2007-07-26: I Told You New York Had Some Odd People In It


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Summary: Persi tries to steal Gene's cell phone, but doesn't get what she expected.

Date It Happened: July 26, 2007

I Told You New York Had Some Odd People In It

Central Park

Persi sits, idly leaned back in a bench along path, head tilted back so that she gets a faceful of sunshine. She seems to be enjoying either a few winks of shuteye or just a little vegetative time, but the R2 noises are enough to snap her out of it. Her head turns to the side and her eyes (reluctantly) open to look at the odd duo headed down the path toward her. For a few moments, she just watches; and then, returns her head to where it was and shuts her eyes. That done, she just waits until the sweatpants'd guy is about to jog past aaaand decides to have a nice stretch, which just so happens to include sticking her legs out in the path at tripping height.

Lots of people like to take a walk in the park. Today, Aileen happens to be jogging, having decided that she'd better get in shape in case she ever had to run from a mugger again. Her garb of choice is a snug-fitting camisole and yoga-style pants, hair half-pulled up into a ponytail as she jogs, water bottle in hand.

George is heading along the same trail, but a good ways back from Gene, and at a slower pace: endurance over speed, it seems. He's down to his last sweat rag, a battered dark green washcloth, circa 1978. "I sense a disturbance in the Force," he offers to Aileen as she catches up to him. "As if dozens of toes reached out—"

The young inventor has met some mean people in the streets of New York, but never has he run into a woman that would want to trip the lovable Gene! That being the case, he doesn't even think to worry about a woman sticking her legs to attempt to snag him. He doesn't completely trip, which is good. Still, the effort causes him to stumble forward causing him to lose control of the decent speed he's worked up. He falls, but is able to at least get to the grass before landing face first.

Of course, R2's programming is in follow mode, so it doesn't think about passing straight on through Persi's leg. While it isn't going too fast, the fact that it's low to the ground and made of sturdy metal might make it hurt if she doesn't pull her legs back about two seconds after Gene begins awkward decent.

Persi wasn't paying much attention to the actual fallout of her attempted trip, she was just stretching! So, she gets hit and rotated part of the way around where she sits by the speeding bot — of course, that merits an immediate withdrawal of those legs and a sharp little yelp of pain "Ow! Geez…" She rubs at the left shin that took the brunt of it and glowers at the bot. After a moment, she's on her feet and on her way over toward Gene; it might appear, at first, as if she's on her way to help him back up, but, as soon as she gets within a leg's reach of the bot, she draws back for a good ol' punting. Sadly, she probably doesn't realize just how heavy the damn thing is and how that'll match up with the sturdiness of her boots. That's what she gets for skipping physics.

Getting back up in a ungraceful but swift manner, Gene gives a light groan as he looks toward the the source of the tripping and the "Ow!"ing. He glances toward Persi to see that she's trying to kick R2-D2! Doesn't she watch Star Wars? She should know the droid is friend to all the children!

R2-D2's made from a steel alloy, made to be durable as all get out, which is important considering the parts he has has inside. Still, he might get damaged if this woman punts. "Hey, leave me and Artoo alone, we just want to pass through!" Gene calls out, much braver than he might be if he didn't have his unusual bodyguard.

"Nerd." Aileen remarks at George with a playful smile. Her expression darkens, however, as Gene is tripped up. And as Persi kicks at the bot, she looks, perhaps, a slight bit angry. She moves to glance over at Gene. "You alright there?"

George's expression goes sour, and he picks up the pace, letting Aileen head for one side while he takes the other. His attention remains on the robot first and foremost, in case it's a little too true-to-film and whips out a built-in taser or something.

Persi initiates punting sequence, but loses much of her conviction when she hears Gene. The kick slows down until she ends up just lifting her foot up a little and setting it atop Artoo as if she were striking a dramatic pose. She even sets one arm across her knee as she peers over toward Gene, "He hit me! You saying I don't have the right to return the favor? What're you doing running around with this…thing, anyway?" Obviously Persi doesn't know WHAT it is, just that its managed to annoy her. She doesn't pay that much to Aileen, as she assumes she's just a concerned passerby. George, she's even more oblivious too — not the most alert gal.

"I'm fine," Gene offers to the concerned woman without looking at her, Gene focused instead on picking out a blade of grass from his hair. While his hair is still messed up from the sweat and jogging, the sweat at least makes it easier for Gene to get the bits of mud that got on his face off as he uses the moisture to wipe them away. Or he tries at least, as the water just makes it smear across his face.

Giving a small but unsure smile to Aileen as he notices her suddenly on the scene with someone else, Gene reddens as he's not exactly one for crowds. Still he seems annoyed, mostly as he stares at the foot that's on his robot. "It was following me, not attacking you. I was jogging on the sidewalk, so it followed behind. Because it's mine. I keep it around because it holds stuff for me. Like my water." Gene pulls out a remote, pressing a button. As if on cue, a slot opens to reveal a water wrapped in a towel. As he gets the water and wraps the towel that it's in, he stares at the foot again. Even angry, Gene still is somewhat passive aggressive.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to hit?" Aileen remarks, clearly not amused as she studies Persi. "Even if it bumped into you, I really don't think that gives you the right to try and damage someone's property." Her arms are folded smoothly over her chest.

Satisfied that no one is in imminent danger of getting tased, George crouches down for a better look at the device, and incidentally at its creator/employer. "I hear they sell fanny packs nowadays for that sort of thing," he deadpans. "And it did run over her foot— even if it was an accident, you try getting your foot run over and see if you don't want to kick whatever did it."

Persi looks down at the water as it pops out, but, before responding to Gene, she glances over in Aileen's direction, "No, actually, she didn't. Now, go ask your mum how to respond to that." Then, her attention goes back to Gene with a vague gesture toward George to back her words, "Like the man said, that friggin' hurt. Didn't break anything, but it probably bruised. It's only fair that, since I can't bruise the damn machine, I do the next best thing — if it breaks, that just means it isn as tough as me, right? Unless, of course, you have some other way of paying the debt, mister…?" Finally, after those words, she removes her foot from the poor thing and sets it back on solid ground.

Now Aileen's just irritated. She might have been willing to let the situation slide, but then there's the fact that Persi had to bring her 'mum' into this. The hair on the back of her neck practically prickles, and her gaze takes Persi in entirely. Never, ever, EVER bring someone's mother into it if they're from the United Kingdom. It might be done in America, but when it comes to overseas, that's the worst sort of thing to say. People have killed for that. "Sorry, but me mum's got better things to worry about. Anyways, I might not be an expert on law, but since when is damaging someone's personal property just, even after an accident? An' I don't ever recall there being any sort of 'debt' owed by anyone for an accident, other than perhaps a simple apology. Though I'm beginning to wonder who is the one who really has more to apologize for… him or you."

"This isn't my fault, so I don't owe anything. If tripping over ladies' feet was a past time, I'd be over there trying to trip on the attractive lady that actually is using normal person logic." Aileen gets Gene's vote of confidence, though he doesn't look at her due to seei. George takes the middle ground, so he just gets a look from the young inventor. Persi gets a glare for a moment before Gene's rarely seen temper swiftly cools. "…While I don't owe you anything, I am sorry about the leg. Artoo doesn't mean to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it, right?"

The droid turns its 'eye' from Persi, who it had been staring at to turn toward Gene and give a simple "Bweeeooooo."

George glances back and forth between the women, then takes a quick couple of steps back when Artoo pipes up. "Hey, it does talk. You know there's a robot union in this city, right? It's the only two-story building on Dartmouth Street, you can't miss it." So much for normal person logic being to Gene's advantage…

Persi eyes Aileen for a moment or two, looking wholly unamused, and responds in an even-toned, bland sort of voice, "Listen, chica, I'm not an expert on the law either, but I don't see a badge anywhere on ya…" She trails off there and just waves a hand vaguely in Gene's direction, "But, there's that apology, so it's all moot, isn't it?" That said, she idly clasps her hands behind her back just a little below the waist and just grins at him, "Really should be more careful with that thing, though. I dunno, work on collision detection or something."

Aileen doesn't waver for a second, all serious despite her usual casual, fun-at-a-whim reaction, she's not sliding a bit when it comes to this. "Right. Well I guess that means neither of us is going to enforce any sort of law here." She states, voice firm, before she glances between Persi and Gene, not speaking again. There was the apology, and that settled any debt that was to be owed either way, even if Aileen still felt that there was something to be given on Persi's side.

R2-D2 doesn't even look toward George. But why? It talked to Gene. Maybe it doesn't like George for some reason… But considering it's a robot, that's not likely the case. Giving a weak smile to George at his attempt on humor, Gene responds. "My droid doesn't have a personality. He might look and act like the real thing, but he doesn't have the 'spirit' of Artoo, do you, boy?"


Turning his attention back toward Persi, he shrugs. "It does have it… Just not on follow mode. I mean, I might be able to do a bit with this guy, but there's only so much you can do and advanced A.I.s? That's for people at MIT, not geeks like me with too much time on their hands," Gene offers with a sheepish grin. He looks over toward Aileen with a smile that's faintly more sincere. "I think we're all good for right now. No need for law talk." Paper trail involving Gene = Bad. Peaceful resolution where girls and guy think Gene's awesome = Good. "Thanks for the concern though… Was nice of ya."

With a shrug, George straightens up, mopping his brow once again (he hasn't been away from the trail for that long, and it is still the middle of July) as he nods to Gene. "I'll take your word for it. Not like most people can tell the difference, you know?" From there, his attention wanders over to Persi, thinking back. "Now where did— Oh, right, you were here the… the other day. When that guy got killed…" By way of Falling from a Great Height.

Persi pauses somewhat and looks over at Aileen, her lips drawing into a crooked smirk, "Oh, man, I wish you'd pissed me off more, that woulda been a perfect line to jump on. Ah well…" Then, she's distracted by George and promptly looks over his way, "Eh? Yeah, I was here the other night, but I don't remember anybody dying. By 'guy', you mean a man, so obviously it wasn't that smartass…maybe the other smartass, the more guy-y one?" Persi raises her eyebrows a bit, her attention firmly caught by Georg now; certainly enough to keep her from disputing Gene's attempt to smooth things over.

"Right." Aileen comments, rolling her eyes in Persi's direction. She does quirk a brow as she peers between George and Persi, unfamiliar with the incident. So she just glances to Gene. "Your robot's cute, though. George is right, however. Might be a good idea to leave your home-made Star Wars collectables at home. No offense, but it makes you a bit of an easy target."

"I have Atroo around and he's a helper more than a hinderer. It makes me rather visable, but it's the price I have to pay right now," Gene says with a small smile. His mind goes over people talking, his attention going to one word in particular. "Dying?"

George's expression is a more long-term sour at this point, as he nods to Gene. "Somebody dropped the guy out of a plane, I guess. Heard him screaming and then—" The up-and-down motion of his gaze clearly indicates the suddenness of the impact.

Persi sticks her hands in her pockets absently (Her back pockets, since they'll actually fit there) and perks her eyebrows up, "Out of an airplane? Gotta admit, that's a pretty cool way to die. You sure it was outta a plane? Wouldn't ya scream yourself hoarse before you actually hit the ground?" Persi rubs her chin for a second, then shrugs, "Eh, I'm not a detective, let them figure it out. Anyway, nobody I knew, so…" That's followed by a quick raspberry and then Persi glances around at everyone, "So, who ARE all of you? Y'seem to know each other, but I'm not terribly familiar."

The young inventor arches a slim (for a guy) eyebrow. "I don't know anyone here to be honest." A beat goes by before Gene adds. "Except Artoo. I made him for a droid builder's convention." Yes, Gene, remind people that other people do this for a living so they don't think he's a genius. He's cool with them thinking he's a freak because he knows he is. "I'm Gene. How about names from all of you… Second question after that, did I miss a big story on the news or something? A guy leapt out of a PLANE?"

"I'm George," the other (not quite so young) guy introduces himself, finaly. "And I don't think he leapt out, I think he was pushed. Maybe something relatively low-flying, like a crop duster? Or the top of a skyscraper, if they gave him a hell of a forward push at the same time…" He shrugs, looking for a place to sit down, or at least lean. "This was just the other day— think I saw a wallet, so it'll probably hit the papers before long."

Persi pauses when she hears the word wallet and takes her hands back out of her pockets, only to pat them a few times, looking taken-aback. She looks around rapidly for a second, then scowls, "Crap, that bastard took my wallet!" She crosses her arms and heaves a big sigh. She shakes her head for a second and then turns her attention to introductions, "You lot can call me Persi." Still, she's distracted, looking quite disgusted about something.

The young man hrms to himself before giving a simple "Good to meet you all". While he isn't exactly good at remember important information that might help TEAM GENE, he knows that he needs to try. After all, if he's the most logical of his friends, he figures he's the best to get intel. "His wallet? Then you must have been able to get his name, was he someone famous like Jaden Cain or Petrelli?" He quirks a brow to Persi as well, not comment on HER wallet yet.

George considers the question, then shakes his head. "I don't think so. If it were one of the Petrellis, I would have heard by now— and if it was Jaden, then it'd be all over the news. Names that big, I don't see them waiting for the NYPD to make an official statement."

Persi idly crouches down where she stands and lays her arms atop her knees, quickly becoming bored of the discussion and letting it be known rather loudly, "Ahhh, c'mon, guys! Why're we sitting here worrying about some dead guy? We don't know who he is, he's dead, that's pretty much it. We'd be better off going to a concert or something." A glance off to the side, then, and a mutter, " 'cause that's obviously what you guys are into."

The young inventor gives a frown toward both people involved, clearly not happy with what he hears. No information and no respect, from George and Persi respectively. "I just want to make sure it isn't someone I know, that's all. A person died, at least we can give them a few moment's thought and a silent prayer," Gene offers with a hint of defensiveness in his tone. And some people wonder why Gene doesn't have many friends.

George inclines his head to Gene, leaving Persi's bon vivant attitude without a response for now. "Wish I could tell you— I didn't see what was in the wallet, some cop got to it first. Wasn't about to go up and tell him how to do his job."

Persi decides there's only one way out of this terminally dull line of conversation…and that's being completely ridiculous. That considered, she hops to her feet and walks—no, strides right over to Gene to throw an arm over his shoulders and lean on him with what weight she has, "So! If you've got money to build a robot, you've got money to spend. What say we go shopping and you buy me some nice clothes?" She considers for a moment, then adds an incentive, since she knows she's gonna get turned down otherwise, "I'll even letcha buy me a Princess Leila outfit or whatever." Ah, how badly a single L can ruin an attempt at fitting in.

Aileen glances at the others, then to Persi. Ah. "One of those." She murmurs under her breath, folding her arms across her chest. Yeah, she's just gonna stay out of it. Not touching that with a ten foot pole. Unless she gets poked by one, that is.

"Leela," George helpfully 'corrects' Persi, before heading back over to where Aileen's standing. "Meanwhile, what've you been up to? Besides wearing out your cutting arm, I mean."

Gene sighs and nods. Well, maybe it's for the best that he doesn't try and get involved. After all, with the upcoming trip to Europe and the way how his friends seem to attract trouble, he should keep his risktaking to as low a level as possible. "Leia, PEOPLE. Princess Leia." He glances over toward Aileen with some surprise in his eyes. "One of those… You've worn a slave girl outfit from Star Wars before?" Maybe this is uber selective hearing or something.

Persi shakes Gene back and forth with the arm around his shoulders, "Hey, HEY! Pay attention! You were about to spend some money on me. But, I mean, if you're more interested in talking about Star Wars or whatever, I can just take your wallet and do it myself, skip the middleman, y'know?" She's oblivious to Aileen's muttering, but when Gene's attention goes to her, Persi offers her a quick, cheeky grin.

"No, not quite. We're a little more into Doctor Who where I'm from, love." Got to love how those brits use 'love' for just about everyone. Aileen's gaze settles back on George, which seems to calm her some from the idea of Persi using and abusing Gene. She can't help but give in when it comes in for the poor and defensless-against-women. "Nothing other than seeing what the upper limit in overtime at Mt. Sinai is." Then she glances back. And sees Gene. And Persi. And Persi flashing that smile at Gene. Dear lord, the poor nerd's going to get eaten alive. And she just can't help herself. "So.. who's more of an impressive shot.. Han Solo or Boba Fett?" Appeal to nerd sensativities.

George peers at Aileen, looking confused. "They count this as overtime? Hell, they count this as working hours, period?" Little bit too literal there, buddy— oh, wait, there's the corners of his lips turning up. No, he's not being serious after all. "And everyone and his mother's into Doctor Who since the new stuff came out— you want cred for being selective, you gotta go back and watch the old stuff."

This shouldn't be happening. Two women, both somewhat attractive, are talking Star Wars BY CHOICE, to Gene. Who is not hunky like George. Who has an droid that he built himself with him. Gene knows he has happened upon The Nerd Nirvana. He doesn't know how, but the side of him that doesn't mind being around cute girls (which is most of him) isn't going to spend too much time figuring out how this could happen. He just prays this doesn't somehow end badly. After all, how COULD this end badly?

Being shaken a bit by the seemingly materialistic Persi who is still having her arm around him, Gene gives a weak smile. "I need my wallet… Though thanks to you, I'll be sure to check it and make sure I have all my cards now when I have to go. If you want money, you have to go to my boss, Jade-Err, my boss Jade. He's actually a she." Gene coughs, hoping that Persi will not find out that he works and worse knows as a 'friend' with Mr. Throw Money at Everything Just Because He Can. He senses that is a Bad Idea <TM>.

Looking back toward Aileen with a small smile, he says, "Doctor Who? I watched a few shows of that… I almost built on those Daleks instead."

Gene brings a hand to his chin, giving the Star Wars question more thought than it likely deserves. "Well, Bobo Fett is the best in the business, so he likely can have better long range shots. Though you have to remember, Han shot first, no matter what the Greedo fans say. That's all I'm gunna say on THAT."

Persi raises an eyebrow a little at Gene and tilts her head to the side ever-so-slightly, "Jade, huh? Pretty name, but I doubt it's gonna be in the phone book under 'J-A-D-E'. Here, get your cellphone and gimme her number." That said, Persi whips out a pen and points it at her wrist, ready to write down whatever's offered. In truth, she's just getting ready to swipe the cell phone whenever he gets it out and make for the closest tree she might be able to climb; but hey, that much isn't exactly telegraphed. She just looks downright studious and attentive, which might be suspect in its own right.

Aileen grins at George, looking over at him. "Oh, I do mean the old stuff. Caught a marathon of it once and couldn't stop watchin'. Made my own TARDIS out of a cardboard refridgerator box when I was young." She winks. "No decent Brit worth their salt could get away without watching the classic Doctor Who." She watches Gene. "Oh, but I'm sure you'd get a lot more trouble with a Dalek. Having a robot going around saying 'Exterminate!' probably won't go over so well. Least R2's a loveable droid." So Aileen knows a little bit about sci-fi. So what? She just won't mention that Star Wars drinking game she invented back in med-school with a few buddies. No, that'll never get the light of day. However Aileen's really just not all that trusting of Persi. Not after everything. "I'm Aileen, by the way. Oh, and I'd watch your valuables around that one." She eyes Persi skeptically.

Coffee. Coffeecoffeecoffee.

Ali has a cup of overpriced java squeezings from that place with stars and money, sipping at it as she.. No. That's not walking.

That's bopping along the sidewalk, aging earphones firmly in place, grooving from Point A (this side of the park) to Point B (somewhere farther along, most likely). The worst part? She's singing. It's not that it's bad, it's just completely unforgivable to butcher REM by actually not knowing all the words. She's got the chorus, though.. "It's the END of the WOOOORLD as we KNOW IT!" Oh, yes. Sing it, Deejay. Addict.

George nods to Aileen. "Not unless you have a whole group of people doing it at once, and even that might not go over so well. Enough stereotypes about people in Klingon—" But his attention is diverted by the appearance of the DJ on the scene. Not bothering to try yelling over the phones, he just waves a hand to get her attention.

Persi gets tired of waiting after a couple of seconds and resorts to common thievery. One hand goes into Gene's pocket to grab whatever she can find, hoping it's a cellphone, and out she comes with the R2 remote! Of course, the first moment's occupied by her looking at it with a confused expression.

Gene glances toward Ali as she comes in, merely arching the brow toward Persi soon after. He doesn't pull out the phone, stating a simple "I can't really give out hi-er, her number." Gene glances over toward Aileen, not noticing that Persi is trying to do something until her hand is in his pocket and she comes out with an object. It's a rather large remote with way more buttons that a remote should have. Most of them have small symbols, perhaps code for Gene to figure out what does what.

"Aileen, that's a nice name. I suppose that-What the… That's mine!" Gene says in shock, surprise, and anger as he realizes what's going on. He really doesn't register the fact that she is likely planning to run away in the first few seconds, more shocked at a girl jamming her hand in his pocket and taking stuf out than anything else.

… Ali.. diverts. Hard to miss a wave from George, really. Of course, it's not long in getting there? And.. let's be honest. She's dancing he should too. Darnit. She shimmies, grinning at him - saying, a bit too loud - "I love this song! I know, I know, I'm lame. So sue me." And.. she's offering one of those earphones, grinning. Utterly and completely oblivious to the drama unfolding behind her (not that she isn't noting the Droid. C'mon. It's Artoo, man! But there's music.)

Persi does indeed make off with the remote once she has it. She goes streaking off toward the nearest tree that looks even vaguely climbable, not even bothering to look at the remote as she waves it above her head, "Haaaa, mine now! Gimme your cell phone and you can have iiiit!" Assuming she GETS to the tree, she'll be up it like a freakin' monkey, even with one hand occupied holding the controller. Really, as committed as she is to getting up that tree, she's not paying any attention to what's going on behind her. She's…focused, yeah, that's the word.

"I thought as much." Aileen mumbles under her breath, abruptly taking off after Persi. She's not in the mood to deal with this, but there's that nagging gut feeling that prevents her from just leaving well enough alone. That'll get her killed someday. And that day may be today. When Persi's off up into a tree, Aileen's right there after her, hot on her heels. That is, til she loses her footing on a branch while trying to actually tackle Persi out of the tree. Thankfully, the good doctor lands on her feet, albeit a little awkwardly, but no worse for wear. "So this would be the part where we get the law involved!"

George nods to Ali, taking a step in that direction. Then, pausing, he takes in just what Persi is up to, and Aileen. Hokay, she's got the Stop Thief! aspect adequately covered, which leaves him the task of catching the newcomer up to speed. Taking the proffered earphone, and wrapping his arms around the DJ's waist for good measure, he leans in as if to murmur sweet nothings into her newly free ear. ("That one tried to steal something from that one," he explains, pointing to Persi and Gene in turn.)

Tried? She has stolen from him! Gene frowns as Persi makes her getaway and George, the athletic male is… Hugging Alister. THAT'S IT, GEORGE, YOU'RE ON THE POOP LIST. Deciding to put his passive aggressive rage on hold, Gene knows he has to do something. While she won't be able to CATCH the woman, perhaps her greed and overconfidence can be her downfall.

After giving Aileen a concerned look, Gene sighs as he calls up to the tree woman. "How about this? You come down here, give me and Artoo a hug and I'll give you forty dollars and won't call the cops on you. Sixty if you blow into my ear as you hug. Before you think it, Aileen will hold my cell phone and wallet to ensure that you don't try and steal those from me while you give me my hug."

And Ali is hugged. It has her mildly startled (but smiling!) and - she pauses as George whispers.

You can almost see the sudden resignation. She sighs, theatrically.

"So why is it this kind of thing always happens when you show up in Central Park? Just askin'. Seriously." And she looks up at him, flashing a wry grin. "One sec." And she turns. Eyes the tree. Speculatively. Mind you - the droid gets another look-at, but - it really is mostly the tree.

Persi smirks slightly as she settles down on a sturdy branch, sitting side-saddle on it. She doesn't even peer down at Aileen, assuming the girl doesn't have the athletic aptitude to get up a damn tree. Instead, she retorts in Gene's direction while poking and prodding at the controller experimentally, "Yeah, well, not my fault you're a hard-up geek, no way you're getting a HUG. What say you gimme that cellphone and I don't drive your little gadget into the duck pond." That said, she jams on what she thinks is the 'go forward' button. Unfortunately, instead, the little droid just starts leaning side-to-side, doing a little dance as music starts to blare; all present will be delighted to hear Tom Jones' 'It's Not Unusual' at rather high volume. Persi makes the obligatory comment, "…totally meant to do that."

While Gene makes the deal with the devil—er, Persi, Aileen looks a little surprised, and perhaps a little disgusted. Did people actually like that whole, blowing into someone's ear thing? So, looking away, Aileen catches a glimpse of George.. making a move on Ali. No, that isn't what she's seeing, is it? So there's Gene, who is trying to pay a girl to hug him. And Ali and George over there doing.. well.. yeah. So what does she do? Aileen abruptly just turns, about face, and walks off. "Bloody hell." She mutters under her breath.

"I don't know," muses George. "Probably happens a lot in Central Park, full stop." He returns his attention to the Persi-up-a-tree, disengaging from the hug a bit too late to avoid giving Aileen the wrong impression. (Okay, he was making a move, but that wasn't the only thing he was doing!) Well, there's no helping that now. "Hello up there!" he calls up to Persi, cupping his hands to his mouth as he walks closer. "Bit of an impasse, huh?"

"Aileen, wait, it was just a ruse so she would come down since she only seems to care about mo-Dang it, I shouldn't have said that right now." This is why Gene likes doing missions behind a computer. While he wishes he could be that true blue hero, he just doesn't have what it takes to do the smartest thing in the pinch, even if he knows what it the smartest thing would be. Looking back toward Persi, he shouts up the tree, "I thought if you were floozy enough to accept bribes for dressing in bikinis, you'd be floozy enough to accept bribes for hugs!"

For those that thought Gene wasn't smooth before, clearly when he's upset it only gets worse. Despite this, he turns toward R2-D2, trying to get command of the robot despite the music via sound. "Artoo, voice command only!"

The music stops and R2-D2 turns to Gene with a "Quirp quirp!". While that is handled, there is still the issue of Persi having that remote… For now, Gene waits and watches to see what McAlister is doing.

Well, lessee. George pointed out the obvious - the chick saving the day is angry at something, and the chick in the tree is insistent on being a chick in the tree. And Ali? Well.. Ali does do something.

She disengages from George, and walks the few steps it takes to peer up at Persi. She even offers a bright smile. "You know they're gonna call the cops. Then you get the whole 'get arrested' thing, and that sucks. Trust me. 'course, you should toss me the thing, and then you don't have to snuggle on the robot guy, there, and everybody's still friends. So throw it down, huh?"

Persi rocks back and forth on the limb for a second, then finally hops down with no aplomb or extraneous swirly-flippies or anything. Once she hits the ground, she straightens up with a thoroughly amused grin, "Okay, words for everyone! First; awww, you hurt her feelings! Second; hi, George! Third; no such luck, blondie. And finally…" This time, she actually points at the person she's talking to (Gene), "If you seriously just called me a floozy, I WILL give this thing back, but not in the way y'might have in mind. But hey, you invented this thing, right? Call it a dose of your own medicine. Side effects may include: Forgetting high school algebra. Yeah?" That said, she's actually headed toward Gene at an angry-march, despite George and Mc being interposed. Mostly, it's just for intimidation's sake.

"It's just not my damn day." Aileen mutters, arms across her chest. She's just staying out of it now, trying to ignore her rapidly growing headache from the whole mess. Really, she's just half tempted to just head off and avoid further agony both by the situation itself or irritation from the thief residing in the tree. However, Persi's little tirade catches her before she can really do anything. And really, when you've got a lot of pent up stress and frustration, there is, from time to time, an occasional outburst. And really, Aileen's not much for fist fights. She's been in enough to count on one hand, so who knows what makes her think she can actually do anything. Still, something makes her do it, and she moves forward, promptly aiming a punch right for Persi's stomach. She's nice enough not to go for the eyes or anything.

"So, my favorite grandson, how was your day?"

"I talked to some people in the park. Two girls were talking Star Wars until one took my remote from my pants and ran up a tree. I tried to talk her down after the other girl fell out of the tree chasing her, but a third girl got her to come down and give me the remote. I think she was gunna beat me with it, but the girl that fell out of the tree tried to punch her in the stomache and…"

"I told you New York had some odd people in it." * * *

Unknowing of the phone conversation with his grandfather roughly five hours from now, Gene just lowers his head as he prepares to get hit in the head with the remote. At least he'll be getting it back. Suddenly, Aileen goes back in the fray, giving a punch. The young kid just watches for awhile, unsure of exactly what to do here.

George blinks. Threatening to pistol-whip Gene with his own gizmo is Not Nice. He starts toward Persi, as if to just get in her way— but Aileen is literally quicker to the punch, and so he just takes a couple of quick steps forward in hopes of grabbing the R2 remote before Persi can manage to drop it on a rock.

And Ali? Ali looks mildly shocked… no. Stunned is the right word. The remote-chick goes right by without so much as a move made to stop her, the DJ blinking once. Twice. And then there's a fistfight.

Doesn't change her expression, really - if anything, whatever just happened has only made it all that much more surreal. And then? She looks to George, as if to say, 'I have no clue'. Of course, he's snagging the remote and there's a tussel going on. That? She stays out of - skirting it wide and eventually heading Gene's way.

And she murmers, clearly a bit lost, "Mind if I sit?" A gesture to his bench.

Persi barely has time to move a muscle in the time between when she notices Aileen's return and when she gets a fist in the stomach. She's no Warrior Princess or anything, so she does give a sharp, somewhat unfeminine grunt of pain and double over slightly, but then, her wrath is predictably evoked! George, however, makes the situation slightly less horrible. Persi was just about to club Aileen with the remote, but when George's hands get on it, she surrenders it in favor of using that same hand for a backhand aimed straight for the other gal's cheek — it's a sharp swing, but certainly not par with what a true pimp could offer.

While the proverbial bitchslap might actually hit her across the face, Aileen takes it with hardly a wince. It'll probably have a nice red mark after, but right now she's just pissed. "So how come someone isn't calling the cops?" She's not going to throw another punch, since they've gotten the object away, but it still hasn't made Aileen feel any better. Really, she just wants to curl up in a blanket and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Cause that's probably the only thing going to save her bad day at this point.

Gene isn't seated on the bench, but has no problem in leting McAlister take the bench near him. He just takes a seat next to the radio woman as he rubs his face. "To think that everyone was talking somewhat happily like… half an hour ago or something. It's a gift or something to have luck like this bad," Gene offers with a smile smile. "Thanks for doing your best to help though."

George eyes Aileen. "I'm a little busy here," he replies, gesturing with the remote before heading over and handing it to Gene. He'll look up the NYPD's phone number afterward, but honestly, (a) Persi's probably about to bolt (b) empty-handed. Annoying as it is, it ain't exactly 911 material.

"Yeah, well - you can see how much of a help I am." Ali leaves out whatever else she might be thinking - but there's definitely something sour and sad in her expression. "He's.. really cool. The .. bot. Robot? Thing." She waves a hand. "He's from Star Wars, right?"

Persi pauses short of hitting Aileen again, once she stops coming at her — then, after police are mentioned, she glances around to make sure nobody immediately goes for their phone. Once she's confident that they aren't doing just that, she sticks around long enough to snap a hand out and grab a fistful of the front of Aileen's shirt (for lack of a tie or something else convenient) and tugs the woman toward her just enough to get her full attention, "Hey! What's your name? And on top of that, I want you to think REAL carefully and tell me WHY you hit me, alright, Goldilocks?"

The Dj doesn't wait for an answer - things are devolving. Instead, she stands, fishing in her purse… and coming up with a cellphone. A little range .. and yeah. That there? 911.

"Hey, trying is enough sometimes. It shows that you care enough to put yourself out there." Gene's voice is now gentle and thoughtful as he turns his head toward McAlister, a little introspection and self-pity enough to rain out the brief rage as he watches the remote struggle turn into what might be a brawl. Of course, Gene isn't one for self-pity. He might have a crappy life, but it's by his own choice he lives it the way he does.

Summoning the last of his dignity, the young genius pushes himself up with a deep breath and look of resolve on his face. "Now if you excuse me, I have to try and put a stop to this fight, despite knowing that my boss might give a raise for the footage of this thing." Sad, but true…. Jaden's not a hard man to predict. He gets up to stop the fight, but finds the remote put back into his hands. "Thanks, George… Didn't mean to put you and your friend out like this."

George nods to Gene. "Yeah, don't worry about it— we'll have time to catch up later." Like, after the 911 call is out of the way. Persi's decision to stick around and keep fighting with Aileen kicks up the priority of the situation; with Ali already taking care of the phone call, George heads back over toward Persi. "Hey, I've got a better idea. Why don't you leave her the hell alone?" He reaches out for the woman's wrist, intending to twist it long enough for Aileen to get loose.

With her shirt grabbed, Aileen does not look happy. Normally, she doesn't go out of her way to do something like this. But Persi got under her skin, Gene seemed kinda like he needed help, and Aileen just couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling that she had to help him. So as things devolve into a mess, she's positively miserable. "I hit you because you were robbing someone." She states, and that's the only answer she's going to get out of Aileen right now.

Persi darts her eyes George's way with a glower and twists her own hand out of his grasp, having to let go of Ai as she does, but being sure to do so with a slight shove. For a moment, she just stands there and looks at Ai, then shakes her head, "Have a better reason next time, dear. Obligation isn't the way to go." Then, she gives a little wave to all present, "Anyway, ciao!" That said, she's off — and at a sprint! She certainly wants to get out of here before the cops show up, as the witnesses aren't really on her side! Whoosh!

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