2009-11-06: Ice Cream in Odin's Beard



Date: November 06, 2009


While contemplating ice cream, Eric and Hallis have a friendly conversation.

"Ice Cream in Odin's Beard"

Au Naturale Market

You would think that after the horrendous experience earlier, Hallis would be traumatized away from grocery stores for life. But there's the all important tabloid magazines and power bars to consider. The young woman has already been home, showered, made herself presentable again, and is after the all important ingredients to her evening meal. She is ignoring the staff in the small place and gabbing amiably on her cell phone to someone or other, presumably a friend about the incident.

"I swear to all things holy! Like even to Jimmy Choo! This guy was making fire with his bare hands!" Apparently the party on the other end doesn't quite believe her because she grimaces and emits a small "Whatever… fine. It was not a cheap magic trick. I refuse to believe that I lost a pair of shoes to a cheap magic trick." Pause. "Yeah.. Prada!!"

"Go get groceries Eric. Don't forget the milk Eric. Get more pizza's Eric…" One of the youngest multi-millionaires in New York. Out to get groceries because he /somehow/ ran out of food. Oh he knows how even. He definitely knows how it got that way. CURSE YOU ELENA!


He's only back in town for a little bit to fix something at his work, and then he'll be off again. However at the talk of a strange woman with the cellphone and the odd look and he slows his walking down to turn to look towards the woman.

…that's an odd conversation.

"Well yeah.. I did… No I wasn't high!" The small woman sputters as she grimaces toward the rack of tabloids. Spying her own face, she makes a beeline and snatches it up. "Oh my gawd… How did they?" Then she looks around the store as she hears the young man talking to himself. Rolling her eyes, she turns back to the magazine and moves off to a more secluded corner of the small grocery store. "Soleil, shut up shut up… listen to this." Then she flips open the rag mag and begins to read from it. "Remember that fight in the bar a few nights ago? They totally snapped me getting ditched by that loser. I'm so going to kill Mitsy for this."

"They didn't quite get your best side," Eric can't quite resist the comment as he goes walking past the woman to make her way towards where they might have hidden the frozen foods. Yes. Frozen foods. THEY ARE STAPLE FOODS YOU KNOW. Should be one of the major food groups it should.

Hallis starts as the man comes up behind her and makes the comment. "What… I'll call you back." She turns toward the man and tilts her head curiously, does she know him from somewhere? She wraps herself up a little more in the shawl she is wearing and makes the trek toward the frozen foods, feigning interest in the food there, if only to catch a further glimpse of Eric. "I don't think I have a bad side.." she murmurs as she gets near him. The faint grin on her face making itself known as she turns and pulls her dark sunglasses off.

Nearly years ago Eric had a spread in a few magazines along with Jaden, but since then the young man have tried to stay far far away from the spotlight. However as he looks towards the frozen foods he hrrms slightly as he turns towards the woman that seems to be interested in the same thing he is. That is food. At the comment though the young man flashes a slight grin. "Hrmmmm…." he murmurs slightly as he half-turns towards the woman as he looks her up and down. "…well alright maybe you don't." He says with a hint of a laugh.

This answer satisfies the very self absorbed miniature human. With a bigger smile, she gives him an appraising look, her eyes sweeping his frame up and down before turning back to the ..ugh.. food in the freezer. There is something she is interested in though, and she opens the door to get a better peek at it. A package of fruit Popsicles. She turns the package over, perusing the calorie content then grimaces as she puts the package back. Over a hundred calories per frozen treat? I don't think so.

"Pictures last longer," Eric quips with a grin as he turns to push a small half-basket to the side before starting in on the good frozen pizzas first. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Then some extra snacks. "…hrmmm…Ice cream yes or no…" He says thoughtfully half towards him and half towards her. "Then to the list…." He mutters under his breath.

"I don't think you want me taking a picture of you, really." Hallis smirks, she can't seem to shake the feeling that perhaps she's seen the man before. Society pages? Tabloids? Country Club? MOMA? She leans in to peer at the ice cream display and looks up at him, "Depends who you're feeding and if they're at all calorie conscious." The woman quips, taking out her iPhone and scrolling through it. It's state of the art, one of the very few items of technology that the woman actually owns. "If the person is, go for low fat soy, trust me."

"Terrible at photos are you?" Eric returns to the woman as he chuckles and grins once towards her. "Name is Eric by the way." He adds before he laughs. "…oh I don't think she's calorie conscious. She's one of those people that can eat whatever she likes and still stay entirely too thin for words." A wince. "I don't think I could eat soy ice cream…it just doesn't sound right."

"Eric…" Hallis repeats the name, shuffling her items and cell phone around to carry in one arm as she extends the other as is custom. "I'm Hallis… Van Cortlandt." She adds her last name almost as an afterthought. After all, most people know her by her first. She shared the tabloid with her friends for so many years that it almost seems as though she grew up in them.

"Eric Lancaster," The young man replies as he moves to take her hand and give it a firm shake. His hand has a callous or two, not entirely soft hands even though the young man is the youngest son of one of the largest electronic companies in the city. "Hallis…Van Cortlandt. That's a familiar name for some reason….even to someone that's been out of town for nearly a year."

"Well it should sound familiar, I think my parents know your parents. The Van Cortlandts have been in Manhattan forever, well and Westchester." Hallis withdraws her hand and then balances the items for purchase around in both hands again. She tilts her head a little and narrows her eyes as she puckers her lips in thought, "Do you know Trenton Hawthorne? He was .. he graduated from Montgomery." She fails to mention that she and Trenton have been an item for years.

A slight smirk and a shake of his head. "My mother knows half the city," Eric replies towards the woman as he shrugs slightly. "So I'm not surprised in the least." He adds with a easy chuckles that rolls up from somewhere deep in his chest. At the question though he pauses in thought before he shakes his head. "I've likely met him, since I think we are the same age or about but don't remember him all that well. I…kept to the outside of things for awhile, so I'm not as deep in the social thing as the rest of my family."

This news causes the woman to recoil slightly and look the man over again. Not into the social thing? Was there something wrong with him? Hallis eyes him carefully, this time paying special attention to the labels on his clothing. Aside from the generic fashion of his shirt and pants, the ensemble is quite impressive, so he can't be mentally challenged… The workings of her mind are almost visible, "Oh…" she replies, not quite knowing what to say. "Well, if you don't like soy, what about the fruit pops? They're almost as good as ice cream." Quick change of subject, that's a good thing.

Ah yes. Eric always expects that reaction from some people. Infact he quite revels in it at times. Its almost fun to get. Heck he changed his name to get a job and get through school without people following him around like that. "Surprised a Lancaster doesn't like to be social?" He asks with a shrug of his shoulders and a easy smile on his face. "Been living in England for nearly two years. Hard to be social over here when you're over there." He adds before he just rolls with the subject. "Fruit pops it is, I'll take your word for it."

Giving Eric a sidelong glance, Hallis smiles a little and nods, "Actually, I am pretty surprised that a Lancaster doesn't like to be social. You must have some kind of recessive gene or something." Whoah. Hallis Van Cortlandt talking genetics? Impossible. She turns to face him and nods, "Fruit pops, and you're right. I hope you at least went to one of those horse things with Prince William, it would've been a complete waste if you didn't."

"That's what my mother thought too," Eric replies with a smirk. Something flickers across his face at all the talk of his own family before he grins. "I've always been better with electronics than with people." He admits towards the woman. "Guess it really is something a bit odd eh?" He says with a wink once towards her before he laughs. "I might have gone to the races or whatever once. I've been busy at Oxford though so that's taken up most of my attention…didn't get much time for much else."

Hallis puckers her lips slightly to hide the growing smile on her face. "Well if you ever do get the time, you should give me a call. I have an apartment in the high rise over there…" The woman points in the general direction of the tall building with her elbow because her hands are quite full. That piece of information isn't exactly vital, but the building has been known to house some of the younger generation of the jet setters. After all, Greenwich is the new cool. "Maybe we can hit a club or something sometime."

"Well what do ya know," Eric replies with a nod towards her. "I have a place over there myself. Though I don't use it all that often, been out of town for some time though so I havn't gotten settled in over there again." He adds with a shrug. "Usually at work." He adds towards the woman before he nods once towards her. "I don't usually do alot of clubs, but maybe sometime." He allows. "Course for that I'd have to know your number." He adds lightly.

"Oh well, yes you do.." The woman shoves her phone in her pocket and grabs up a stick of eyeliner from her purse. Then she tears a page out of the magazine, her own photo, actually and scrawls the number on it in very girly print. "I didn't bother writing my name, I figured the picture would do it." She smiles and folds the page, slipping it into his hand. "And if you're in the neighborhood, I'm 1029." With that, she turns and drifts up to the sales counter to complete her purchase. The magazine, a power bar, two bottles of water.

"I'll remember I think, you /are/ a bit hard to forget," Eric says with a shake of his head as he takes the torn page from the young woman and glances down at it. Three years ago? He would have been a blushing and stuttering wreck if this had happen. Lots have happened in three years though. "I might look you up there one I get settled back in." He adds to her retreating form before he shakes his head once more and then turns his attention to the food in his cart…

…which is starting to melt….

"Oh…ODIN'S BEARD! Now I'll have to start all over!"

…yes. He does comic book curses. That might explain the lack of social life.

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