2007-04-18: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You


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Lachlan goes to Ling's apartment to inform her that he would like to quit the business. Ling doesn't take it well, believing him to be the rat that outted her to the Camparelli-Zhukov syndicate, and the two have a brief tussle. Ling informs him that the Camparellis know everyone that works for her, and Lachlan doesn't quit due to the Tong Chao being the best protection he currently has against the Camparellis — and he manages not to sleep with Ling.

Date It Happened: April 18th, 2007

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Ling's Apartment

How many times has Lachlan made the elevator ride up to the penthouse in Parkview Estates? Countless. And how many times has he ever been this uneasy? None. He's done very well in keeping his head down, his business secure and secret, but now comes the time when he ends it. Still recovering from the stitches along his back and with the back of his head shaved and bearing signs of damage, he had to go through the motions with the heightened security surrounding the drug lady's home, but now he's arrived. Lacking dogs of any sort, he steps out of the elevator mentally rehearsing his lines.

She's kept herself on the d.l. Not D.L. but the downlow. Ever since her car was attacked by a bazooka and various nutjob Camparelli's, Ling has stayed in the relative safety of her penthouse, recovering from her own wounds. It's been a few weeks since then, so she's in full recovery, with a few more healing stitches that will eventually become scars. Since she's still slightly tender, she's dressed in her red silk robe, hiding all the injuriesas she idly watches TV, flipping channels here and there.

Unusually, once Lachlan spots Ling and her silk robe, he averts his gaze to something that is /not/ Ling and her silk red robe — something that is decidedly less sexy and less alluring, like maybe the TV or the carpet. Yes. TV and carpet is totally not sexy. "Hey," he greets in a low voice as he steps further into the apartment, pausing a good distance away from Ling. "Ye, uh, been havin' pro'lems 'r somethin'?" He refers, of course, to the extra security.

"The Camparelli-Zukhovs have gotten a bit more ballsy. They found out my route and almost destroyed one of the tunnels from Manhattan to the mainland.." Ling says matter of factly, with not hint of bitterness. She still hasnt found out who ratted her out,but her men are out searching. She eases on up, raising her brows as she peers curiously towards the Irishman, definitely noticing him averting his gaze. This makes her suspicious."Sit.." she says, not sounding like a request, but a demand.

But Lachlan doesn't sit. The last few times he's sat in this apartment, Things Happened and he does not want a repeat. Asking Cass for a fourth chance would just be too much. He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jeans and clears his throat softly. "Nah, I'm no' here fer long," he utters. "'M, uh … just came by ta tell ye tha' … uh. Sales're doin' good." This isn't easy. He brings a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, flinches when his hand comes into contact with the wounds on his scalp, then exhales a breath through his lips. "Look, I want out."

GAME: Ling has rolled OMG IT HURTS! and got a result of SUPERB.
GAME: Lachlan has rolled STAMINA+TOUGH COOKIE and got a result of AVERAGE.

Her eyes widen, and her anger flares. Now that he wants out, there's all the more reason that she suspects he ratted her out. "SIT!" Ling says forcefully, her eyes flaring a deep almost blood red color as he'll slowly start to feel immense pain all over his body, making it difficult to even more. So he should probably sit before it happens..

But he still does not sit, and once that pain starts to envelope him, Lachlan's eyes go wide and he takes a few steps backward — but he doesn't get far. He drops to the floor hard, barely able to breathe, writhing in some vain attempt to lessen the agony that courses through every inch of his body. A near-inhuman, strangled scream wrenches itself from his throat.

Ling starts to rise on up as she walks towards him, clenching her fist tightly as she'll try to drag him over away from the door towards the plush rug. Maybe that'll make things more comfortable for him, and soon, she'll straddle his waist looking down towards him. "You..you were the one who betrayed me to the Camparelli's werent you.."

GAME: Lachlan has rolled STAMINA+TOUGH COOKIE and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Ling has rolled OMG IT HURTS! and got a result of GOOD.

GAME: Ling has rolled CHARISMA+ATTRACTIVE and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Lachlan has rolled WILLPOWER+STRONG WILL and got a result of GREAT.

If he's anything, Lachlan is adaptive. He's dragged to the plush rug simply because he's unable to fight back due to the pain — however that pain is either dulling, or he's growing accustomed to it fast, because he's starting to recover. Once the bright flashes of red and white in front of his eyes start to fade away, he finds himself laid out and straddled and Ling is asking him something about betrayal and the Camparelli's — clearly, she is /insane/. "Wha'?!" the Scotsman snaps, gritting his teeth and glaring up at the woman. And, uhm. She's straddling him. He's just noticed. "The /bloody fuck/! /Get offa me/!" He attempts to forcefully shove Ling and roll so that he's no longer pinned.

GAME: Lachlan has rolled STRENGTH and got a result of GOOD.

GAME: Ling has rolled DUDE I'M TOTALLY TRIPPING and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Lachlan has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GOOD.

OOMPH! Ling has a lithe frame and isnt verystrong, so she's pushed onto her back, letting out a soft chuckle,"Lachlan, I always knew you were in for rough sex.." she says with a wry grin before trying something else this time. She just wants him disoriented now..

Fortunately, Lachlan's been around Eliana enough to know when something like involuntary drugging is going on, and he's had enough personal experience with drugs to have a high tolerance. The Scotsman finds himself in an awkward position, realizes it seconds after it has occurred, and he leaps to his feet and scrambles backwards as the faintest hints of intoxication start to form around the edges of his brain. "/Fuck/!" he snarls angrily, shaking his head to ward off the effects. "The /fuck/! 've no' sol' ye out ta /anybody/! Ye think I'm /tha'/ fuckin' /stupid/? 'F I'd sol' ye out, I wouldna've come here askin' ta get /out/, ye crazy bloody /bitch/." No, the Scotsman is really not happy. At all.

GAME: Ling has rolled ORGASMO and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Lachlan has rolled STAMINA and got a result of GOOD.

And that's when the blood red in her pupils dies down as she stares at his crotch. He would feel rather aroused by now, as she starts to get up, but finds it rather difficult, since she strained and tired herself out from usage of her abilitiesin such a short period of time. Her nose is even starting to bleed now. "I…okay..I believeyou.." she whispers softly, though she really doesnt.

GAME: Lachlan has rolled WILLPOWER+STRONG WILL and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Ling has rolled CHARISMA+ATTRACTIVE and got a result of GOOD.

It … he … /what/?! What the /hell/! Lachlan does not /like/ that tingly feeling to be happening /right now/, and he quickly slaps at the crotch of his jeans, trying to call a halt to the proceedings down there. /Stop that/. He steps further away from Ling until he's put a good chunk of the apartment between them, breathing heavily and baring his teeth in an almost animalistic display of fear and anger. "Ye'd better fuckin' b'lieve me," he snarls, "b'cause I've no' tol' nobody 'bout ye." The man may not be the most loyal, but he at least has good enough sense to know when doing something will put him on a cold slab in a morgue somewhere — something he rather does not like to think about. "Want out b'cause I canna stay inna business. S'too bloody dangerous fer me now." His real reasons, he'll keep to himself. He knows better than to go mentioning that he's got a girl — that's something that could be used against him, and he doesn't want to see Cass hurt.

"Then.." she says, huffing and puffing as she tries to get up, but still cant as she feels her own muscles spasming fro that overexertion of her powers. "Be.." and she continues to breath in a rather labored fashion. "Careful. The Camparelli's..they almost killed me a few weeks ago. Surely, they know you're a dealer by now.."

As much trouble as Ling is having now, Lachlan's not about to get anywhere near her again. She did a bunch of crazy shit to him just now, and he's not exactly trusting in her. By now, he's pretty sure she's some kind of Evolved with some kind of crazy powers that do /things/, and while he's not quite sure how those powers work, he's not about to take any chances. The mention of the Camparellis causes him no small amount of unease and he rubs at his jaw nervously, emitting a soft curse. "'M no' a bloody dealer anymore."

"Doesnt matter. The fact that you were makes you a target as well. Either you can be under my protection or you can go out there and quit, and should my men be confronted, I'll have no problems giving them your information.." yes, Ling is a bloody bitch, and she has no problems betraying people who leave the organization.
GAME: Save complete.

While Ling isn't the only one with valuable information, Lachlan personally does not want to run to the DA and attempt to cut a deal. Even if he got off with no jail time, he'd have to tell Cass what was going on, and that would completely undermine his reasons for trying to leave the organization quietly. And on the other hand, without police protection, he'll be vulnerable if he leaves the Tong Chao now. This is not a very pleasing thing. The Scotsman clenches his hands into tight fists, gritting his teeth. He says nothing for several seconds before he finally points at Ling. "Ye bloody fix this," he growls in a low voice. "Soon as this shit's finished with the Camparellis, I'm leavin'. Ye got tha'?"

She is a bloody bitch. She has enough lawyers to get off even if there's lots of people who have evidence. It's how she's not been put in jail afterall, and another alias can simply be created. "Good, then I will get you a new apartment. Surely, your own place is compromised, and I will make arrangements if you wish.."

The Scotsman does not like this. At all. He doesn't like being a part of the organization still, even though it saves his skin from being flayed off his body by a Camparelli goon. He continues to scrub at his cheek and jaw irately, glaring holes into Ling's carpet. "Fine. A'righ'. Someplace tha' allows big dogs."

"Fine. I'll set you up with an apartment in the building, but really, since you're leaving, I should probably just get you a shack somewhere.." Ling says matter of factly as she crawlsup onto her couch, still rather dizzy and fatigued from the whole experience.

"Dunna wanna live here," Lachlan retorts in a low voice. "Somewhere else. Somewhere tha's no' pricey." Lord knows the suspicions Cass would have if he moved into a place in Parkview while he's currently seeking a second job.

"Fine, then get out. Call me in a few days and I'll make arrangements. Someplace you can actually afford.." Ling says matter of factly with a bit of bitterness in her tone. Of course, her security will be more lax where he is, or maybeeven nonexistent. she just doesnt want him to quit.

Grunt says Lachlan, but he doesn't linger. He turns and heads back to the elevator without hesitation, in much less of a good mood than he was when he came in. He's fortunate, however: he didn't pop his stitches.

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