2007-10-18: I Will Not Lie Down



Summary: Someone starts to deal with a possible situation, her mind having gone to some dark places and her body on a literal journey.

Date It Happened: October 18th, 2007

Log Title I Will Not Lie Down

Jane and Elle's Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhatttan, NYC

Note for staff: This is unlinked, will stay that way until made ready. I may change the date on it also, add more time spent on the road, if that's cool. This also depends on thoughts of people voice mail was left for.

As to the info, I'd already thought it fairly bare bones. The only people mentioned by name are those already known to her, and those among her alleged friends don't have their powers or last names mentioned. If she were to show it to anyone, it would be without giving away anything about them possibly not already known by other viewers.//

Despite how it may seem/what might be believed, care was taken to account for inaccurate, incomplete recall and the further loss during transcription after time passed, leaving me basically only enough to know who to approach and ask for more info. I can only hope that's apparent when the info is reviewed critically.



It started on a Monday morning, the sixth of October, 2007. She had just returned from several days in Los Angeles, finally replaced her iPhone, entered her contact information, assigned ringtones to the various persons whose numbers she has, and checked voice mail. The sender of that voice mail came to her apartment and told a story of powers going into overdrive and a mass dream in which she died. Also mentioned in that story was her absentee roommate, Elle Bishop, whom she believed had been on assignment for all but one day in the most recent months. The messenger of such dire news left at her request. She wanted and needed to be alone.

She was severely stricken, in shock. Several hours were spent alone in that apartment making angsty music and holding back the intense desire to let fly with a scream that would've reduced quite a lot of glass to jagged shards. It shook her badly. Evelyn had told her Peter found her after going to the future and said she did bad things with her uncontrolled power. But Peter hadn't told her about going there, he'd left her hanging. It was fortunate the girl didn't pick up on them being on different pages regarding the whole thing, or worse; lose control of her ability from being spooked. That's what caused the East Village winds. Fear and inexperience. It hadn't occurred to her at the time Peter's not sharing information with her might have been about something other than awkwardness and guilt over what he'd done to Elle. Elena too; she only said Peter had been on a trip, and she accepted that without question.

Suddenly it all looked so different. Was she kept in the dark because in that future she was dead? The possibility hit like four tons of bricks. Maybe five.

She made her way to a secluded place where she could safely vent that vocal urge, then returned home. But she wasn't there long. She was present only for enough time to let her recording studio know she was on a trip abroad and would contact them when she got back. Bags were packed, she grabbed her passport and purchased a first class plane ticket to London.

Several hours later she landed at Heathrow, booked a hotel, and entered sleep as jet lag teamed up with exhaustion to finally defeat insomnia for a small stretch of hours.

When she awoke she set out on an exhaustive journey to do things she'd wanted to do, trying to cram them all into a much shorter period of time than she had imagined. She went to Abbey Road and did the barefoot, cigarette smoking walk Paul McCartney made on the Beatles album named for that location, sans the VW Beetle with the registration plate 28IF.

Then there were excursions to places Eric Clapton, the Who, the Stones, and others had played and lived when they started out. She didn't run amok in Kent, she wasn't overheard in Mayfair, but she was once spotted walking the streets of SoHo in the rain with a Chinese menu in her hand.

Liverpool was visited, she hit the spots associated with the Beatles when they lived there. Then on to Dublin by ferry to check out the origins of U2. From there she visited Paris to play guitar at the Arc De Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise cemetery. Next came Hamburg for more Beatle history tracing, then Berlin to see places which used to have an ugly dividing wall and, of course, where Roger Waters played The Wall after the Iron Curtain rusted away.

Yes, there was even time spent in Montreux, Switzerland playing her guitar on the Lake Geneva shoreline where once there had been a gambling house burnt to the ground by some stupid with a flare gun, causing Smoke On The Water. And fire in the sky.

Back to the United States she went, flying first class to Seattle. It had places she wanted to visit, being home to Ann and Nancy Wilson as well as Kurt Cobain and so many others in the grunge movement.

So many places, so much geographical distance to cover. There wasn't much time to stay at any particular place, it was all about being able to see them before she died. As the days, places, and miles passed her resolve stiffened, she was able to process the possibility and come to terms with it. She might well die in the way described to her, and she knew she wouldn't try to hide. If helping someone in trouble gets her killed, so be it. She would go down fighting, and hopefully be armed with something more than her ultrasonic scream.

She was finally able to sleep a full night between the tenth and eleventh days of her travels, and flew first class back to New York City a day later.

Twelve days after she left Doctor Michelle Jane Forrest, Yale educated musician and lawyer, was home again. And there was work to do. Information to gather. What she could remember from Cat Hanner's story of her possible death was entered into a computer database as a series of charts as a starting point. She didn't even take time to unpack, but she did turn on the CD player to have music as she worked. Shortly before she'd organized as much as she had and sat looking at it, an old Don Henley tune began. It had moderately heavy guitar, and Axl Rose's voice adding to Don's. She found herself singing along. Loudly.

"I will not go quietly

I will not lie down

I will not go quietly

I will not lie down

I will not go quietly

I will not lie down

I will not lie down!"

As she sang those defiant words, this is what she saw on the computer screen:


Amplification Made powers go into overdrive

People at restaurant but not in dream

~Subject ~ Displayed Ability ~Strategy ~ Description ~Activity
Man Male
Gabriel Gray (Sylar) Various Male Kills people like us, steals what we can do. Captured by Company.

People at restaurant and in dream

Parent and child Parent, female. Child's unknown.
Electricity Female, short Attempted aiding attacked child in dream, aided in capturing Sylar afterward.
Elena Female
Peter Male
Cat Hanner Psychometry Female Attempted to aid first child in dream.

Assailants in street part of dream

Telekinesis? Male Cut people by moving his hands like an orchestra conductor. Killed Jane Forrest.
Attacker of first child
Female Accosted second child

Other people only in street portion of dream

First child Escaped?
Captive Female
Second child
Jane Forrest Ultrasonic voice and hearing Avoiding death! Female, 5' 8", 145 lbs., brunette, caucasian, age 25. Killed by Conductor.
Dead body

People only in hospital portion of dream

Nathan Petrelli Male Hospital patient in dream
Female, older woman Assigned blame for situation in hospital

So many holes to fill in, to get a better understanding of the dreamt situation and hopefully be able to recognize it if the thing started to develop around her. It is, after all, far easier to not die if one knows what the potential killer looks like. Not to mention the date, place, and time. Hopefully one of the people who also had the dream could help. First she attempted to contact Elena Gomez, getting only voicemail, and left this message:

"Emma. It's Jane. I need to see you soon. Very soon. I need to gather information and make some plans." There's a moment of quiet after which she states "I also need to find someone who can build a custom guitar case. Think of that movie we once talked about. See you soon!" Her voice, through the entire message, had the tone of determination and confidence.

After leaving the message, she took time to mull over what was going on with Elena. She'd been there, might have witnessed her dying in that dream, hadn't made contact to offer help or tell her about it directly. The question of Peter's future visitation surfaced again. Was she not told because Elena and Peter had already known she died before the dream and decided not to worry her? And no word from Elena about Evelyn being found. Had her new boyfriend kept that from Elena too? Entering a relationship with Peter, the ex of her roommate and another of Elena's friends? How long had that been going on? Had Elle been right about things between them? Jane shook her head. No, Elena wouldn't do that. Had the possibility it could be seen so have prompted keeping things on the down low, leaving her in the dark?

Elle. Another concern to address, a person she has no intention of abandoning. Her roommate is apparently back from assignment and hasn't come home. Nor has she called, after being party to that dream. Have her memories been stolen away again? Jane doesn't dare call the electric blonde; she hasn't forgotten the consequences of making contact and being a stranger who knew things no stranger should. Cass, the bookstore, the threats, and all that water damage. "Emma," she states to the wall, "I really need your help here. So many questions, so few answers."

Answers she still needs to get. Elena isn't the only source of information; maybe things were shared with Cass. So Jane dials her up on the iPhone and listens for the other end to pick up, but no dice. Voicemail again. Her eyes close, she shakes her head. When the tone comes, she speaks:

"Cass. Jane here. Could we talk soon? I'm trying to figure something out, and hoping you might have some insight. It's not really a subject I'd talk about over the phone. Call me, please. Thanks." Her voice, while not frantic or worried, does have a tone of urgency.

She can only hope to hear from one or both of them soon, and there are other things to be done. Documents to prepare, decisions to be made. She'll need to speak with Desiree about a few things, only one of them being the chance she might have had a vision relating to all of this. But she hopes not. Her eyes lift toward the ceiling, and she softly asks "Please, don't let her have seen what was in that dream. Please."

Her mind moves on, working out things she needs to do and listing people to contact. Alyssa McAlister, for one. She needs to discuss possible documents with her, and that suggestion ability could work wonders too. Cat Hanner, for another, to see what details she might be able to fill in and maybe be led to some of the others who had that dream.

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