edible. The eggs…the less said about those, the better.

Elle moves to sit too. "I'm sorry I woke you up." she says after a moment.

Fortune has interceded, in that regard. Because the coffee is hot, and Jane is careful with it to not burn her mouth, not much is taken in. Just enough, in fact, to notice how powerfully strong it is, and decide not to return for a second taste. But she isn't going to come out and comment on it, yet, no, her plan is getting Elle to try the coffee and the food, reaching those conclusions herself. "You don't have anything to be sorry for." And that's apparently all she's intending to say about the call. Her point was made, the blonde is home, she sees no need to press the point.

The blonde looks over. She doesn't seem hungry at the moment. "I…still don't know if this is a good idea." But she's here. She hasn't touched the food; she knows she messed it up.

Her eyes dip to the cup, and move on to the food, then Jane stands. "It is a good idea," she asserts, and walks toward the stove. "Reason one of many: You like doing things for people, and don't quite know how. This won't be taught at the Company, but it will here. So…" She scrapes the food into the proper place, and goes to the fridge for uncooked stuff. Eggs and bacon. Fortunately the pan used is non-stick, unless metal was used on it.

Elle corrects. "No. I like doing things for -you-." Elle still very much divides the world into "friends" and "not". "And that's not what I meant. I mean…the roommate thing."

"Okay, you like doing things for me, and the roommate thing is a good thing." Jane's sure of what she says, the confidence is in her words. "Bacon and eggs. Here begins the lesson." The pan is emptied and taken back to the stove. "These are good pans, easy to clean after use. They're coated so things don't stick. Just have to be careful not to use metal on them, it wrecks the coating. If the pan weren't non-stick, it'd need to be greased first."

Elle looks a little frustrated, as Jane rolls into the cooking lesson, but she nods. "All right." It's times and temperatures she's not so good at.

She's remembering, it seems, what she realized some hours earlier. Not to argue, or ask, in these matters, but to be firm and decisive. Jane hopes it applies here too, with the subject of good thing or not being raised again, and is going with the same method. "Setting the burner on high is the best way, you can set it lower, like medium heat, but it takes longer to be done that way. Not always a bad idea, because you saw how quickly things go with bacon and eggs. Giving yourself more time might be good. Once you put them in the pan, you keep watch and take them off when they look right. Bacon will be a golden brown, just starting to look crispy when it's done. With eggs your goal is solidity and definition first." She stands aside, leaving space for Elle to operate.

And it seems it does. Elle might argue, but she's used to backing down when the people she trusts (like Bob) tell her otherwise. She nods, watching Jane work. She looks curious. "Wonder if electricity cooks food."

"I think it can, but I'm not sure how well," Jane replies. "If you try, it's probably like any other way. Knowing what it should look like when done, so you can stop. The basic idea is to kill whatever might be in it, and to make it easier to eat. Some meats, for example, like a steak, are hard to cut raw, but much easier after cooking." She sets out a few paper towels on the counter and places several strips of bacon into the pan.

Elle nods. "We'll have to try it sometime. It might be easier than this way." She's doing her best, but the notion of cooking with it intrigues her. "I know you can cook people with it."

Inwardly, the thought horrifies her, Jane knows Elle may well have done so on several occasions, but she opts to respond with a bit of dark humor. "You'd have been right at home with the Donner party, Elle. Or among some cannibal tribe that might be out there somewhere." The bacon begins to sizzle, and she watches it for a few moments. "Should take about eight minutes to be where we want it, more or less, then we set the strips on these towels to drain off. I start the bacon first, since it needs more time, and I'll put the eggs in later to hopefully have them finish when the bacon is ready."

Elle frowns. "I wouldn't eat them. But sometimes you end up cooking them when you have to interrogate them. They sound like the bacon." It's just casual conversation for her. She nods,watching the bacon as it cooks.

She chooses not to say more about the Donner party, because she knows if she were in that situation Elle probably wouldn't have any trouble doing what they did after the food ran out and people started to die from the cold. But, Jane wonders, with Elle along, would it have come to that? She might have instead used her electricity to melt the snow and get everybody out. This line of speculation is left behind quickly, due to unpleasance of topic, and she moves to the coffeemaker. The pot is emptied, then rinsed out. "Take the filter out, get me a fresh one, and the coffee too, please?"

Elle nods. She turns to get the things, and though she has a bit of trouble reaching the filters, she manages to get them down and give them to Jane.

This is observed. She'll get a kitchen stepping stool soon. "Thanks." The new filter is put where it goes, and Jane uses the coffee scoop to put grounds into it, letting Elle see clearly how much she used. "Maybe a little more, or a little less, based on how strong you want it to be." Then she adds water to the machine, sets the pot on the element, and returns to the skillet just in time to add eggs. Three are broken and poured in, she's guessing Miss Bishop might eat one.

There's quite a height difference in the two women. Elle watches, and nods. "Is that how much you usually use?"

"Yes," Jane answers. "Right about there. I'm not really precise about it, might turn out to be a bit more or less than that." Then she turns back to the eggs, where the clear part is separating from the yellow with being on heat, and turning white.

The blonde watches, and she nods. "All right." A pause. "Have you heard anything more about Peter?"

"This is the trick here. Letting the whites get white and turn solid. The yellow part doesn't have to be solid, it can be left runny if you like it that way. Or you can decide to scramble them, that is to break up the yellow part and mix it in with the whites. Or make omelets. This is just the basic fried eggs." Her eyes watch the pan, keeping track, moving away just briefly to get two plates for putting food on. "He's still asleep." Jane says softly. She reaches out to rest a comforting hand on the blonde's shoulder if she'll allow it.

Elle lets Jane, and she nods. Better not to think about it. "Right." She nods to the eggs. "They're done now?"

Not quite, but close. It's just a bit longer, fifteen or twenty seconds, before they're where Jane wants them to be, and Elle can see how they and the bacon look at this moment, to hopefully grab a mental picture and file it with the mechanics of getting to that spot. The non-metal spatula is used to lift the eggs and slide them onto the plates. One plate gets a single egg, the other two. And the bacon, now a nice golden brown eight minutes or so after being started, is set on the towels. It all smells right too. Not burnt.

Elle nods, smiling a bit, as Jane clearly knows what she's doing. "It's fun, doing this sort of thing with you. Different, but fun."

"It's good, being able to do things like this for myself when I want to," Jane replies with one of her quiet smiles. "Not that I want to that often. I used to sneak into the kitchen sometimes when I was a girl and watch the cooks Mother hired making things. She didn't like me doing that, but I did it anyway."

Elle nods. "Never had to worry about it. I could always go get things from the cafeteria. And as far as fun things go…well, Candice has different ideas about fun than you."

"The best thing about it for me is having more choices, really. That I can choose to eat what others cook, instead of having too. And control of the menu, obviously, that it's done just the way I want it to be, with what I want in it, rather than having to ask and hope or just take what's given." A chuckle escapes, regarding the mention of Candice, and Jane states "I can only imagine."

The blonde girl smiles a bit wryly. "Somehow, I think you don't want to imagine it." she says, chuckling. "Not to most people's liking."

There's a nod of agreement, as Jane answers "That I can imagine doesn't mean I will, true enough." She glances over to the coffeepot as it fills with that sought after dark liquid, and goes to rinse out her mug, then fill it again. A few steps are taken to place it on the table; on returning to the counter she takes strips of bacon and sets them on the plates giving herself more than Elle, knowing the smaller one will eat less food.

The blonde woman does much the same, filling a coffee cup, and taking her plate of food to the table. There's a long moment of quiet, and then she confesses something to her roommate. "I'm going to kill him, you know. The one who started all this."

Considering this for a moment, a long moment, Jane replies somberly. "I don't really want to know about that. I'm not into killing when it isn't forced by risk of dying instead. But I'm also not into shielding that person from the consequences of the action. If I saw it happening, I'd have to try stopping it. But since I won't see it happen, and won't be told when or if it does, I can not think about it. That said… Lachlan's got a temper. You'll probably have to get in line behind him."

Elle can't help a wry smile. "No, he and I are working together on it." Revenge makes strange bedfellows.

"There is that," Jane replies. She begins to eat, her expression so very much saying she doesn't want to know. Part of it is from not entirely disagreeing with what they're doing, which stops her from making a more effective opposition, and the other part is quite likely from Lawyer Contamination. She doesn't practice actively, but she went to school and earned that doctorate, so at least some degree of it is in her.

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