2007-06-16: I Want A Vacation


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Summary: Elle Bishop wants a vacation.

Date It Happened: June 16th, 2007

I Want A Vacation

Forrest-Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

Shortly after Ali nods off and drifts into sleep on the couch, Jane stands and quietly makes her way toward Elle's room, glass of wine in her hand. She knocks quietly on the door, to seek permission for entry without waking the guest she convinced to stay overnight. "Elle?" her voice asks, not loud in tone. "It's me. Jane. May I come in there?"

Elle's voice is less than thrilled, as she replies "Come in." She's sitting on the bed, having changed out of the horribly mismatched outfit into her normal sleeping-tee, and has been crying. Her emotions are all over the board. Largely due to Ali's powers.

The door opens, and she slips inside, quietly closing it behind her. "Thanks," Jane replies. A few steps later, she's reached the bed and sat on the edge of it, arms reaching out to pull Elle into an embrace. She doesn't seem wary of the contact, perhaps having forgotten how recently she was being checked out by another female. This particular female. "It's been an odd day, and then some."

Elle holds Jane tightly. Which is all the more confusing for her. Jane is her best friend, and Elle is certainly not accustomed to some of the thoughts going through her head. "I don't understand what's going on."

"I didn't either, when it was me in the grip," Jane replies quietly. "All I can tell you is it'll be put right. I'm already on the track." She pauses, taking a moment to think, before remarking "You certainly were down for the count. I never did learn what all happened at the zoo yesterday. I was a little busy with something, then there was all this evidence of a rampage, and graffiti, and a much sleeping you. Pete called drivers, one of the cars brought you here with me."

Elle frowns. "I got shot with a tranquilizer dart full of rhino tranqs." Right now that's very much secondary. She releases the hug, blushing a bit. "I don't understand why Ali keeps…" trying to get away from her.

"Everything's kind of upside down for her right now, Elle," the brunette quietly explains. "She's just learned, been forced to accept the truth, really, that she's got that ability. And it's made her question just about everything in her life. Whether or not she got the job she has by earning it, or by the unknowing use of her ability. But she'll be okay. I convinced her to sleep on the couch tonight."

Elle sighs a little. "She could have slept in here…" her voice trails off. Yes, thanks to Ali, Elle has it pretty bad for her in specific, though the same "suggestion" has done wonky things to her normal orientation.

"She's pretty wiped out," Jane replies. "Drifted off fast. There's time for talking and being near her in the morning." She steers carefully through the topic, not touching on the nature of talking and being in the area she expects to occur then. No need, really. "So… you got hit by a rhino dart, Elle? How did that happen?" And it makes sense. That explains away the rampage evidence she saw. It must've been a real rampage. "I missed it all. I was busy helping some guy who parachuted into the zoo and got stuck in a tree. With no pants."

Sitting there on the bed, in shorts, athletic shoes, and a dark blue t-shirt, Jane closes her eyes and shakes her head at the remembered image of a treed Jaden.
Elle replies "I saw the rhino about to trample Ali and Elena. So I cut loose on it. Managed to knock it down, moved in to taser it out cold, and then was a little too close when they tried to tranq it." She looks up, but her eyes are lingering on Jane's legs.

"Damn," she replies, her eyes widening a bit. It's kind of a holy crap, rhino! expression. "That fits with what I saw. They were about to get trampled, and the Petrelli boys. They were with her, you, and Pete when I found them after… after the treed skydiver was down and on his way home." Oh, the things she misses in the aftermath of Jadenosity. "Looked like someone caused the disturbance as a cover to paint things around the zoo." If Jane notices eyes lingering on her legs, she isn't letting on.

Elle just groans, and flops back onto the bed. "What a mess." she says. "I swear, I want a vacation." Her eyes are closed, the better to not have strange things floating through her head about her roommate.

"Vacation," she repeats quietly, the word calling up lyrics from an old tune in her head. A line from it is quietly sung. "Vacation, had to get away." Jane adds, in speaking voice, "Belinda Carlisle. She fronted a band called the Go-Gos once. That was theirs. Decent voice."

Elle looks over at Jane. "You have such a pretty voice…" she starts. And then pulls a pillow over her face and lets out a frustrated scream into it. Elle is not a happy camper right now.

That's when she finally gets it, seemingly. "I should go and let you sleep, Elle," the brunette quietly offers. "I don't want to make things worse for you, being in here. But if you want, I'll stay. I'm not going to run because you look at me right now in a way different than you have before." Oh, God, she hopes that doesn't translate as a carnal invitation. The voice it's spoken in doesn't hold any hint of that. Just compassion. Non-abandonment.

Elle sits up fairly quickly at that. "No, don't go." it's said hurriedly. Not quite in a panic, but in the same neighborhood. "Please. I don't understand what the heck is going on right now."

She stays. "You had a suggestion made to you. It's messing you up. We'll get it removed in the morning. And we're going to teach Ali control of her ability." The voice is calmly confident, intended to soothe. Softly firm. "And I'm not going anywhere unless you want me to leave the room, Elle."

Elle frowns. "Messing me up how?" Much like Jane with Lyndsay, the actual change itself isn't so much in memory directly. "I mean, I know I hit her, but she shouldn't have made me do that."

"That's part of Ali's education, Elle. The first rule is to be careful what she wishes for. Tell someone to throw a punch, she will, it'll hurt and leave a bruise. But that's not it. Do you remember what we talked about before, I said I didn't know you were into women and you told me you hadn't really thought about it before, it's just something you feel now?"

Elle nods, puzzled. "Yeah." She really doesn't understand it. She's seen Jane pretty much in the altogether before, and all she felt then was embarassed, and angry on her friend's behalf.

"She apparently made a comment, that you think she's cute, and, well…" Jane trails off, letting the rest be figured out by the smitten blonde. "She's just finally come to understand and accept what she can do. She had no idea you'd feel and act like this."

Elle groans. Loudly. "And so I am. And that's why…oh, jeez." she sighs, exasperatedly.

"So in the morning, when her voice is rested, we'll get you straightened out." Jane has not a trace of doubt about this. "She'll speak something to reverse what she did, as many times as it takes to make it work. Lesson One in How To Control The Ability." A long breath is drawn in, and released. "Right now she's scared of herself and what she can do. We'll help her work through that."

Elle nods. "Right. Well, it looks like you and Peter were right." A wry chuckle. "I guess the shoe's on the other foot now."

"In my case, more than a shoe was needed. Things were severely lacking." Jane's eyes close, the head shakes, it still shames her to remember and speak of it. "I went out a day or later and got Elena something. A really dark pair of sunglasses. Mirrorshades. I gave them to her so she could wear them and not see things she wouldn't want to see. Ever."

Elle laughs. "Well, yes. At least you're not having to try and talk me back into my clothes." she's trying to make light of the situation, at least, though she's still blushing a bit.

The eyes close again, her expression shows the lingering shame. "I still can't look Pete in the eye, you know? Remembering I did that, showing myself to my friend's lover. That night, after you and I talked and I told you, you remember I left the apartment. I went to see Jaden and confessed. He was surprisingly supportive."

Elle smiles. "I told you, it wasn't your fault." She reaches out and puts a hand on Jane's leg, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so."

"I know. But the feeling still hangs on some." Her leg doesn't move away from the squeeze. "Part of who I am, wanting to never fail facing something like that. It isn't possible, but I'll still try." Jane runs one hand through her hair.

Elle smiles. "Well, I'm not holding it against you, okay?" Her hand doesn't move off, and she looks Jane over again. "You really are pretty, you know?" Not that she didn't know that before, but the viewpoint was different.

"Thanks," she replies quietly. "I've been told that a time or three." Of course, Jane isn't accustomed to hearing that from someone who's recently seen more of her than any other female since her last college roommate in the undergrad years. It takes her on a bit of memory drift. One year and some days since she finally finished at Yale.

Elle smiles. "I…" And then she realizes what she's doing, and she yanks her hand off Jane's leg. "GAH. Okay, this can stop any time now."

"You could sleep," she suggests, "if any of that rhino drug is still in you. That'll make it stop." Jane moves her leg a bit, pulling it to be not so close to the blonde's hands. But she isn't leaving. She trusts the other woman to realize and stop herself.

Elle shakes her head. "It's not. I slept it off today. I just have no business oogling my roommate." she mutters, annoyed.

"I'm ready to sleep, though," Jane states, moving to stand. "And I should remove temptation from you, not trouble you with being nearby right now. I'll get a sheet and put it over Ali before I bed down. Unless you want to do that."

Elle shakes her head. "You should do that." she admits. "I'll try and get some sleep myself. Hopefully she can fix this tomorrow." And then the other thought crosses her head. "Jane…what if she can't?"

"She can, Elle." Jane seems certain of that. There's not a trace of believing otherwise. "And she will, if it takes her ten thousand tries. It's all part of learning control. Even if we have to get Pete to come and heal her voice twenty times." Then she's heading for the hallway, to cover Ali and go sleep herself. "Night, Elle."

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